Why You Need To Get Writing Now (Whether You Feel Like it or Not)

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    You need to get writing.

    Contracts are being written at this very minute while wine glasses are filled. People are being published as bottles empty. Booksellers are getting books and placing them on shelves. All this happens while other writers are getting lost. There’s much ado about writing out there. Let’s break it down into three categories of A.D.O.;


    There’s an abundance of advice on how to write. Thousands of books cover the topic of writing from Stephen King’s “On Writing” to Donald Maass’ “Fire in Fiction”. There are websites, blogs and conferences where you can do seminars to learn the craft. There’s as much advice on how to write as there is air to breathe.

    As a writer you need to get to a place where you combine it with practice. When the writing day is over, make sure you’ve scribed something because one of the best schools of writing is writing. It has been said you need to write over a million words before you consider being published. (Then you can crack open that Shiraz or pinot noir and celebrate).


    Writer’s procrastinate. It’s as common as breast feeding, just not as good. You can’t dawdle around and expect to have the next best-seller. Read what advice you want; then write. Come up with reasons to do this or that; then write. People with excuses don’t have book deals and people with book deals don’t have excuses.

    If you find you have trouble getting into it, set some time goals. Between 11:00am and 1:00pm, I’ll read, study, take notes and ruminate, but at 1:00pm, I start writing.


    We’ve all heard the odds of getting published. They’re staggeringly against a novice writer. Literary agencies tell us that queries mount into the thousands per year. Hundreds upon hundreds of unsolicited queries hit an agency weekly. And that’s just one agency. There is a phalanx of agencies in New York alone. I’ve read agents who have said they took on two new clients this year. That’s two out of thousands of queries. Wow, you’d have a better chance of bumping into President Obama in self-help section in the Barnes and Noble booksellers on Fifth Avenue.

    With that in mind, it doesn’t matter. That’s right, you read it correctly. It doesn’t matter. (Note to self: get wine ready) It doesn’t matter if you wrote something unique. It doesn’t matter if your voice is unheard of, your style a dream and your story telling ability a number one stunner.

    So take some advice, don’t dawdle. Avoid thinking about how hard it is to break in to the industry. Just write a damn good story. Write. Make it original. If you knock people out of their chairs with your work, you have a better chance against those odds than if you just knock their socks off. Don’t dawdle, write. Avoid spending too much time with much A.D.O. about writing and get your story on paper.

    After all, you’re a storyteller, right?
    So write.

    About the author

      Daryl Sedore

      Daryl Sedore has written two novels and sold over 40 short stories. He also placed 6th in the 75th Annual Writer's Digest Short Story competition with 4 other stories in the top 60. Daryl blogs about writing and other motivational subjects.

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    • rachel says:

      I stumbled on here via a link from a link…ah, breadcrumbs.
      Anyway just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I enjoyed your article…so true, so neatly put…now just need to actually put it into action 😉
      Thanks for writing it!xx

    • Issa says:

      Daryl, is this a coincidence? Just when I was thinking of that chapter I left off ten years ago then your post came along like some divine message telling me to stop procrastinating and finish what I’ve started. I guess, many freelance writers have the same wake up call as I did. Well, perhaps some are content writing for pay.. but for those who have a story to tell, I’d say go out there in the world and share it! No more hiding, no more excuses, no more fear.

    • Lol.. love the part about writers procrastinating being as common as breastfeeding. Sooo true. It’s my absolute WORST enemy. If I could pinch procrastination’s head between my fingers and squeeze it till it popped, I totally would!

      That said… time for me to stop dawdling and get to writing. 😉 Great post Daryl!


      • Cori,

        Thanks for the comment. You made me laugh-I’m happy there were parts you loved…I was trying to come up with something unique.

        And yes, procrastination bites us all sometimes.

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

        • Lol. Mission accomplished! 🙂 And you’re very welcome, you definitely nailed the unique. Have an awesome day hun!


          Ps.. now I’m reeeally getting to writing, swear!

          • Lol.

            Good, cause I’m reeeeally writing here too!

            Enjoy your day too.

    • Melody Jones,

      I think we all need that “kick” once in a while. But you know, dawdling is fun too. It feels good to read what people are saying. It’s interesting to get new perspectives on certain subjects.

      But then, write.

      We have to keep plugging away. We have to write.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving some of your thoughts.

    • Yes, if you must know, I have indeed gotten lost – but only temporarily. I’m back and I love your post. I’m saving it. Perhaps I will even dawdle a bit to read it again so it gives me that needed OOMPH to get moving. By OOMPH, I mean a good butt-kicking.

      Thanks. I needed that.

    • Jay Mack says:

      A writing blog needs more articles like this: short, punchy, and a kick up the rear-end. However many times we’re told, in so many words, ‘for the love of everything, shut up and WRITE!’, it’s not enough. We need to be told again.

      (p.s. “writer’s procrastinate” needs fixing!)

      • Jay Mack,

        Your comment was uplifting. I love the energy in your words. You inspire!

        You’re right, writer’s procrastinating does need to be fixed. And again, it is good to get a little direction, but then you have to do it.

        I mean, whom is behind the wheel? The writer? Well then drive/write!

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Enjoy your day.

    • LZ says:

      So true. I think about writing all day, but don’t just sit down and do it. When I do? I get so much done…thanks for the reminder to open my computer and do something.

      • LZ,

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

        It looks like the post did what it’s supposed to do — to get you to open your computer and do some writing. Good for you!

        Let’s get writing…

        Thanks again.

    • A Wonderful post. A Timely Remidner to get cracking….

      • Bangalow Accomodation,

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

        As writers, there are times we need these kind of reminders. As I stated in the post, get advice and do your homework, but then write.

        As you say, “…reminder to get cracking…”

        Thanks again.

    • Wonderful post thankyou. A Timely Reminder to get cracking….

    • Alex says:

      You’re right to the point, Daryl. I love your simple ADO application. I’ve read books and blogs about writing and one common advice from them is write, write, write…… forget about the result…. just write!

      Great post here, thanks.

      • Alex,

        I love the enthusiasm coming through in your words. The advice you talk about; how the common factor is, “write, write, write” really does work.

        As my post states, I believe in learning and researching, but let’s get writing.

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • Great post Daryl. I have found the best way to really get myself to get right down to writing is to sit down at my computer, turn on airplane mode and start writing the second that some inspiration comes into my head. I used to just write down a few notes when an idea came up but now I just start writing. It has made all the difference in momentum. The hardest thing is starting with a blank page so when I get some things down then the next time I visit it to finish it up, it is so much easier and more fun.

      Good writing!

      • Scott,

        Thanks for leaving a comment. I love the idea of airplane mode by the way.

        Also, the blank page can be intimidating, but remember, we can’t edit a blank page.

        You’re doing the right thing; just write and then the steps after that get easier.

        Thanks again…

    • Great post! It’s all too easy to get caught up in the ADO, but the real progress comes when we sit in our chairs and get writing. “Practice makes perfect” was never more true than in writing.

      • Thanks Brenda;

        I appreciate your comments. They reiterate the point that as writers, we need to write.

        Thank you for stopping by.

        P.S. Great website by the way. Love what you write about.

    • It really is all about the doing the writing. If we love the process, then we’re a success from day one. But, talking about the process is definitely not the same as engaging in it.

      My biggest lessons and improvements as a writer have always come from writing itself. Yes, I often apply information and tips I study about, but if I don’t do the work, there is no improvement.

      • So well said, “but if I don’t do the work, there is no improvement.”
        That is so true. I admit to many hours of studying, reading and taking seminars, but I don’t use that as an excuse to not write.

        I have found a lot of writers don’t spend enough time writing. So I agree with you 100%- “If you love the process, then we’re a success from day one.”

        So writers need to write, right?

    • Ah yes, it is time to start writing.

      I love the ADO theme. We all need to stop making such a fuss and just write.

      • guest says:

        That’s right, Tammi.

        It’s good to study and learn more about the craft. It’s okay to be online. But at the end of the day, if you’re a writer then you should be writing.

        This post was meant to inspire people to keep plugging away. Take advice and then use it.

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • Shame on YOU, Daryl! You knocked my post off the front page.


      Good post.

      Still waiting for your guest post 😉

      • guest says:

        Heh, sorry about the front page…

        Thanks for the comment and I’ll email you after the weekend. We’ll talk.

        Enjoy the rest of your day.

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