5 Ways to Make Your Site go Viral on Twitter

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Twitter is the platform where bloggers can increase their site traffic and exposure by finding, getting in touch and providing value to people interested in their content and services. Twitter helps establish a link between you and your audience and should be a very important part of your online branding and marketing strategy.

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  1. Build a followers base

Concentrate on building a large number of followers. The more people that follow you and know what you are about, the more clicks and visits you will get to your site.

Track down twitterers that are interested in your field by using Twellow. Search for relevant keywords or go into the relevant directory and get a list of interested twitterers. Rank according to “followers count” to see the power users in your field.

An easy way to get people to follow you is to start following them first. When you follow someone, you will be listed in their profile in the “Followers” list so they will have a chance to take a look at your profile, see what you tweet about, what your interests are and what the URL of your site is.

2. Beware of the ratio between followers vs following

People tend to place large significance in the ratio of the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow. Following a disproportionately higher number of people than having followers will give a bad image and you might find it hard getting new followers.

Twitterers with more even numbers or a higher number of followers are seen as more trustworthy and influential as they have a high number of people interested in their tweets.

3. Brand yourself as an expert

Make sure to be consistent in your branding on different social media sites. Try to use same nickname, same avatar and publish related content on each. This way people will recognize you easier, and will know what you are about and what you stand for.

It is important to provide value to your followers in your tweets. You can do that by pointing to interesting articles you’ve found online, and build credibility and influence that way. Keep following what is happening within your field and make sure that you become known for twittering on a subject related to your site. By linking to different quality resources, people will look at you as an expert who knows where to find the best information and who shares knowledge with their followers.

The overall effect of you only posting quality and relevant tweets will be cumulative in the long run as branding is a subtle process that occurs over time. You will become branded as an expert who provides regular insight into your topic and this will expose you to other people who are interested in your subject.

4. Promote your articles

Don’t be passive, spread the word about your blog. No one will know about your blog if you do not get out there and tell people about it. So make sure to tweet about your articles. Try to grab the attention of whoever is reading by thinking of your tweets as your blog article headlines.

Experiment with repeating the same tweet twice a day with some 10-12 hours in between and analyze your results. People do not mind that you repeat tweets and your repeat will attract attention, as many new people have logged on since your original tweet some 10 hours before.

Remember that everyone can see your tweet history at any point of time by visiting your Twitter profile so make sure to delete the duplicate tweets to make your profile history look cleaner.

5. Make your content easy to retweet

Retweet is when someone takes your Twitter message and tweets that same message to all followers in their own Twitter network. Getting readers to retweet your content allows the power of your network to take over and spread your message in the Twittersphere.

It is free advertising and bloggers should do anything they can to encourage readers to retweet their content. TweetThis WordPress plugin lets your visitors send tweets about your blog posts. It places “Tweet this” link at the end of your articles so when the reader clicks on the button, the plugin sends the tweet about your article to all their followers on Twitter.

Make your site go viral on Twitter

1. Be active on Twitter and work on increasing your Twitter followers
2. Publish interesting articles on your site
3. Include “tweet this” link at the end of your articles
4. Tweet your articles, experiment with tweeting same article multiple times
5. Let your readers do the rest

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