How Do I Find a Self-Published Cookbook Printer

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Are you trying to find a self-published cookbook printer? If you are, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions right now.

On the one hand, you’ve reached an exciting point in your journey. Your cookbook’s delicious content is ready for the world to savor. On the other, you might be feeling a bit stressed out. Finding a printer for your book is one of the many responsibilities you have as a self-publisher.

This quick guide intends to help you find the right printer for your cookbook. It covers some of the common questions cookbook authors have and offers suggestions for specific printing companies. 

Hopefully, this makes your self-publishing journey easier, so you can spend your energy on whipping up the recipes your readers love!

How do I find a cookbook printer?

Ideally, you want to start looking for a printer at a time where you don’t feel too rushed. When you start your search from a place of stress and hurry, you are liable to make a bad choice and are vulnerable to pressured sales tactics from unscrupulous printers.

Instead, when you feel calm and unhurried, try out these three ways to find a self-published cookbook printer. 

  1. Ask your network. If you have a network of other food writers, ask around! Nothing beats word of mouth feedback to help you find a suitable printer. 
  2. Search online. As well as the obvious tactic of searching on Google, consider looking in online directories and even carrying out hashtag searches on platforms such as Twitter. 
  3. Contact authors you admire. This might feel daunting, but there’s no harm in reaching out to food writers you admire and seeing if they can point you in the right direction.

There are also a few printing companies for you to consider at the end of this guide!

How should I prepare for contacting a printer?

The first time you schedule a call with a printer might feel a little intimidating. However, there’s a lot you can do to feel prepared and ready.

To start with, do your homework. Read up on what that printer has to offer and how much they charge. Get a sense of how their prices compare to their competitors. Have a solid idea of what a typical printer offers and how much they charge. That way, you won’t fall for any pressured sales tactics.

You should also have all the most important information to hand about your book. Be prepared to discuss what it covers, how long it is, and how many pictures it contains. 

What are the most important questions to ask?

When you’re in contact with a printer, you should try and be as proactive as possible. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to keep asking until you get the answers you need. 

The specific questions you should ask depend upon your situation, but here are some of the most important:

  1. How much experience do you have printing cookbooks? 
  2. Where can I see some examples of other cookbooks you have printed?
  3. Do you offer a print-on-demand option, or is there a minimum order requirement?
  4. What book formats are you able to print in?
  5. What will be the total cost of my order, and will it be provided to be in writing ahead of time?
  6. What is the process if there are any problems with my printed books?
  7. What is the turnaround type for the time of order I wish to place?

It’s a smart move to prepare a written list of answers ahead of your meeting and to jot down responses as you get them. You might also wish to consider if you’re looking for a company that offers other services alongside printing. 

How should I evaluate different cookbook printers?

Choosing a company to print your book is a major decision. You should shop around and not just settle for the first decent printer you make contact with. So how do you evaluate different options?

One important thing to do is hunt around and research the different printers. What do online reviews say about them? What about people who have worked with them in the past?

Next, take the time to compare your options. How do they compare on price? Which has the best turnaround time? Which has the best track record of printing cookbooks similar to yours?

Ultimately, you need to have clear criteria for evaluating different printers. For example, you might be willing to pay a bit more for extra customer support or higher quality photos. That’s entirely for you to decide.

Which printers in particular are worth checking out?

So now that you know more about what to look for in a printer, let’s check out some specific options.

Here are three companies that might be a good choice for your self-published cookbook:

  1. BookBaby. BookBaby offers a specialist cookbook printing service. You can check out examples here. Cookbooks are available to be ordered in quantity or on a print-on-demand basis. 
  2. IngramSpark. IngramSpark allows you to choose from different hardcover print options, including ink quality and book texture options. 
  3. Lulu. Lulu has over 3000 different combinations of print books on offer, allowing you to choose the exact size and style you prefer. 

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared to release your cookbook into the world. No matter which option you end up choosing, I’m sure your readers will be delighted to check out your mouthwatering recipes and beautiful food photography.

And remember, self-publishing has plenty of advantages to balance out the extra responsibilities it requires. 

Here’s to your printing success, and bon appetit! 

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