Are You Ready For The Great Writing Challenge?

    great writing challenge


    Do you have dreams of writing a book?

    Or of starting a journal, writing a memoir, creating a report, writing guest posts, writing a blog, or any other activity that involves writing?

    Make your dreams come true in 2016 and achieve your writing goals!

    Just imagine how proud you’ll be to view your finished project!

    Introducing the Great Writing Challenge 2016

    Join the challenge to make your writing dreams come true! Add a comment to this post to commit to your writing goal. Throughout the year, we’ll run articles to help you make your dreams a reality.

    The first step is to remove the barriers that keep us from realizing our dreams. Because each of us has barriers that seem insurmountable.

    Read on to find out how to overcome YOUR barriers!

    I’ve invited novice author PD Simeon to share the journey of writing the first novel with us. PD is an accomplished non-fiction writer.

    How to Leap Over Your Barriers

    join the Great Writing Challenge 2016

    By PD Simeon

    For the last five years, I’ve been dreaming of writing a thriller, but I never got around to it.

    Does that sound familiar? I mean, the bit about not getting around to it?

    I bet you too dream of writing something special!

    According to writer Joseph Epstein, “81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write it.”

    But how many of them really complete a book? Very few, I would think. Just like my father.

    He planned to write a memoir one day, but he died in a car accident without writing a single page of it.

    What a waste.

    What about you?

    What do you dream of writing?

    Whatever you dream of doing, NOW is the perfect time to start.

    Because, if not now, when?

    In one year? In five years? In ten years?

    If we keep putting our dreams on the back burner, we fritter our life away and never get to fulfill our dreams.

    Wouldn’t that be sad?

    Let’s all join the Great Writing Challenge 2016 and actualize our dreams.

    It’s called a challenge because stepping up and starting a big project is scary.

    To tell the truth, I’m terrified. But also excited.

    And that brings me to barriers we need to overcome in order to get going.

    Here are the barriers I encountered—and how I am overcoming them.

    1. Am I good enough?

    This is a question of confidence. I think none of us have the confidence to tackle a big, new project. Nobody feels ‘good enough.’

    In my case, I’ve never written fiction before, let alone a whole novel. Just thinking about writing a thriller makes my knees knock.

    What if I can’t do it? What if people hate it? What about bad reviews? What if I get stuck somewhere in the middle?

    I reckon the only way to deal with the fear is to accept it.

    If we wait for the fear to go away, we’ll never make our dreams come true.

    It’s heartening to know that other authors feel fear as well. Mary Jaksch, Editor-in-Chief of recommended the book Write Away to me. It is about creating a novel, by renowned author Elizabeth George. She says:

    When I was creating For the Sake of Elena, I became so incapacitated by fear that I was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I finally resorted to saying “These are only words and I will not let words defeat me” in order to get up and get to work. Thus I struggled to the end of the novel.

    There you go! She too was afraid—and it wasn’t even her first novel…

    2. But how to do it?

    You have no idea how to achieve your pet project, right? I’m with you there.

    Remember, it’s okay not to know how to do it. 

    Once you’ve done it, you’ll know how to do it. Right now, there is a big gap between your dream and reality.

    Luckily, we are part of the WritetoDone community and its big library of articles. We can connect and help each other.

    We don’t have to do it all ourselves and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    Once we take the first step, the next step will appear.

    One of the factors that provoke fear is that each new project looks ENORMOUS. So one of the most important steps is to get a handle on how big the project actually is and then to chunk it down.

    3. Can I complete such a HUGE project?

    Every new project seems insurmountable when we first envision it. To make your goal manageable, you need to chunk it down.

    As Jack Canfield says,

    Sometimes our biggest life goals seem so overwhelming. We rarely see them as a series of small, achievable tasks, but in reality, breaking down a large goal into smaller tasks—and accomplishing them one at a time—is exactly how any big goal gets achieved.

    The first step of chunking down your project is to look at the scope of your project.

    The word count is a simple way to assess the scope. You can find out the size of your project by checking the word count of comparable projects.

    Here’s how I did it:

    I checked five thrillers, worked out the average number of words on each page and then multiplied the word count by the number of pages to get to a total.

    It seemed that the going word count for thrillers is between 60,000 and 80,000 words. I decided to target 80,000 words for my thriller [gulp]. Next, I divided the total word count by the number of days in the year.

    I found that I would have to write only 220 words each day in order to complete the book in one year. Taking into account revising and editing, a daily word count of 400 words would enable me to finish the book within a year.

    Sounds manageable, doesn’t it?

    What about the project you dream of? How many words would you have to write each day to fulfill it?

    4. But how can I find the time?

    Is your life overflowing? Do you find it difficult to get even the most important things done?


    That’s the reality of starting something new. It seems impossible.

    So where to find the time? I think there is only one way to find the time, and that is to get up an hour earlier and start the day with writing. The trick is not to look at emails or anything else. Your whole focus has got to be on your writing.

    If I don’t write early in the morning, I get swamped with answering emails and other tasks, and writing for a project gets pushed further and further back.

    I’m starting the project on January 1st and I’ll let you know how I get on with getting up an hour earlier. It seems daunting, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I’m keeping my toes crossed…

    How YOU can join the Great Writing Challenge 2016

    Here are two simple steps to join the Writing Challenge:

    Step 1: Take your dream of writing off the shelf and dust it off. Give it a working title. In my case, I’m going to write a mystery suspense novel with the working title The Brazilian Incident.

    Step 2: Write a comment below and announce that you’re going to join the Great Writing Challenge 2016. Let us know what you plan to write, okay?

    I’d like to thank Mary Jaksch for allowing me to share my journey with you all and hope that we can inspire each other to start, and to keep going.

    My next step of the Challenge will be to settle on a pen name. I’ve started doing some research and will share how I came up with my pen name (and what mistakes to avoid) in my next guest post here on WritetoDone.

    Please write in the comments to join me for the Great Writing Challenge 2016!

    We’ll all celebrate together at the end of the year! Just imagine how proud we’ll feel… WOOT!

    Oh, and please share this post with your friends on social media. I’d appreciate it 🙂

    About the author

      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • Jo says:

      Yes – I’m going to join this challenge. Mine is a fictional biography of a boyish-beautiful, charismatic old west cowgirl/outlaw/jailbird/deputy/rancher/mayor, who has the fastest gun that side of the Mississippi. She’s bisexual, and the story revolves around her fight for acceptance. I’ve been writing it on and off for 30 years through depression and anxiety, and am desperate to finish it! I suffered from self consciousness and embarrassment but am older and wiser now, so, with the help off brilliant son, husband and close friends, I’m hoping to finish it. It’s humongous and needs drastically cutting!


    • Jo says:

      Am I too late to join the challenge?

      Jo UK

    • Wip says:

      I would love to join! But one question how old do you have to be? My story would be about a elf called Lillian. I am only 10 though!

    • Nicole says:


      I hope I’m not too late. My goal this year is to start a new blog and write a book 🙂

      Good luck everybody!

    • Melissa says:

      This sounds good! I would like to join the challenge to write my middle grade novel about a dog.

    • Lesley says:

      Hi. So where do we join the challenge? I’ve seemed to have missed that link

    • Shannon says:

      I’m pledging to finish some of the many projects I’ve started. Mostly short stories, children’s books, that have good starts, and one that could possibly be a novel. This sounds like good motivation for me to just do it! Thanks.

    • Akshay says:

      I like writing poems but i want to dive into writing novels.I had some ideas but never started writing. But I want to end this writer’s block and dedicate sometime to writing.

    • Grace says:

      My goal is to get to page 100 in my manuscript by the end of May. Right now, I’m on page 81. By May 14, I hope to be on page 90. I try to write about five pages a week, but this week, I admit I barely wrote at all. Next week though, I’m going to pay for my lazy writing with vigorous writing. After all, goals don’t accomplish themselves, we do.

    • vibhor jain says:

      I will love to join. keep me updated!!

    • I am currently working on 1) a novella for middle grade kid, a mystery in 10-12 chapters 2) book on managing institutional money.

      My plan is to finish them both by year-end.

      Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Rosemary Vazquez says:

      Sorry, did not put down what I plan to write about. I life and how it led me to Jesus! I can not wait to start. At the moment I am a paralegal and my attorney thinks my writing skills stink. So this challenge will give me something to write about and brush up on my writing skills.

    • Rosemary Vazquez says:

      I will join the challenge of 2016. Thank you and God has this!

    • 2016 is the year of my new blog. I thought about updating and continuing with my old one, but after two years of neglect (survival was more important than internet access for the last couple years), I decided to create something new. This way I can also incorporate my new interest in photography instead of focusing exclusively on writing.

    • I started writing a thriller called, “The Visitor,” a few weeks ago for another contest but didn’t make it in time. So, I’m going to continue working on it. I think it’s at 5,000 words and I need to do some revising on the characters, but I’m excited to start working on it again! I only wish I had seen this back in January! But better late than never! Good luck to everybody and off we go!

    • I’ve always wanted to tell our story of our two boys open adoption. Our oldest just turned 21, the youngest 19. We had a wide open adoption and the boys are still in contact with their birth-moms. Is it too late to join the challenge? 50,000-80,000 words? Would you want to read this book?

    • bkjones says:

      My goal at the moment is simply to write something every day. We’ll see if the output can be structured into a cohesive whole.

    • Jonada says:

      I got an email half an hour ago from Mary Jaksch (WriteToDone) and I may be about 4 months late, but I would love to be part of this challenge.
      I am trying to write my first novel and it has been a year and a half already, but I might be able to finish it before this summer ends (I HOPE).
      Please, count me in! 🙂

    • I wrote a young adult novel in the mid-1990s that made it to the final selection committee of a major publishing house but wasn’t chosen. I started writing full-time again last year and I’ve published two books already this year. Now I’m ready to tackle the young adult novel again. It’s actually the first book in a trilogy. I’m making a commitment to finish book 2 and at least start book 3 in 2016.

    • kumar ajay pratap says:

      I too is participating in great writing challenge 2016.i wish to write a highly motivational book which would bring great changes in a persons life

    • Colleen says:

      I’m in! I’m in! Yes I’m a little fearful, but if not now, when?

    • Leah Buckley says:

      I have an aim to publish my first novel by the age of 25, so I have just over a year now. My biggest fear at the moment is that I write a cliche and follow a common plot. I would truly appreciate some help in reaching a life goal 🙂

    • Leah Buckley says:

      I have an aim to publish my first novel before the age of 25, so I have just over a year from now. My main struggle at the moment is fear of writing a cliche and following a common plot. I would truly appreciate your help in reaching a life goal 🙂

    • DP says:

      I can’t even imagine! And I see is responding to them all!! They’re fun to read.

    • Ng'hwale Ozanoh says:

      I’m in ! My passion and dreams is to write a lot of novels and to be writer but i don’t know how to start my first language is Swahili i like to write in English which is my second language how can you help me so that I can use English to write my novels

    • Swathika says:

      I would definitely love to take up this new challenge! ‘
      Thank You

    • Saaj says:

      Thanks dear for this opportunity. I’ve been one of those who procrastinate a lot. But, now I’ve shed it and decided to write at least one book in the next three months, by the end of June, 2016.

    • Bonnie Boucek says:

      I plan on writing a non-fiction book that will help others. To help with this I joined Camp NaNoWriMo for April 2016. I am also starting a blog so I would like to write several “short” e-books to help people in the position of what my coaching clients are envisioned as. I also will be writing a short piece for a collaborative book compiled by Jodie Chapman and her husband Dan. I also want to start a series of either children books or YA. Not sure yet. Heck, I may even do both if the muse allows. I’ll be joining Camp NaNoWriMo for July 2016 and regular NaNoWriMo in November. At least those three will give me time restrictions, groups for encouragement, and a cool place to hang with my writing friends.
      I am ambitious, but realistic. The I am focused on April for non-fiction book 1, May for short piece for collaborative work, and July for book for my or too my business.

      Good luck to everyone. You can do it!

      (website will be up by May 2016)

    • I would like to join the 2016 writing challenge! I plan to finish my realistic YA novel, started during NaNo like 8 yrs ago. It’s time. My characters have waited long enough, and patience is not their strong suit.

    • Shardul Shankar says:

      I had started writing a novel named “The Love Across Seas”, but due to my academic obligations, it got shelved and never came out. Thanks to @PD Simeon, I plan to reboot my book that got stuck somewhere. Thank You, PD Simeon, for giving it a title of “Challenge”! Now my brain might find a way to work!

    • I would like to join the 2016 writing challenge. I intend to produce essay book of argumentative and informative writing for my pre-university students.

    • M says:

      I would like to join the 2016 writing challenge and I hope to write a full length suspense screen play.

    • Babongile Ndaba says:

      I have started with my writing. I am writing a short story called Train To Jozi. I plan on tackling bigger projects as soon as I am done with this one.

    • ozukum says:

      this is exciting….i have been writing a fantasy series for almost three years now, i have sent away my first manuscript to some publishers and agents and in the mean time i am also writing short stories, i ll take this opportunity to get done with it…..

    • Annie Suarez says:

      I am working on my 2015 Nanowrimo novel, committed to get it completed this year.

    • Jessica Milliner says:

      I’m taking this writing challenge. I love to journal and I’ve being doing it for years. When I journal, I feel like a writer because of it. I’ve have thoughts of publishing an article, or even starting a blog in the future. This will help me out.

    • Barb Johnson says:

      Oh, I need this so much. I’ve been starting and stopping for 10 years at least. I have written over 300 short devotional articles I’ve sent out to two churches as part of their bulletins. They have been well received. I want to put them together in a couple books and publish. They are stories about my life and observations and always have a Bible connection. I also want to start a blog.

    • Nat says:

      I’m excited about this challenge – I started a blog a few years ago and stopped then started again in 2014 however I’ve struggled with motivation. This is the perfect challenge as I aim at consistency and repositioning my Blod.

      Thank You

    • Tabby says:

      I’m going to take the writing challenge. I’m going to write a memoir.

    • Raven says:

      Im writing a mystery book titled “Home”

    • Juno says:

      I’m committing to the 2016 writing challenge by writing a YA fantasy novel titled Among the Trees

    • Stacy says:

      I was born late, so it’s only fitting that I have a late beginning, but I very much want to join the Great Writing Challenge 2016; I grew more inspired with every commitment I read. I would like to work on my blog this year, compile my poetry for a ebook, participate in Nanomo this year, with the end goal (maybe not for 2016-but to begin is more than I have written) a novel of overcoming tremendous odds and surviving. It will touch on issues of mental illness, homeless, addiction, betrayal, redemption…have not worked it all out. I’m excited to commit and I feel blessed to have stumbled across your blog, thank you for the opportunity and the pulse of all this creative energy, I am in!!!

    • Brenda says:

      I want to get my blog ready for the public and journal more, with the hope of turning blog posts into a non-fiction book.

    • Lommy says:

      Waw!!! Sounds exciting…im in.
      I love writing poems n prose as well in my free time so hope i could publish some this year.Thank you for this privilege.

    • Gypsy Poet says:

      This year I will commit myself to writing! I will finish the 3 short stories I started and put aside. I will work on new poems for my chapbook. I WILL WRITE!! No more distractions, no more excuses. Game on, world!

    • Hello and thank you for the chance…I’d love to, and going to join the challenge.

    • Callie says:

      I would like to commit to finally starting, and hopefully finishing, a mystery novel with the current working title, uh, “The Brother” (which will definitely not be the end title, but it’s all I can think of right now before the novel is even partially written)

    • Michaela Palata says:

      Hi, I would like to commit to finally start with my blog. I have always wanted to do it and now is the time to stop with the excuses and start writing. I will blog about things that are close to my heart – being a mom while trying to get a business off the ground and learning and self development. This time around I will not let fear hold me down. Thanks for making me hold myself accountable.

    • Natasha Minson says:

      I’m in 🙂
      This year I would like to finish my first novel: Everly’s Light.
      My story premise:
      Marcia’s a normal woman with a normal life, married to a man who’s never home and doesn’t love her. Suddenly she’s thrown into the adventure of a life-time as she and a group of elves she’s never met before race across the continent to relight a magical candle and prevent a war.

    • Frances Stewart says:

      I’m going to finish revising my story, Hunter’s Star.

    • I started my novel last year. Spent almost 2 months on it so the big chunk (around 250 pages) has been done. Got excited about it and tried to finish it by October 31, the deadline for the best contemporary novel contest – in Poland. But I realized that I had too little time to finish it and… slacked. The New Year Challenge gives me the boost I needed! Thank you.

    • I started my novel last year. Spent almost 2 months on it so the big chunk (around 250 pages) has been done. Got excited about it and tried to finish it by October 31, the deadline for the best contemporary novel contest – in Poland. But I realized that I had too little time to finish it and… slacked. The New Year Challenge gives me the boost I needed! Thank you

    • Tabetha says:

      I am starting more than one writing project this year. A journal, for myself; a novel, and I’m writing a story for my future husband. It seems like a lot, and I’m a bit overwhelmed, but even if I don’t finish it all, I will get atleast one finished before the end of the year, since it is going to be a Christmas gift.☺️ Wish me luck!

    • Inside me there is a great science fiction story.

    • Hi, I’m Steve and I would like to be a part of the Great Writing Challenge 2016.

      I would really like to start a blog about LEARNING HOW TO SING mixed with JAPANESE CULTURE AND JAPANESE LIFESTYLE. It’s name will be Kashudó, or The Way of Singing in Japanese.

      Another project is I’d like to write a novel with a homosexual protagonist. He’s name will be Laurent and he’d have the quest to travel back in time to different times of his life and change things or learn things about himself by battling real demons of his inner self in the past, and also in the future.

      My last challenge for myself is I’d like to write a HAIKU every single day. So in the end, I’d like to have 365 haikus written in 2016. 🙂

      One problem is I’m Hungarian, and I don’t really know If I should do all these projects in Hungarian, or I should do some of these in English. Maybe I start with Hungarian, as it is my native language, and when I get better, I might try English too.

      What are your opinions? 🙂

    • Jolie says:

      Complete and publish my unfinished anthology.

    • Aniruddh Jain says:

      I think I would finally start writing, becuase that feeling of knowing enough to start will never go away…This is nice blog shared by my dear friend shivesh..

    • Melissa says:

      To revive blog/journal for sure. It’s been abandon due to my busy schedule. Hope this year will be a great year!

    • Wendy says:

      Thank you very much Mary and PD for setting this challenge. I am in! For years I have been trying to finish a number of novels and plays and it just occurred to me lately that I feel the need to write alongside a community of writers. I do not always like the solitary experience of a writer. With this challenge I have other writers I can offer support to and learn from.
      At the moment I am writing a play called Teaspoons. It is a ghost story with a difference.

    • My goal is to write a book. Start on the next. Practice by writing Fan Fiction. Start a short story series on my blog. And a bunch of other things. No biggie.

    • Nan says:

      Need to complete my novel.

      I’m in.

    • SCO says:

      I want to be a part of this challenge. I am developing my skills as a writer personally and professionally. I want to write a children’s book, a cookbook, a book on marriage, etc. I’m going to start with the book about marriage. It will be a Christian based book and will focus on marriage restoration.

    • Wendy says:

      Thank you Mary and PD for this amazing Writing Movement for writers everywhere. I have almost worn myself out trying to finish novels and plays with much frustration, however WTD and Your 2016 writing challenge has given me hope, focus and direction. So I am in! I am on my 16th page of a play called Teaspoons. It is a ghost story. I will keep you posted on my progress and look forward to offering and receiving support.

    • Anshu says:

      I want to start a blog who would motivate people to enjoy life more with the work. also i want to complete my novel on which i am working since last 2-3 months. I would like to join this challenge, as this will keep a check on me to complete my target as soon as possible.

    • Meredith says:

      It’s great to join this group of determined people! I am challenging myself to finish a memoir I started in 2007. I intend to finish the first draft by summer, and be well into revisions by the end of 2016.

    • I would like to write the biography I started, about the life of a Greek American professor of forestry.

    • Lee says:

      I love this,, Mary and PD. Because of family deaths and illness this past year, I’ve let my goals of growing my blogs wither away, though I keep writing half posts (so ironic writing that on Write to Done!) and researching many series. I’d like to finish the work and put it out there. My voice and experience counts even though there are sooo many blogs out there.

      I published a well-polished anthology with my writing group last year but I’ve been writing bits and pieces of my non-fiction WIP. It is very import to me and I hope helpful for others. I would love to write “The End” before 2016 ends.

      I’d also like to find affiliates (Mary, are you interested?) for my blog as I live in a state that doesn’t allow Amazon affiliation so I’ve not gained a penny since 2012. It’s necessary to take the next steps in the growth of my business. So this is also a goal this year.

      Thanks so much PD and Mary!

    • Maggie says:

      I would like to be a part of this challenge. I have already a number of journals which cover about 10 years, and also have diaries which go back to 1997, but what do I do with all this information. About twenty years ago I wrote a detective novel but today, 2016, I still don’t know what to write about?? I’m thinking of doing a Life Writing/Memoir course, but is this really what I want to do?

    • Judy Potocki says:

      I’m in. My husband and I will launch a children’s book series — and I will complete the Zero Draft of my first YA novel.

      Thanks, Mary!!!

    • Kathryn Kellams says:

      I always have wanted to learn to write…to blog never even tweeted. I want to write to encourage people to live love & laugh

    • Bageshri says:

      I want to join you for this writing challenge for 2016 as I want to make it a regular writing habit. I wish to write anything and everything I like. I hope this will help.

    • Mandy says:

      Count me in. I published my first novel in 2015 (my third published book) and now am rather distracted by smaller writing projects, but I want to write the second novel this year. Just a bit stuck with the format of the book, but I am sure having an accountability group will help.
      Also want to increase my writing for my blog. I post every day but want to include different kinds of writing. Lots to do and loving it … 2016 is going to be an exciting year!

    • Bay says:

      I have finished my first novel…3 times. This year I am going to stop rewriting, restructuring, adding to, taking away and second guessing my plot.

      My biggest challenge is figuring out how to get it published. I do not want to self publish and struggle to know what to do.

    • Sharon Calkin says:

      I’m in. I want to write more short stories this year and possibly have them published in book form. I also write poetry and I would like to do the same for them as well.

    • Molly A. says:

      I’m going to finish my second novel, hopefully. I’m a procrastinator, but I can be very productive. This challenge may give me the motivation I need. We’ll see what happens.

    • Emily says:

      Count me in! I’ve always written short fiction and have published in literary magazines. But now I want to take on a non-fiction e-book. Working title: The Meaning Method.

    • Aleta Kay says:

      Okay, I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to try to finish Book 1 of The Peace River Chronicles this year. I’ve finished the research on the Scottish clans. Now I need to get to work on the Civil War as it relates to Pennsylvania. I also need to bring in some of the history of the clan disputes prior to the escape to America in the early 1800’s.

    • Babs says:

      Thank you for the challenge!!! Just at the right time!! As an academic writer struggling to free myself from the constraints of mainstream scholarship, I want to finish a memoir of many years living outside of the US.

    • Prerika says:

      I want to start a writing blog this year and fill it with 500+ stories.

    • I am in India.My writing challenge for 2016 is to get published in Times of India writing contest.I am unfazed by the plethora of established writers.I don’t care.I am writing that short story.I have already got myself registered and I am going to win and become a published writer in the year 2016.It may seem that it is a daunting task.But I am least bothered.I am writing and winning.Thats all I can say.

    • Anita says:

      I am pulling out my book on fitness – developing a fitness mindset- and will be publishing it in 3 months. This will be my second go-round. I think I just lost focus and let fear overcome me the last time i worked on it.

    • Robert says:

      I’m in! Working through my second draft slowly but surely, and looking for anything and everything that can help me break down the barriers.

    • I am joining as well. It will be a belated new year resolution – finish the book that I started on in 2009. It is fiction, suspense and also missing a good working title. Am hoping me joining the group will create that positive pressure that I need. All the best to us all.

    • Kyle Ferreira says:

      I started a new novel, which I plan to be a series of at least three books, (seven, if I can manage it) about a family of nobles in an imaginary land of my own creation. The setting is medieval low fantasy.
      Started five days ago. The words are flowing well, as they always do, but I’m already dreading the editing work to come…
      I’d like to join this challenge, and hopefully have my book up and about before the end of this year!

    • Parveen says:

      Great post. Thanks for sharing!

    • babeins says:

      I want to join the Great Writing Challenge to hopefully be my inspiration and push to get through another draft of what I have come to think of as my novella. I hope to at least self publish it this year. It’s taken me awhile to get to this point and I want to get myself motivated and focused so that I can finish it up way before the end of this year. Sometimes life gets in the way and I need to push it out of the way of my writing. Cheers to a New Year!!

    • Mumbi says:


      This year, I want to compile experiences people have in campus to the novel of all-time. I have postponed and hoped to complete this for sometime until now that I’ve realized that hope is not a strategy. looking forward to publishing that novel this year. Any do’s and don’t of writing a novel would be of great assistance.

      Happy 2016 by the way

    • VictoriaW says:

      I plan to start a blog and become a much better writer along the way!

    • Tonja says:

      I would like to write several books – a few shorter Amazon Kindle books, and a book about living the life of a survivor and the beauty I’ve found in this place! Thanks for the kick-start on this! I’m looking forward to reading how to choose a penname – I’d like to use one for sure and have no idea how to go about choosing one.

    • Tracy Geiger says:

      I am going to start writing more this year, and who knows where the trail will lead me.

    • Jen says:

      I am going to start a blog – I too have ideas for a novel. But I haven’t hammered out enough details in my head…but I may decide to do that too! Who’s to say that I can’t do it all in 2016?!

    • Ashley Gamrat says:

      My short term goal as of now is to have my first draft done by march because i have an editor set up for the middle of march. I have written a lot of short stories and parts of books, but this is the first time that i’m pushing myself to get it done and try to see where it can go.

    • Diane Trujillo says:

      I am joining this challenge. I am going to FINALLY complete a book that has gone unfinished for far too long. It’s a supernatural thriller called “Into The Ocean” that is based on a friend’s dream from 20 years ago. That’s how long I’ve been starting and stopping, writing and struggling. It will defeat me no longer!

    • SASteele says:

      I am going to finish my book by Dec 31 2016. I got stuck last year but your talk inspired me.

    • Dana says:

      I’m in. My goal is to resuscitate my barely started blog and write at least one post per week.

    • Celia says:

      Thank you for this challenge! I’m going to dig out my unfinished children’s fantasy piece and work on it. Hopefully I can work it out to a book length story.

    • Barbara Paterson says:

      I am in!
      My goal is to rediscover my writing joy, let go of planning and structuring and write as discovery. Can’t wait to see what happens.
      Here is my working title: The casual adventurer.

    • Pam says:

      Wow it’s great to see so many people committed to the challenge. I plan on finishing my book this year!

    • Andrew Larter says:

      I aim to write 1000 words a day from now on. I have a few ideas for stories that I want to get to completion.

    • Nia says:

      I just want to start journaling.

    • I’ve made all of the excuses you listed now it’s time to get to work. I’m taking the writing challenge and will finish my book in 2016. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for inviting us to take the writing challenge. I just started writing a blog for a class I’m taking and it has been a scary, yet liberating experience. I look forward to finally writing a self-help book in 2016 using some of the great tips that you provided here.

    • Mo says:

      I want to get back to writing my humor blog, which I’d like to turn into a book of short essays.

    • Fawzia says:

      Great idea would like to join the challenge. Currently thinking to write an ebook titled ” unforgettable moments” both in English and Arabic. This post has motivated me to make that dream come true thank you for sharing.

    • Norah says:

      2016 is the year I’m going to edit and publish my novel about a real estate agent in 1950s US. They were the only females who didn’t have to make way for men when the war was over but yet women had to fight to be called realtors and it didn’t happen in Chicago until 1959.

      I started the novel in NanoWriMo a couple of years ago, finished it by the end of January the following year and haven’t really looked at it since. Much of it will have to be rewritten but there’s a decent story there and it’s a topic that’s very dear to my heart.

    • Craig says:

      My goal: write and deliver an online course on how to create a winning big data strategy.

    • Wow! An opportunity for the horse to ply, count me in. I am SKY. Let the contest began.

    • Brian says:

      I have a number of projects that I am looking to complete in 2016.
      ‘The Biggest Catch of the Season’: ready for publication by Easter. This is in the final editing phase.
      ‘The Adventures of Gutsache and Scaredy Cat’: an early reader’s chapter book. I hope to have this ready for publication by July. The first draft is complete and ready to be sent to my editor.
      I am writing a science fiction/fantasy novel along the way with plans to have a first draft finished by Christmas. I’ve written 20,000 words, and storyboarded it, The aim is for an 80,000 word first draft.

    • Brian says:

      I have a number of projects that I am looking to complete in 2016.
      ‘The Biggest Catch of the Season’: ready for publication by Easter. This is in the final editing phase.
      ‘The Adventures of Gutsache and Scaredy Cat’: an early reader’s chapter book. I hope to have this ready for publication by July. The first draft is complete and ready to be sent to my editor.
      I am writing a science fiction/fantasy novel along the way with plans to have a first draft finished by Christmas. I’ve written 20,000 words, and storyboarded it, The aim is for an 80,000 word first draft.

    • My writing challenge is to finally *FINALLY* finish the novel I’ve been working on for the past 10 year. I’m 26,000 words in with a word count goal of 80,000ish. This will be my year!

    • kehinde Olakunle .A. says:

      I don’t know if I’m ready to kick start this ambition, I’ve always wanted to write an inspirational book because i feel a whole lot of people are struggling with life they just can’t figure it out.
      And i will be including some content straight from my diary too.

    • Willi says:

      Count me in!
      I won Nanowrimo in November 2015 and will begin to edit that over January and February. Working title: A Hit Is As Good As A Miss.
      I also will dust off a novel I began several years ago that deals with the ways that the economic downturn affects a group of employees who were laid off from the same company.
      AND I have the seed for a series of romantic short stories in mind. Too much? We’ll see.
      Anyway, this challenge is a great way to keep working on my writing. I think it will be fun.

    • Hi, I have just self-published (with Xlibris) my YA Novel “The Makutu Stone” So I’m very excited about that. I want to join the challenge but having trouble registering for it?
      My novel is book one of a trilogy.
      I have made a start on two other novels in another genre.
      Looking forward to being involved with you all in this challenge.
      Keep writing!

    • Emily McAlister says:

      I’m joining this writing challenge, because I’ve been working on a novel for a year solid and I’m nowhere near done. 2017 is the deadline I’ve set for myself. I know I can do it, with some help from a community! ♡

    • I’ve been working on the same novel for a few years now, and it’s time to finally finish it! So, my goal for 2016 is to finish rewriting and get The Driftless (working title) into submit-able shape!

    • Suzi says:

      I’ll see what is finished first.

    • Donna Stone says:

      I want to publish an omnibus of one novella and five or six short stories, interconnected through characters.

    • Hey…

    • Nermin says:

      As a PhD student I want to take this challenge as an opportunity to write my literature review and also write one journal article in the field I am currently researching.

    • I would love to write! I am mainly into fantasy fiction. I am also 41 years old and often tell myself it’s too late to start writing… I have quite a few story lines running through my head. Mainly just random scenes, if you will, that I haven’t quite figured out how to piece together. I have joined these challenges in the past and not had time to do them in the time they were given, but I love the help I receive from them!

    • Angela Craven says:

      Completly terrified, but I’m going to take part! May need somebody to remind me weekly though-A-levels have been taking over my life and I’ve not written since September due to it-no more! I plan on writing around 2000 words a week to hit my target of 100,000 words by week 52!
      It’ll be my first novel-but hopefully not my last!

    • LC Fierro says:

      Im accepting the challenge! This year I am going to finish my books! After starting my first one back in 2013 I’m dedicating myself to the fact that I am going to finish! This year is going to be my year!

      I need something that I can carry around with me and record my thoughts parts of the book that pop into my head. Does anybody have any ideas besides using your phone or walking around with a tape recorder?

    • Noellin says:

      I’m in. Currently writing my first novel and hoping to finish the first draft by the end of January before i start editing. My aim is to write up to 3 novels before the end of the year. Wish me luck guys!

    • ElleB says:

      Okay Mary! You win!

      I have NO time to write, much less time to spend thinking/writing about writing!

      OTOH, I am cooking up a lucious romantic tale (three parts) in the two to three spare minutes of daydream time I get here and there, and really hate being left out of brain-massaging parties ilke this one.

      So, i’m in!

      And…since I will need to recruit beta readers for my hot, steamy romantic drama (titled “The
      Affection of Gravity”), this seems the perfect pool to swim around in. 🙂

    • I am a Christian author. My writing goal is to complete one writing project for every month of the year. Right now, I have five projects I want to complete. One of the projects will deliver three books. Thus, more than half of the year is met. My first project for the year is being test driven now. The response has been good. People have shown a real appreciation for it thus far. If you’re interested in seeing what I am producing, connect with me. I like connecting with others.

    • Ramya says:

      Yes, now’s the perfect time to my own story. I will participate in this.

    • Liz R says:

      I’ve been working sporadically on four different books. One has been plotted and most of the characters have been developed. Now it is time to write it! I’m accepting the challenge to finish it!

    • Michele M. says:

      I want to write a book in 2016. It may end up being a collection of my short stories. Or perhaps I will attempt a first novel. Time will tell!

    • Victoria says:

      I’d love to take part in this! I’ve been working on a book loosely titled ‘The Missing’ but have come to a giant 6 week standstill on it. Hopefully new year, new energy and new focus….

    • S.Krishnamoorthi says:

      I would like to join the challenge. I am at present writing my autobiography and a novel.

    • Jamie Pitts-Klayman says:

      Hi everyone,
      I’ve written a non-fiction that is on Amazon for Kindle. This year I want to write a fiction novel. And I’m an artist who keeps setting down her brushes, so I am committing to joining the daily artist across the globe to create a piece a day, and blog about my art daily. Thanks for all the great posts!! Let’s all do this in 2016!!

    • I need to finally edit and rewrite the novel I wrote. Get my children’s stories to be published and really earn a normal income from my freelance writing while writing regular blog for my website. Other than than……;o) Yeah. Well, maybe it’ll help to have my goals out here and I will achieve them due to that.

      Good luck everyone!

    • Drew says:

      I plan to finally get my blog kicked off by April 1, 2016!

    • prfctlyclm says:

      Hi and good luck to all my fellow writers in this year’s writing challenge.

      My intended and oft-delayed project is a children’s picture book based on several red pandas who managed a “zoo break” and had untold adventures before being returned to captivity.

    • prfctlyclm says:

      I am joining the challenge. I am writing a children’s picture book based on several incidents of runaway red pandas – those who have escaped the confines of their zoos – for several days or weeks.

    • Mary Thompson says:

      I’d love to join the challenge! I won nanowrimo in November and my main goal is to finish and edit my novel. I also have a number of short stories that I want to get into a publishable state & try to blog a few times a week. My current goal is to master Scrivener! Happy writing everyone 🙂

    • Mai says:

      I have so many writing goals that I want to achieve, but the ultimate one is this: I’m going to create a freelance writing blog geared towards non-native English speakers so that they find confidence to make this a career despite the perceived language barrier. Onward! 🙂

    • Ankita says:

      I wish to join the great writing challenge 2016. I maintain a blog but would like to write a book someday. I need the inspiration to get a little push in that direction. I believe this challenge will help me with that push.

    • Arc says:

      I’ve once started a fanfiction about a game called Maple Carnival back in 2012, though I only write until 2 chapters before quiting (due to laziness). Now, I’ve just recently updated it after 4 years of hiatus. And I shall finish what I started.

      And I would like to make a crossover fanfiction titled ‘Ace of Maple Alliance’.

    • This is awesome – thank you! I have an outline to put together for an editor this month for my long awaited book “Live the Love You Deserve: Imagine a Judgment-free World”!!

      Some of my writing challenge is simply balancing – this Saturday I’m fulfilling a dream to have children’s musical talents come together for a good cause (Syrian Refugee Crisis)…holy smokes – when you put an intention out can it ever magically show up! I know this co-creative process applies to my writing..

    • Shannon says:

      I am joining the challenge. I will be completing my novel, currently title DNR.

    • Clee says:

      I am writing a book about my personal gift. It is called. “My Unique Perspective.”

    • Clee says:

      I am writing a book about my personal gift. It is called, “My Unique Perspective.

    • jimmy says:

      This is just what I need. I already have my own website, the title is supposed to say what it means i,e samples of what I am writing (roughly put down and not edited) and an invite to anyone, be it critical or to advise, encourage even, but I must add that I am no shrinking violet lol and find criticism to be a better spur. I have had this site for three years coming up in march, though I haven’t added to it lately. To keep this short, lets just say I can be imaginative but education left me lacking somewhat, my own fault though I have now taken steps and achieved some qualifications in English which has helped a great deal so I too am ready for this test and I’m wondering if I can use part of something I am ongoing with, its an ancient fantasy which I will call, this part for now “Lovaks trial in elvenholme”. By the way I don’t sell or promote anything on my website and am still mostly an novice, thank you.

    • Great idea. I intend to launch in a short stories book

    • I am committing to launching a weekly blog for my new website, completing the publication of the first of a series of inspirational books and expanding my journal for creative projects. So important to start with a priority list and to do it! Sharing helps the accountability. May the force be with all my fellow writers and messengers!

    • Katherine says:

      I would like to join The Great Writing Challenge of 2016. I am in 9th grade and this would be my first experience writing a book just for my own amusement. I really want to write a novel/ young adult fiction. I want to do this so that I can say that I wrote a book! I also want to test out what I have learned in the past about writing. My problem is that I am not sure I can do it. For example I ask myself a lot ” Does it sound like a kid wrote it?”, that is the biggest area that I need help in. I have a great story in my head, but it is difficult for me to put it on paper (or in my case, the computer). This is going to be fun!

    • Karen Williams says:

      I am planning to write SEO articles for a niche or two as I create a blog addressing issues in my current field. I eventually want to write a historical fiction novel and stories of life growing up in rural communities. I came up with a pseudonym already and am really interested to learn what pitfalls to avoid or the tips you mentioned about selecting one. All the best!

    • Ramona says:

      I would like to join the challenge! In 2016, I would like to write the content for a new website “Help Build Self Esteem”. I have plans for courses, ebooks, etc for the same site.

    • Nella says:

      Count Me In! I’ve been procrastinating too long on this dream goal of mine!

    • Nella says:

      I definitely want to join the Challenge for 2016. I’ve been procrastinating for far tooo long!!! Was supposed to have fulfilled my goal of writing my first novel last year, 2015. My problem is I have too many ideas and can’t seem to settle on one. The book I am looking at writing is an Adult Fantasy novel. 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      Hope this is the year I finish a book based on my Mom’s life, A life Unlived. I also want to write a non-fiction based on my old job field of helping people build their insurance claims after a catastrophic event. Oh, yes, there are those two blogs that I hope to be consistent with this year. I am excited!

    • Trevor says:

      Nice post PD but early mornings is not the best time for everyone. We all have our own energy cycles and so just as writing has to become a natural thing so does our handling of time. My project is being launched now (Myth of Time Management) and I am hoping 2016 will be my year for this.

    • Fawad Ali says:

      Thanks for sharing this challenge with me. I wan to join this challenge. I want to become travel writer. Hope your tips will help me to be on right path of writing articles and then a book at the end of the year.

    • I am in. My I actually just completed one long standing goal. To finish editing my first novel. I finished this week and just need to format it to ebook. I’m super excited to have competed my goal.
      But for this year I want to write something new. I adore Fantasy so I’ll be writing a Fantasy this year.

      I’ll be reading WTD all year to keep up with PD Simeon. Good luck.

    • James says:

      I would like to write short stories or flash fiction of the science fiction/fantasy variety. Being a published author has been a dream of mine for years now.

    • Allison Reid says:

      That’s definitely going in my book!” and “It’s ok, really, it’ll make my book way more interesting one day” These sentences have been coming out of my mouth for over 20 years. I want to write a Creative Nonfiction piece ( lets not get all crazy with the whole book goal just yet. I’d settle for one totally fleshed out scene)
      Begining at 17, on a my first ever plane ride, on my way to Amsterdam. On our first date 2 weeks before, the ridiculously beautiful boy sitting next to me had told me about his plans to go. As a budding photographer and serious pot smoker, Amsterdam was the perfect destination. I said i wanted to go. I did. I wanted to go wherever this boy with the mile long, jet black lashes went. My very recently divorced parents were concerned but mostly, i think, they were relieved i was doing something other than smoke pot and lay on the couch.
      That plane ride marked the beginning of6 years of intense love, years of travel, months at a time in our 86 Chevy Van touring with Phish and Phil Lesh &numerous oddball jobs with fascinating people.
      A few years in Curtis told me about his BiPolar diagnosis. I didnt fully understand…until i did.
      Watching the man who had showed me the world and inexplicably loved me beyond reproach, be tortured by his own mind was surreal. More than once i thought ” its ok, one day this is going to make a really good book.
      Curtis and my dad had a really intense relationship. Both were mad at the other for not treating me the way they should. Both died in 2013. Both were tortured at the end. One by his body and one by his mind. Id like to somehow incorporate that while still maintaining a certain humor. Some of my most hilarious moments have happened during some very dark times.
      As you can see, i need some serious help with editing & staying focused.

    • PD Simeon, Mary,

      Thanks for the opportunity to get back with a nonfiction book project, which I began with great enthusiasm a couple of times, but then get distracted by Facebook, my blog and other activities and lose the motivation. I know I must write the book (a first person narrative of relations between Islam and West, as I observed for decades), but, as I said, I just can’t stay the course. A particular handicap of mine, which contributes to my getting frustrated, is that I’m a very slow writer. On an average day, I can’t write more than say, 200-300 words.

      In any case, I am excited (again!) by your “Writing Challenge 2016.” I need all the help I can get.

      I begin tomorrow, January 6th, morning.

      Again, many thanks.


      (My name is Mustafa Malik, but I’m going to pick a pen name, as you suggested).

    • Larissa says:

      My aim is to get stuck into a series of shorts called Little Planet…

    • My goals right now for this year as a writer is to start making myself really,really,push myself into getting my currant novel Balenor on the road to being ready for publishing.

      Also,more short stories that could turn into potential novels! 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      I am joining the challenge. Really trying to get into writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer but just haven’t developed the discipline to write regularly. So my goals:
      Write SOMETHING almost every day
      Even if it’s not new and creative, writing exercises count as something
      Diversify blog posts and keep it up
      Get a good start on at least one major project and know where it’s headed. Book or collection of short stories
      Try to find some freelance work
      Enter at least 3 writing contests.

    • Ashley Parker says:

      I’ve been trying to make the time to write but keep finding excuses – funny how excuses are so much easier to make than action! But absolutely nowhere near as satisfying. I worked out my average daily words written to be about 10 a day so would definitely benefit from the kick up the butt I hope this challenge to be 🙂

    • Patricia says:

      I am working on a memoir The Origin of Eccentricity
      In parallel I am developing a workshop Memoir as a Healing Practice

    • Patricia says:

      I am working on a memoir The Origin of Eccentricity.
      In parallel, I m developing a workshop on Memoir as a Healing Practice.

    • Margaret says:

      After 3 years of plotting and 2 binders stuffed with notes, 2016 will be the year of “The Tub”… Take me to California, Baby!

    • Kelsey says:

      I plan to finish my novel this year. The title will be The Sheep Have Gone Astray,

    • Paul skinner says:

      I need a challenge and this sounds like a lofty one!

      Doesn’t hurt to give it a go!!

      Piece paul

    • Challenge accepted. Dusting off (literally!) something I’ve been working on off and on for the last THREE years. It’s a fictionalized version of real events, some of which happened to me – dealing with forced sterilizations in North Carolina. Ack. Gulp.

    • Bonnie says:

      Challenge accepted! This year I will transform my Creativity Coaching Program into a manuscript/workbook ready for publishing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Leib says:

      I ‘d like to join the Great Writing Challenge 2016.

      It will be a great adventure and an opportunity to launch my website

      Thanks for the post, it’s magic ?


    • Andrew says:

      I’m in!

      I’d already given myself some pretty ambitious writing goals for 2016, so hopefully this helps me achieve them! I (prematurely) published my first book in 2014, and after some more feedback I’m working on a re-release for it later this year, and hopefully the sequel as well. That’s been written but is still in the editing stage so we’ll see how that goes. I’m also currently working on the third book of the series so I can have a more full and rounded idea of what’s going to happen.

      I’m also getting more into blogging and article writing. I just launched my website, but I’ve been trying to focus more on guest posting and such instead of posting everything I write there. I guess one way or the other we’ll see how that goes.

      But thank you for the challenge! Anytime I decide to take my writing seriously I always let the fear take control of me — but not this year! This is the year to shed the fear. Thank you!

    • Richard Smith says:

      I am a copywriter without clients. I want to gain the self-confidence in my writing to show potential clients that I can help them with their copywriting needs.

      I am going to create a blog and then move into a web site. I would like to learn Word Press. My writing is about container gardening with an emphasis on permaculture.

      My first goal is to have my blog up and running by the end of Jan. 2016. I want my web site up and running by the end of Feb. 2016.

    • Dawn says:

      Thank you Write to Done, Mary Jaksch and PD Simeon.

      I have taken classes and read just about every book on writing throughout my 53 years. I have written many short stories and never tried to get any of them published (though I would very much like that) and I have started 4 novels and never finished any (they are all about 85% done.)

      I really want to finish at least 2 of them this year and work towards getting them published. I found my voice years ago, it’s about time I find the courage to take it further.

      Thanks for the challenge, I needed this.

    • Paul skinner says:

      My intial idea is to write about how mental illness has started to become a disease of civilization and not so much brain chemistry .

    • Is it reasonable to have more than one project ginger at the same time? I currently have 3 projects going. Some days I have inspiration for one project over another. I am about halfway through one book. Less than one-third through another and close to halfway through a trilogy.

      I know it will take longer to complete said projects but I find this is working. I just need the motivation to write that I promised myself for the new year. When I find myself working on one project I hit a road block. Then I move on to another when inspired. When I have a new idea, I write it down.

      I have several more projects that are little more than an idea in my mind. They could be something if I had more writing time available. I work full time and make a great income that I cannot live without. This leaves me in a quandary as I believe my writing would earn me some much needed extra income, yet I cannot complete a project to earn extra money. If I took time away to write a blog, it takes time away from literary progress.

      Is my method sanity or madness?

    • Linda H says:

      I commit to joining the Great Writing Challenge of 2016. This year I want to do more freelance writing this year focused on a business niche. I’m going to re-start my blog and write a weekly post, write case studies and white papers and expand into more web content writing. I also plan to write a focused article for a specific publication I know.

    • Frances Kalavritinos says:

      Number 4 is my biggest challenge. Can I set that alarm an hour earlier? Do I really want to give up on my dream for an extra hour of sleep? Once my day starts, I’m off and running and then I never seem to find the time to work on my writing. I hope that being a part of this challenge will give me the extra push and inspiration I need.

    • Hi there! I am writing my challenge in spanish and then I will translate it to english. It will be titled “The Mystery of time” – “El misterio del tiempo”, and it will explain the mysteries that the most of us don’t know about past, present and future. The unknown secrets revealed, you’ll learn that we all live in one present time and that past and future are just ilusions. WE all are able to travel across time and space, but the vast majority does not know how to do it. I’ll try to explain it so everyone can enjoy it and learn how to do it.

    • Jonada says:

      I have been working on a novel for about a year now and this is my senior year of high school and I wanted to publish it within July, cause I want to have something to remember these three amazing years.
      My novel is about two seventeen year old twins who have to endure lots of hardships with their father and stepmother after their mother’s death.
      Last year WritetoDone gave an opportunity to upload our stories, but I wasn’t sure about my novel if it was good enough or not, so I lost the opportunity to send it.
      I hope you will give us another opportunity like that this year, too. 🙂

    • Moses says:

      Wow! What a great idea!
      I am in already.I’ve been looking forward to a great platform like this where I get to meet top-notch writers like you.Glad I did.
      I have not really come up with a particular title for my book though, however, I will be writing along the areas of purpose, leadership and empowerment. Trust to make quantum leaps in my writing career this year through this new relationship with you.

    • I would like to write about well researched, deep and comprehensive guide article related to computer/tablet/mobile spy/monitoring apps/software. The topic I would like to write is “Mobile spying, what’s possible , what’s ethical, what’s useful”. Meanwhile very much interested to participate in writing challenge-2016. Looking forward to hear from experienced guys.

    • Naomi Klose says:

      I want to write something for children in the 10-14 year old age group. An adventure story with lots of twists and turns and silliness. Fingers crossed this is the year I actually get to it!

    • Janea says:

      my goal is to write a novel this year as well as writing ever day.

    • Thabo Mooke says:

      I writing a fiction on conflict, politics and family. The work dates back to 27 years before the protagonist is born and therefore I am having difficulties to find a gripping opening because what I have in mind leaves behind a big chunk of this main character’s background. I need a technique that I can use so as not to leave behind the important events. I was thinking of writing the book in parts and not chapters, I am not sure if this will work.

      Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

    • David says:

      I recently finished a very rough hand-written first draft of a novel I’ve been working on. It’s taken longer than I expected due to circumstances beyond my control which took up all my time. A writer friend suggested that if I could find a two or three hour block of time sometime during the week to write then, and it worked. So that’s my suggestion: find a block of time of two or three hours and write then if you hadve trouble finding time to write. It’ll be slow but it will work. I’ll be during my edit this year and hope to be ready for submission before the end of the year.

    • I’d like to join The Great Writing Challenge 2016. I have various ideas to work on but I will start with one un-title Science-Fiction Project which I have been postponing since last January 2015. I hope I would get enough motivation to keep me on track and complete the project on time! 🙂

      Thanks Write To Done for initiative and encouraging!

    • Wayne Kelso says:

      I’d like to join the Great Writing Challenge of 2016, where I hope to get some of my existing work published, including one story of ~25,000 words and one of ~38,000. They have been with me for some time and I hope to be able to share them with other people this year.

    • Wayne Kelso says:

      I’d like to join the Great Writing Challenge of 2016, where I hope to get some of my existing work published, including one story of ~25,000 words and one of ~38,000. They have been with me for some time and I hope to be able to share them with other people this year.

    • I would like to commit to the great writing challenge of 2016. I have written a children’s book that has not been published because the literary agents at that time did not critique it well, or well enough for me in my mind to risk self publishing. My desires for this year are to increase my blogging and write a true crime novel.

    • Durga Prasad Yaragunta says:

      Great opportunity to unleash the writer in me!!! I am going to take up the challenge. I am planning to write a book which will help the school going children to bring out the best in them. Thanks for the motivation and assurance and I am confident that I will come up with the best book.

    • I am committing myself to the great writing challenge. I want to write a true crime novel.

    • Shaleen says:

      I made the decision to start a blog this year so this challenge is a wonderful opportunity to ensure I have the support and a like-minded community to be a part of!
      I am not entirely clear on the blog’s identity as yet however I’ve been sitting on the fence for a long time and from what I’ve observed in the blogosphere, it’s important to simply start instead of waiting for the elusive ‘lightbulb’ moment!
      Good luck to everyone and I’m excited to be here:-)

    • Ronda Cook says:

      My goals are to get my personal blog up and going, use it to journal and hopefully inspire others.

    • My goal is to write for my blog on a consistent basis in turn getting my name and information out there. (Nope – I haven’t been very good at that…)

    • Alan May says:

      I have many varying reasons as to why I am behind the eight ball in writing this bloody novel,
      Let me explain (1) What I write about is a very large percentage of fact, I have for most of my life been a remote area engineer and during my trips and residing from New Guinea (at the period of independance) to moving to the Torres Straits and my association with the Islanders and the local lifestyle of the area along with the fauna and flora, to many various places in the outback (especially Queensland) down to the islands of Bass Strait where I ended my days as a services engineer for the Australian Newsprint Mills of Boyer, Tasmania. Now, my problem is that whilst I have written stories and poems of people and things along the way, I have, unfortunately never learned how to use a computer, but it never really seemed to matter because I HAVE NEVER FOUND ANY PERSON WHO WAS THE SLIGHTEST BIT INTERESTED IN THE OLD DAYS OF OUR COUNTRY. As you may have guessed, I am actually an old phart who, I guess will just take it all with him at the end, the same as so many of the other old timers have.

    • Carolyn says:

      This could be just the thing I’ve been needing to motivate me to start that first sentence and complete the first paragraph. My goal is to write a novel based on civil war prisoners of war utilizing genealogical research I have been doing for a while. It seems every time I get it planned in my head I learn something new! I just need to determine where to start and how to get it all in a coherent, enjoyable and informative novel that others want to read. This challenge will help me take the first step and see where it will lead me.

    • Krissh says:

      Guyz.,I love to announce that I’m gonna write a novel “How (not) to write a Novel”

    • Happy new year! I’m committing to sitting down and writing a women’s qigong book which I’ve been avoiding for about 10 years now. I’m ready to begin. I actually have 4 books started on my computer but need to start with one! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

    • Daryl says:

      Gonna do the challenge and off to a great start. doing a series of short stories about some animals in a forest.

    • Maisarah says:

      I am committing to this challenge, and I’d like to finish the novel that I started last year.

    • Elise says:

      Love this challenge and inspiration. You know when that neon light flashes…and you keep getting the same message over and over again? Well that’s been happening regarding my writing. I have been writing for years, various projects, a blog, I’m a copywriter, ghostwriting a book. And I’ve gotten away from it for a while now. Busy with other things. But I’m feeling a draw back to my writing. I have a memoir I have been writing bits and pieces of for years. I believe now is the time to hunker down and write it. No, like so many, I don’t know where to begin either. But begin I will anyway!

    • Gaelle Dechelette says:

      In 2016 I am willing to finish my first thriller novel (which is already very advanced) before i move on to my 2nd big project, a thriller novel in rural China. Title is “A night in Jianshui”. And when this is done, i will find a way to print or edit it myself.

    • Judy Robertson says:

      My best friend and I use to write stories when we were teenagers and my love for writing has never left me. I have decided that the year 2016 is the year that I am going to make my dreams come true and honor my best friend who is now in heaven, by writing our books.

    • Hi I would love to join the challenge, I have written short stories on my blog and have three separate short stories which I plan to change into a novel one day. My three short stories are suspense and hope this challenge may help me.

    • I clicked on the link several days ago from my mobile device but could not see where to join the challenge. Finally reading on my computer and realize all it takes is a post here.

      The challenge is very timely as my big, hairy (and scary), audacious goal for 2016 is to write a Non-Fiction book on Relationship Marketing; something I’m passionate about. It will be a minimum of 100 pages of content, plus Foreword, Introduction, Acknowledgements and Resources.

      The Working Title is “Winning with Relationship Marketing”

    • I want to finish writing my YA sci-fi book with the working title, “As Human As You.” It’ll be my first novel and I’ll be so thrilled if I finish it. I’m collaborating with my husband on this. In theory, it sounds like with the two of us working on it together, it should be easier to set our goals and work on it, but in practice, it’s not.

      I also want to finish and send off my short stories.

      • John Hartsell says:

        I’m in! My lovely wife Cherryl and I will be collaborating on “As Human As You” throughout 2016. It’s my first novel too, and it will be great to get it done!

    • Karen says:

      Like Kelly, I’m not sure but I will try. For the last six months, I have been plotting a mystery. I have a working title, 11 characters (5 developed), a fictional setting based on my hometown, a theme and a subplot. The problem is I keep changing my victim and the killer. Most of the characters are related so I don’t want to kill them off. I also hope to make this a series so I want to keep some of the “independent” characters. Maybe I’m stalling. But I’ve invested too much to not keep going. I am going to try. Happy writing to all!

    • Is it reasonable to have more than one project ginger at the same time. I currently have 3 projects going. Some days I have inspiration for one project over another. I am about halfway through one book. Less than one-third through another and close to halfway through a trilogy.

      I know it will take longer to complete said projects but I find this is working. I just need the motivation to write that I promised myself for the new year. When I find myself working on one project I hit a road block. Then I move on to another when inspired. When I have a new idea, I write it down.

      I have several more project that are little more than an idea in my mind. They could be something if I had more writing time available. I work full time and make a great income that I cannot live without. This leaves me in a quandary as I believe my writing would earn me some much needed extra income, yet I cannot complete a project to earn extra money. If I took time away to write a blog, it takes time away from literary progress.

      Is my method sanity or madness?

    • Char says:

      I’ve wanted to write since I was a child, but I thought fiction was the epitome of being a writer. In 2016 I want to expand that definition. I want to start a blog (not sure what the topic will be), begin a personal journal and maybe work on outlining a series of short stories or a novel for Nanowrimo.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for the challenge and the article. I need it. I’m writing my first book with three chapters left to write, It’s been over a month since I have written anything on the book so count me in. It’s a book on marriage and the working title is Mining Your Treasure.

    • I read some of the comments of others and i think its great you guys .I want to write a book about my life I am just some twenty some years old but Ive been through what most people will not experience in a lifetime,mean it too. My book would have suspence , gut wrenching pain and love plus the desire to overcome a lifes struggle

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m in!
      I have a few goals as a writer.
      I’d like to post consistently on my blog, put together health and wellness articles for publications that are fun to read, informative and inspire action. I also have a dream of putting together a book that is, for lack of better words, a collection of ways to inspire, improve and design a mindful life. It’s a foggy vision that I’m sure with time and attention will present itself more clearly.

    • Salma says:

      I’m definitely in. I’m actually freaked out because I do have a really big idea in my head which combines drama, motivation, romance and lots of other thing together. When I think about it feels great but when I actually start working on it I feel it’s messed up and I’m not good enough for it.
      This year I decided to conquer my fear and try my very best to get it down and I think this challenge will help me a lot so thank you marry and thank you PD simeon for such a great motivation you both gave us.

    • Callie says:

      The Blog post attached to my above comment is not from my blog?? I may have put a typo in my website window… a fabulous start to the writing challenge :)!!

    • Callie says:

      I accept the writing challenge! I would like to write a book on self-empowerment and finding your inner strength and wisdom.

    • MazoireD says:

      Thanks for another helpful and inspiring article!
      I’m in. Going to complete a short, hopefully helpful and fun book for new mums. Working title is ‘The Mum Book’. I’m also going to finally complete and illustrate a children’s book called ‘The First Christmas’. Woohoo! Here we go!

    • Heather says:

      I want to write and complete three pieces for next years anthology with my writing group. One will be a poem and two are short story pieces i’m working on. I’m curious how this works, is there a blog we check in with, do we help critique and encourage each others work? I look forward to getting to know others who also love to write.

    • Jordan Maddox says:

      12 Months In The Year, Roughly 30 Days Per Month. This Year I Will Be Writing 12 Short Stories; Each Story Will Be Around 30 Pages. At The End Of The Year I Will , However, Combine Them To Create A Book Of Shorts.

    • Rwinkle Gill says:

      I would like to participate. I’m going to start my anthology of my poems to help calm others down.

    • Angelica Carias says:

      I want to finish writing my adventure fantasy novel this year. My working title shall be “Adventure Fantasy Novel That Contains Pirates, Pigs, and Lesbians”.

    • Carol Wright says:

      I’ve got a couple draft manuscripts from NaNoWriMo, and I’d like to edit one into a novel. George, my working title, has potential, I think. It will require lots of editing and re-writes, but I want to give it a shot. I teach Reading and Writing to GED students, so this would be a lesson on making and achieving my own writing goals.

    • I am working on my first non-fiction book on extremism. My goal is to have it ready by the end of September, this year. I am in for the challenge.

      I would also love if we could arrange an online platform where we check-in each other’s progress. Let me know if anyone get some idea on this. My email is [email protected]

    • Angelica Carias says:

      I’m joining this challenge! I now dub my adventure fantasy manuscript “Adventure Fantasy Novel That Contains Pirates, Pigs, and Lesbians”. I would like to complete my first draft this year.

    • Eva says:

      I’m in. I will write a childrens book for my daughter, and the protagonists will be my dog and my cat. And the place will be an enchanted and adventorous place in Andalusia, where I found both of them 🙂

    • April Fultz says:

      I’m hoping to start a blog, with the eye to writing a book!
      So glad to join the challenge!
      I need all the encouragement I can get!

    • Daniel says:

      I’m committing to the writing goal. I have kept a journal for many years and have wanted to write fiction for even longer. This year I will do that and establish a routine of writing at least one short story a month.

    • Evelyn says:

      I would like to join the challenge. It is my goal to begin a blog and also
      write an eBook about how to handle stress in your life and develop a healthier life style.

    • Theodore Llewelynn says:

      I’m actually starting to write a novel called “The Candle Lit War”, so this is great!

    • Beth says:

      I’d love to be a part of this challenge. I don’t have much free time right now, but I’ve wanted to write for awhile now, so this challenge is it! I am creating an online course about health and dietary choices, a blog and my journal. My online course would be my first goal.

      Thank you very much for creating this opportunity where I will be accomplishing a goal of mine!

      I am really looking forward to getting started!! Hope everyone else who has accepted this challenge does great with their goal!

    • Jennifer says:

      I am going to finish my novel! I am writing a contemporary romance. I completed my first draft last year, and I am now tearing it apart and re-writing it to come up with my first edit (it really needed it) but I resolve to complete it and give it the time it needs.

      Good luck to everyone in their writing goals, at whatever stage you may be in!

    • I am going to set aside defined times during the week for working on my novel and blogs. I hope to finish the novel by the end of the year.

    • complete two novels memoir Christmas Sailing and The European

    • Mahnoor says:

      I’d like to participate 😀 I’ve only got one writing goal this year – to start writing again, after a long hiatus mainly because I’m lazy and afraid and kept putting it off.

    • Beth says:

      I’d love to take part in this challenge! I don’t have any free time, but I’ve been wanting to write for along time, so I’m going to do this in 2016. I too am creating an online course regarding health and dietary choices. The course and a blog will be what I’ll be working on, as well as my journal.
      Thank you for creating this challenge so we can work toward a goal or aspiration we’ve had but just hasn’t found the time to break free!!

    • Vince says:

      I have 3 projects that I hope to bring to print in 2016 and 2 other novels that are in the beginning phases of beginning. 🙂 I made all my 2015 goals so I think I will meet my 2016 markers.

    • I’m going to regularly set aside time to write for 3 days a week to work on my novel and blogs.

    • Barb says:

      I’m taking up the challenge writing a Non-fiction book from the perspective of a pastor’s wife. The outline has been done for 3 years. I’ll start by writing 250-300 words a day. Thanks for the challenge.

    • Dipika says:

      I would love to begin a romance novel! I’m taking up this challenge and wish everyone else attempting this best of luck!

    • Gina says:

      Okay! I want to publish a children’s book about global warming, and I’d also like to start writing and publishing articles/ essays, and to apply to some MFA writing programs. I’ll start on the novel when I start there….!!!

    • Kristine Hendricks says:

      I’m in. Not sure how, but I’m going to give it a shot!

    • Amy M says:

      I’m in! My project will be either a memoir or a novel – I’ll call it “Stream” for now. The contemplation of what to write in this comment has given me more structure than I’ve had for this dream in the past 3 years! Thank you! 🙂 I may also do some poetry on the side…

    • LeahGus says:

      I would like to join the writing challenge! I’ve always had a love for short stories, but I think it’s time to start my dream of writing a fiction novel. Not too sure in what direction I’ll be going, or genre, but I guess inspiration will hit!

    • I woke up yesterday morning with a renewed commitment to finish my non-fiction book called The Feng Shui of Packing. 200 words a day for the next 6 months. I travel a lot for business and pleasure and overpacking has been my greatest challenge. My story uses packing and travel as a metaphor for personal development and self observation about our self confidence, self-love and reconciling our public persona with our own interior life.

    • Elaine Williams says:

      I am writing a novel and workshopping as I go with my writing group. This year I also want to dust off and revise some short stories so I will have something to submit to contests.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, I’m really looking forward to this challenge and finally writing my book. Thanks for the opportunity

    • Dia says:

      I’m joining, in hopes of writing the best romance novel this world has ever seen!!!

    • bijan amid says:

      Great Idea- I have always been scared to start writing- I thought I am not capable to do it right and therefore, I will not be successful.

    • I think every one, at least once or twice in their lives, feels the ‘urge’ to write. But we never act on it, myself included…

    • Shobhit says:

      Surely i would like to opt for this challenge. Do guide through this voyage

    • Erica says:

      I am committed to working on my paranormal romance this year. Here is hope for all of us in 2016!

    • I will finish writing my first piece of fiction titled She Found Happiness on the Way Through Hell. I started it last year during the Write a Novel in a Month Challenge and it needs more rewrites. I will finish it and seek and agent to represent it. I self-published my memoir Born Again in a Biker Bar in 2013 and people are waiting for another book from me. I will MAKE the time to write.

    • Shwetha says:

      I started to write a blog this year and my goal for 2016 is to stop procrastinating and churn out amazing blog posts every day. Fingers crossed right ?!

    • I would like to write a fiction in english. Since it is my second language, it will be a challenge. But I’m determined. Thanks for the inspiring post.

    • I’m planning to write at least one post/week on my content marketing blog in the first half of the year, and two/week in the second and also creating an e-book on how to start a blog of your company.
      Considering that I’m pretty great at procrastinating, this’s going to be interesting “experiment”!
      I keep my fingers crossed for all of you! 🙂

    • Kristina Kan says:

      I am accepting the challenge to write my first novel “Return to Go”. It is time to get it out of my head and onto ‘paper’.

    • Susan Schwartz says:

      I would love to join the writing challenge. Currently I have published two short stories, but I have 2 novels I have been working on for almost 9-10 years, I would love to get one finished.

    • I will join you all in this challenge. My main goal is to establish a habit of writing daily and finding my voice.

      My initial plan is to write at least 250 words for the first three months of this year, then move to 500 words each day for the next three months, next moving on to 750 words during the third quarter, and finally getting up to 1000 words a day during the last three months of the year.

      Eventually, I want to start writing fiction books, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Of course, I’ll be committing to reading on a daily basis as well, as I’m aware this is a key component to writing well.

      Best wishes to everyone committing to this challenge, and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

    • Vickie says:

      Writing has been a dream of mine for many years and I have let one excuse after the other deter me from moving forward. Including, lack of confidence. There! I said it. No more excuses! This is the year that I am going to see my dream unfold and write my novel. And if possible, I hope to have a blog started with some posts by the end of the year as well.

      Now, ready, set GO!!

    • Karen says:

      I’ve started several novels, but failed to complete one. I’d like to join the challenge and finish a novel called More Significant about the promising life of a woman who learns the importance of humility and serving others.

    • I self published my first collection of short stories at the end of 2013. I lost a good friend and my dad in the beginning of 2014 then relocated from Ireland to the UK at the end of 2014. 2015 went in a blur and was not very productive. Collection number 2 is my goal for 2016! 🙂

    • Laura says:

      I’ve been working on a children’s fiction book for quite some time now and have many fears as well as that fear of rejection after all the time and effort of putting into it. I now have a newborn baby to care for and have the added challenge of finding time.

    • I would like to complete the manuscript for the third book in my award-winning series.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Debbie, “award-winning series”? Sounds great! Congratulations.

    • Want to tackle, complete and submit the first in a series of children’s books based on the life of a dog and her adventures. 2016 here I come!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Linda, I think your idea of a series of children’s books sounds great!

    • Carole Mansell-Hope says:

      I would like to join the challenge. I started writing a novel about reincarnation and murder but can’t get past my inner critic who says what I have written is rubbish. Time to get past it.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I look forward to reading what you write, Carole

    • Natasha Minson says:

      I’m up for the challenge. My goal is to finish my first novel.
      Good luck to everyone

    • Pravin says:

      “Should I participate … Should I not “… Think must accept the challenge …want to write a collection of short stories … I think I will finish it ….

      • PD Simeon says:

        That’s where Nike comes in, Pravin: “Just do it!”

    • I plan to write a travel guide about my hometown Berlin. I witnessed the building and falling of the wall. Back in 1979, I started to write a book that one day Berlin would be reunited, but never finished it. Now I can add that final chapter to the book. The title of the book is: My Berlin – A City Reborn

      • PD Simeon says:

        What a great idea, Anthony! I’ve visited Berlin and seen the bits of the old wall…

    • Writing is so close to me, any thought on writing immediately catches my imagination. It is passion for writing. This post indeed is exciting to read. Yes, we all love good writing and writing provides us some of the most unbridled joy we ever get to experience. The joy of writing is best known to a writer.

      As any writer in whatever position and in whatever capacity we are as writer while writing nothing can beat the heat of completing a good writing marathon. There is never an end to the journey of writing, every year as we reflect back we have many more things on our agenda. As we start the year, we keep adding and with the year end, every year, the story remains the same though some year the plot changes but the addition to the list of writing keeps growing. I also firmly believe that there is nothing called as a right time for a writer, it is now or never. Writing is everyday job and the more we write, the more better we become, how much to write and when to write becomes irrelevant, the relevance is in writing and more writing, the relevance is in reading and more reading and the art lies in balancing reading and writing. Not easy…

      The joy of writing resides in continuously and consciously working on the art and the craft of writing. As a writer we keep venturing into unknown territories, knowingly we do so and unless we adventure into such diverse geographies, bring diversity into our working and explore the hinterland, we stifle and stall our thinking and it needs new fodder to feed the imagination to go wild and wide.

      Writing is about exploration, it is about experimentation, it is about engagement and it is about the disruption in creativity…it is about IDEAS

      The “Great Writing Challenge 2016” is a fantastic idea and it will keep writer’s like me on the toes and keep pushing the boundary and trying to “Make a Difference” though my blog “Makeup & Breakup…

      Wishing you a wonderful New Year 2016 and great success to the Grand Project…

      • PD Simeon says:

        Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Nihar. You write:
        “As a writer we keep venturing into unknown territories”. That’s very true and it is scary. And it is also true that writing is a joy.

    • James Shimwitwa says:

      I have a collection of four short stories which i want published this year. Every time i read the stories i find them not impressive enough. I have to think of changing the setting, character etc. Always something isn’t good. So they have been marooned on my laptop for a long time. Hope something changes this year.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Whatever we write, we don’t like it when we read it later. “I should have done better!” is what I always say – and this holds me back from writing. Best to ignore those voices, or give the stories to someone else to read.

    • Devonne says:

      I’m gonna give this a shot! I’ll try to finish my first book (fantasy genre) this year. I will try to work around my schedule as a high school student and applying to college (I’m almost finished anyway).

      Time to give this a go!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I wish you all the best with finishing your novel, Devonne.

    • Ched says:

      One of my goals this year is to get into the habit of writing everyday. I’m starting with 500 words a day. The content would be about helping others in their self-transformation journey. The big idea is to publish an e-book this year!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like that goal of yours, Ched.

    • Wadey says:

      Okay Mate, I’ll have a crack at it,…!! I’ll have a go at writing an Australian based historical fiction that will be a mystery.

      In fact, it’s such deep mystery that even I don’t know what it is, who “done it” or what happens in the end !?

      Time’s gunna be an issue because I have also made the commitment to become a full time Artist.

      Ah well, in for a penny, in for a pound, as the Poms say,…

      • PD Simeon says:

        Writing an Australian historical mystery is going to be a fascinating project, Wadey.

    • I am committing myself to the 2016 great writing challenge. I want to write a true crime novel.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Is that going to be a novel based upon true crime, Christopher?

    • TheFilmmaker says:

      I’m definitely in. Thanks, by the way, for creating this challenge, it was exactly what I needed to get me started with my project. Hopefully thinks will go great 🙂

      • PD Simeon says:

        What are you going to write, Filmmaker?

    • Charli Brown says:

      I would like to join. I want to complete the novels that will be released with my webseries. It is a supernatural legal thriller. I am looking forward to finishing the first draft by the end of February.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A supernatural legal thriller? Sounds like a great idea, Charli.

    • Hello. I am trying to write a mystery novel for eight years. I was not good at first but I feel I am improving everyday. I want to write a story that will linger on people’s minds.

      I wish to complete my work and get it published. 🙂

      • PD Simeon says:

        I look forward to reading your unforgettable mystery, Tajnishta! What language are you writing in?

    • Linda says:

      I’m working on a memoir of sorts, written in my slightly snarky, sarcastic way. I wrote a rough draft for NaNoWriMo and am editing/revising now.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A snarky memoir? Sound memorable, Linda

    • Amberly says:

      I’m going to participate! My goal is to complete a modern Sci Fi novel I started about a year ago. I haven’t written much in this past year; one of my New Year resolutions is to write a whole lot more. I’m going to get this novel finished!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I look forward to your modern Scifi novel, Amberly.

    • I plan to write an online blog on interesting experiences. Hope to convert this into a collection of short stories.

      • PD Simeon says:

        That’s a very interesting idea, Shalini. I look forward to reading your stories.

    • Amrita says:

      I would love to join in the challenge.
      I have been jotting snippets for a memoir. So need to string it together.
      As I was working on the memoir, a story emerged (fiction) and when I am part of a challenge, I know I will take it further.
      I started a blog on 1st Jan, still birthing.
      So hope 2016 starts with winning words that reach the finish.
      Thanks for this initiative.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Amrita, I like the idea of writing a memoir and then getting ideas for a novel!

    • Ceil Tilney says:

      This year I want to pull together the soapboxes I’ve climbed onto over a 30 year career and weave them into a book about learning, organization development, and how to be courageous about changing work.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Oh yes, Ceil! I’m already sold on what you’re going to write 🙂

    • 1. I’m aiming at writing and posting a poem a day for 2016. This will become my first book of poetry about the end of the year.
      2. Rheumatoid Arthritis Field Guide. There are a lot of factual books and a good many memoirs but there are very few motivational live your best life kind of books. That needs to change. RA has been around for a long LONG time and it doesn’t have to be dealt with morosely.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like the fact that you want to help sufferers with your RA book, April! And the poetry… 🙂

    • Liz Wood says:

      I made a very rough start on my novel with NaNoWriMo last year and feel your challenge would keep me going. Hope it’s OK to sign up on those terms. I so want to finish it this year!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sure! You can sign up under your own terms, Liz.

    • Jerry says:

      I am already writing my biography and compiling my father’s memoir. I am looking forward to publish some times this year. Joining the writers challenge should sharpen my writing and more so my imaginative skills.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great to see that you are well along your journey as an author, Jerry.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I have been writing books and have a goal of four books this year. My problem is getting stuck during the editing process and taking nine months to edit a book that I wrote in three months. “Book fatigue” is common after spending so much time with a project, particularly when one has a time-consuming day job. My goal is to get more books out and make writing my lucrative new day job rather than languishing over the editing in a single project.

      • PD Simeon says:

        It’s very interesting what you say about “Book Fatigue”, Gabrielle! Good that you’re going to find a way around it.

    • Sandra says:

      I am committed to join the 2016 Great Writing Challenge. It has been my lifelong dream to become a writer and somehow half my life has passed me by in the blink of an eye. No more waiting until next year. This will be the year I make a commitment to do something for myself.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes, the time is NOW, Sandra 🙂

    • Anisah says:

      I would love to join this competition! I’m so excited!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’m excited too, Anisah! What are you going to write?

    • Farida says:

      I’m interested in articles writing,I’m not a native English writer, but It’s really good opportunity to improve my writing in English, i want to participate the Great Writing Challenge 2016, and i would be happy to share other people interesting in writing skills. Regards .

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Farida, it’s also fine to join the Great Writing Challenge and write in your native language 🙂

    • Michael P. says:

      I’ve never written a book in my life but with the help of the Great Writing Challenge I’ll be able to write my first novel, Belief in the Myth of US.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Another budding novelist! Welcome, Michael!

    • BadKarma says:

      I would like to join the challenge to accomplish publishing my book, a story told from the perspective of a half human/half zombie, and make it the best in the category of zombie horror.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Zombie horror? I”m already getting goosebumps…

    • Kay says:

      My first book is called “X Ways to Improve Your Health Immediately – A Checklist” at the moment – it might change slightly. I aim to have it out by the end of Jan. x

      • PD Simeon says:

        HI Kay, everyone wants to improve their health immediately…! Great topic.

    • Well, it posted before I could finish….

      I would LOVE to join the challenge. I always wanted to write children’s books.

      But then I also wanted to write as a ghost writer.

      I don’t really know. I feel a need to write. I am an artist too. What do you use to self-publish books? What is the best? or what else has anyone tried?

      • PD Simeon says:

        Creating children’s books would tap into your talent as an artist, as well as into your writing talent, Cindy.

    • I would love to

    • Grace Anne says:

      I’d like to sign up too. I’ve been working on a crime novel myself but can’t seem to get anywhere and now that I’ve finally started a blog this might keep me regular in writing eventually helping me with my writing!!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Grace, I’m excited that you want to write a crime novel. Let’s do it!

    • My writing goal for 2016 is to just write. I’ve set myself a challenge of writing for thirty minutes a day, which is going really well for day three! Reading your challenge has inspired me to take my over active imagination to the next level and write a book.
      Good luck to all the budding writers taking part in this challenge, may we rise above our fears.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like what you said, Debby: “may we rise above our fears.’

    • salama says:

      i have always dreamed about becoming a poet hope ill be successful this year

      • PD Simeon says:

        Salama, I’m delighted you’re going to write poetry!

    • Snehal Borkar says:

      As Jack Canfield says, plan goals, take action, live in that moment, get successful,
      This is what i am going to do it no matter whatever HAPPENS, …….
      i know what this book is going to take to get complete from me is my time, my energy, my hard work, my over come of my weakness, my imagination, patience, and many more…….
      but by giving all this things I am going to complete it on time and i am already in this challenge to learn more for my lifetime.. thank you for such a wonderful opportunity…..

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’m glad you liked Jack Canfield, Snehal! You seem really ready to go for it!

    • It’s so liberating Simeon. Your ideas are full of answers to fears and challenges I do have once I dare to write a story. The will to write has been in me for quite a long time now. I wrote my first short story in the year 2000. I gave it people for editing but I never rewrote it. Not that it had much to rework on, but a few corrections that my friends decided I should make, had a big negative effect on my writing ambition. It made me dead; any writng activity that is demanded from me now seems burdensome. The whole work becomes a threatening challenge and eventually I just give up.

      Here today, I’ve learnt a good lesson. Writting a book isn’t a oneday task, but by adopting ‘the chunking style’ I can reduce the whole lot of Visualised fearsome raw material to real admirable piece of product at the end!

      I have liked and bought your concept. Good luck!


      • PD Simeon says:

        It’s easy to give up, Ben. Anyone can give up! But to continue on and make our dreams come true – that is the real challenge.

    • Abdulkadir Adamu says:

      I would like to join the challenge. I am positive that the writing challenge will enable me to start, finish and publish my dream short stories collection.

      Thank you PD Simeon for this kind gesture.

    • Molly says:

      My writing goal for 2016 is, to finish editing The Age Of Lies and to start working on the second book in the second book. I also want to write more.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Molly, you’re already at the end of one book and at the beginning of another. Awesome!

    • Christine says:

      Thank you for offering this opportunity. Should be interesting.
      I am blogging the contents of the book I want to write as a form of first draft. It will also help to create an authors platform ahead of the book launch.
      The content is still in the development phase. Something along the lines of
      ElderVantage: The 12 SuperPowers of Elderhood and how to unpack them.
      Reframing, Rejoicing and Redefining the Aging Process and Perspective

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds interesting, Christine. It’s a great idea to ‘blog a book’!

    • Hi PD it was really nice and encouraging to read your post thanks for that. I am joining the challenge. I am wanting to write a book based on my few friends’ life and mine too as to how we had to leave our dreams in order to earn money and support our family but yet those dreams are alive in us and we do wish to fulfill them. So the country I live in, here call centres are regarded as stupid job and people look at it as “shame” to work in call centre (we call it bpo too) but it’s an easy job available for undergraduates and people who can’t find jobs in there graduation stream. So the book is going to be about bpo guys with hindered dreams.
      Also I am planning to start my website so that is also going to be a part of the challenge of 2016..
      Thanks for letting me comment and thanks for reading
      Take care

    • Elsie Tozi says:

      I’m in…..scared and excited at the same time.

    • Stacy says:

      What a wonderful inspirational post! It’s such a small thing yet so easy how you took the word count divided 365 days and made the daily word count not just manageable but DOABLE! I can write 400 words a day. I know I can do it. That book that’s in me bursting to come out is so going to make it onto paper this year – beginning today.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I love how the book within you is bursting to come out, Stacy! I agree about the 400 words. It’s doable. We can do it!!

    • I’ve written 8 complete books over the years, have published 2 in a series of 5. Books 3 and 4 are written, but not edited to my approval. Now, I’ve started another series with book 1 being published in April. I’m currently working on the second book in that series, and, I have to face the fact that this series is much better than my first series. The second book is coming along well, halfway finished, while I’m still working on publisher’s edits for the first in the series. I may never have time to finish the last three books in the first series because I’ve lost my ambition, being that the new series is my current love interest. How do you get beyond that kind of block?

      I have to say that the other 5 books sitting on the back-burner are worth finishing the editing. Their audiences are very different from those I’ve released so far, but the people I’ve allowed to beta read have loved them. Problem is, there’s only one me and too many projects to edit.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes, B Hughes-Millman, you might have to choose one and bring it right through the editing process. One at a time!

    • Ash says:

      I’m in, too! I’ve handwritten a few novels, but never gotten around to typing and editing them. I won NaNoWriMo this year (wait, no, last year!), which is the first novel I’ve finished and typed. Now, hopefully, I’m going to write the memoir I’ve always wanted to write! I’ve been procrastinating on it ever since NaNo ended, but now I’m going to take the time to get started on it. Wish me luck!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Ash, all the best for your memoir. We’re all cheering you on 🙂

    • I’m in. I’m taking the writing challenge and hoping to complete my post apocalyptic novel, both of my romances, and the second book in my trilogy. Now if only I can stay off Facebook, lol.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I think the trick will be to stay off FB and email for at least one complete hour every day and write, write, write…

    • Great article. Thanks, PD, for reminding us all of the importance of committing to our dreams. Zen inspiration: Expand from your center not your edge.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Very interesting (and cryptic) comment: “Expand from your center not your edge”. Can you explain some more about it, Sally?

    • Elle Lee Love says:

      My goal is to finish my young adult novel Forever Remember.

      • PD Simeon says:

        HI Elle, your plans sounds great.

    • Marie-France Cyr says:

      I love challenges! That’s what I need to finish my non-fiction book about paramedics in Quebec. I write in French, but I’m bilingual. My goal is to finish it in November 2016 and send it to my publisher. I’ve already written two non-fiction best sellers translated in six languages. The English translation is new (not already published) : Stop your sulking! will be the title. The working title for my actual book is ? Paramedics: forgotten heroes.

      • PD Simeon says:

        So great to hear that you’ve already published books successfully and have got a new one nearly finished, Marie-France!

    • I’m in. Already working on a Young adult Southern mystery. Excited to be part of this challenge and to have the WritetoDone community to help make the dream come true.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I look forward to reading your book, Dawn.

    • I would love to participate! I’ve written half a novel that I’d like to complete and use for my masters practical project, due in September!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Oh, that’s perfect, Rachel!

    • Angela Miller says:

      I’m in! Starting the memoir tomorrow!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Tomorrow? Very good! Have a great start, Angela.

    • Dia says:

      I’m joining in hopes of writing the best romance novel this world has ever seen!!!!!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like it, Dia!

    • Barb Johnson says:

      Oh, I am so in. I have wasted so many years just dabbling. I started my mystery novel years ago and now I will finish it. Yes, I must finish it. I thank you for this encouragement and call to action.
      Thank you.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Mystery novel? Oh, yes! I’ll be happy to read it, Barb.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m in. I’ve wanted to write a small book on The Influence of Men. I have so many amazing men in my life and without them I wouldn’t have the complete confidence I have in my own womanhood. I think there are so many wonderful articles on so many diverse peoples I just thought one on men would be neat.

      • PD Simeon says:

        This sounds like an interesting project, Amanda.

    • Duru Henry says:

      Am fully in for this, one of my mission this year is to break past my fears of trying new things. All I want to do is to write

      • PD Simeon says:

        Everything new is scary, Duru.

    • Caitlin Hurst says:

      I would like to join – I’m a little late but I want to wrote books for teen girls. Fantasy has always been my strong suit. I want to do it.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Caitlin, teenage books have a big market! Keep at it.

    • Duru Henry says:

      This excersize is true to its name and I would love to be part of of it.

      • PD Simeon says:

        You are very welcome, Duru!

    • Lara says:

      I’m in! I have a goal on the shelf, it is graphic novel made with papercutting.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A graphic novel, sounds great, Lara.

    • Brenda Reese says:

      Ok, here goes. I’m in. I that person who knows there is a book (probably books) in here. I am also that person who hasn’t a clue on the what/how to start. I would love to write self-help books from a Christian perspective and Christian fiction. I have been trying to start a blog since last year-Inspirational Potpourri is my name for it. Help! I want/need to write!!!!!!!!!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like it what you say, Brenda: “I need to write”. That means that you are born to write. Finding out what to write and how to write will unfold.

    • Angelina says:

      To be honest l have already written my first book. it hasnt been published yet though, working out some issues right now. but what l really want to get into is writing my next novel. the idea came to me two years ago for a short story scholarship, l started writing it. not being able to send it in, l thought this short could be something more. l’ve written the first page but l havent gotten around to writing at all. its just l cant find the time, or sometimes the mood. sometimes it really irretates me.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like the fact that it irritates you, Angelina. It means that your story really wants to be written!

    • I’m committing to write two to three times a week on my blog, and develop my platform further. I’ll also be writing my master’s capstone later in the year. Finally, I’m going to start my book. A pretty thing about a horrible life changing incident and coming out on the other side better than before.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Those a real “think-big” plans, Tanya. Congratulations!

    • Tiffany says:

      I’m in! I WILL complete my YA fantasy novel this year! I am also committing to posting more consistently on my blog – 2x /week.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great! I look forward to your YA novel, Tiffany.

    • Christina Pick-Barrow says:

      I am in! My goal this year is to write every day, no matter what it is that I write.. I used to write all the time when I was younger and now I am full of excuses as to why I can’t (family, work, life, etc.). I plan to overcome my negativity and procrastination.

      • PD Simeon says:

        That’s it, isn’t it, Christina: procrastination and negativity are the barriers that hold us back.

        Now’s the time to let negative thoughts go and get going!

    • joe mendez says:

      12 novels in 12 months

      • PD Simeon says:

        12 novels in 12 months?! That sounds a steep order, Joe.

    • Michele says:

      I’m in, tried the one month writing thing and the motivation helped! Been slacking on project so thinking this might help! TY

      • PD Simeon says:

        I agree, Michele. Together it will be easier because we can support each other and hold each other to account.

    • Cynthia says:

      I’d love to be a part of this. I have so many stories started that some of them I don’t even remember where they were going. Most of those are what I call starts, they are nothing more than a scene or two. I have three or four that are in the 20,000 word or more range and I know where they are going but I jump around between them so much that I can’t seem to get any of them finished. I would love to get one of them all the way to the end by the end of this year.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Cynthia, just think how many partly-written novels you already have! Just pick one story for now and finish it this year 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Inside me there is a great science fiction story. My biggest fear I suppose is what you said, “what if I’m not good enough” or “what if people don’t like it”

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yeah… the fear. We all feel it, Jessica. “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

    • Robin Ball says:

      I work as an ICU nurse at night. I want to write a weight loss ebook that speaks to the challenges that night shift workers face in this area. I’m thinking the best way to do this is by sharing my own journey, as well as strategies that helped me become successful. I don’t have a working title yet. I know there are tons of weight loss books out there but for me the subject never gets old.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Oh yes, Robin. A weight loss book that uses your personal experience would be great!

    • Elizabeth Cameron says:

      Hi I am keen to join this group. I am presently working on a novel and have also just started my first draft of an E book. I have been able to spend 3 hours writing the last few days but go back to work as a Dentist in 2 days . I find it full on work but want to keep up my writing momentum . I began my novel in 2011. This is year to get it published. ! Both projects published. I definitely need to shut down the unhelpful mind chatter. !

      • PD Simeon says:

        You’re so far along the track already, Elizabeth! My tip is to let the mind chatter away, but don’t take any notice of the negative messages. The poor thing is scared, that’s all 🙂

    • Diane says:

      I’d love to join. I have three related ebooks that are screaming to get out! This IS the year! Thank you so much.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Ha! I love the fact that your books are ‘screaming to come out’, Diane!

    • Becky says:

      I commit to write for my blog on a more regular schedule. My brief hiatus for a broken wrist back in June turned into a 7 month hiatus. I commit to getting back on track.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I can relate to that, Becky! It’s so easy to have a forced break and then not get back to your project for ages. It’s great that you are committing to do something about it now!

    • Erin says:

      I want to write a young adult fiction novel and a kids book!

    • Erin says:

      I want to write a young adult fiction novel and a kids book

    • Irene Roth says:

      I would like to participate in this challenge. I commit to writing two blog posts a week, one for my writing blog and one for my arthritis blog. I also plan to write my “365 Inspirations” book.

      I am so glad to be here with all of you committed writers!

      Happy 2016!

      Irene Roth

      • PD Simeon says:

        Two blog posts per week is a manageable strategy, Irene. I like you idea of the 365 Inspirations book!

    • I would like to write (or should I say continue to write) a Fantasy story for this 2016 challenge… a story like no other I have ever read. Though that’s not to say, that there isn’t one out there? But I don’t have an idea on how to figure out how long it should be? So I will be able to figure my word count for each day, to complete it in one year’s time? My story was started for NaNoWriMo, but I was stumbled up by a very large whole in the middle of my plot, one that I needed to conquer before I could move forward. While I was trying to wrap my mind around my problem, I ran out of time. I am still struggleing, but want to complete this adult fairytale…

    • After a year of working through extreme health challenges, I’m ready to saddle up and ride that writing train again! This isn’t my first novel, but I’m continuing the romance series I started, “Changing Tides Series #2,” as well as a non-fiction book of God’s extraordinary provisions and healing through a book called, “Kicked Out of Heaven.”

      Thanks for the challenge, I sure do need it! Oh, and happy new year!

    • Katie S says:

      I wrote the first draft of a novel during NaNoWriMo. I plan to edit, revise and add to the novel, and finish it in 2016. A:/;

    • Ilobodo Nneamaka Ifeoma says:

      I’ll love to participate. I’ll love to finish my collection of short stories this year

    • Ilobodo Nneamaka Ifeoma says:

      I’m a Nigerian(don’t know if I’m welcomed here). The major thing here is I love writing. I’ll love to finish my collection of short stories. The only barrier I’ll be facing this year is my project. I’m a undergraduate in her final year and has got project to carry out and write. But I can make it,so, I’m interested in the challenge!

      • PD Simeon says:

        You are very welcome, Ilobodo! I look forward to your short stories.

    • Penelope Maquire says:

      I’m in – with the modest goal of completing one short story this month. Travel will shorten my work time considerably, but I’m determined to give it all I’ve got! Thanks.

    • And start a cozy mystery series centered around a Native American beader!

    • I’d like to start and finish a family history. I have a name – Counting Quows and Sifting Storms: African-Americans in Vermont

    • Christine Mattice says:

      I’m in. I actually wrote the first draft of a mystery/thriller, tentatively titled “Conflicts of Interest” several years ago. I promptly decided it was garbage and never tried to edit or re-write it. Was it as crappy as I thought? My nephew doesn’t think so, after I nervously let him read it. I’m the worst critic of my own writing — EVER.

      The problem with a mystery is that you almost have to thoroughly outline it to make sure you’re putting clues where they should go, without making the clues too obvious. As the main character is a detective, there’s also quite a bit of research involved to make it seem realistic. (I’ve scared myself out of going back to it, in other words.)

      After reading this post, I’ll take you up on your challenge. I love how you broke down the daily minimum word limit needed to write an 80,000 word novel in a year!

    • I will continue writing a blog post for Networking Times and complete my “Breaking Through Barriers, Unleashing Your Greatness” workbook in early 2016. I’m sending everyone who is a part of this my best wishes for achieving your writing intentions. I appreciate being a part of a group that is committed to getting our wisdom and gifts out into the world.

    • Ieva Ku says:

      I’d like to participate as well. I’ve just started a fantasy novel called “Redux” few days ago. Whooop whooop people we can do it!

    • Patricia says:

      I would like to join the challenge to help me commit to writing more and regularly. My challenge for 2016 would be to write quality short stories I can send to publications and competitions. My ultimate goal is to put out a book of short stories before end of 2016.

    • Becky Fyfe says:

      I’ve already published some short stories in anthologies and written some books that need to be edited, but I have a new book to write this year while getting around to preparing the others for publication, so a challenge should help keep me focused. 🙂

    • TK Flynn says:

      After YEARS of thinking and wishing and planning to write a novel, I’ve decided that 2016 is the year I make it happen! Glad I won’t be alone…

    • Kristyn says:

      I am so in. Hoping for some support as I redesign my blog/website to focus on individuality and self motivation.

    • Marie says:

      I want to write a fantasy that is both innovative and new and yet tells a story that is as old as time. I want to write a story that appeals to something deep inside of everyone, that pokes at their deepest and most primitive emotions. I want to write a story that rips out the reader’s heart and throws it in their face, that loves them and then betrays them, yet they still feel compelled to be there at the edge of the very end. I want the reader to be sad when it’s over.

    • Murray says:

      I would like to join with my pet project of getting my novel completed this year.

    • Sadie Fleischman says:

      I am ready to join the challange, and plan to write a fiction story that people can enjoy for fun.

    • Karen says:

      It’s time to go all Nike on my book and just do it! Thank you for the encouraging kick in the pants. My Urban Fantasy novel will be done by New Year’s Eve, I know it!

    • Alan says:

      I would like to take part in the challenge; I hope to write a crime novel for publication this year. Thanks for the inspiring article.

    • Shawn says:

      I am ready to participate. I would like to finish my children’s novel, The Ball Game (the first in a trilogy). When does the challenge begin? Are there fees associated with joining? : ) Write On!

    • Emily (Veela) Walzer says:

      My MG fantasy novel is a beautiful dream so far. Time to make it more. Need serious help in plotting, I know, but the characters are wonderful and they’ve kept this story alive so far.

    • I’m in. I will finish my space opera this year.

    • Lynette says:

      I am in and intend to complete an e-book about writing collaboratively.

    • Kieran says:

      I’m going to finish writing my fantasy novel in the next couple days and send it off to publishers by the end of July.

    • Patricia says:

      I will post a blog once a week on “How To Be Amazing At Any Age”

    • sharyl says:

      Read everybody’s hopes and committments here and started to do what I always do. I always think everybody else is probably talented, committed, motivated, fearless and hardly any of that describes me, so I was just going to wish everybody else a silent but sincere prayer they succeed and go back to my shell. But maybe not this time. I do have an ebook I’ve been sort of working on and off for a couple months for the small business community. I started my own small biz over 20 years ago and am now semi-retired. I see so much unnecessary failure among entrepreneurs, it’s like I feel obligated to try and put a dent in the high failure rate. So I’m going to work on finishing this ebook…thanks.

    • Judy says:

      I would like to join the challenge. I wrote a novel a few years back and self-published it. I’ve been encouraged to write a sequel. So this is what I’m working on. I have it started, but need the challenge to keep working on it. Took me nearly twenty years to get the first novel written, don’t want it to be that long for the sequel. lol Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Tracy says:

      I want to step out of my comfort zone and write a short story. Obviously, my goals are modest.

    • Diego Urriola says:

      Well thank you for such an encouraging article. I will join the challenge! Even though I’m just 18 and this is my first book. I just finished the first chapter of my novel but I dont have a name. I hope I can finish within this year! I want to write a life experiences book.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Diego! Welcome to the Great Writing Challenge!

    • LK says:

      I’m in. I’m working on a thing. It’s so messed up that I’ve committed to writing another 183K words (@ 500 words per day) so that I can spend 2017 editing and revising it down to a 60K word shitty first draft.

      I post my counts every day on Twitter using #500WED hashtag and I post “the best thing I wrote today” to my blog. (Linked below)

      • PD Simeon says:

        OMG! Another 185K words?? It does seem a bit much. Maybe you can find a simpler way to finish your book…

    • Tamara says:

      I’m joining the Great Writing Challenge, and I’ll write an incredible YA series before…well, before my next birthday.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Can’t wait to read your YA series, Tamara.

    • Jennifer E Price says:

      Focus and procrastination are my issues- I’m hoping this helps and does not distract me further from what I already know I need to do- buckle down!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Jennifer, I’m glad you’re joining!

    • Joe Oye says:

      I intend to write non-fiction books. The first is is planned to be on Google chain searching which is focused on a simple method for writers to dig out long-tail desperate keywords from desperate people.

      The keywords will help writers to create sought-after topics or titles. They will also be able to develop book outlines so fast with the chain searching results.

      Thanks a lot.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Joe, this sounds like a VERY useful book!

    • Ruth says:

      Hello PD,
      Thanks for this.
      The three books in my head will finally get to come alive. Hahaha.

    • How exciting! In 2016 I have chosen to complete the second book in my suspense thriller series, The Italian Rose. The working sub-title is, In Death Do We Part. Writing book one was an amazing, and very eye-opening experience. I am looking forward to spending more time with with my imagination, and discovering what will happen next to my female protagonist!
      Happy Writing!
      Christina Mitchell
      Author of, The Italian Rose

      • PD Simeon says:

        Christina, I’m impressed! You’ve already completed a novel and are starting on your next one.

    • gary ford says:

      I am going to use my dairies from the 1970’s to produce something this year

      • PD Simeon says:

        What a good idea, Gary!

    • Ruth says:

      Hi PD,
      I currently have three books living in my head. Hahahahaha.
      Time to get it out.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Unwritten books take up a LOT of space in the head, don’t you think, Ruth? I’m glad you are going to get one out and let it have a life.

    • Glo says:

      Writer G – (that nomen is a verb; not a noun.) I commit to my first novel every day of 2016. I have written two non-fiction books. Though I have written many forms of prose, this is my first stab at long form fiction. The aim of this project is not fame or finance. It is mastery.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Glo, your goal is very interesting: mastery. Yes, there is much to learn and a lot of new skills to acquire. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

    • Attila Kovacs says:

      Thanks and i’d like to join…just left a longer post here but i’m not sure it’s been done, so i do it again…English is not my native language, so i’ll have a loads of fun…it’s all about fantasy for me…Peace, Love, Unity & Havin’ [email protected]

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sorry, Attila, some comments got stuck in the Spam folder and Mary pulled them out. I answered your longer comment.

    • Bohdanka says:

      It seems that I’ve bumped into this article exactly on a right time! I’m in and I’m going to finally write my motivating book about ordinary people, living not ordinary lives.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Bohdanka, ‘ordinary people living extraordinary lives’ – sounds like a great book in the making.

    • Attila Kovacs says:

      Hello and thank you for the chance…I’d love to, and going to join the challenge. English is not my native language so i’m gonna have a loads of fun to complete a fantasy…(at least i believe it’s gonna be a fantasy…). I love reading fantasy books and already have a rough outline of my own. I’ve been gathering character, battle, fortress, city…etc names for a half a year at least, but i have to be frank…been scared to start because i don’t like unfinished things and i think i wouldn’t be able to pull it off alone…with the challenge, i’ll give it a go. Thanks again, happy 2016 and see you on the prologue side of my journey. here’s my signature motto for you : Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Attila, I wouldn’t have guessed that English is not your first language! You’ve obviously thought hard about your novel and have got quite a few things lined up. Now it’s time to get writing.

        We are all cheering you on!

    • Morgan Norma says:

      I’m in, I currently ghost write non-fiction, but I’ve just starting writing an urban fantasy/paranormal romance with the working title – A Fire Unleashed. I know I work best when I push myself, so going for writing it in 3 months. Guess I’ll be getting up 2 hours earlier, haha! Good luck everyone, and enjoy the process.

      • PD Simeon says:

        In 3 months? Phew! It’s good that you’re so motivated, Morgan.

    • Jenn says:

      My issues are focus and motivation! I have growing list of great writing ideas, from short stories to screenplays, but I need help to focus on and complete one project in 2016. I find it’s easy to get distracted by a shiny, new idea so any articles on how to buckle down and stay motivated would be useful.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Okay, Jenn. Order received. I’ll make sure there’s an article on buckling down and staying motivated in the pipeline 🙂

        I reckon your first task will be to choose one of the projects you never completed, right?

    • Jenna says:

      I would love to join. I’d like to get the second edits on my novel Midnight’s Call finished and the synopsis done. The goal is to send it to an agent this year.

      • PD Simeon says:

        “Midnight’s Call’ – sounds mysterious and enticing, Jenna. I’m impressed that you are so far down the track already.

    • Terry says:

      I want to start a blog about healthy living and eating. Posting once a week.

      • PD Simeon says:

        So many people want to know about healthy eating. It’s a great idea, Terry.

    • Michael Paradise says:

      I’m in, this will totally work for me. I will write a wonderful inspirational book.

      • PD Simeon says:

        An inspirational book? Sounds wonderful, Michael!

    • Raji Kumar says:

      Hi I am from India and I would like to participate.

      • PD Simeon says:

        You are very welcome to join!

    • Raji Kumar says:

      Hi. I am from India and I would like to participate.

    • Beth says:

      Hi everyone

      Happy New Year to you all.

      Don’t leave me out of this one. Cos I’m in for the long haul. Whoopee here comes the psychological thriller that’s been bugging me for so long, out into the open. At long last.

      PD you are a novice with intent. I like, I like, I like!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Beth, ‘thriller with a psychological twist’ – I want to read it!!

    • NeuroWriter says:

      I am all in! I commit to finish spec fiction novel with the first draft completed in 100 days or less. Great timing.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’m glad the timing of the Challenge works for you, NeuroWriter! I look forward to your completion.

    • Max Smith says:

      Alright guys, count me in! I feel inspired and ready to engage in my first completed book. I have neglected my writing for a year. Now, I feel ready to take the first steps in this years Great Writing Challenge!

      • PD Simeon says:

        WOOHOO! I’m so excited about your plans, Max!

    • Coetta Thompson says:

      I am in! This is my year to shine. I have written 2 short mysteries and 1 devotional book, but 2016 is my year to complete a novel. (One that someone might actually buy…)

    • Kate says:

      This year, I am going to complete a fantasy adventure novel that I had the idea for a couple of years ago, which has since grown to the point that I feel it would make a decent novel that I would be proud of. It will be a struggle to find enough time for it in amongst studying for my A-levels, but with help from the great content on this website, I’m sure I – as well as anyone else – will succeed. Best of luck, everyone!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I love your idea of your fantasy adventure novel, Kate!

    • I’m definitely in! I’m working on book of one of a series tentatively called The New Earth Chronicles.

      Here’s to 2016!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Oh yes, Margaret! ‘New Earth Chronicles’ has a ring to it!

    • Mr X says:

      I am in and want to complete by jan 2017 my first novel which has been like a thorn in my side never letting me forget that I have a project to complete, Started and stopped many times, fear is to blame.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Ah yes, Mr. X, the fear…
        Join the club! I’ve put off writing my thriller so many times. And every time is was because of fear.
        Mainly, I think I can’t pull it off.

        But I can, and so can you!

    • Niloufar says:

      I’d love to participate. I keep telling myself now’s not the time, you’re not prepared, you name it. But I’d love to start my sci-fi philosophical novel.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yep. I’ve got about 15 different negative message floating around in my brain. Like, “Who do you think you are to start writing a novel?!” Or, “You won’t finish it and then you’ll be embarrassed.”

        And of course the favorite that we share: “I’m not ready… heeeelp!”

    • I’m in 100% as I’m currently writing a novel and its sequels. My goal is not to write the next Great American Novel but to write the next Great American Novel Series. The series’ setting stretched from the penultimate years of 2000’s to the following decade and follow the unique lives of eight or ten characters. You know, have that modernized Mad Men atmosphere.

      The working title is , which will be the same all series long as i add a roman numeral (ex. “Lukesburg II”). I hope this challenge gets me to where I wanna be.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds great, Jeff. I like the idea of a series (with something in the title that ties them together).

    • Anisha Banerjee says:

      would like to join and learn about writing short stories which could be read anytime, in order to feel happy. Those are the sort of books I like, something I can go back to when I am not in my highest of spirits. Anything comprising of adventure or so to speak, ‘an unexpected twist in the end’ is the style of writing I wish to learn.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Anisha, a good way to start writing short stories is by starting to write one 🙂
        Don’t worry about not being able to do it. Just do it!

    • Intoxcy8me says:

      I’m in! I’m going to write the best-selling science fiction book ever! I have over 20 books written now.
      So yes I’d love to participate! My working title is ‘Colder Than Ice’. I have 10 blogs I post on plus 20 websites I run for writers. luv to been seen

      • PD Simeon says:

        Twenty books already? WOW! Welcome to the Challenge. I love your working title, Colder Than Ice!

    • Jeff Cherubin says:

      I’m in 100% as I’m currently writing a novel and its sequels. My goal is not to write the next Great American Novel but to write the next Great American Novel Series. The series’ setting stretched from the penultimate years of 2000’s to the following decade and follow the lives of eight adult characters with different but common personalties. You know, have that modernized Mad Men atmosphere.
      The working title is “Lukesburg”,

    • Scarlet says:

      A YA fantasy has been worming its way up and down my sleeve for a year or two now. Joining this Challenge offers the incentive to help the story finally find its way into a full blown novel. Working title: Lives Past and Future.

      • PD Simeon says:

        “Worming its way up and down my sleeve…” What a great expression, Scarlet.

    • Sage says:

      I’m in the 2016 Great Writing Challenge to FINALLY finish the novel I have been working on for nearly seven years.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I love it! I can feel how ready you are to finally complete, Sage. Here we go…!

    • I would love to join! However, I’m a freshman in highschool, am I too younge?

      • PD Simeon says:

        You are welcome, Nicole! There are no age barriers to joining. I look forward to see what you come up with 🙂

    • Roxie M Baker says:

      I am sooo in!!! I have written several stories about people finding their way spiritually but they are all in boxes under the bed. Time to pull one out, dust it off and commit to it. Thanks so much for this challenge idea. Here we go!!!!

      • PD Simeon says:

        YEAH! Roxie, I”m excited about your energy. Let us know what you dust off, okay?

    • Dorine Good says:

      I have been working on a Christian Romance off and on for over a year. I have almost completed over 3/4 of it but keep reworking the first part instead of completing a full rough draft. I would like to finish my book.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes, revising and revising can be the death of a novel, Dorine. You are nearly there with your first draft. Continue pushing forward now. You can do it!

    • denise spalding says:

      I’m in. I am writing a novel about two women who come of age in the 60’s. Conflict, politics, family.

      • PD Simeon says:

        That sounds like a good plan, Denise!

    • ..oops! Of course I meant “.becoming the WRITER I I know I can be!”

      • PD Simeon says:

        As aspiring authors, mistakes are good! The only people who don’t make mistakes are those who just sit on their writing dreams without doing anything about them 🙂

    • Daniela says:

      I’d love to participate!I’d like to write a children’s book. Can I receive more information about this challenge please. Thank you!

      • Hi Daniela, The Great Writing Challenge 2016 will run throughout the year. You can join for free 🙂 Just write a comment below to declare your intention of joining the challenge and making your writing dreams come true.

        We’ll offer helpful posts along the way on WTD.

    • Oh boy – can I relate to each one of these fears or what! 🙁

      But I have dedicated 2016 to self-love, meaning I want to write more for myself (alongside those amazing and challenging client projects! 🙂 )

      I have two major writing goals:

      a. Finish my FREEBIE E-book for a new site (that I am terrified to start too, by the way! :LOL): I haven’t thought of a title yet, but I am aware of the premise.

      b. One Foot Forward: This project has been rattling my rib-cage for over a year now! 🙁 But I am just not able to move my fingers on the keyboard *sigh*

      Thank you for a thought-provoking article, P.D. Simeon



      • PD Simeon says:

        Kitto, Kitto, Kitto! Leave the fears behind. After all, we are all terrified – and it doesn’t matter. We can do it. You can do it.

    • Let me first thank you for offering such great writing advice. I’m ready to submit a story to your Writing Challenge of 2016, in hopes of becoming the writing I know I can be!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes! We should all become the writers we are destined to be, Wendy!

    • Sharon says:

      I’m launching a website for parents of teens and need to be cranking out content on a regular basis. The website will be going live and I need to be ready with well researched fresh perspective!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I look forward to reading your blog soon, Sharon!

    • Debra says:

      I’m IN!!!!! Now to really figure out what to write of the many stories I currently have… Can I get back to ya on the actual name of it??? There are three I’m thinking of finishing.

      • PD Simeon says:

        You’re in… great! Let us know what you’re going to call your story, Debra.

        • Debra says:

          Okay sense I posted twice accidentally, I thought I’d add a third..The name for the WIP I’ve decided to do is called Donna. The second of three stories. The series is currently called Strength from within. (may change title after its done.)The other two are Charlee and Sammy. I was having trouble with how to turn or continue the story… the other day -well after I posted I was in – it came to me. So now I have the continuation of it thought out, time to plan and start it. Cant wait to get started on it again and finish it and them this year……..Thanks

    • I expect to complete my trilogy, The Haven Acres Story, and write a non-fiction account of two sisters in Romania who fled the Germans and the Russians during World War II.

      • PD Simeon says:

        You have big goals, Dave. I like that!

    • I have been working on a travel memoir about how my husband and I left Canada and opened a Bed and Breakfast.on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico. Last year I wrote a first draft and this year I am fine tuning it. The name I have chosen is The Blue Water House. I hope to complete it this year..

      • PD Simeon says:

        Oh yes, Brooke! That sounds like a great basis for a book!

    • I expect to finish my trilogy, The Haven Acres Story, this year. I also plan to write a non-fiction story of two Romanian sisters who fled the Germans and the Russians caring for their infant brother as they traveled by horse and wagon, train and on foot.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Your story of the two Romanian sisters sounds like it would make a great film, Dave!

    • Andrea says:

      I am in. I’d like to finish editing the book I wrote in NaNoWriMo. And write second in series.:) great challenge.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A series! That sounds very promising, Andrea.

    • Divya says:

      I’m in ! My challenge this year is to blog more and connect with as many readers as possible.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great, Divya! What are you going to write?

    • Debra says:

      I’m in!!! I have been struggling with my writing. More to the point of “what’s the purpose of writing fiction?” Life doesn’t change… Which stalls me on writing anything or finishing the 33 stories I have started dating back to 85. So last night I began thinking about my writing and the stories I had written and not finished. So my challenge is do I choose one of those and get rid of the rest or start totally over with something new fresh and hasn’t been written- by me- and see where that goes.

      I created a story a while back called character cafe where I along with my pen name decided to throw a party for all the characters of the stories I was not working on. That way they could interact with each other and not get bored. This way when I cant write on a current story I can go there and have some fun…

      Okay enough procrastinating…. The story I will be working on for this challenge had the working title last year of strength from within … But with the new year comes a new working title ,,, Turning Struggles into Strengths. Looks like a more positive proactive title.

      Okay, enough babbling good luck everyone,, here I go, and am thinking of keeping track of this on my blog as well.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds like you’re really ready to get your teeth into your story, Debra! Go girl!

    • Val Hamann says:

      I would like to write a short story of a prisoner in Solitary Confinement.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’d like to read your short story, Val!

    • Kamakshi says:

      Yess. I am surely into it. Waiting for the day when I would publish my mystery novel but the procrastinating habit is my biggg hurdle. Would like your support and guidance every now and then to motivate me….

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sure thing! We can encourage each other, Kamakshi! Right now, it’s time for to take the next small step to make it happen.

    • Rudeb Gayen says:

      I am going to write the science fiction story,which I had put on hold for more than five years.Thanks to filled me with new energy to work over my dream.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Five years on hold? Then now is definitely the time to make it happen, Rudeb!

    • Dreamwriter says:

      I’m in, too! Feeling a bit daunted by the prospect but I’m going to give it my best shot to write a cyber crime novel/compilation of cyber crime short stories.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Don’t worry! I think we all feel daunted… but what the heck! Let’s all just focus on one small step at a time, Dreamwriter.

    • M. Freson says:

      I’ve sent my first novel off and I’m waiting for a few replies. While I sit here biting my nails, I could be doing something a little more constructive perhaps, such as working on the sequel. Oh the amount of excuses I’ve made are ridiculous. Time to get my mind on track!
      Thank you for the challenge.

      • PD Simeon says:

        So sorry, your first comment landed in the Spam folder by mistake, M. Freson 🙁
        I managed to rescue it and wrote a reply. It’s somewhere in this sea of comments….

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, I’d like to write a children’s book, and start a blog.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds like a great plan, Heather.

    • I’m currently writing a memoir tentatively entitled “Journeys Not Taken”; estimated length is 110,000 words. I’ve written maybe a third of it so far, none f it in chronological order, so getting it organized and working out an accurate word count is an immediate goal I want to complete it in 2016 because I have so many other books I want to write and I’m already sixty-seven. I’ve been writing for nearly sixty years, but until now didn’t have the confidence for such a project. I write with only one hand and have limited energy as the result of a massive hemorrhagic stroke suffered almost twenty-five years ago..

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Pamela, you’ve already got 30,000 words?! Fantastic! Keep going to become Queen of Memoirs.

    • Savita says:

      I’m working on a historical novel called “The Journey”.

      It requires a fair bit of research as I go along and I have a rough outline in place.

      Hope to complete it in 2016. I know I’ll enjoy the challenge.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’m impressed that you already have an outline in place, Savita!

    • Dawnette says:

      I want to join the Challenge and finish at least the first draft of the novel that I have been working on for almost 8 years. I’d also like to write a follow up short story to the one that I wrote last year (I have a few people asking for more to that story.)

      • PD Simeon says:

        Eight years, Dawnette? Now it’s time to complete your book. As to your short story where people asked for a follow-up: might that be a seed for another novel?

    • Katie Gish says:

      My goal is to be a comedy writer. I’d like my website to be filled with my own hilarious articles.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’d love to read your funny stories, Katie!

    • Judy says:

      I am going to join in for the 1st book in my series I want to write. Seedcrone-Book 1.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I think it’s great to think of a series straight away. That’s what I’m planning to do, too.

    • Sean says:

      Count me in. I want to finish my book on Job Search Strategies for Introverts found here AND I have a fiction book I’d like to finally get out of my head and onto paper.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great projects, Sean! Which are you going to pursue first?

    • Katie Gish says:

      My goal is to eventually improve my writing enough to sound like less of a dork in my journal entries.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Ha! In my notebook entries, I sound like a dork too, Katie 🙂
        But it doesn’t matter. My notebook is my private place where I can sound like anything and anybody.

        The most important thing is not to judge our writing harshly.

    • Dorothy says:

      I’m IN!
      I’d like to write a book about women whose interactions with horses have been the catalyst for healing/moving through/overcoming an especially emotionally challenging life event.
      I’ve been thinking about this for 4 years, and it’s definitely time to get it done. Since the book will be based on real life stories, including my own, I’m grateful for referrals! 🙂

      • PD Simeon says:

        Your topic sounds very interesting, Dorothy. The great thing is that you personal experience of the healing power of being with horses.

    • I’d love to participate! I have a couple of WIPs that I intend to finish this year! They’re both in Spanish, but I guess that’s besides the point.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I had to look up what WIP stands for 🙁

        Work in Progress… duh

        There’s something liberating about making a decision to take a WIP and complete it. Don’t you agree, Yali?

    • Ebosereme says:

      I would love to join. Writing short stories

      • PD Simeon says:

        Short stories? Sounds good, Ebosereme.

    • Sepin says:

      I’m up for the challenge from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m writing a picture book.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A picture book? That’s a beautiful goal, Sepin

    • Furry Canary says:

      I’m in. I’ve had a novel rattling around in my head for several years now. Despite a couple of half-cooked attempts to get it out, the majority of it remains there, in my head. This is the year I dig it out.

      My working title is ‘The Upper World’. I find it a little hard to classify, but for the sake or argument let’s call it a slowburn thriller with the merest hint of sci-fi.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like it, Furry Canary! I look forward to hearing about your progress. The time is now, right?

    • Sepin says:

      I’m up for the challenge from Istanbul, Turkey 🙂

      • PD Simeon says:

        Welcome! What are you going to write, Sepin?

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Yomna!

    • sharon says:

      Oooh!I would love to be a part of this challenge for two reasons-
      1.I dream of becoming a writer and I love doing it though rarely.
      2.Its a challenge!Challenges are exciting.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes, I thrive on challenges too, Sharon! It’s like a good kick in the pants…

    • James "Wolf" Bailey says:

      PD, as this will not be my first book (my first was a college text and an a related study guide) so I know about the time commentment, time taken away fom family, hours spent in the lonely pursuit of research. No my biggest barrier is the result of all of these things.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes, Wolf – it seems impossible. That’s why so few people actually complete a book or other major project.

        Nevertheless, you can do it. You just need to want it badly enough.

    • Clairice says:

      I would like to join the challenge. My goal this year is to start a blog about books, authors and writing/ creativity. I am writing a suspense novel.

      • PD Simeon says:

        I’m so excited that you’re writing a suspense novel, Clairice! I”m sure we’ll get to exchange notes along the way.

    • jo says:

      From being a small child II have always wanted to write a book. The time is right so YES I want to join the challenge.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Isn’t it liberating when we finally dust off our dreams, Jo? What kind of book are you planning on writing?

    • Cheom says:

      i jist want to continue writing.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Writing a journal is a super way to continue writing, Cheom. Maybe creating a journal could be your goal?

    • I started my first blog a few months ago to help myself stay accountable with my piano practice and through that little exercise, I have discovered that I love to write. I’ve included a link to my blog, feel free to read and comment as you feel inspired!

      My goal in 2016 is to finish two short film scripts. I’ve started them both but, as we all know, its the finishing of a thing that is difficult! (i also act so film is a natural segue for writing for me)
      The working titles for these films are:
      1. Masquerade (the story of a homosexual hit-man)
      2. The Mennonite Butcher (basically the story of my life if I had turned out to be a sociopath.)

      My plan to fulfill this is to continue getting up an hour early every morning and writing. I have decided to start simple and write a minimum of 100 words every day.
      Thank you for this group! I look forward to what 2016 will bring! Happy new year to all!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Very interesting, Benjamin! If you’re a piano player, you’ll already have the most important asset for this journey of writing: stickabiliy!

        I like your idea of writing film scripts. Maybe you could suggest some resources for film script writers.

    • I’m in. Working towards 1,800 words per day.

      • PD Simeon says:

        1,800 words a day!? WOW. I’m impressed, Cecly.

    • Alan says:

      I want to join the 2016 challenge! My aim is to write a crime thriller for publication.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hey Alan, I’m glad to meet a fellow crime writer here! I’m feeling pumped about this project.

    • Pauline says:

      I would like to start writing. Y joining this challenge. I’m not sure what to write yet though!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I think the first question is: do you feel drawn to non-fiction, or to fiction, Pauline?

    • Chip Bristol says:

      I am going to complete a first draft of Burning Faith, a novel about a church that burns and how the people find their faith without a building.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds like the key event of a great plot, Chip!

    • Tracy says:

      I would love to participate! I’m interested in writing a memoir.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Oh yes, a memoir. It’s never too early to write a memoir, but you can also leave it too late like my father did…

    • Melanie Lynch says:

      I would like to get all the short stories out of my head and add them into one mythical fantasy book

      • PD Simeon says:

        It’s great that you already have stories in your head, Melanie!

    • fdj says:

      I’m inteested.

      • PD Simeon says:

        You are welcome, FDJ. What are you planning to write?

    • Manas Raj says:

      I would definitely like to participate in the challenge. I would write a novel having philosophical implications. I have been meaning to write a novel ever since i read 1984, by George Orwell. I was very impressed by how the author fused sci-fi and philosophy in such a subtle way. But i was too afraid to start writing. But this is all going to change from now on.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great! I think you wrote a comment earlier about writing a thriller with a philosophical background. I love the idea!

    • Jordan says:

      I would love to participate in this and I’m going to finish my first book!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great! I look forward to celebrating with you, Jordan.

    • Soma says:

      I am going to complete the challenge. I plan to finally write my high fantasy novel.

      • PD Simeon says:

        “High fantasy novel”? Sounds enticing, Soma!

    • Count me in!
      My challenge is to make my third blog the best I can. I aim to build a loyal following and to help as may readers as possible this year.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Persistence! That’s what shines out of your comment, Linda. That’s the most important asset we can have.

    • I want to finish a novella (whether that be my first that I’ve left languishing or a new one) in time for August for a charity bundle.

      • PD Simeon says:

        My heart goes out to the novella languishing in your files, Louise. Maybe you could complete it?

    • Agastya Raj says:

      I would also like to participate. I would like to write a thriller having philosophical implications. I have been meaning to write a novel ever since i read 1984, by George Orwell. I was very impressed by the subtle way in which he fused sci-fi and philosophy. But i never had the guts to pick up a keyboard and start writing. But this is going to change from now on.

      • PD Simeon says:

        “A thriller with philosophical implications…” – I”m already hooked, Agastya! I’ll be the first to give you a 5-star rating on Amazon 🙂

    • I’m in! I’m creating a course for mental health professionals who are concerned about their ability to help survivors of trauma.

      • PD Simeon says:

        That’s a very worthwhile project, Patricia! So many people need help. I look forward to hearing how you go.

    • I accept your challenge with the (hopefully) triumphant return of my fantasy novel, Star Catcher. I haven’t finished writing an entire novel since high school, so now I think it’s time to finish a novel that may actually be good.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Brianna, the name “Star Catcher” already sounds great! Can’t wait to see how you go!

    • I’m in! I vow to write everyday and post it on my blog! Also to plan my novel and start writing it!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds great, Katherine. It’ll be a busy year for you, but a very rewarding one.

    • I want to consolidate my blogs into a book. It was all inspirational blogs.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great idea, Paolo. Blog posts are books waiting to be compiled and created.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m in! I’m going to write the best-selling fantasy book ever!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Ha! Your passion and commitment shine through, Olivia. Awesome!

    • Tom Britz says:

      I choose to make my writing dreams a reality this year.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Yes, yes, yes! This is the year to shine, Tom.

    • Jerry says:

      Great article guys! It feels so amazing to be along with people having goals comparable to your’s. Last year in June I (accidentally) wrote my first story, followed by a few more on a blog solely created for them. Let me tell you the experience was addictive. Now I wish to launch my own self help blog, I’ve got most of the technical stuff done but the writing part is what makes me shiver. This has been my dream for the past 2 years and building my blog is the only thing I would like to do with my life(for now).May be that is what makes me nervous, what if I fail to deliver my best? should I wait for the right time? Questions like these are the biggest roadblock. I’m grateful to writetodone for this initiative, may success be ours. smiles 🙂

      • Morgan Norma says:

        Hey Jerry, launching your self-help blog is a great way to participate in this challenge. I’ve been a self-help coach for 14 years and it’s so rewarding I want to share a few words of encouragement with you. There is never a right time except for now, and if you blog with the intention of giving your best, and write from your heart, from you, you will be giving your best. And remember, what’s your best now, will get better the more you share and blog, and your readers will love sharing your journey as well as your guidance. Look forward to your blog, Morgan Norma

      • Sandra says:

        I’m in! I wanna write a thriller for ages but always get stuck somewhere or I can’t decide which idea I should go for. And I also used to have a travel and lifestyle related blog but I currently have no idea what to blog about there … But I’d like to start again! Let’s see how it goes though, because I just started studying …

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great attitude, Jerry! I have a lot of doubts too. But we CAN do it, right?

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great attitude, Jerry! I have a lot of doubts too. But we CAN do it, right?

      • PD Simeon says:

        Ha, ha! I love your phrase, “I accidentally wrote my first story”. What a wonderful accident.
        The idea of the Challenge came from Mary Jaksch, the Editor-in-Chief of WritetoDone after I wrote to her about starting my first novel and being very, very nervous about it.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A blog post a day is a big ask, but I’ve seen some amazing results by people who have done it, Charles!

    • Alexis says:

      I’d like to participate in this writing challenge to assist me in writing my novel.

      • PD Simeon says:

        A novel? Fantastic, Alexis. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress and the fist bump at the end 🙂

    • rosa smith says:

      I’ll compile a collection of blogs into a book about the fun, opportunities, and weirdness of expat living. Theme:
      “Look. Guess. Ask. Go.”

      • PD Simeon says:

        Expat living? Great topic, Rosa. I think compiling blog posts is a great way to create a non-fiction book!

    • Abdulkadir Adamu says:

      I would like to join the challenge. I am positive that the writing challenge will enable me to start, finish and publish my dream short stories collection.
      Thank you PD Simeon for this kind gesture.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Lovely, Abdulkadir! I love short stories but have never written one (which makes me a bit nervous about writing a novel…)

    • Charlotte says:

      I’m in! I’d like to move from my current position as a non-fiction ghost writer and write under my own name for my own profit and interests! Looking forward to doing this challenge!

      • PD Simeon says:

        OH yes, Charlotte! What kind of book do you have in mind?

      • Pauline says:

        Hi Charlotte,

        I would like to get into ghost writing? Do you have any advice as to how I would go about it?

    • I’m in. I have two young adult books I’ve started, Small Town Secrets and Walls. I want this to be the year I go from where I am and complete them. They’ve been sitting long enough.

    • Kamsin says:

      This year I’m going to be blogging 2-3 times a week. Working on a short ebook aimed at inspiring new moms to be their best selves. I’m also working on a longer book, although that’s on the back burner until everything else is done. Love have a challenge to join.:-)

    • Lauren says:

      I’m going to write my first novel… Working title “Rabbit Girl”.

      It’s a coming of age tale with abuse, sex, drugs, music, fantasy and enlightenment.

    • Lars says:

      If it is free I and nothing extra attached I would like to join the 2016 Writing Challenge. I want to finish my horror novella Paradigm Shift

    • As well as dozens of devotionals and blog posts, it is my goal to complete the first draft of the follow-up to Paralympian Deb Willows’ award-winning memoir. I was honoured to co-author “Living Beyond My Circumstances,” and now it’s time to work on Book #2. All the best to the rest of you!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Sounds like a great project, Step!

    • Kelly says:

      I’m not sure if I can do it but I’ll try!

    • I’m in! I will finish a book so full of despair, healing, new vision, encouragement and life that no reader will close the cover unchallenged and unchanged. Thank you for this challenge!

      • PD Simeon says:

        WOOHOO! “…despair, healing, new vision, encouragement and life”. Lead me to it, D. Dean!

    • Kelly says:

      I want to join the 2016 challenge to write THE best-selling fantasy book that ever existed!!

    • I’d like to participate in the challenge, but would like to know more about what it entails. I am currently half-way through my first book, but would like to turn a favorite short-story in a suspense, murder mystery. This challenge could help me accomplish that goal.

      • PD Simeon says:

        The Challenge entails committing publicly to completing your project, no matter how difficult it may seem right now, Sheila.

    • Angela Pollard says:

      I want to write a self-help book on escaping the fatigue of the classroom and helping others to do the same, which I’ve done quite successfully, but have no idea where to begin.

      • Kristyn says:

        This is a great idea. I’m getting back into teaching and would definitely use this!

      • PD Simeon says:

        I like your idea, Angela. It’s not necessary to know how to start. Maybe you can start by freewriting about YOUR experience of fatigue in the classroom.

        • Angela Pollard says:

          Thanks – I think I’ll get started then! No time like the present and after reading everyone’s inspiring ideas I think it’s worth a shot!

    • Rishika says:

      I want to join the Great Writing Challenge 2016 and want to write the best thriller horror books. I have a lot of ideas in my mind but i am not confident enough. I think maybe i don’t write that good. Thank you in advance ?

    • Molly says:

      I’ve been wanting to write a novel for years, and this time I want to do it. FOR REAL. I just have to juggle writing with homework, chores and being at the top of th honors roll. But I think I can do it 🙂 I just have to be committed 🙂

    • Molly says:

      I’ve been wanting to write a novel for years, and this time, I really want to do it. I just have to juggle writing with homework and being at the top of the honors roll. But I am so ready :))

    • A.G.Billig says:

      This is such a great idea! I am currently editing my first non – fiction book. It will take a couple of days longer. As soon as I’m finished, I will start working on my first novel, the first in a romance series. Working title – Pearl. Good luck, everyone and happy writing!

    • I am joining the challenge with writing a Nonfiction book that will of benefit to others!

    • Hi! I am writing a Non-Fiction book that will be of benefit to many people around the world.I have been wanting to write and publish books for 20 years so this is the year to get those books out there!
      If I can do well then I will be able to get rid of this excruciating arthritis in both knees by having 2 new knees.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Kris, I’m glad you’re going to finally complete your writing plan that has been 20 years in the planning!

    • M. FRESON says:

      While I’m waiting for my first novel to be accepted I’ll be using the time to write the sequel.
      Thanks for the challenge. I’ve found too many excuses lately. Enough!

      • PD Simeon says:

        Excuses? Yes, we should compile a list of excuses together, M. Freson. I used so many in the last years, I can’t even count.

      • SARA says:

        I’ll follow you! But first finish the first book ^^

    • reeter says:

      I want to join the 2016 challenge to write the best-selling children’s book ever!!!!!

      • Jovan says:

        I want to join the challenge and I’m going to write a series of short horror stories. Good luck to everyone who is participating too.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Fantastic! Welcome to the Challenge! 🙂

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great plan, Reeter!

    • Mariana says:

      I would like to participate, but I would prefer to write in Spanish. I would like to write a collection fo short stories, maybe I can squeeze in a couple in English as well…

      • PD Simeon says:

        Hi Mariana, writing in you mother tongue is a great idea!

      • Me encanta leerlos! No estoy seguro que voy a comprender completamente, pero me gustaría intentarlo. Si quieres, me puedes enviar una mensaje a: [email protected]

      • Bridget Hogan-Cigarroa says:

        I’ve had this idea of making a book out of all the crazy Mexican saying (dichos) that my husband and his family have for every situation imaginable. And I want it to be illustrated. The funny thing is, I commissioned the artwork last year but never got around to the writing part. But 2016 is the year to get it done, so I’ll join this challenge! Sí podemos!☺

    • I am committing to the 2016 writing goal to get my blog started and journal more. I’m hoping for the journal to become my first book.

      • PD Simeon says:

        That’s a very interesting idea, turning a journal into a book. I look forward to your progress reports 🙂

    • Some great writing goals in these comments! Personally, I’m currently writing an online course… so my first big goal is to get that completed ASAP.

      • PD Simeon says:

        Great goal, Gary! I read your inspiring post, How to Keep a Positive Attitude When the Energy Vampires Attack and it’s very relevant to this Challenge. We need to keep positive!

        • Mary says:

          I’d like to join the challenge. I have been procrastinating 30 years plus. I shall begin to write and to get a Blog up and going by June this year. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • >