Helpful Tips for Isolated Writers

Isolated writers

Are you facing isolation because of the coronavirus?

Being isolated isn’t easy, especially as a creative person. 

The same active imagination that allows you to produce your art can also fixate on stressful life events.

While we may not have chosen this current situation, we can choose to make the best of it.

I’d like to share some tips for creatives facing isolation, with a focus on both wellbeing and work. 

Creative Ways To Stay Connected

Being isolated is bad for anyone’s mental health and creativity – even if you’re naturally an introvert!

Some of us are in different cities, states, and even countries than the people we love and care about. 

While being apart from people is never ideal, it’s maybe more manageable today than ever before.


Modern technology lets us feel close to those we care about – even if physical distance separates us. 

Here are a few ideas for staying connected even during isolation.

  • Collaborate. Find ways to collaborate with the people you love, even at distance. Work on a song together. Coauthor a book. Share ideas on a clothing line.
  • Play. You can still have fun while apart from people. Connect with games and other lighthearted ways of staying in touch.
  • Relax. Sometimes, we like being around people while we just chill. Netflix has modes where you can watch shows with friends, or you could even just agree to listen to an album at the same time and text.

Being in isolation doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated. But it’s also the perfect chance to grab some self-care time if that’s what you need!

Use Your Time Well 

During the hustle and bustle of normal life, it’s so easy to put meaningful activities on the backburner. 

Do you have things you want to learn and skills you want to improve?

Being isolated is the perfect time to sharpen your creative saw.

If you’re being forced to disrupt your day to day life, consider making some of the following activities part of your isolation routine.

  • Reading books. Isolation is the perfect time to chip away at your reading list! Why not go for a mix of enjoyable fiction as well as books to help your professional life? 
  • Taking courses. There’s never been a better time to learn at home. Both free and paid courses offer rich learning opportunities, sometimes even leading to certification. 
  • Watch relevant videos. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Netflix to relax, but it’s too easy to watch mindlessly. Why not go for a different type of video, like a Ted talk?

Try and avoid falling into the trap of trying to make all of your isolation time productive. It’s still OK to relax. At the same time, don’t miss out on this valuable chance to work on yourself and your life!

Do Something That Matters 

Have you stopped to consider that being isolated might just be the best time to do something really meaningful?

Whether it’s a creative project you haven’t had the time to pursue or self-development that’s fallen by the wayside, you now have the chance to put things right.

Perhaps as soon as you read the phrase ‘bucket list item’, something sprang to mind! If not, here are a few morsels of food for thought. 

  • A portfolio piece. If you love to make music, why not aim to fully record and release a track? If you love to write, how about taking steps towards an author career? Amazing creative legacies begin from home.
  • Learn a language. Learning a language gives you access to new places, people, and experiences. Even if you’re isolated, you can connect through language learning communities and apps. 
  • Prioritize self-development. Have you been neglecting your self-development? Why not take this time to start a journaling habit related to your passions or set some SMART goals?

It’s natural to feel stress and uncertainty during a time that feels different to anything we’ve been through before. Try and balance these negative emotions by putting your energy into meaningful activities.

Look Out For Each Other!

Most important of all is taking the time to be thoughtful and caring. 

Check in with your family. Check in with your friends. Help people out wherever you can. 

As frustrating as isolation can be, it’s also a valuable opportunity. An opportunity to work on the things that matter most in your life while also being there for those you love.

I wish you good health and success during this trying time, and I hope you make the most of it. 

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