27 Great Writers Who Are Gone But Not Forgotten [Instagram infographic]

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It’s a sign of great writers when their works outlive them and continue to entertain readers for generations. From classic writers like William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, to more modern literary icons such as Maya Angelou, their poems, novels, and plays have all left behind a lasting legacy.

In the age of social media, we have new ways of measuring the influence of the best writers. People use social networks like Instagram and Twitter to share their interests and hobbies, and reading is definitely included in this. In fact, hashtags like #books and #bookstagram are incredibly popular and have millions of posts on Instagram.

The team at McGowan Transcriptions wanted to look into this trend and to find out what could be learned about the popularity of certain classic authors. Who is still being posted about regularly in 2018? They’ve conducted their own research, which analyses Instagram hashtags related to 27 writers. Based on this, the authors have been ranked according to the number of times their names have been hashtagged (e.g #williamshakespeare, #shakespeare), and each of their literary works have also been ranked.

For the top five most Instagrammed authors, Google Trends data has also been analysed. This shows the search interest for the authors over time, and it’s clear that important events like major anniversaries of births and deaths can really cause interest to rise.

For instance, on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016, search volumes soared to an all time high, whilst searches around J.R.R Tolkien naturally increased whenever a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movie hit the cinemas. But even something as innocuous as a Google doodle can also have a similar effect – one was released to commemorate Jane Austen’s 235th birthday in December 2010 and correlated with a massive spike in search interest.

The full results have been compiled into the infographic below. So if you want to find out which authors are officially the most Instagrammable, definitely take a look!

The Most Instagrammed Writers of All Time


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