Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog – 8th Annual Top 10 Blogs For Writers Contest 2013

    Which will be the Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2013?


    It’s time to open up nominations for the 8th annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest—the blogosphere’s biggest contest for writing blogs.


    How to Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog:


    → Nominate your favorite blog in the comment section.
    → You have only one vote (only your first will be counted).
    → You need to include the web address of the blog for your nomination to count.
    → Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award.

    To make the cut, a blog must be nominated more than once.

    Nominations must be received by 12th December, 2013.

    About the author

      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • Nominations have now closed! Thank you to all readers who have nominated your favourite blog for writers. The winners will be revealed on December 22.

    • Ruth Kear says:

      Laura’s prompts always are an inspiration to write and write and write.
      Always simple but sometime bring profound results.
      Ruth Kear
      San Miguel de Allende Mexico

    • Scribbler says:

      I nominate Laura Davis for the weekly writing prompts that she sends out ( They are incisive, keen, and generally very moving. In addition, she wraps them in a wonderful visual bow.

    • CLNelson says:

      I nominate the Writer’s Journey Roadmap, The writing weekly writing prompts and monthly free class inspire thoughtful explorations of ones thoughts and feelings. I enjoy reading other writers responses in a sharing community that Laura encourages.

    • Laura is a wonderful teacher. Her writing prompts have been of great value to me.

    • Ruth Kear says:

      Laura’s prompts are the best! There has never been one that I could not find anything to write and many of them were able to spur me on to write and write and write!
      Ruth Kear
      San Miguel de Allende Mexico

    • I want to nominate Laura Davis’ “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap” ( The weekly prompts are presented clearly, and the writers can share with each other afterward and help each other improve their story. I mot only appreciate the Writer’s Jouney, but it also helps me formulate clearer ideas and more straightforward presentations Twork.

    • Enid Brock says:

      I nominate Laura Davis’s The Writer’s Journey Roadmap, at Writing without her is a long, lonely, bleak road; writing from her daily prompts is a joyous adventure. She takes me places I never knew I wanted to go.

    • I am fortunate to live near enough to Santa Cruz to have attended Laura’s Friday morning writing feedback group in person for more than five years. And for those who for reasons of distance or time, cannot participate, Laura created the Writer’s Journey Roadmap. It is an online support community second to none.


    • Travel with Laura Davis to Bali, Scotland and Big Sur… Her journals are a joy to read, and many of her
      followers have traveled with her and her students although in their armchairs.

      She also posts a weekly writing prompt with online responses from the writing community. It includes some of the best writers in our community, and it is collaborative in that many will comment on your work.

    • Hollye Dexter says:

      I nominate Laura Davis The Writer’s Journey. She sends out weekly inspirations and writing prompts, as well as practical guidance to doing the work and living a writer’s life. I find her to be one of the most inspiring voices in the writing world.

    • olivia says:

      I nominate The Writer’s Journey Roadmap at The prompts are clear and help me and my fellow writers discover different levels of truth within ourselves. The best part about this blog is that it has become a community full of unwavering support and warmth.

    • nancy moon says:

      The Writer’s Journey Roadmap
      Laura Davis is an amazing writer. Combining her story telling with her travel adventures makes me feel like I am right there with her. She paints a complete story of of the land, the people, the food, the history, and the culture. Then she adds some humor, adventure mishaps and person feelings that grabs the reader, and I can’t wait to read the next post.

    • I nominate Laura encourages other writers in her community, and has a very interactive blog. She sends newsletters with writing prompts, and encourages other writers to share their work on her site. I love that her blog is so inviting, and boasts a very “small community” feeling. Not to mention her writing is fabulous! 🙂

    • Susan Rothenberg says:

      I nominate “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap” , a blog by Laura Davis. I can’t resist her prompts!

    • I nominate Laura Davis who blogs at The Writers’ Journey Roadmap. She’s a champion to me because she gets me to pick up the pen and write. Or sit and the keyboard and actually compose.

    • Lakshmy Menon says:

      I nominate It is full of useful information and tips for picture book writers and illustrators. Her PiBoIdMo event is very inspiring. Her energy and commitment are truly commendable.

    • I nominate Laura Davis’s blog: Writer’s Journey Roadmap for a top writing website. Every week I look forward to her inspirational quotes, writing prompts, and supportive environment to share my writing.

    • I nominate Laura Davis and her Writers’ Journey Roadmap blog – the absolute best blog for experienced and aspiring writers alike. She’s made a difference for so many. Thank you.

    • I nominate Laura sends such wonderful prompts. I am further inspired by the responses I read from other writers. The comments are supportive and often make me see my own writing in a different way. If something else is speaking to me I am also free to respond with my own piece even if it has nothing to do with the prompt. Laura has created a wonderful community and I have been fortunate to meet some of my fellow writers on her retreats. There is information about the retreats in her newsletters as well as prompts.

    • Andria says:

      I nominate Her PiBoIdMo is a PB writer’s happy place.

    • I nominate Laura Davis and her amazing site The Writer’s Journey Roadmap…

      the prompts always get me writing..what more can you ask from a writer’s site?

    • Annina says:

      I nominate
      I read it every day, because it offers incredible infos and inspirations for writing from
      picture books to young and new adult.

    • Melissa says:

      the writer’s journey roadmap

      Just started following and last week’s writing prompt helped me to craft the opening sentence for the book I aspire to write. It is also great to share and forward emails to my writing friends.

    • Laura Geiger says:

      I nominate

      Laura Davis has a truly magnificent site with weekly writing prompts to encourage your own writing.

      She also comments with the online community after we post our efforts. She is supportive and insightful.

    • Hazel says:

      Laura Davis’s The Writer’s Journey Roadmap is a very inspirational, informative, supportive place to share your writing and get great feedback. It is a safe place to share memoir that might include some intimate writing. The blog also shares information about classes, retreats, and weekend super classes. Laura Davis is a well qualified leader who is compassionate, helpful, and supportive.

      I would like to nominate The Writer’s Journey Roadmap for The 2013 best writers blog.

    • Candi says:

      I nominate Laura Davis’ “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap”

      Laura’s content is consistently thoughtful, inspirational, and aspirational.

    • M H Breed says:

      I nominate Laura Davis’ THE WRITER’S JOURNEY ROADMAP

    • Tom Reed says:

      I nominate Laura Davis’ blog “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap” ( Inspirational, helpful, and accessible for writers of all levels.

    • Mary Kate O'Keefe says:

      My nomination goes to Tara Lazar’s blog, She is the most amazing source of inspiration and knowledge for those writing for the children’s market. I’d say one of her best achievements to date has been establishing Picture Book Idea Month on her blog. She now has hundreds of writers completing a 30-day challenge each November where they come up with a minimum of 30 picture book ideas. This was my first year completing the challenge and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had as a writer. Tara carefully curated the daily guest posts throughout the moth. The advice from all of her guest bloggers came at exactly the right moment during the month. I’m so appreciative of her hard work and I find Tara’s blog to be very motivating, helpful, and best of all- fun to read!

      Tara MUST get a spot on this list, without a doubt!

    • Marie says:

      The Writer’s Journey Roadmap

      Laura’s blog is worthy of winning this year’s award!

      The weekly writing prompts, discussion and pictures from her writing retreats, and the information about writing has been invaluable to me.

    • Stacy says:

      I would like to nominate The Writer’s Journey Roadmap, at The weekly prompts are thought provoking and inspirational.

    • I look forward to her weekly prompts and the outstanding responses on her blog

    • I am nominating Laura Davis’ Blog because she not only writes in a way that I feel like I’m on the journey with her, she inspires thousands of fledgling writers around the world and includes the tools to begin and continue on the writer’s journey. Laura began inspiring me at the age of 19 when I discovered The Courage to Heal and began my journey of unfolding who I was beyond and because of the sexual abuse I experienced as a young child. In my 30’s while recovering from cancer I found her writing classes and again my life was transformed as she provided the exquisite container for me open up and write about the horror of going through cancer as a young mother. A few years later Laura was diagnosed with cancer and her blog encouraged me to start my own. Laura is a in incredible writer who reaches inside each of us with her courage to reveal her whole journey, and uses her gift to support and inspire everyone who reads her to believe that they can do it too.

    • Lalita Noronha says:

      I nominate “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap” i

      Web address of the blog:

      Laura sends me prompts every week in all the three genres I write in. They are inspirational and nicely laid out so that I can get to it quickly. I often use these prompts in my teaching. No commerce, just writing for the sake of writing. Often I copy/paste a quote or two that I particularly like.

    • I nominate “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap”

      This blog sends me prompts every week—-in each of the three genres that I write in…Fiction, Creative Nonfiction and Poetry. It is nicely laid out so I can quick pick up what I want. It’s very inspirational. Further, I use some of these prompts in my own teaching. I am a scientist, writer, poet and author. Even if I don’t write for a whole week, I still copy and paste Laura’s quiet blog on my desktop and get to it, eventually.

      4. Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award.

    • Michelle Siegel says:

      The Writer’s Journey Roadmap


      This is the most valuable site I know. Laura is a great instructor, coach and mentor.

    • My choice is Laura Davis’ Writer’s Journey Roadmap – She encourages writers through interesting and challenging prompts. She inspires and encourages through her interactive approach to writing through her blog. Also, when she holds a writer’s workshop in unusual places, we get to take a virtual journey with her through her colorful and interesting observations. It’s a great motivator for those of us not attending in person.

    • Wendy Ledger says:

      I also nominate “The Writer’s Journey Road Roadmap” by Laura Davis.

      Every Tuesday, Laura provides a new writing prompt. The prompts are challenging, inspiring, and can be taken on many levels. Laura responds to everyone who writes. There are generous, supportive comments by her and by other people in that community. It’s a treat to participate, both in writing and reading, each week. I feel that it has definitely inspired me and strengthened me as a writer.

    • Jan says:

      I nominate the The Writer’s Journey Roadmap blog.
      A stream of creative pearls are posted in response to Laura’s weekly writing prompts, each a treasure. Check it out!

    • Elizabeth Solomon says:

      i nominate the Writer’s Journey roadmap, because this free website is exceptional in terms of the great feedback from Laura davis and the support from other writers. the writing prompts are terrific as well.

    • Janet Dunnett says:

      I love “the writers journey roadmap” because every week there is a REALLY good writers prompt.

    • Karla Fischer says:

      I nominate The Writer’s Journey Roadmap by Laura Davis. Her website can be found here:

      Her website can be found here:

      The most important thing for me as a writer is to be heard (or read). This website offers the opportunity to respond to creative, enriching, challenging writing prompts each week, to post them for the virtual community, to bask in the feedback given, and to be inspired by the others writing their own pieces on the website (and providing feedback to them). Even a casual look around the website reveals that there is magnificent writing posted and being heard, and writers are responding to each other with both what works in the writing and the message the writer is communicating. I am nervous about trumpeting the values of this website too loudly, and concerned about it being listed as a great website, because right now it feels like a vibrant but insulated community in a corner of the web that is reflective, joyful, and connected. This website reminds me of something the Luis Alberto Urrea said in his keynote at the San Miguel Writer’s Conference– to paraphrase, “if there’s not love in your pen, don’t write.” The writers on the Roadmap show the love in their (electronic) pens for their fellow writers and for writing itself. I have found that the website inspires my own writing, and my own growth as a person– which, in turn, enhances my writing.

      The other piece that makes the Roadmap special is that it is nestled within Laura’s larger website– with her own writings about her life– the retreats she has conducted overseas, her battle with cancer, her mother’s deterioration from dementia, the lessons learned from being a writer who has supported herself with writing for decades. Even her own writing is geared towards encouraging the voices of others, and you see her influence all over the website in the conversations that she has with the community that she has created. Laura is interactive on this website– responding to nearly every post, and her nurturing and wisdom help the community flourish. Laura’s website also features full length pieces, “Great Writing by Laura’s Students”, to further encourage the growth of writers.

      The Roadmap is also valuable for me because it has some continuity with my larger writer’s life. I’ve been to Laura’s retreats twice, the Commonweal “Writer’s Retreat of Your Dreams” and some of the folks in the Roadmap community have been there as well. I love having heard some of my fellow writers’ voices (with similar kinds of prompts) in “real life”, and then reading their work on the website. It has taught me things about voice and style and language that I don’t think I could have learned in either place alone.

      One last point– it is worth saying that Laura, as a writing teacher– online as in “real life” is a masterful one. She is skillful at keeping herself in the background, yet allowing us to learn from what she writes. She’s the gardener with the stunning blooms and richly textured foliage who replies when complimented, “oh, I have really good soil and we get bright sun.” The truth is that she is so engaged with writing and the writers she supports that we all flourish from the care she puts into her blog.

    • Cathy K. says:

      I wholeheartedly nominate “The Writer’s journey Roadmap” by Laura Davis

      If you are looking for a wonderful, warm, affirming, positive, ACTIVE community of writers — from beginners to published — and weekly prompts that are fun, thought provoking and manage to mine the goodies that are so often buried, then this is your place.

    • I nominate “The Writers Journey Roadmap”.
      Laura’s website inspires and supports a safe place for beginners and experts to explore writing while being supported by a wonderful community. Thank you Laura!

    • I’d like to nominate Edie Melson’s blog The Write Conversation (

      The Write Conversation is one of the most practical blogs I’ve read. Edie takes daunting tasks such as establishing yourself on social media, getting the most out of a writer’s conference, or launching your freelance career and breaks them down into manageable steps. It’s also clear that she strives to create an environment where new writers feel welcome and encouraged.

    • I nominate the “The Writer’s Journey Roadmap”. Laura has an extensive writing community and many new voices are encouraged and supported through this website.

    • I nominate Laura Davis’ blog The Writers’ Journey Roadmap. Her weekly prompts get your creative juices flowing. And her Virtual Vacations are almost as good as the real thing.

    • Mary Bucklew says:

      I nominate The Writer’s Journey Roadmap by Laura Davis.

      Laura has a wonderful and soulful way of pulling the best writing out of a person with her weekly prompts, road trips, writing adventures and classes, may of which are free.

      Her website can be found here:


      Tara Lazar’s Blog!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog for her amazing work for picture book writers all over the world. She’s done another brilliant job of PiBoIdMo for at least the fifth year running. It would be very well deserved.


      Thank you.

    • Judy Webb says:

      I nominate The Write Conversation ( Each day I look forward to checking my inbox to see what tips I can glean, what encouragement I can grab hold of and what new ideas I can explore. This is a great site for writers.

      Judy Webb

    • Monika Angyal says:

      I nominate webpage.

      She provides people excellent tips and informations how to start and keep on writing.

    • :

      I nominate Dawn Young’s blog at

      Dawn’s posts are AWESOME!!


      Kenda Henthorn

    • David Brannock says:

      I nominate Edie Melson’s blog, The Write Conversation ( I am new to social media as a not-yet-published writer. Edie offers helpful tips and explains things clearly to help me build my platform and encourage me along the journey.

    • Claire says:

      I nominate Joe Bunting’s The Write Practice at:

      Joe’s blog has didactic posts, informative interviews, knowledgeable contributors and a very enthusiastic and helpful community of writers. The 15-minute prompts are a wonderful segue to putting those creative writing juices to work.

    • I love The Write Conversation. There is always good information and tips for writers, especially about social media.

    • Leigh says:

      I nominate Edie Melson’s blog, The Write Conversation (

      Edie covers a lot of great topics for writers. I love that she writes in bite-size pieces I can read and learn from instead of mega-length posts that I stop reading halfway through because I don’t have much time. Edie’s also one of the best at keeping a relationship with her readers and always responds to comments. She’s a great teacher at conferences and doesn’t mind giving away that same knowledge to us every day.

    • Latrilla says:

      I nominate the Write Practice blog. Every day it pushes me to practice my writing EXACTLY what I need! That push!

    • I nominate The Write Practise.
      It’s just brilliant, that is all.

    • Hanne Arts says:

      I nominate

      I put a lot of time into writing this blog and try to make it as helpful to others as possible. It try to cover a variety of writing related subjects and make it both enjoyable and informational.

    • I’d like to nominate the Bestseller Labs blog by Jonathan Gunson ( He gives great practical advice to authors about writing and the writing business. Jonathan also has great words of inspiration and his posts are very motivating. I also appreciate his personal replies to emails and Tweets.

    • Carol loewen says:

      I would like to nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog, Lakin provides excellent tips, viewpoints and resources for writers.

    • glenda says:

      I would like to commend CS Lakin’s blogspot Live Write Thrive – her amazing teachings have help me through many dark valleys in my journey to write that great book!

    • Savannah says:

      I vote for because I find the information to be invaluable to the development of my writing career. I would like to expand my reader base in 2014 and offers tips that are workable and realistic.

    • I vote for She tirelessly promotes authors and illustrators.

    • Susan Padmore says:

      I vote for

    • Pat Kahn says:

      I nominate LiveWriteThrive, C.S. Lakin’s blog. It’s great.

    • Such amazing engery and commitment to spreading the word about childrens picture books. She has encouraged me and so many, many others.

    • Mary Meyer says:

      C.S. Lakin’s is a writer’s essential! I love reading her posts and find practical tips each and every time. She reaches out to readers and truly cares about their success!

    • Jacqueline Auld says:

      I nominate C S Lakin’s wonderful Live Write Thrive:

    • Suzanne Kaufman says:

      I nominate Tara!!!

      • I nominate This is an excellent and informative blog that always offers useful tips!!

    • Christine says: provides of bounty of actionable intelligence for writers, and deserves to be among the top resources.

    • Lee miller says:


    • Steve Sasaki says:

      C.S. Lakin at has my vote.

      Her blogs are like bread crumbs marking the path of the writing journey, and sometimes when needed, I’ve eaten the crumbs, as well.

    • Thomas Carson says:

      I would love to nominate “LIVE WRITE THRIVE” as my favorite writer’s blog.

    • Penny Hutchinson says: is always timely, relevant, deep at times – and deliciously (we all need the down time) irreverent. Lakin’s ability to integrate/adapt the mechanics of cinema/motion picture theory to the mechanics of writing is insightful, at times brilliant, and has a mysterious way of inspiring creativity organically. LiveWriteThrive is simply the best.

    • I nominate C. S. Lakin’s blog

      Her recent series “Shoot Your Novel” has been incredibly helpful. Her posts are packed with writing tips and strategies. I only wish I lived closer to the west coast so I could attend her seminars in person!

    • I vote for

      A distinguished resourceful blog by all means!

    • I really enjoy Live, Write, Thrive. It’s great for writers!

    • Pat Haap says:

      Ditto to what Tracy Cox said about Tara Lazar. I’d also like to nominate Tara’s blog It’s a must for all picture book writers, especially during the month of November.

      • I think Tara Lazar’s blog is absolutely amazing, and an absolute delight to visit.
        I write and illustrate children’s books, so visiting her site is like being allowed into Aladdin’s cave. It hope it wins this contest.
        Jonathan Gunson

    • Go, Hanne! You’re the best!!!

    • mike says:

      “I vote for”

    • I nominate webpage.

      It would be my go-to place for learning how to be a good writter, and her advices are fantastic, exp for unexperienced start-up writters. I like people who are passionate about what they love and here it is clear that she definetly is. I truly recommend. 🙂

      • Hanne Arts says:

        Thank you for your vote – I really appreciate it 🙂

    • Sara Hayden says:

      I nominate Martha Alderson at the Plot Whisperer –

      Martha has spent years dissecting fiction – novels, YA, children’s literature, screenplays, etc. – and has perfected the art of plot. Her written blog is accompanied by video blogs where she explains some things more in-depth. Martha is a gentle and thoughtful teacher and will hang in there with you until you get it.

      She has helped several authors get published and I’m hoping I’ll be another one of them soon!

    • Kris Arts says:

      I nominate

      The blog is awesome due to its wide coverage of topics which are so relevant to writers. When reading the blog, you are aware that it is written by someone who adores books and shares the passion for reading & writing. So for those who haven´t: check it out now!!

    • Hayson says:

      I vote for I vote for

      Jonathan’s easy style, common sense, practical and fun approach makes for an easy, awesome read. I highly recommend.

    • Barbara says:

      I’d like to nominate Jonathan’s blog. He’s a very good writer himself, and the tips and the information in the articles he provides are excellent, informative, and easy to assimilate and apply.
      I vote for

    • Pascale Van Tongerloo says:

      I nominate

      It’s a very helpful blog for all (aspiring) authors and it covers topics ranging from forming ideas to marketing the finished product. I recommend it to everyone!

    • Evelien Arts says:

      I nominate

      Hanne’s writing is very helpful and informative, as well poignant and entertaining. She covers a wide range of writing topics and links back to lots of useful related articles as well. She herself is a writer and thus knows perfectly well what to blogpost about.

    • I vote for – he gives great newsletter along with great advice.

    • Megan says:

      I vote for It’s a fantastic, fun, creative resource for aspiring writers of all kinds. C.S. Lakin has intuition and insight into the writing craft, and is a wonderful teacher and mentor through her posts.

    • Melinda Young says:

      I vote for Jonathan’s advice is concrete, to the point, and always applicable.

    • phyllis harris says:

      I nominate because each published author has something to teach from on their way to and midst publishing. They speak from various places in the nation so bring a diverse experience and point of view. They offer instructive exercises and feature guest authors. They are sensitive to writing concerns for the good of the profession and the well being of the writer. They’re all substance.

    • I vote for The posts are really motivating and have practical advice that you can follow through on.

    • Michela says:

      I vote for Down-to-earth, practical and encouraging advice for authors. And Jonathan always answers your questions, too!

    • I nominate Jonathan’s advice has helped me as a beginner. He is inspiring and informative.

    • I vote for
      His style clicks for me. Go, Jonathan!

    • KD Jones says:

      I nominate Bryce Evans with her blog

    • Brooke Monfort says:

      I nominate C.S. Lakin’s brilliant and helpful site, Live Write Thrive. Daily Tips in your mailbox. How convenient is that?

    • I vote for Lauren Sapala:

      • Sorry, forgot to say why: Lauren’s posts are extremely encouraging and insightful.

    • Pam Long says:

      “I vote for” Jonathan Gunson ROCKS!!!

    • I nominate Rich’s Ride because of 3 things:
      1.The level of transparency Rich writes with but also
      2. The way he challenges his readers with thought provoking ideas
      3. Everything he does, including his blog, always includes and benefits other people or causes.


    • I nominate Jonathan Gunson’s tips on marketing have been very helpful.

        • Thanks so much to all for the nominations, votes and comments.

          Whatever the outcome, I’m just happy for Bestseller Labs to be included among such illustrious company. All the best for the season to all, and to Mary Jaksch in particular for this annual initiative.

          From Jonathan on a Tuesday far away in Middle Earth.

    • I think this blog is an amazing resource for writers. It does’t matter where you’re based or what kind of writing you do–Mridu Khullar has something for everyone. There isn’t a single boring or repetitive post.The blog provides you with great advice, is chock full of practical tips and is written in such an engaging personal style. I just love it.

    • I really like the blog for I thought that I just needed to put it into the website area, but I did it incorrectly before. Rich’s blog has inspired me and my family many times. Also see my previous comment.

    • Deryn says:

      I vote for

      Really useful articles, posts, tips and supportive comments.

    • I nominate http//

    • I vote for I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of PiBoIdMo 2013 and I learned a ton about picture book illustration.

    • Kiki says:

      I nominate Bryce Evans blog at

    • Paul Keene says:

      “I vote for” This blog, with practical information that works, keeps me motivated and on task.

    • Wafa says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar ( hands down she has helped hundreds of writers with her very helpful and informative postings, and she continues to do so each day. She was one of the first to launch a blog directed at helping aspiring picture book writers, and she deserves to be recognized for everything she has done for us fellow writers.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar ( This was my first year joining PiBoIdMo (the event she created) and it has opened up a world of writing to me! Her guest posters were inspirational and through this event I have discovered more ideas inside me then I ever imagined and have a years worth of writing ahead of me!

    • I vote for

      As a newly published writer, I seek the wisdom and advice of many others who have mastered the art of writing and publishing on an on-going and continual basis. I discovered Jonathan Gunson’s website, Bestseller Labs, about a year ago, just after the release of my debut novel. Throughout this past year Jonathan has been a great resource for me, and has become a terrific supporter of me, my work, and my journey. His words of advice, tips, and guest articles are ones I often share across many online forums, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This is why I’ve chosen to vote for Jonathan and Bestseller Labs as my favourite writing blog. Best of luck to you Jonathan and others in this category.

    • I vote for
      Jonathan consistently posts useful information for all levels of writers, from beginner to bestseller. I always share his posts because they are so informative.

    • Damon Dean says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog at
      She provides throughout the year constant encouragement, advice, guidance and writerly wisdom especially during November through PiBoIdMo.
      She communicates and fosters a sense of community among participants and connects the well published author with the newly inspired and aspiring writer.

    • Theresa Spangler says:

      I am nominating Rich’s Ride as my favorite blog:
      Rich writes about everyday issues from a perspective very different than most. His writing is lovely and he continually impresses me with his approach to life; he brings attention to all it can hold for those who take the time to really look, listen, and feel. His blog is inspiring yet easy to relate to, and I enjoy every new entry!

    • I would like to submit Rich’s Ride as my favorite blog. This blog speaks to Rich’s Ride as well as daily life and gives inspiration when I need it. Awesome Blog.

    • H. Josee Allard says:

      Although my main language for writing is French, I am a faithful follower of Linda Formichelli. I would like to nominate Linda’s blog ( which provides useful tips that motivate me in picking up my laptop and dropping a few lines on whatever I am working on at the moment. Also, Linda knows to team up with helpful resources that provide skills complementary to hers. Altogether, she provides great value to those interested in moving forward in their writing. Josee

    • I vote for .

      Johnathan Gunson is very helpful. He is always nearby and wiling to fit you in without letting you even know!

      I respect him and his foundation,

      Go BSL(BestSellerLabs)!

      -Kevin Dufresne

    • “I vote for” Mr. Gunson’s tips are very helpful

    • My nomination goes to owned and operated by Jonathan Gunson. Gunson produces quality information and writing advice with a personal touch. His honest and encouraging approach always satisfies me and my needs. There are few whom I would recommend on a regular basis, but his articles have been consistently superior.

    • Deb McEwan says:

      I vote for

      His blogs are always informative, helpful, friendly and often amusing – what more could you want?

    • I vote for

    • I vote for:
      Always useful and informative 🙂

    • I vote for Jonathan Gunson’s blog is an inspiration and provides great articles on writing.

    • Phil says:

      I nominate

      I find Jonathan’s information to be extremely useful and inspiring.

    • Jan Moran says:

      I vote for

      Jonathan’s advice is always timely. A real pro in publishing and marketing.

    • Fiona Skye says:

      I vote for

      Jonathan’s wonderful advice, great guest columns, and can-do attitude towards writing and getting published is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. His blog is one that I follow regularly and I always look forward to his new posts.

    •…. I’ve gotten a lot of good information–and advice–from this site!

    • Emi Howe says: gets my vote. Tara has boundless energy, enthusiasm and humilty in bringing her followers the best inspiration, advice and insider knowledge in this business we call kid’s books. Psst I think she might also be Superwoman!

    • “I vote for”

      Because this is the site that I come back to time after time for advice on all things self publishing and all things social media for authors. Jonathan Gunson rocks.

    • GrantJ says:

      I nominate:

      A truly great help/insight at a time when I need it the most.

      The End. 🙂

    • I vote for because the tips given are so practical and I can use them in my daily writing.

    • Rachel Stones says:

      I want to nominate Tara Lazar at because she has helped so many writers through her blog and her PiBoIdMo challenge!

    • Jonathan Gunson’s blog
      is the one I follow. His tips are more than theory–they’re tools for getting the job done.
      Plus, his narrative is crisp, clean, bright and fun to read.

    • Mardi Marsh says:

      I would like to vote for htt:// I have just writen my first novel and have found the info from Jonathan so very helpful.

    • Joy Dent says:

      I love http:/

      Jonathan is personable and clear about what he teaches. I’ve learned so much from him and look forward to his posts. He always takes the time to answer any questions I leave in the comment section. He’s the real deal!

    • Mira says:

      Voting for best Blog! I really have taken time to review & get so much out of it 😉

    • Marta says:

      I vote for

    • I nominate best seller labs,
      he has great tips for new authors

    • I vote for: Writing for Kids…While Raising Them, found at

      Tara’s blog is chock full of inspirational and educational tidbits for kid lits (writer’s that is). She has just finished spearheading the 5th annual PiBoIdMo event with THE MOST PARTICIPANTS so far! The time and energy it must take to pull something like this together (complete with prize drawings) would leave a regular blogger stumbling. Not Tara. She takes extra time to respond to questions and comments from her followers.
      As a first-time participant in her event, she hooked me as a LIFER! I’m counting down to next year’s event already.

    • Suzanne Lucero says:

      I vote for Jonathan’s blog is always full of information that I find useful: about writing, about publishing, and about that ever-elusive thing called publicity for your novel. That’s why it’s called “Best Seller Labs,” after all.

    • Linda says:

      I vote for – brilliantly motivational.

    • I vote for

      When I think of the writing sites that I visit over and over on a regular basis this is on the list. When I think of the ones I visit with consistently helpful content this is on the top of the list.

    • aniket says:

      qwesome Blog :

    • Clive Woollands says:

      “I vote for”

    • “I vote for”

      Jonathan Is great, everything he presents is so straight forward.

    • We would love to nominate as it really is the best in the world. And we have read more than a few. To say Jonathan has always been an inspiration for us would be an understatement!

    • T L Huston says:

      I nominate It provides a ton of high quality free information and guides that rival any that you may pay for.

    • Love Jonathon Gunston. Therefore I would like to vote for

    • Doris says:

      I vote for because I really love Jonathan’s writing tips!

    • I’ve been following Jonathan Gunson for a while now and as a published and self-published author of more than 14 books, I find his posts inspiring and relevant
      … ads and a nice mix of information.

      Therefore I would like to vote for

      In Peace

    • I vote for

      I find the information I glean from Jonathan Gunson is invaluable in both writing and marketing.

    • Vered says:

      I vote for – his regularly published e-letter always has useful and motivating ideas that are practical and doable.

    • Fran says:

      I vote for Jonathan Gunson’s highly imformative blog. It is packed with useful inforamtion for writers and Jonathan comes across as deeply supportive with his no hilding back advice! His website is here and I wish him luck.

    • Dana says:

      I really enjoy this website, so I vote for it

    • I vote for Jonathan Gunson – good, solid info.

    • John van den Berg says: “I vote for Jonathan Gunson at”

    • Please excuse 2nd message. I am correcting my website address.

    • I vote for for information and tips for writers, like me.

      Charlotte M. Liebel
      / @Sharliebel

    • I vote for Jonathan Gunson’s blog an inspirational blog with loads of great ideas for writers.

    • Anne says:

      “I vote for”

      Jonathan’s writing advice is always “spot on” – thoughtful, insightful and useful. He is very generous with what he shares with other writers.

    • I vote for

      Jonathan doesn’t post as frequently as some of the other blogs I have followed, but what he does write is always useful. He engages with his readers and you can tell by the nature of his replies to comments that he pays attention to what they are saying.

    • E says:

      I nominate Tara’s blog is wonderful! Just inspiring!

    • Kerry Mazengia says:

      I want to nominate Tara Lazar’s blog at This was the second year that I participated in her PiBoIdMo event and have once again come away with a wealth of information and inspiration. Her guest blog posts during the event are so amazing, and the concept itself has truly changed the way I write picture books. I would recommend her site and her newsletter to any aspiring picture book writer. She has a big heart and a lot of great things to say. I think her blog definitely should be included in the top writers blogs!

    • Roxanne Turner says:

      I nominate Littlezotz Writing –

      Each week Lauren shares tips for writers of all ages ranging from language use to dealing with bad clients. And she does it in ways that haven’t already been done a million times before (she recently used old B-movies an example of what not to do!).

      Plus the illustrations she includes with each post always brighten my day. Much better than stock photos.

    • Mia says:

      I enjoyed PiBoIdMo at Tara Lazar’s blog:

    • is my nomination. Tara Lazar has done an amazing job educating writers on picture book writing. Her posts are always inspirational.

    • My nomination is www. – Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

      Tara Lazar has come up with the stimulating challenge of writing a picture book idea a day for the thirty days of November. Not only that, she goes to the work of all it takes to schedule daily guests who post on her blog … writers of picture books, and also illustrators, editors, and others involved in children’s literature … from whom helpful advice is shared. There are bonuses for those participating in the challenge, and by the end of the month a great deal has been learned. Tara is selfless in offering something that is great encouragement to hopefuls, and has helped some become published. Her blog is one of the very best!

    • Deb Dudley says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog because she provides so much valuable information for picture book writers AND organized the #PiBoIdMo – a month-long event to inspire creative ideas for picture book writers.

    • Debra Shumaker says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar at

      Her blog hosts the PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) every November and has become a “must-do” event every November for me. Because of Tara and her blog, I’m inspired to keep writing picture books and am convinced someday I will be successfully published. Thanks Tara!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog at
      Putting together PiBoIdMo is a huge undertaking and gives PB writers daily doses of encouragement and inspiration all through November.
      Thanks, Tara, for your dedication to those of us who love PBs and aspire to write them.

    • Tina Cho says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog, “Writing for Kids (While Raising Them). Tara promotes children’s writers and sponsors Picture Book Idea Month every November with awesome posts for each day of November by authors and illustrators. Throughout the year Tara encourages writers and promotes them and their new books. She’s a great model of a picture book author and generous in her time in sharing her wisdom with us.

    • I nominate–her PiBoIdMo is amazing!

    • Tara gave me a fantastic experience with her PiBoIdMo 2013 site. I was inspired, productive and kept working. I was so glad to have found such a helpful person and site and now, I will be writing stories that would not have existed without her.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar at Her post throughout the year help picture book authors like myself. BUT, when November turned to PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Ida Month), this writer was left with so many ideas that she doesn’t know where to start! The camaraderie is excellent, and Tara is a hoot!

    • Laurie L. Young says:

      I have to nominate Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) because it is an invaluable resource for picture book writers (really, all writers, but the focus is on picture books.)

      Tara has documented her journey to publication and graciously shares with her readers what she has learned and some brilliant advice, along the way. The blog is a collection of most everything you need to know about writing for children and deserves a nomination.

    • I would love to nominate Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) at

      Tara has so much information and tips for Children’s Book writers, she should be manditory reading for all aspiring authors. The month of November exploded with imagination and illustrations for PiBoIdMo 2013. I’ve learned something new everyday.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog

      For years, Tara has consistently posted valuable information on writing for children including: how’-to’s, tips, agent/editor/publisher information, resources/links, school visit info, etc, etc. On top of that, she organizes and hosts PiBoIdMo (annually) where picture book writers all over the world get together (online) and commit to brainstorming 30 picture book ideas in 30 days. She is accessible to her readers and others. As far as I can tell, answers/responds to all questions/inquiries about writing.

      I am constantly visiting her blog, and have been for many years. Through PiBoIdMo I was able to find a 2nd critique group, and also an illustration critique group, through her I learned about writer’s support groups to join and many other things (which would have taken longer to discover w/o her blog. She’s a dreamer and she has high aspirations, and she encourages others to accomplish their goals and never give up. Her blog is a gem (and so is she).

    • Lauren Greenberg says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog, the go-to site for writers serious about picture book craft.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar. for inspiration, encouragement and practical advice to picture book creators. Her November challenge to come up with 30 ideas for picture books is a wonderful challenge.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar of Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) Tara sponsors PiBoIdMo annually and loads her blog with a wealth of great professional information for prospective picture book authors/illustrators. It’s always a learning experience.

    • I nominate for her consistent dedication to passing along great tips and insider info to the picture book illustrator/writer community. So many blogs are either geared towards only the writer, or only the illustrator, or industry news, I appreciate how inclusive hers is.

    • I nominate Elaine Stock Everyone’s Story She has made a HUGE contribution by offering her blog to guest writers. We learn from each other as well as from Elaine’s razor sharp insight! THE BEST as far as I am concerned.

    • Deb Dunn says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) for her tireless effort to gather up experts in the field of children’s writing for the sole purpose of helping other writers in that field be better writers. Her Picture Book Month challenge has changed my life as a writer by expanding my realm of tools, ideas, inspiration and creativity. Thank you, Tara!

    • Judith Nasse says:

      I nominate She makes a huge contribution to picture book writing!!

    • Laura says:

      Tara Lazar’s site, especially the month of November where she hosts Picture Book Idea Month, is chock-full of great info & inspiration for children’s picture book writers.

    • Tara organizes the annual PbIdMo, or Picture Book Idea Month. She interviews published picture book writers for every day of the month of November to inspire fellow writers to greater creativity. It is no small feat and such an amazing resource for picture book writers.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) at

      Tara’s rich and extremely useful Picture Book Idea Month blog content goes beyond being merely an output of information and becomes a communal hub for writers and illustrators; a place where we can interact with others and push ourselves towards our goals. This type of writing transcends inspiration and becomes a place for action, learning, and evolution.

    • Ashley Bankhead says:

      I nominate This blog brings so much information, advice and support to picture book authors. I always look forward to a post from this blog.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) at because her PiBoIdMo motivates and inspires a dynamic picture book writing community every year.

    • Heather Preusser says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar:

      Her November picture book writing challenge (PiBoIdMo) changed my writerly life.

    • I nominate
      Her content is informative and engaging. She supports beginning writers.

    • Tara Creel says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar and her website Her every day posts about writing for kids while raising them are enough for a nomination, but her organization of the inspirational Picture Book Idea Month and all of the work she puts into making sure her readers have amazing posts ready to help them get their 30 ideas goes above and beyond the average blogger. She is amazing!

    • Cath Jones says:

      It’s a tough choice as there are lots of good blogs out there but the one that I have got so much out of is Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) ( I have been following this blog for over a year now and as a direct result have written 12 picture books (okay not published YET!). I have been inspired and informed by it. I heard about it from other picture book writers and I in turn have told new and aspiring writers about it. It would be a deserved winner.

    • kami says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog. Her PiBoIdMo event included more than a month of insightful and relevant posts regarding the creation of picture book manuscripts. She has created a community from the ground up, and it’s a great one.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar at Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) ( Even before I participated in my first PiBoIdMo, I read her lovely blog. This November she really outdid herself!

    • I’d like to nominate Tara Lazar’s fabulous blog, Writing for Kids While Raising Them, at Her insights into writing are eloquently and entertainingly expressed. I can’t miss even one!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog, Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) at She is so generous with information and her PiBoIdMo event each November takes the cake. Thanks!

    • I nominate Tar Lazar’s Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)
      She has done so much to encourage and educate writers, generously sharing everything she learns and orchestrating PiBoIdMo!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar at Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) ( PiBoIdMo helped me meet and exceed goals towards picture book writing.

    • Jacqueline Adams says:

      I nominate Tara not only gives us inspiration and the nuts-and-bolts type of info we need to succeed, but she does it in an incredibly entertaining way. I always look forward to the next post. In fact, it’s the only blog where I never miss a post, even when I’m really busy.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar and her beeutiful blog, Writing for kids while raising them,

      I have learned so much from her blog. She shares her wealth of information to help other writers realize their dream. Besides the ever popular PiBoIdMo there is a zillion dollars worth of cheer and support coming from this lady.

    • I nominate tara lazar’s blog… She does a phenomenal job of writing relevant things on her blog and running picture book idea month..

    • I nominate the Writing for Kids While Raising Them, PiBoIdMo site at Tara inspired us all with daily posts by many talented published authors and challenged us to come up with 30 picture book ideas in November.

    • I would like to nominate Tara Lazar’s blog @ Every year Tara takes time away from her own writing schedule to help motivate and educate her fellow colleagues through PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). The planning, preparation and running of the event must be incredibly time consuming, yet she does it like a pro, lining up terrific guest bloggers who are motivational, scholarly, uniquely creative, and at the top of their game in their fields of expertise! Three cheers for Tara!!!

    • Kirsten says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar at

      There is no better place to go when looking for info on kidlit!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar at Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) ( Tara’s blog is full of fun, informative, and interesting articles and other bits of writing fare for every kid lit author.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog, at

      Her PiBoIdMo led me to pushing myself and making a commitment to getting an idea in every single day. She provides lots of inspiration and motivation. She also makes sure to get other writers in to share their writing advice and encouragement.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s writing blog, Writing for kids while raising them.
      It is a funny, practical useful blog for picture book and kid lit writers of all kinds. Tara hosts a tremendously useful and popular picture book idea month (PiBoIdMo) but her blog is wonderful all year long.

    • Debbie Austin says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog:
      Her generosity in sharing everything she knows about picture book writing (which is considerable) plus her yearly PiBoIdMo challenge are reasons why I think she is deserving of this award. The posts from PiBoIdMo come from industry experts who offer sage advice. Tara Lazar obviously puts much thought and hard work into making PiBoIdMo not only fun but challenging and informative.

    • I nominate for her contribution to the Kidlit world through her yearly November program “Picture Book Idea Month”. Readers who want to become published children’s book Authors (or Illustrators) will find a wealth of knowledge shared by her guest bloggers, each one of them being professionals in the field. I have been positively rewarded for following her blog the past three years.

    • I nominate Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) by Tara Lazar.

      I stumbled upon this blog this past fall only a day before her Picture Book Idea Month Challenge began, & what a fortunate stumble it was! Over the next month and a half, not only did I benefit from participating in her challenge, but I was treated to interesting daily posts providing sound advice from people with authentic experience, encouragement, & often a good dose of humor. I always look forward to seeing posts from this blog in my inbox!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog @
      She shares 30 plus days of inspiration, entertainment and words of wisdom from fellow kid lit authors and illustrators. Just amazing!

    • Marcie says:

      Tara mobilized over 1000 writers to brainstorm at least 30 ideas for pictures books during the month of November during her PiBoIdMo in 2013. She has created a wonderful online community and is generous with her wisdom, advice and experience. Three cheers for Tara Lazar.

    • Ashley Potts says:

      Nominating Writing for Kids (while raising them) —

      Tara puts countless creative hours of effort into this blog for the good of all children’s writers. Fantastic stuff.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog,

      The site is chock full of good information for picture book writers, and Tara organizes PiBoIdMo, Picture Book Idea Month. PiBoIdMo is an extravaganza of information, guest posts, inspiring quotes and contests. It is a great event and I look forward to it all year long. Tara’s blog is a valuable resource.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog. The community that she has built around PiBoIdMo and the level of advice she shares is unparalled.

    • I would like to nominate Tara Lazar’s blog! She puts on PiBoIdMo every year. I participated this year- loved it! IT helped me so much. Great posts!

    • shiela fuller says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog as best writing blog. This is a worthy blog because she has certainly made a difference in the lives of those who aspire to write picture books. Sponsoring the annual PiBoIdMo and an informative blog has put forth so much informaton in one place and created a community of like-minded writers from which we all can draw inspiration from. Thank you , Tara.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s Blog at

      I’ve followed Tara Lazar’s blog for a while now — always chock full of great information for kid lit writers. However, recently I participated in PiBoIdlMo (Picture Book Idea Month) — WOW! The time and energy she must put into this is amazing. Every day (for 30 days plus a few pre days and a few post days) a different accomplished writer offers writing advice. Also, there is that community forming that every writers wants and needs. Kudos to Tara for going the extra mile. Some blogs post once a week (and some less often) and actually don’t have a lot to say, but Tara gets expert advice and info to us in a variety of ways. Keep it up Tara. Your blog IS the best!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog ( Her site offers great information about writing picture books and the guest bloggers and support she provided for PiBoldMo were amazing!

    • Jen Arena says:

      Tara’s Lazar’s blog at has great advice for crafting picture books and navigating the children’s book market for new writers as well as published ones.

    • Tara Lazar’s –

      Great ideas! Motivation! Techniques! Humor! (Plus giveaways!) Wow!

    • If you are a Children’s Book Writer or Illustrator you must read Tara Lazar’s Blog:
      which is jammed packed with information about everything you need to know about writing and/or illustrating Children’s Books!

    • Andria says:

      Tara Lazar’s PiboldMo offers more concrete strategies for picture book writers in one month than any other website can in a year. Informative, fun and friendly. THE number one hang out for PB writers from any corner of the the world.

    • Deborah Turcotte says:

      I nominate Writing for Kids While Raising Them at What an inspirational, motivational, informative blog this is! And a community builder. Tara created PiBoIdMo as a way for new and experienced picture book writers to come up with ideas as well as learn from others. Challenging? Yes! But with the Facebook group, much easier because of the camaraderie! Tara’s a gem!

    • Margaret Greanias says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog at Her blog is such a valuable resource and a source of inspiration for children’s book writers.

    • Buffy says:

      I nominate Tara is the genius behind PiBoIdMo–the advice of guest bloggers, motivation, and inspiration on her blog are terrific.

    • Laura Gehl says:

      I nominate Writing for Kids While Raising Them ( Tara’s PiBoIdMo is a treasure for both new and experienced children’s book writers.

    • Everyone’s Story

      great blogger, good topics

    • I’m nominating Everyone’s Story,

      The writing journey can be long and arduous. By sharing the true stories of writers, she encourages her fellow scribes to keep moving forward.

    • I nominate which is Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating Blog. It’s a daily look at the industry, plus interviews with authors and agents, plus practical how-to tips from published authors and artists, plus opportunities to submit first pages to editors who are guest critiques for a particular column. Reading Kathy’s blog every day is liking going to a conference.

    • I nominate for her unique insights into the writing life.

    • Vaibhav Patwal says:

      I would like to nominate den mother Carol Tice.
      Because her writing motivate me to write something worthwhile and useful. She is completely aware of problems face by writers all around the globe.

    • Jeff Goins
      He not only writes compelling content but he invites others and guides them to be writers.
      Inspiring exponentially!

    • Pam De Voe says:

      I nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog She posts a range of helpful comments for the new and more established author. She covers so many elements: simple word confusion (ex., forward vs foreword) to larger issues (ex., pace, character development, dialogue).

      And, I’m happy to say, her blog’s highly enjoyable even if you don’t think her topic fits your particular needs that day–although it may well fill a need later :).

    • Frank Poe says:

      Her blog is very informative and helps writers promote themselves.

      • Frank Poe says:

        Elaine Stock–Writing to encourage others through difficult times.

        I neglected to write the blogs name and blogger.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at The writing is fresh and relevant!

    • Without a doubt, has my vote.

      Jeff Goins is transparent and understands what it means to be a professional writer. He pushes people, inspires them, and most importantly, he convinces them that THEY are a writer. That’s one of the biggest obstacle for people. Admitting that you’re a writer and proudly telling people that is a huge step.

      Jeff knows you’re a writer.

    • Jeff Goins blog: has definitely influenced and helped me the most. He taught me the importance of declaring myself a writer, launching me to actually write. He encouraged me to keep writing even when I felt like I needed “permission.” And he constantly pushed me forward, post after post, reminding me that it is all about giving myself away rather than receiving.

    • Daniel says:

      Easy! Jeff Goins

      Not only is Jeff a great, relatable writer pumping out great content, but he is also committed to paying it forward via his Tribe Writers course!

    • I nominate Ms. Tharps website, littlezotz. Com/blog. I’ve been following her for years and always find great enjoyment and intriguing insights in her writing. Her voice is clear and I often find myself, literally laughingout loud.

    • I think anyone who visits “Everyone’s Story” at will find her site personable and informative. Any author would want Elaine in her corner.

    • Annie says:

      I want to nominate Kellie Elmore – – Kellie’s blog encourages everyone to write through her weekly FreeWriteFriday prompts, shares her personal writing through her blog, shares her amazing photography as a companion to her writing which shows another level of being an artist. Kellie is an amazing published poet that speaks from the heart and touches all who read her writing. Most of all, Kellie is approachable and interactive through her blog and is always making the overall blogging experience a joy!

    • This is an excellent blog, always worthy of my time.
      Elaine Stock–Writing to encourage others through difficult times.

      Everyone’s Story

    • I left the link out of my previous comment:
      Everyone’s Story

    • I’d like to nominate Elaine Stock’s blog, Everyone’s Story ( She shares uplifting stories while encouraging the writing community. She also features guests each Friday.

    • Sue LeBreton says:

      I vote for Christina Katz’s blog. Christina is tireless in her support for mom writers. She is constantly developing new programs that help writers move their careers forward. She is on the leading edge of e publishing. She seems to have the ability to see around the corner for both the profession and the individual writer. She is a great coach and mentor.

    • Mine is: Everyone’s Story by Eliane Stock

    • I’d like to nominate Everyone’s Story, By Elaine Stock.

    • Fay Lamb says:

      I nominate Elaine Stock’s Everyone’s Story.
      Elaine gives us the inside scope and other information about our favorite writers.

    • A. B. Waters says:

      I nominate . I judge a site by the amount of value it adds to my life and no site has added so much value as this site. Its a one page site but the completely free full length ecourse the author gives away at the bottom is so priceless! It really changed my life.

    • I nominate Christina Katz – The Prosperous Writer at Christina’s blog is only one part of all she does for writers. She conducts online classes that help her students dramatically improve their writing skills. Each year she gives five scholarships to individuals whose financial situation would prevent them from taking a class. Christina has stated: “The key to a successful writing career always revolves around one quality – your best work.”

    • I’d nominate Rich Dixon for his A paralytic who has been riding his hand cycle around the US, Rich regularly reminds me that “Hope Changes What’s Possible” and that no loss, failure, inadequacy, shortcoming… can keep me from living the Ephesians 3:20 life in Christ if I just choose the right attitude(s) and believe that what God says is true for me too. God puts dreams inside of every one of us. Rich encourages me to explore and follow them. The world is a better place because Rich fell off his roof in 1987 and because our God is a Redeemer (Rom 8:28).

    • Brian says:

      I nominate:

      I enjoy the content and find it helps me write better, which is very helpful given all the material I need to write in the course of my job.

    • Cynthia says:

      I nominate

      Jennifer Brown Banks does a great job of not only offering her own valuable insights into the world of writing, she also gathers input and insights from a wide range of other writers, to give a complete picture of what works for whom and when. Great resource.

    • Thanks, Sarah. Glad to have your support here. 🙂

    • or

      Gee, I hope I am doing this right. Rich’s Ride blog is a inspirational commentary written by a man who has endured successfully being a paraplegic. He now spends a great deal of his time using his experience to give hope to others. He, his wife Becky and helper dog Monte cycle to various places and give talks along the way. Rich uses a hand cycle when it is his turn. All funds raised on these trips are donated to various causes. Rich has a way of making you feel like you are there experiencing what they are seeing and feeling throughout the journey.

    • I nominate because it’s a blog that always has practical advice for writers of all types, especially those seeking to make money. There’s also a very personable atmosphere between the writers and readers of the blog that comes across in the posts, comments, and emails.

    • I nominate Elaine Stock’s excellent blog, Everyone’s Story, Everyone’s Story
      This one stands out to me because of its unique, reader-friendly features. When she interviews an author, Elaine most often chooses to include the whole first chapter or prologue to whet our appetites, and she includes ‘Tweetables’ which we can share directly on Twitter with a click. This is along with the interesting questions and photos you’d expect to see on such a blog. She really goes above and beyond, which is why it would be lovely to see this blog win.

    • Robin Carrier says:

      I’d like to nominate Rich Dixon and his blog:
      Rich’s wisdom, humor and everyday life is told in such a way that relates to us all and our everyday experiences. I get such inspiration from Rich. Robin Carrier

    • I’ve just discovered and would like to nominate C.S. Lakin’s blog, Live Write Thrive: Her tips are generous and get to the heart of what most writers need to know to point up their prose–in almost any format!

    • I’m casting my vote for Susanne Lakin; her on point observations, professional assessments and thoughtful insights are without question, remarkable.

    • I am going to vote for Kellie Elmore because her poetry reaches out to everyone and she encourages others to write poetry in her Free Write Fridays too.

    • I would like to nominate Elaine Stock’s blog @
      She contributes well written, informative and interesting blog posts, and is a step above many others. She is creative and well versed, and I’d love to see her in the running for this contest.

    • Rich Dixon lives a life worth living, and then talks about his life and then talks about writing about that life. More than a list of writing tips, this blog is about living and writing (and riding a handcycle for hundreds of miles)

    • Laura Popp says:

      I nominate Elaine Stock’s Everyone’s Story:

      I like this blog because she features guest posts from both new and veteran writers on a broad range of topics, simultaneous promoting new talent and helping us improve. The tone is always positive and uplifting. It also caters to readers, so in many ways it has something for everyone, yet still maintains its focus.

    • Monica says:

      Not sure if she’s been nominated yet or not, but I’d like to nominate Darcy Pattison’s Fiction Notes–the website is

      What I like about her site is that she really gets into the trenches of the day-to-day work of writing. She’s focused less on getting published and more on the art of writing well, which is, after all, where getting published starts. I’ve learned so much from her blog!


    • Kim says:

      I nominate

      I have been following Kellie’s blog for a few years now. Kellie is creative, inspiring and ofren encourages us to write too.

      I have learned a lot from Kellie and I truly believe her blog to be a great candidate.


    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s writing & illustrating blog. This is the go-to blog to learn how to improve your writing skills, your chances of getting published, what is current in the industry, and Who’s Who and What’s What in the world of publishing. The tips in her blog have improved my writing immeasurably. is essential reading to writers of kid lit who are serious about getting published.
      Virginia Upton

    • Kelee Hale says:

      Casting my vote for Miss Elmore. I’m a #fwf bandit! wooot

    • I nominate Jeff Goins’ blog. Soulful, transparent, pragmatic, and grounded.

    • Brenda Fouts says:

      I love this Friday writing challenge here:

    • I nominate by Lauren Tharp. Well written and informative. Also covers various topics.

    • I nominate Celeste Conner, who writes “Blabberings by Celeste”! Reading her blogs makes me smile and want others to read them and enjoy her memories with me!

    • Jane Ewen says:

      I would like to kindly nominate
      Nicola Morgan is an award winning author who tirelessly gives out welcome, honest advice, as well as signposts to determined writers. I really enjoy her communications and look forward to her news and views.

      Jane Ewen

    • Lori Dubbin says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog. “Writing for Kids While Raising Them.” It’s the home of PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), which Tara has devised, organized, and run for 5 years running, and her blog is a treasure trove of helpful advice for children’s picture book writers. She has created a very supportive community through PiBoIdMo and her blog has been a sharing, encouraging place to go for support and guidance.

    • chemistken says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s “The Other Side of the Story” blog,

      She always has great posts on the craft of writing, and I’ve learned more from her site than any other blog I read on a regular basis.

    • he gives back, knowing he has also been just given. and he’s very honest that he needs money to buy diapers, so we must buy his books! such generosity & talent MUST be rewarded.

    • Kathy Temean Writing and Illustrating is a wealth of information for children’s writers. She keeps us up to date with changes in the publishing industry and shares success story
      and deserves to be nominated.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins. From his manifesto to his blog, his books and his courses, this guy knows about the ins and outs of writing, what it takes to make the dream happen, and how to break it down so us common slobs can enjoy success too. is full of useful information and is a growing community of writers, artists and other creatives who are looking for inspiration and a litle encouragement in their lives. I know when I found Jeff, I immediately developed a “writer’s crush”. The guy is talented, humble, friendly, and well deserving of this nod.

    • masaru mihaela says:

      I bet for . I find this blog very useful for beginners like me.

    • S.Tarr says:

      Jeff Goins has my vote! Inspirational, resourceful and to the point.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog, “Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)” at Each November, she hosts PiBoIdMo- Picture Book Idea Month- in which she encourages writers to come up with a book idea for each day of the month. She inspires during that month with encouraging and informative blogs from guest writers, agents, and editors. The PiBoIdMo Facebook page as over 1,200 participants! Best of all, she has encouraged many writers without seeking any compensation. In most businesses, that would be considered helping the competition. Within the writing world, it is called building community. On a personal level, I have been taught so much by reading Tara’s blog and participating in PiBoIdMo. I am forever grateful.

    • I’ve been following Jeff since I found him over a year ago. From the first post I saw, I was hooked! Love his style, his wisdom, encouragement, all that he has to offer. I had opportunity to meet him recently, and he’s as sincere, helpful, and encouraging in person also.

    • karen peart says:

      I take great pleasure nominating Very informative, profound sayings that serves to motivate, and his book The In between has allowed me to clarify issues I have been grappling with concerning what I need to focus on right now. I have been expening time and energy waiting on that “big moment”. Now realize my kids are actually the “big moment” that I have been ignoring.

    • Bob Holmes says: Hands down, the best!

    • I vote for The Write Practice. Lots of info and useful exercises to keep us on our toes.

      My recent blog post:

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at I find his posts to be a huge encouragement on this journey.

    • Amber says:

      I would like to nominate Edie Melson’s blog Edie shares great tips and critical skills necessary to grow as a writer. Whether you’re working on a first draft or published, Edie’s encouragement has something new to offer every day. Edie Melson has my vote!

    • Jude says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins of

      As a newbie blogger. I have learned to be intentional in my blogging. Jeff shares valuable insights that helped me find my voice and purpose for writing. Go Jeff!

    • Jeff Goins at is an invaluable and generous wealth of resources for writers. It’s clear his goal is to truly equip writers to share their story and their message with courage and clarity. He has my vote.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at Jeff consistently provides both practical help and encouragement to keep writing. I am always impressed how he stays engaged with his readers and how much information he freely gives away.

    • Rahul Banyal says:
      I would like to nominate jeff’s blog

    • Barb Johnson says:

      I want to nominate Linda Formacelli and the Renegade Writer. I’ve been following Linda for quite a while, since her first book. She has always been ready to answer questions. Her blogs, her webinars, and her books are full of great information. And now she has the every morning motivation email. I love that too. It’s short and always has good info. I know there are so many great blogs out there — it’s been tough to choose just one but this is definitely my favorite.

    • – Jeff Goins is the most generous writer! I love his site as a beginning writer I am learning so much and being so inspired on a daily basis.

    • Mandus says:

      I nominate Jeff is a talented and creative writter.He had inspired many and guided future writers through his Tribe of writters course.

    • I nominate

      When I found Jeff Goins’s website his post titles were so interesting I wanted to drop everything and read, read, read. He makes it easy for the potential authors to find their tribe,platform, marketing skills and publisher. He shares his mistakes for our benefit and he brings back the golden rule; He says you can have what you want if you befriend people and help them get what they want. Before we sell our books he says we must take time to find our tribe of kindred spirits in person and online. His positive influence is so uplifting I started writing again with hope of publishing my second book and getting it out there. He is smart, generous with free stuff like eBooks, awesome, humble, positive, transparent, patient, kind, and truly cares about people. His generous 8wk. writing course online is called Tribe Writer and has a life-time access offer so he can pass on future info.

    • A quick reminder, you need to add the link to the blog you’re putting forward. Some of the nominations above will unfortunately not be counted because they lack a link to the blog in question ….

    • Jennifer Wilson says:

      I hereby nominate Jeff Goins
      His inspiring advice helped me to start writing, launch a blog, and get over myself.

    • Terrie Coleman says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins Writer.
      Jeff Goins provides real life tools for the writer on a consistent basis.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins, Writer blog. Jeff is an encouragement and inspiration for writers with his heartfelt words and wisdom. He is genuine, giving, and longs to see and help others succeed. I appreciate his calling to help others become all they are called and meant to be!

    • I nominate Jeff Goins, writer
      His heartfelt writing inspires me.

    • My nomination is for Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating Blog:

      I have been following Kathy’s blog for a little over a year and it is fantastic! She offers info every single day that is new, interesting and useful for illustrators and writers. She’s very generous with what she offers, and is constantly promoting and featuring illustrators and writers. I don’t know how she comes up with all the material she offers on a daily basis, but I always like to check in on what’s on her blog!

    • John Shea says:

      I nominate

      Tom has a lot of awesome resources for freelance writing.

    • Rich Dixon has bounced back from a low place after a hard fall in his life – that, it itself is inspiring.
      The blessing to all of us, however, is the manner in which Rich has taken this to become an opportunity to encourage and inspire others through his gifts of teaching, speaking and writing. Rich’s blog takes everyday events and turns them into teaching lessons that apply to every one of us, regardless of our situations.
      I look forward to reading Rich’s blogs, and find myself a changed and better person as a result of the messages they contain!

    • My nomination would be Jeff Goins – website:

      From the moment I read his first post after he was recommended by a friend I was a fan and a student. He cares about mastery but in such a refreshing way. The uniqueness of voice and the focus of audience are lessons not always easy to present. He captures both incredibly well. I’m happy to nominate him because I also recommend him to every writer and speaker that I know and meet.

    • seoyeon_kate says:

      I will go for

      His blog has helped me to do better in everyday living.
      He does care for the readers and the other writers well.

    • I nominate: Goins, Writer

    • Nomination for Jeff Goins at He’s one of the major influences on my current writing career — his posts encouraged me to take the risk to go after what I dream of doing most.

    • Clinton Haws says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins of He has had a penchant for posting exactly what I needed to read at exactly the right time.

    • Karen-Ann says:

      My vote is for Jeff Goins

      Jeff is generous with his knowledge of both writing success AND failure, hands on helpful with the tools he provides and he motivates to activate the writer that is already in you. LOVE Tribe Writers. 🙂

    • I would like to nominate Jeff Goins. His posts are always so honest and inspirational.

    • I nominate Jeff Goins

    • Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference –

      The reasons I’ve nominated Jeff Goins for this award are simple.

      1. His writing is vulnerable. The person that speaks through his writing is kind, honest, and passionate.

      2. His content is practical. Jeff doesn’t write a lot of theory, he doesn’t philosophize, he provides practical help and tips on writing as well as being the kind of person that makes a difference in the world.

      Jeff Goins has my vote all the way.

      Good luck Jeff!

    • Jeff Goins has been an inspiration to me and a place to connect with like minded people.

    • Jeff Goins!

      The reason is because he posts such helpful tips, that are immediately applicable, and doesn’t give you the “information overload” headache that SO many bloggers out there give you today ….

      Aaaaand… this guy keeps it real, which is another great talent that not many have.

      That’s my vote, Good luck Jeff!!!


    • Kathleen Elken says:

      I nominate Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating blog at I’ve learned so much from her site about writing, revision, rejection, perseverance, marketing, social media, and the publishing industry. Kathy covers it all! She also gives readers a regular opportunity to win a first page critique with publishing professionals; loads of updates on editors and agents; and info on motivating contests and conferences. Thanks Kathy!

    • I’d also like to nominate Nicola Morgan’s UK based blog:
      Nicola is incredibly generous with her time and advice and is an invaluable source of info for the newer writer

    • I would also like to nominate Nicola Morgan’s blog Help! I need a publisher
      Nicola is incredibly generous with her time and advice and is an invaluable source of wisdom for newer writers

    • Live Write Thrive
      A blog for knowledgeable assistance and great tips.

    • Hands down, It’s Kathy. It’s not just that her blog is informative, but she finds people we writers need to know. I read it everyday. That’s why I’m nominating Kathy Temean.

    • I nominate Anne R. Allen’s blog because I get the best writing related articles there each week!

    • The Author’s Hideaway is an extension of Literary Wonders! and is an excellent site that helps to promote authors, and provides writing tips. It is also an excellent place for a reader to learn more about authors and find their next new read.

    • I nominate Elaine Stock’s blog Everyone’s Story .

      Elaine unselfishly supports authors via quality interviews.

    • I nominate

      I find Elaine Stock’s Inspirational blog of great intelligence. Not only are her guest blogs well written, but so are Elaine’s comments. She also makes it easer on her readers to share her blogs with her tweetables, etc. But I think the reason this blog rises to the top like cream is what I mentioned earlier—the intelligence and the inspirational at the same time. A blog of quality.

    • I nominate

      I have followed Kathy for years. She posts daily on all areas of the business of publishing children’s literature. She keeps her readers informed of changes in the business, celebrates the success of others, and shares valuable information on improving one’s craft. I especially love Illustrator Saturday, when she focuses on one artist, who discusses their individual process of illustrating.

    • I nominate “Live, Write, Thrive.” I have been following her for quite some time, and I often go back to a previous post and reread it.

    • Karen Arnpriester says:

      I nominate:

    • WCG says:

      I nominate Elaine Stock’s Everyone’s Story blog! The blog gives voice to empowered men and women to share their stories, authors to share their journey and the blog is very dynamic!

    • This is a winner! Tara Lazar’s blog —

      Tara’s energy in her support of writers, specifically picture book writers, never seems to dwindle. Each November (since 2011), she sponsors Picture Book Idea Month, encouraging PB writers to come up with an idea a day (or 30 by the end of the month). She rounds up experts in the business — agents, editors, and authors — to provide daily posts. From ideas generated in past PiBoIdMo challenges, many participants have written manuscripts that earned them agent representation and/or publication contracts.

    • Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids While Raising them!
      She does PiBoIdMo, has TONS of great guests posts and a lot of great advice. I learned a lot from Ms. Lazar!

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating Blog at Sometimes I regret signing up for a blog that has frequent updates/entries, since opening and reading can be time consuming. I have NOT regretted receiving this blog, and if I could only sign up for one industry blog, this would be it. Every single time I open and read/view Kathy’s posts, I am encouraged, inspired, and motivated. She shares specific, helpful information about both craft and marketing for authors and illustrators.

    • Tara’s web site is the go-to place for all things picture book. I don’t go anywhere else.

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating Blog at Her posts are filled with current industry contact information and she is genuinely trying to help others be successful.

    • LC says:

      For me, it has been Kathy Temean’s blog, Writing and Illustrating for years. On top of giving great advice and tips on writing she offers illustrators a wonderful window every and she gives up to date information on what is going on in the publishing world. Just a great blog!

    • Jennifer Renfrow says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli is extremely generous in the amount and quality of realistic, results-oriented advice and encouragement she provides. And the blog is fun to read!

    • Candilynn says:

      It took me a few days to think about this. There are so many fabulous ones out there. I wish I could nominate them all, but I only get one vote. And my one vote goes to…

      Tara Lazar & Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

      Because she rocks the PB world.

    • I vote for Anne R. Allen’s Blog at Anne’s blog is a well-crafted blog on writing that offers more than just blog posts. Each of Anne’s posts also include information on opportunities such as writing contests and markets. I feel like I’m getting a mini writers’ magazine every I received a post from Anne in my inbox.

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating Blog at She provides great content for both writers and illustrators, and she posts every day. She includes interviews, industry news, first page critiques, and “kudos” to celebrate good news. It’s a great site.

    • I nominate Lauren Tharp’s LittleZotz Writing at

      Lauren has been a guest on my talk show, Indy Film Wisconsin, three times now and with good reason: She doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking about her craft. She has no secrets from her audience. She tells it like it is, including the times she’s gotten it wrong (allowing the rest of us to learn from her mistakes!).

      I’ve recently begun to foray into the blogging world myself and have found her advice more invaluable than ever.

      And, as if her blog weren’t a enough, she’s also fantastic about answering questions behind the scenes. I’ve picked her brain on several occasions and have always received an answer that was kind, honest, and easy to understand.

    • is my nomination. The “Freelancer’s ABCs” is absolutely chock-full of good advice, and it’s only one of the many fantastic resources on there. In addition to several free e-books and a huge catalog of informative and entertaining blog posts, Tharp offers free mini-consultations. She’s definitely an invaluable resource for freelance writers.

    • I nominate for being so passionate about the freelancing career.

    • I nominate! an interactive, unique, and insightful blog for writing!

    • Nancy Major says:

      This has been an amazing month of PiBoIdMo 2013. I want to nominate for Top Ten Blogs for Writers. The updates and encouragement from this blog site has been amazing and useful. Thanks to Tara for her investment in our lives.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog at As the founder of PiBoIdMo, she spends so much time encouraging and helping writers in all stages of their career, not only during the month of November, but all year round.

    • I can’t imagine the hours and hours that Tara Lazar gives to make Picture Book Idea Month so wonderful for so many writers–but she also gives plenty of support and tips and humor to writers all year long. Definitely worthy of the Top Ten Blogs for Writers! (

    • Paris Matic says:

      I nominate Lauren Tharp of because her posts are informative, resourceful and colorful! I love that she provides writers with great tips and techniques to enhance their practice. I like that Lauren’s blog features the artwork if her significant other; a cute of charicature of her topic of the day. Her blog posts are thoughtfully spaced, easy for anyone to understand and read. Lauren Tharp is one of my mentors and role models in writing, definitely worth a read!

    • I nominate Susanne Lakin because she offers enough writing information to constitute several courses. She does this for free and she knows what she is talking about. A real treasure. Her website is

    • I would like to nominate Kathy Temean’s blog: Writing and Illustrating. Kathy posts relevant information everyday, from industry news to writing tips to Illustrator Saturday. I always scan her posts and find something helpful.

    • I nominate Writingforkidswhileraisingthem. Tara Lazar’s blog. PiBoIdMo

    • My vote goes to Tara Lazar at for her wonderful picture book writing community throughout the whole month of November, PiboIdMo has helped many writers with encouragement, support, and education.

    • It’s got to be Tara Lazar’s site: For a whole month in November, Tara puts together several writers, editors, and agents to share their ideas, experiences and wisdom on the art of writing children’s picture books. Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) as it is called, gets writers like me out of winter hibernation, and think creatively as well as learn new or be reminded of writing tips for thirty days straight. I hope her blog makes it into the “Top 10 Blogs for Writers!” list. Good luck Tara!

    • Karen Putz says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins. Jeff writes straight from the heart and he doesn’t hold back– he shares everything a writer needs to become a true writer.

    • I nominate Tara is so generous in her support to picture book writers. Her PiBoIdMo has helped me so much in my creative journey and continues to inspire me.

    • I nominate Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

      Each November for the past 5 years Tara Lazar has hosted Picture Book Idea Month on her blog. She arranges special guest bloggers, prizes for the participants, and manages to make it all look easy! I love the knowledge I have access to because of the time and effort Tara puts in to managing not only the information on her blog, but the look and feel of that information. I can’t say enough how happy I am to follow Tara’s blog!

    • My pick is Tara Lazar’s blog. “Writing for Kids While Raising Them.” Why? It’s the home of PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month.) and amazing Tara herself. 🙂

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s excellent blog,

      I find Kathy’s blog the best in children’s book writing, a portal to editors and agents, with insightful posts, useful advice and the occasional contest. In many ways, I find Kathy’s blog to be more valuable than many conferences I’ve attended. It provides a strong snapshot of the field, along with a health dose of encouragement and reality.

    • paul fahey says:

      I nominate Anne R. Allen’s Blog w/ Ruth Harris

      This wonderful weekly blog is packed with up-to-date-can’t live without writer information on everything from starting a blog to breaking into the E-Age publishing and everything else along the way. I’ve recommended Anne’s blog to everyone I know–writers and readers alike– and they are never disappointed.

    • I also nominate “Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)” by Tara Lazar ( Tara created PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) and challenges picture book writers to take a pledge to come up with 30 ideas in the 30 days of November. She has guest bloggers every day who are writers, illustrators and some from the publishing side of things. It’s inspiring and motivating!

    • Steve Cody says:

      I also nominate “Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)” by Tara Lazar (

    • Dana Carey says:

      I nominate “Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)” by Tara Lazar ( Tara blogs all year on writing and children’s publishing. She fills a need for specific information about writing picture books. Her annual challenge “Picture Book Idea Month” during the month of November is a wonderful service to the kidlit community. She organizes this challenge with guest blog posts from professionals in the field that inspire and inform.

    • Mary Green says:

      I would like to nominate Guest Crew. I enjoy reading their blog because I like to get more information about writing guest posts for other websites. Not only does guest blogging help me improve my own site, but I grow my own readership this way- nothing better!

      • I agree with Mary Green’s choice of Guest Crew, because they always have useful information for freelancers and internet marketers.

      • I agree with Mary and Nathan. I always end up sharing Guest Crew posts.

    • Kathy Halsey says:

      I adore Tara Lazar’s blog Writing for Kids While Raising Them. She is the creator of Picture Book Idea Month, now in its 5th year. The posts and encouragement to write 30 ideas for pb’s in 30 days is priceless! Daily motivational posts from other authors also add to this wonderful blog.

    • Please remember that your nomination will only count if you also add the link to the blog you are putting forward!

    • DarcyPattison is the blog I wait for all week. Her advice and past blog invice on her website, has given me tremendous guidance about scene writing and book structure

      I highly recommend her blog

    • I nominate Nicola Morgan’s fantastic: Help! I Need a Publisher! blog.

      Aimed primarily at the UK market but with advice that resonates far beyond, Nicola offers a mix of helpful advice, useful tips and truly funny posts about getting published. She’s got a warm, human voice that instantly attracts followers. I’d love to see her succeed and develop a wider audience in the US:

      Delia Lloyd

    • Jeff Goins says:

      Joe Bunting and co from

      Joe has quickly become an authority in the creative writing space, not to mention he’s one of the most well-read people I know. His blog continues to inspire aspiring authors and well-seasoned writers alike. I’m one of them.

    • lauren says:

      I think Kathy does a great job of keeping track of the business, writers, agents, publishers, and opportunities.

    • Jeff Goins says:

      I nominate Onibalusi’s super helpful blog

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog, Writing and Illustrating. It’s the one of many blogs that I follow that I NEVER miss reading. She provides a wide range of extremely informative tips and information in regards to the world of writers and illustrators. Every single day there’s something helpful that she passes on in her blog! Each Saturday she posts an interview with a successful illustrator, with images of their work as inspiration. Her blog has helped me in so many ways! Her dedication to her blog is admirable.

    • Writing and Illustrating, Kathy Temean’s blog, deserves to be recognized as one of the finest blogs for writers. Temean provides up-to-the-minute publishing industry news and trends, fabulous interviews and profiles of successful authors and illustrators, truly helpful writing tips, and she informs readers of important events with links for easy sign-up. I subscribe to several writers’ blogs, but Writing and Illustrating is my favorite.

    • I’d like to nominate Darcy Pattison’s “Fiction Notes” blog. She’s been a wonderful encouragement to me, as well as her many other readers, to continue pushing forward into the realm of writing books for children. She knows her audience well, and in every post she shares something interesting from her own writing life, as well as what’s going on in the greater world of children’s book publishing.

      I admire her very much, and I hope her blog makes it into the “Top 10 Blogs for Writers!”

      Darcy Pattison
      Blog: Fiction Notes

    • ACK – Janice Hardy’s THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY can be found at – 🙂 e

    • Janice Hardy’s THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY is one of the most informative blogs I’ve ever read!

    • I’ll nominate Elaine Stock’s EVERYONE’S STORY. I’ve guested a couple of times on Elaine’s blog, and found it to be one of the most friendly and supportive of the writing community. She not only does a great presentation for authors and allows them a lot of room in what they write about for her followers, but she gives steady feedback on hits and comments. She really engages her readers and pays close attention to the author. I just love visiting her page! Here’s the address

    • KingWriter says:

      OK writers, nice blogs you all got!
      I perceive that the blogosphere has expanded greatly this year with some brand new writer blogs.
      However, I’ll advice that those and blogs be upgraded. REASON: They look/sound mediocre.

    • King says:

      With thanks to your votes, I have discovered a whole lot of new blogs to checkout…

    • I’d like to nominate author
      Nicola Morgan’s blog:

      Informative, helpful and entertaining – to me it seems everything a blog should be, and a huge help for writers. Her books are pretty good too!

    • Jen Kaplan says:

      I nominate Kathy Temean’s amazing blog. It inspires, keeps me informed of industry changes, furthers writing technique, and so much more. I’ve subscribed and then unsubscribed to many blogs, but this one has lasted for good reason. Thanks Kathy!

    • I agree that Tara Lazar’s blog is wonderful. She inspires kids’ writers with her honest portrayal of the life of an author. She keeps us informed and knowledgeable. She does a great job not just during Picture Book Idea Month, but all year long.

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog, “Writing and Illustrating.” It is consistently packed with information for both writers and illustrators for children of all ages.

    • Irene says:

      I nominate Write to Done an excellent blog with intelligent and relevant how-to(s) for writers.

    • I would like to nominate Kathy Temean’s blog. It is
      Kathy has a great blog, and she provides fabulous information everyday to help writers improve their skills.

    • I nominate

      Tara Lazar is the founder of PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). Her blog offers a goldmine of information and inspiration for picture book writers. Visiting her blog feels like joining a warm and wonderful group of friends who share a passion for creating the best books for the best audience.

    • I nominate Writers Helping Writers, the blog by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. This blog has terrific writing tips every post, things that are useful to writers no matter the genre or level. The link is:

    • Melanie says:

      I nominate because it is a rich resource of information for writers of all abilities. The posts are interesting, helpful, and often funny.

    • Helen Kara says:

      I nominate Nicola Morgan’s blog Help! I Need A Publisher! at because she is absolutely tireless in her quest to help and support other writers, via her blog and also on Twitter and in person.

    • Lyn Martin says:

      I nominate

    • Lyn Martin says:

      I nominate she posts helpful tips, upcoming competitions and writes about writers and illustrators

    • Writing insight that speaks to me.

    • I nominate Writing and Illustrating:

      Kathy Temean provides daily posts on writing and writers, illustration and artists, agents and publishing houses. I nominate her blog because of the excellence of her posts and her devotion to facilitating entry into the children’s book world.

    • niamh says:

      Nicola Morgan for her consistently honest advice on publishing and social media

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog.

      I’ve entered some of Kathy’s many writing contests and count on her current information about agents, publishing houses and editors.

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog.

      I’ve entered many of Kathy’s writing contests and count on her current information on agents, publishing houses and editors.

    • Donna says:

      I have been following Kathy’s blog for years and every day she posts useful information for writers and illustrators, from contests, to publishing news, to first page critiques by agents and editors, to tips lists and it goes on. One of the most stellar things she does is her “Illustrator Saturday.” This is, by far, the highlight of many people’s week. She interviews successful illustrators and posts countless illustrations, plus they show their process. It’s truly amazing.

      Without question, one of the most informative and enjoyable blogs of its kind.

    • Karen Mohr says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer Blog because of the quality and volume of her posts and resources for writers. Also she is incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge, expertise and creative tips in getting ahead. Sometimes I can’t believe some of the things she shares! She’s also very cool. Her url is:

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog at http://[email protected]. Kathy’s blog has an incredible mix if practical advice, interviews with agents and editors, and examples of writers (and illustrators) work. But the most amazing thing about it is the way Kathy uses her blog to create opportunities for writers, agents, editors and illustrators. Kathy is absolutely brilliant at making opportunities. She uses her blog to share her own wealth of knowledge about writing, illustrating, editing, marketing and selling children’s books and she never misses an opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of others. One Example of many: writers submit first pages which are critiqued by a guest editor or agent with page and critique posted. Everyone had opportunity here to be showcased. Through her work she has had a positive impact on the lives and destinies of so many people in the children’s book world. She’s the best!

    • I nominate Kristen Lamb’s blog because she has a very informative, spiritual heartfelt; and most unique writing style. She knows her audience and understands how to reach them with the right resources based on her wisom and expertise in the area of social media.

    • Chryselle says:

      I nominate Mridu Khullar’s amazingly informative and useful blog because she tells it like it is and makes it so easy to answer all those questions about freelancing. Her blog goes back several years and even the archives are a goldmine. Mridu’s blog and newsletter should be the go-to place for every freelancer who wants to make a living writing. Because she’s doing it with such style.

    • Annie Silvestro says:

      I nominate Kathy Temean’s excellent blog: Writing and Illustrating, Sharing Information About Writing and Illustrating for Children.

      Kathy’s daily posts are inspiring, helpful, and insightful to those of us in the kidlit community! She keeps everyone up to date on industry changes and offers many opportunities and resources for writers and illustrators striving to get published.

    • Debbie Smart says:

      I nominate:

      Tara’s blog is inspirational and informational! This blog is bountiful with wonderful resources for picture book writers and authors!

    • Pia Garneau says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar, brainchild extraordinaire of PiBoIdMo. You can find her blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) at She has created a community of writers who exist to help each other with tremendous warmth and acceptance. This website is a wonderful resource for picture book writers and is full of inspirational posts from people in the business. This blog is a definite must-follow.

    • I’d like to nominate Tara Lazar, Writing For Kids While Raising Them, at

      It’s a terrific blog which inspires and connects writers of children’s lit. It is also home to the November yearly

      PiBoIdMo where participants are encouraged to come up with 1 picture book idea a day for 30 days. There

      are guest posts by published authors and illustrators, shared advice among participants, and a great

      working atmosphere.

      Check it out!

      • Linda B says:

        I second Tara’s nomination. She does it all, all year long, and then dedicates her November to PiBoIdMo to help other writers.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s –

      She has been boosting our imagination and given us the will to always dream bigger !
      Her blog is full of interesting articles !
      I just love the 30 idea in 30 days… free… even if it is alot of work !

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s –

      She has been boosting our imagination and given us the will to always dream bigger !
      Her blog is full of interesting articles !
      I just love the 30 idea in 30 days… free… evne it must be alot of work !

    • Colleen says:

      I’d like to nominate AWAI for the writing blog award! They update the blog regularly and have very useful information for writers looking to make money from their skill. They constantly offer helpful tips to improve your writing, and they share success stories from other writers and what’s working for them. Every time I read the blog, I take something away from it. Thanks!

    • Julia says:

      Jonathan Gunson at has insightful, action-oriented advice for writers. That’s my nomination/vote

    • M J Muir says:

      My vote is for Tara Lazar’s fabulous blog for writers.

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids (While Raising Them):

      Tara provides year-round posts that entertain, inform and inspire writers. However, in November, her month-long Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) will knock your socks off. Every day of the month, authors, illustrators and other giants in the kid lit industry offer a guest post with uber-cool motivational tips. The PiBoIdMo Challenge is to write a picture book idea every day and use that journal of ideas as fodder for the next year’s manuscripts. It definitely works…several of the guest posters shared that they now have book deals for the stories they conceived from previous challenges.

      Tara’s blog is well-designed, easy to navigate and a joy to read!

    • I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog, Writing For Kid’s While Raising Them, at Her contribution to children’s writers is incredible. She brings the Kidlit community together in a month of inspiration. All the writers who participate are learning about the craft of writing picture books. She gathers well-known authors and illustrators for guest posts to motivate writers at all stages of their writing journey. Her posts throughout the year are informative and encouraging. She shares what she has learned about writing with all of us! Amazing lady!

    • Meg says:

      Tara Lazar! 🙂

    • Tara! Tara! Tara! Tara!

    • It’s – Hands-down- third, fourth, ad infinitum!

    • Tara Lazar: Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)
      for PiBoIdMo
      for great guests
      for quality informations and advice
      for support and encouragement
      for being a positive influence and a great mentor

    • Eileen says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s blog –
      Wonderful information and piboidmo event

    • I would like to nominate Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) by Tara Lazar ( . She offers excellent posts for writers with the bonus of many guest bloggers. During the month of November, she hosts PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). This year, over 1,200 people took the PiBoIdMo challenge. Tara had a new guest blogger each day, and offers prizes galore on her blog. The guest bloggers compliment the inspiring and informative posts that Tara writes throughout the year.

    • I’m nominating Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) by Tara Lazar ( Tara offers excellent information for kidlit writers about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. She does it with dry, witty humor which regularly makes my sides hurt. Tara hosts PiBoIdMo which brings hundreds of writers to her site to enjoy the inspiration provided by daily guest bloggers and the camaraderie of the event. Tara also gets personal, sharing her challenges with us, always with grace and humor.

      • Johnell says:

        Me too. Great resource for Children’s book writers.

    • I nominate Yvonne Ventresca’s Blog: Her blog is relatively new, but Yvonne has always been a great resource for writers. I’m so glad that she’s bringing her expertise to the blogosphere 🙂

    • I know the rules are that we only can nominate one, but I cannot choose, so pick whichever one needs more nominations. – Tara Lazar (PiBoIdMo) – Julie Hedlund (12×12) – K. M. Weiland

      All of them help writers with helpful articles and all of them go out of their way to be helpful outside their blogs’ presence as well. They are approachable real people who use their blogs as a way to give advice and assistance to other writers.

    • I vote for Her blog is an inspiration for pre and published picture books.

    • I am also voting for She is real and realistic. Inspiring and exciting. She brings together hundreds of Picture Book writers (and aspiring writers) through PiBoIdMo.

    • Hayley Barrett says:

      My vote is for . Her blog is always enjoyable, and PiBoIdMo is a wonderful event that both builds community and inspires creativity.

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog: because it is a wonderful source for all things having to do with writing for children. Kathy works tirelessly to publish the latest info on contests, craft, and agents looking for submissions. She interviews authors and illustrators and promotes their work as well.

    • I nominate Kathy Temean’s blog above because she is a wonderful resource for Children’s Book authors and illustrators. She posts articles on the craft of writing, does author and illustrator interviews, highlights agents looking for submissions and does all she can to promote and sing the praises of new and established writers.

    • Quinn Cole says:

      I nominate Tara Lazar’s –
      Super motivating and educational for children’s picture book writers. Now in its 6th year. Tara’s blog and hard work has helped many writers to reach their dreams.

    • I’d like to nominate AWAI’s blog (I think it’s also called The Writer’s Life).

      It has proven to be an invaluable resource for me as I begin my career as a copywriter. The free content on the is fantastic. Their experts and specific writing content is as good as I’ve found and the site is loaded with other free articles covering almost every challenge that an aspiring copywriter is likely to encounter.

      I hope you consider this outstanding site for your list.

    • I would like to nominate Darcy Pattison’s blog, Fiction Notes. Darcy never fails to provide cogent advice, entertaining anecdotes, and daily inspiration to a middle grade fiction writer like I am.

    • I’d like to nominate the AWAI Writer’s Blog:

      Not only does AWAI’s blog cover freelance writing basics, but it also covers specific writing niches like copywriting, travel writing, publishing, and web writing, as well as marketing and business information for freelancers.

    • I’d like to nominate Frog on a Dime because it’s all about encouraging children’s writers. Writing is a tough solo sport, and having a source for inspiration, support and amusement is essential.

    • I nominate Writers In The Storm. I have several pages bookmarked. Very useful.

    • It’s my honor to nominate my friend Elaine Stock’s blog at She’s a fabulous writer in her own right, but Elaine spotlights authors of a wide variety of genres and interests. I love how she features heartfelt issues and presents them in a topical and meaningful way. She and her guest bloggers make you think and stimulate conversation and self-evaluation, and isn’t that what it’s really all about?

    • Suzaane’s blog has helped me a great deal, and the posts always seem to come at just the right time.
      This is an example of one of her great posts!

    • Jennifer says:

      I nominate Linda has tons of great insider tips for pitching magazines, trade pubs, and custom pubs. She also provides insightful motivation and inspiration for the writing life in general.

    • I nominate Jami Gold’s blog: Her writing posts are always insightful, current, and fresh.

    • I nominate The Write Practice (

      The reason of my choice is because The Write Practice is not only a writing blog, but mainly a community of writers who practice together, support each other, learn and grow. It’s a unique platform that goes hand in hand with what it means to be a writer today.

    • swadhin says:

      i would vote for the sea of knowledge blog

    • I’m going to put my vote in for Writers In The Storm because I find they offer great advice to writers. I’d recommend this website to both new and seasoned authors.


    • Fredi says:

      Very useful tips. With only two of Rosanne’s tips that struck a chord, I was finally able to finish a book after many years of procrastination and resistance.

    • I would like to nominate Writers In The Storm. They can be found at:

      Writers In The Storm is a reliable resource for me, helpful and entertaining. A winner!

    • As a new author, Pen and Prosper has helped to give me confidence as I tackle touchy issues within family, work and life. Thanks Ms. Brown for your advice and the time you take to encourage your readers.

    • I vote for Live, Write, Thrive at .

    • Micki says:

      I nominate

      It’s informative, lively and interesting.

    • I nominate

      Great tips for writers!

    • I’ve read many but I always come back to The Write Practice, where I find a steady flow of good information and instruction. Additionally, if a writer wants some practice, there is always a writing prompt available. Joe Bunting, the head writer behind The Write Practice, is encouraging and supportive of all who visit. Can’t be beat.

    • Live Write Thrive is outstanding stimulating information for new and experienced writers.

    • Jim Kim says:

      Write with Warnimont

      Joe has an easy, no-BS style that makes it easy for rookies and veteran freelancers to gain knowledge and insight from his experience.

      Plus, he’s a good dude just hustling at The Grind, like all of us.

      Check out his blog and learn how to catapult your freelance career into the stratosphere TODAY!

    • I nominate C.S. Lakin’s Live, Write, Thrive blog

      Her recent discussion on why she writes in multiple genres really hit the spot. I won’t be the only one that writes nonfiction and fiction for children and adults. She supports the “Why not?” in me. I have enjoyed the fact that her blog is consistent and holds together as a complete work week to week. Seeing our writing through the eyes of a film maker this last year has certainly enlightened and broadened my perspective. I look forward to each posting as Ms. Lakin is entertaining and educational.

    • Cab says:

      I nominate

      FACT: Without Beck, I would not be writing my memoir. And that is huge.

    • Monique says:

      I nominate:

      Why: Because Lauren is an excellent writer. Not only that, but every time she discovers something new on her writer’s journey, she turns it into a lesson for her readers, and in my opinion, that’s one of the best way for writers to learn. She is an inspiration to writers (and entrepreneurs) everywhere. I would vote for her a thousand times! VOTE FOR LAUREN! 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      I’m a homeschool mom of a thirteen yr. old aspiring writer. She loves this blog. She often pins post from Writeathome to her Pinterest board. She finds it informative and often entertaining. It tickles me when she talks of Brian Wasko like she knows him personally. I appreciate the blog because Language Arts is not my strong suit. I also make use of the other services offered by

    • I nominate

      Every blog post calls me out. I don’t need my hand held but I do need direct answers or to be called out. Based on her blog, I have hired Becky and she’s everything she promises. She doesn’t tell you how to be you, she tells you how to get out of your way and write better.

      Fantastic website and editor.

    • Andrew Voelker says:

      I nominate

      they offer systematic solutions for professional prose and publishing

    • Jeff Stout says:

      I nominate, by Brian Wasko. As an amateur (at best) writer/dabbler, I thoroughly enjoy Brian’s in-depth look at grammar and writing, and his humor keeps things upbeat. Frequent quizzes and opinion discussions coupled with his Facebook postings provide something for just about everyone. My kids are both products of his Write At Home classes and also benefit from his posts.

    • I nominate
      Edie Melson’s blog is the one I run to for everything having to do with social media. I’ve made countless beneficial changes to my blog and how I blog based solely on the expert advice I’ve received through her posts. Every day I look forward to what she has to share. Her blog makes my blog better. That’s a win-win!

    • Elegsabiff says:

      I gave up reading this long long list about halfway down but already three blogs seem to be dominating it and I only knew one of them, will check out the other two.

      In the meantime I am nominating because I have found her blogs invaluable as a reference for running my first promotion and, right now, for attempting my first POD. Her posts are chatty but helpful and her advice has been spot on so far. More so, must be said, than the one blog I did recognize, but maybe I caught it on a bad day.

      I may find one of the other nominations even more helpful in future but this nomination is because when I was groping for answers, I always seemed to find what I needed on her website. When one is new to the whole indie business, that’s really valuable.

    • Nomination for Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs right here! His guidance is consistent, clear, relevant, down-to-earth, positive and POSSIBLE. The best virtual teacher out there.

    • C. S. Lakin has a lot of great articles with a great deal of very helpful advice for authors! I’ve gotten a LOT out of her articles.

    • I nominate
      Through his website and blog Joe combines an interesting mix of practical tips about social media, high tech info, writing skills and wriitng life. His style is approcheable, never preachy and his sharing of information is generous and honest. A big plus: unlike most bloggers he doesn’t flood my inbox with zillions of messages.

    • rina torri says: is my nominee because of the practical, down to earth advice and information provided for authors.

    • Maria says:

      I nominate

      There are some really great writing blogs out there, and this is one of my faves. Thanks for all the great insight and encouragement, Jonathan!

    • Christine says:

      I nominate

      Rosanne Bane doesn’t just focus on how to be a better writer when you are actually writing but also helps figure out why you’re not writing when you want to be and how to get past the excuses and guilt. Lots of helpful and creative insight/activities.

      I love reading her posts.

    • Fay says:

      The unique thing about Rosanne’s writing blog is that it explains how the brain works and why that might be blocking your writing. I think that’s a pretty special view that helps me, a left brain person, figure out how to keep moving forward.

    • I’d like to nominate Moody Writing

      I’ve followed Mood’s blog for years and can attribute a solid chunk of whatever writing acumen I posses to Moody’s wisdom. An excellent teacher who simply knows how to communicate in universal, easy to apply terms. Truly one of the best. Our writing community has to offer.

    • I nominate

      Jonathan’s content is the first I turn to for advice for writers – he’s awesomeness personified!

    • Maureen Keimig says:

      I nominate baneofyourresistance at

      I find it so helpful to overcoming my writer’s block. She understands what every writer is going through
      when they stare at that empty page.

    • Pat Amsden says:

      I nominate As a writer I find him interesting and informative

    • I nominate Writers in the Storm, they offer quality, consistent advice for writers at every level.

    • I’d like to nominate Writers in the Storm, a wonderful resource and interactive community written by fabulous, supportive writing pros!

    • I vote for Bestseller Labs,

      I don’t have as much time to read blogs as I’d like, and the posts there give clear, sound information in digestible chunks.

    • I nominate Susanne Lakin’s Live Write Thrive website, which dispenses free, valuable, hands-on advice for writing novels.

    • I nominate Writers In the Storm. These folks consistently post outstanding blogs about writing as well as information about writing as a business. Everything from character development to publishing law. Every contributor is a pro who really knows their stuff.

    • I nominate because it is an active and interactive blog, full of life, activity and updates. It is inclusive, generous, funny and smart

    • I vote for because the information is useful, always applicable, and seems to hit me just when I need it. I’ve learned so much from this writer’s blog.

    • Jamie says:

      I nominate Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs. In-depth content delivered with a great voice. I always find really useful and actionable ideas there.

    • Susan Yanguas says:

      I love because I not only learn so much from all the contributors, but also because of the supportive atmosphere of everyone there!

    • My vote is for C. S. Lakin’s “Live Write Thrive”

    • Hi, I nominate for it’s continuing excellent articles and advice on writing, publishing, etc.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I would like to nominate the blog from C.S. Each week, Suzanne sends us great tips to help us grow as writers. I have learned so much from these blogs-everything from grammar tips, to character development, to scene prospectives, to developing themes. I’m saving all her emails in a folder for future reference.

    • Clint says:

      Hands down:

      Great blog and help for aspiring and mid-level writers. Linda does a great job of connecting with her readers and providing actionable information. Highly recommended.

    • I nominate Jonathan Gunson at Best-seller Labs:

      He provides sound advice and after reading his blog I feel motivated as well as armed with the info I need to move my writing/publishing forward.

    • AMK says:

      I would like to nominate The Renegade Writer because I have found it to be an invaluable kickstart to my freelance writing dreams. The site is packed with generous and truly useful free resources, ideas, and motivators. I am so glad to have this in my toolkit!

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at Jeff gives practical writing advice that is interesting and relevant. I’ve been on his book launch team and he is very encouraging, uplifting, personable. Jeff enjoys helping other writers realize their potential.

    • I nominate Jonathan Gunson’s blog Bestseller Labs. His blog can be found at
      I love his content. It’s user friendly and rich with ideas and how to. Jonathan writes with a sense of humour and his character shines through. Great blog. I believe Bestsellers Lab is the #1 blog. I vote for Jonathan Gunson’s blog.

    • I nominate CS Lakin’s blog Live. Write. Thrive. Susanne has a ton of great free content. Of all the writer’s blogs I’ve looked at her’s is unique and the only one I read regularly, refer back to and archive posts. She presents a very unique take on subject of writing.

      Her link is:

    • This is so difficult! I very much love and,
      but I have to say MY VOTE goes to

      WU isn’t just a site with poignant articles and wonderful tips, it’s a home for writers, a true community of people eager to help and support each other. I’ve made many, many friends at Writer Unboxed. This site VERY MUCH deserves the award.

    • I nominate and vote for Jonathan Gunson’s blog …

    • My vote goes to Jonathan Gunson’s bestseller Labs. Every one of his blogs is insightful, practical, and I always get something out of them. And they always show his funny side.

    • Jeff Shear says:

      B.B. Shepherd has it right. I, too, would like to nominate Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs, … The site is professional, well worked, and handsome. I read it everyday, always finding something new or something I’ve missed.

      • I’ve already got one nomination in but I’m with Jeff. Best Seller Labs I choose you! Practical and actionable advise on all things authorly.

    • I’d like to nominate Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs:

      As a writer I have found his articles timely, informative, and well-written. They have been extremely helpful and encouraging to me.

    • I nominate

      Jonathan Gunson’s blog is very Informative and has exceptionally good articles. Always a pleasure to read. Simply one of the best blogs for writers.

    • Jonathon Gunnerson good blog

    • I, too, nominate Her columns are always educational and fun to read. I often forward them on to other writing friends and family.

    • I nominate which is Jonathan Gunson’s blog site. He offers great marketing advice for writers.

    • david werenka says:

      I nominate c.s. always has interesting and relevant posts. Her recent series of posts on camera angles has certainly given me new perspectives.

    • I nominate Jonathan Gunson because of the Fabulous information he has available for all writers. I am a retired executive seeking the best ways to publish my books. Bestseller Labs answered every one of my questions for how to publish. Jonathan Gunson’s enthusiasm for writing is infectious! I am ready to publish with confidence!

    • I nominate the LiveWriteThrive blog. It is always spot on and gives me information that I didn’t even know I needed. Very intuitive! The featured guest bloggers are a real plus…lots of variety!

    • Penny Hutchinson says:

      I nominate

      I cancelled all blogs this year (too much!) but this one. Consistently tells me something relevant that I need to know or be reminded of, and does it with no overt (or even insidious) pressure to buy something. Priceless.


      One of the BEST sites for writers around. It has great articles, great writing tips and an absolutely wonderful community for writers, readers, publishers, and agents alike. Love everything about WU.

    • I nominate She writes what I need to hear, and does so succinctly. I look forward to her posts very much.

    • I have to add http://www. It is a site with a wealth of information and an incredibly active and responsive Facebook page with 5K+ members. What more can you ask for?

    • Jack Smith-St.Cyr says:

      Please add my name to those who vote for C.S. Larkin consistently provides helpful and insightful blogs which I always find time to read….even though sometimes I do get behind.

    • I nominate

      Seekerville is an active community of writers and readers sharing information and fun. Great posts, industry professionals, coffee EVERY day, and chatter galore. It’s a fun place to hang out.

    • I also vote for LIve Write Thrive.
      Non-stop helpful writing information.

    • dorothy says:

      I’ve been following c.s.larkin’s blog for over a year and continue to find new writing tips and ideas to spark my writing practice

    • I’d like to nominate C.S. Lakin’s blog, She gives very clear and helpful writing tips and ideas for writers. Definitely a great resource !

    • I nominate Standout Books at Alex and Bronwyn are an awesome resource for writers!

    • I nominate K M Weiland’s blog She gives out such terrific info for writers, and as a writing coach and blogger (Live Write Thrive), I find I send a lot of my editing clients to her blog.

    • Marc Mordey says:

      I nominate – a wonderful, witty and wise blog for readers and writers alike and one that a lot of my friends think is excellent. Thanks for the chance to comment.

    • I nominate Live Write Thrive, C.S. Lakin presents helpful information that ranges from grammar and punctuation pointers to presenting visuals as a movie camera would. Lakin posts consistently and states her information clearly. Even when I’m really busy, I take time to read what she has to say.

    • I’m voting for “Live Write Thrive,” C.S. Lakin takes the lessons of writing to a whole new level. With creative examples and her own humorous style, she has helped to answer many of the questions I’ve had regarding my own writing.

    • ML Swift says:

      Out of all the great writing websites out there—and there’s a slew of them—my favorite belongs to the Mamas at Writer Unboxed. As an outlet for a variety of talented contributors (I think there is a different one every day of the month), WU covers everything you wanted to know about writing, but were afraid to ask. And with the diversity of those contributors, you can many times get different viewpoints on the same topics. The comment section is just as informative.

      Plus, on top of all that, they’ve established a thriving community on Facebook for us to gather and talk about…what else?…writing. Writer Unboxed has all the bases covered.

      • ML Swift says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot to add their website address. I know it’s been mentioned above, but I wanted to make sure this nomination counted. Thanks!

    • I couldn’t not write to nominate Live Write Thrive. After all, this blog provides daily assistance, helps me rewrite yesterday’s work with a fresh focus and provides tons of material to save for reference down the line. I am truly indebted and credit Live Write Thrive for my own growth as a writer. If you’re unfamiliar with it, don’t waste time. Change that.

    • I am a beginner writer and the blog written by Live Write Thrive continues to educate and motivate me through this wonderful journey.

      • e a lake says:

        I second the nomination for Live Write Thrive.

        Susanne provides so many great posts with timely tips for writers of all levels. One of my recent favorites dealt with the topic of “Show, Don’t Tell”. And even though we see that so often in our corner of the world, it was once again a welcomed and insightful post.


    • I nominate:
      Advice at Live Write Thrive has provided me with more unique way of adding more punch to my writing. Every post has something valuable I can apply in my creative writing.

    • I nominate “Bestseller Labs” –

      Jonathan adds the verve that blogs on writing usually omit – it is always the same story – about how tough it is to write. But for writers – sometimes – it is more exciting to learn about the different perspectives that writers need to be aware of. This blog does it beautifully and without pressure.

    • I nominate
      For great up to the minute advice and the best ebooks ever on advancing your freelance writing career:-)

    • I’d like to go ahead and nominate Joe’s The Write Practice. It’s chock full of helpful tips, a great community, and, well, lots and lots of practice. 🙂

      I noticed some nominations for my blog Positive Writers – THANKS! I appreciate it. 🙂

    • I nominate The Renegade Writer, run by Linda Formichelli. There are over a thousand posts for aspiring and intermediate-level magazine and online writers. Very informative and helpful.

    • Frances Cave says:

      I nominate Linda Formicelli`s The Renegade Writer Linda is very generous with her time and has given me enormous help with marketing – the aspectt of freelance writing that bothers me most.

    • I nominate Writers in the Storm:

      When I first started reading blogs, I read every writing blog out there. But two years later, there is just one writing blog that I follow regularly. It is Writers in the Storm. What I like about the blog is the variety. Sometimes the posts are about craft, sometimes inspiration, sometimes they are about the business of writing. It’s that variety that keeps me coming back, because I know I am not going to get the same thing over and over.

      • Sharla Rae says:

        High praise Emma. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

    • Cindy says:

      I find standoutbooks to not only be helpful and informative but enjoyable to read. You can really tell the Team are fun, passionate and have a great sense of style and humor. It really is a great starting point to anyone thinking about writing a book and a great place to share ideas. I am thrilled to nominate

    • Kristian says:

      I find myself coming back to the Writers helping writers again and again, so I have to give them the nod.

    • I nominate “Writers In The Storm” as a favorite writing blog site.

    • I nominate Writer Unboxed ( because the team delivers a fantastic article on writing every day, and covers everything from motivation to information, self-ss, publishing to traditional publishing, craft to business, and everything else you can possibly imagine. Plus, there’s a fabulous sense of community and wrtiers-helping-writers. There’s really no other site that compares.


      Always something good to say.


      • Wow! Very worthy nominees, all of them. My vote is for by Rochelle Melander. Her website is full of the most helpful information on a variety of subjects. She really cover all the bases in terms of things any writer needs to know. From a fledgling novelist , such as myself, to a seasoned veteran, there is plenty to learn from and benefit in her posts.
        The above coupled with Rochelle’s accessibility and responsiveness to inquiries, puts her over the top for me already. But the monthly classes she hosts are the creme de la creme, and if her site isn’t one of the top ten, there should be no list at all.

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks for the nomination, Nigel!

    • I nominate Writer’s Helping Writers ( run by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

      Their insights and wisdom into the structure of character and plot is infinite. I use their books (the Thesauri) each time I open my document to write. They are kind, responsive, they are always in touch with their community of readers, and help authors be the best they can be. How can I not nominate them for that?

    • I nominate The Debutante Ball.

      The site has been running for eight years. Each year the group of bloggers rotates to feature a new group of debut authors who share their journeys to publication. The site is updated every day of the week with first-person perspective and advice on writing, revising, selling, and promoting a first book of fiction.

    • Jen Baxter says:

      I Nominate the Renegade Writer ( I love Linda’s morning motivation emails and she has sent out helpful advice and responses to help me where I am at with my writing. I really enjoy the morning motivation emails to give me the lift I need when I least expect it. She has ebooks and online classes also.

    • Tyra says: all the way!!! It’s sooo helpful, and the bloggers are extremely generous with their information.

    • Shelley Souza says:

      Writer Unboxed at

      Because it has a variety of experts who share their knowledge about the industry and writing every day. There’s something for every kind of fiction writer.

    • ddfalvo says:

      I nominate Writer Unboxed.


      For consistency in posting informative and relevant content in support of fiction writers–from the blank page through the publishing process. All posts are savvy, inspiring, and educational.

    • Bruce Brady says:

      I nominate The Write Conversation ( It’s a great source of information for writers of all levels, It’s not only hosted and written by an accomplished writer, but she also has guest posts from many other accomplished writers. It’s like getting advanced level courses in writing for free. Not only can you learn how to write, but you’ll also learn how to get published and increase your readership. I t would cost thousands of dollars to to take equivalent courses. As far as I’m concerned, I can’t think of a better website for any writer who wants to take their writing to the next level.

    • KPB says:

      I nominate The Write Practice:

      URL: http://

      This site is a writer’s best friend. Loads of advice and ways to improve writing skills.

    • Allison says:

      I nominate

      She gives a friendly and informative website that’s originally put together and is full of references to other sites, while allowing us to get all the information we need. She always has something to make a person smile or laugh within her writing, and is a good go-to for any writing problem, as well as answering any comments with questions on a consistent basis.

    • I nominate the Writers In The Storm blog.
      WITS is always full of good of great writing information.

    • I nominate Linda Formicellii’s The Renegade Writer.

      Linda’s posts are hugely informative, straightforward & timely. She literally gives away so many valuable resources that help propel writers & their careers forward. I’ve been so grateful to find her & hope she gets the spotlight she deserves to shine brightly upon her.

    • I read several of these and they are good but my favorite is still Writers In The Storm

      The advice is always good and I feel like the bloggers there are talking right to me. They have a very entertaining style of presenting the information.

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks Kassandra for the nomination. We definitely love readers and their participation.


      Not only is it my favorite writing blog, I also receive daily motivation emails from Linda Formichelli. It’s like she knows exactly what I need to hear each morning.

      Her posts are so timely, easy to digest, and always contain wisdom that gives my own writing a boost. She doesn’t just write about the technical aspects of writing, or how to survive, and thrive, working online. Linda adds something no other writer can, something unique to her alone. It’s that something that makes me excited to get an email update from The Renegade Writer.

    • I nominate: Writers In The Storm
      Writers In The Storm is the blog established and maintained by several authors who contribute interesting and informative articles. There is always something educating for the authors to find in the WITS blog.

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks for your nomination, Angela. It means a lot to us.

    • I nominate: Writers In The Storm WITS features excellent, incisive posts on the craft and business of writing.

    • I nominate Writer Unboxed, at

      It is an informative community of writers who help one another with advice, cheers, and great information. It is also a spam free zone, you are not allowed to promote your book. I love it!

    • I wish to nominate The Write Now! Coach.

    • I nominate: Writers In The Storm
      WITS is a group blog with excellent writers contributing to it, but they also bring in great guest posts that are so very helpful to the writing community.

    • Inge Trueman says:

      I vote for Lots of good advice, inspiration and great people. And no shameless self-promotion.

    • I nominate: Writers In The Storm
      WITS is consistent with fabulous posts on a writer’s life, the process and fabulous information on craft. It’s one of my top go-to sites!

    • I’d like to nominate Writers In The Storm. These bloggers are writers who know what it’s like to be in the trenches. Their posts never fail to hit just the right note with me and many of our colleagues. They deserve to be nominated!

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks for the nomination Diane. We appreciate our readers more then we can say.

    • I nominate Writers In The Storm for their advice and support!

    • Yvelette says:

      I nominate The renegade writer.
      This is a great blog with so much information in regards to writing. I’ve learned a lot from this blog.

    • Alexandra Isobel says:

      The Creative Penn

    • Thanks so much for the nominations for The Renegade Writer! Also, nice to se some blogs here I haven’t heard of that I can check out.

    • I nominate Rengade Writer Linda Formichelli shows you the way to the oasis in your very own writing desert. Common sense tips (that are unfortunately no longer commonly shared), quick life hacks, and bundles of encouragement is what you will find here. The Daily Motivation for Writers daily email is an added bonus to help keep you on track. Let Renegade Writer show the way to writing accountability with yourself.

    • Linda Schneider says:

      I nominate “The Renegade Writer,”, because Linda’s daily motivation is so helpful and encouraging.

    • Nana Prah says:

      I’d like to nominate Writers in the Storm.

      They provide great information for writers while at the same time being entertaining.

    • Lisa Alber says:

      I’d love to see The Debutante Ball on your list. It features five debuting authors who share behind-the-scenes looks at what it’s like to be a debut author. They share advice and inspiration and humorous stories. The blog also features guest authors and book giveaways every week.

      It’s a great online community, and the Debs (as they call themselves) enjoy interacting with commenters.

    • Writers in the Storm, http://www.writersinthestorm. Excellent resource for information outside the norm such how to access and use social media to your advantage, great writers, interesting guest posts and all with user-friendly written all over them.

    • Bernadette Phipps-Lincke says:

      I nominate Writer Unboxed.

    • Kristy McCaffrey says:

      Writers in the Storm

    • Gillian Doyle says:

      I nominate the blog “Writers In The Storm” .

      I love all the different writing perspectives and motivations.

    • My nomination goes to Writers in the Storm… insightful, informative, interested in their readers’ input, goals & aspirations. Every writer needs inspiration… these gals provide it & do so with great senses of wit & humor (as opposed to dry, dictatorial, “we know it all, you know nothing” kinds of attitudes)!

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Wow, Thanks for great praise and the nomination, Roxanne.

    • Nami says:

      I nominate

      It’s inspiring, informative – good kick in the pants when needed.

    • Tari says:

      I’d like to nominate Writer’s in the Storm,

      The ladies over there are smart, funny and inspiring, always willing to share their tips for success, and the reality of writing.

    • I nominate because they’ve been sharing behind-the-scenes looks at the journey to first-time publication for seven years now.

    • I nominate The Renegade Writer (

      This blog has consistent, helpful information for writers, from emerging to experienced. I have been writing for many years, but I still find gems of advice, humor, and encouragement. I have even reblogged a few of their posts on my own site because of their excellence. The writers of this blog are experienced, working writers, who obviously know their craft and readily share their wisdom and the steps they took along the way to get where they are today.

    • I nominate Writer Unboxed ( because EVERY SINGLE POST is helpful, timely and filled with information, examples and links for more reading. As a writer of historical fiction and a research hound, I cannot get enough of this site. Every day, it drops another gem in my inbox.

    • I nominate Writer Unboxed!

      Writer Unboxed features the most amazing collection of writers sharing info, emotions, and encouragement—and welcomes all writers into the “tribe”!

    • Leslie R. says:

      I nominate Writer Unboxed:

      WU is a wonderful blog offering practical advice, inspiration, and humor, and with their wide variety of contributors, plenty of different perspectives. It is also a wonderful, supportive community.

    • Cindy Matalamaki says:

      I nominate

      Linda offers friendly, no nonsense advice to aspiring writers. Very readable and helpful!

    • Dan Blank says:

      While I find it nearly impossible to pick a single BEST site for writers – there are so many amazing ones – I would like to nominate

      The blog posts on WriterUnboxed are unbelievably helpful, and incredibly honest in how they tackle the challenges (and successes) of writers. But beyond that, the community forged here is just astounding to me. So many contributors, so many amazing writers commenting on the site and their Facebook community. It is hard not to feel a part of something with WriterUnboxed.

    • Kate says:

      I nominate Writers Unboxed at

      My favorite website.

    • Linda Formichelli of is my nomination.

      She’s got it all going on from e-books to web chats to twitter chats to sending those great morning motivations consisting of short tips and insights related to writing. Her books in print and e-books are really useful and her track record speaks for itself. As others have said, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been writing for years, you know the advice you’re getting is coming from a business and magazine writer who’s been in the trenches and made it work. In addition, she’s adapted to the times and just watching what she’s participating in now – epublishing, chats, etc. – is a heads up to how writers should be thinking and doing in the 21st century. She’s inspiring!

    • Jan O'Hara says:

      I nominate Writer Unboxed (

      It has daily posts covering the business and craft of fiction with contributors ranging from literary superstars to unpublished-but-valued guests. It has a thriving, promo-free and financially-free Facebook page. It has a Twitter account which broadcasts important writing news. And it has moderators on all sites, so that community conversations are kept respectful, even when heated and about controversial subjects.

    • I nominate Writer Unboxed. It’s always the first blog I check . It’s a source not only of dynamic posts, but also great writerly conversation.

    • Susan says:

      I’d like to nominate The Debutante Ball, a blog for debut authors. It’s in its 7th year of launching the careers of debut writers, and is chock full of advice for aspiring writers.

    • Peggy says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer ( – LInda has put together an inspiring number of posts over the years, that can benefit freelance writers at every stage of their career, even if they’re just starting out. She is encouraging and approachable without mincing words or sugar-coating the hard parts to the profession. Lots of great information both timely and timeless – a great resource!

    • I am nominating Writer Unboxed. An eclectic mix of authors–both published and not-yet-published, industry professionals, agents, et cetera, write both as regulars and as guests–the guest posts keep the site from “going stale” so that information is not recycled/resaid/rehashed but fresh and dynamic. With weekly posts that range from the humorous to the down and dirty of just what it means to call oneself a writer. Tips, tricks, tidbits–chock full of good solid information.

      WU has a dedicated staff who work hard to make the site dynamic and interesting and fresh. They are continually searching for ways to keep the site relevant and growing. Not an easy task but they are up for it.

    • I nominate A clear and very usefull blog for the beginnin intermediate writer. And the morning motivations you can get when you subscribe are actually useful!

    • I nominate Writers In The Storm. I read them everyday for craft advice, market information and encouragement. For all of that WITS is the best.

      • Sharla Rae says:

        High praise, Carol. Thank you so much for the nomination.

    • Hedi says:

      I nominate Take a look, right NOW. Rochelle Melander does the research and delivers! If I only did not slave everyday in my day job, and write constantly my works of “never to be read again till they die and sue chart notes”, I might actually grow up and publish. But who cares about me. Well, Rochelle does. There in my in box, at 4:00 am, wasting my time, she reminds me, get to it! Write Now!

    • I’d like to nominate Diana Marinova for her freelance writing blog at

      Diana offers excellent tips on managing work-related issues, handling difficult clients, applying social media tactics, and many other tips useful to freelance writers. She’s honest and English is her second language.

    • I vote for Writer Unboxed ( ). Such a broad array of hugely talented monthly contributors of experienced authors, industry savvy pros, fostering mentorship and a community spirit unlike anything else I’ve experienced on the internet. Each DAILY post is more than an informative article or moving essay, it is the start of a writerly conversation.

    • I nominate

      Her tips and helpful blog posts are phenomenal and I read them avidly! I can’t wait to get them in my email box every week. She goes to the deep reasons for whatever she posts and for me, that is very helpful!

    • I nominate: WITS is a wonderful combination of how to techie, practical and common sense approach to our craft. They have a great group of members and guests who post on everything from how to get an agent, handle writer’s block, a writer’s estate, how to polish your work until it shines 🙂

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks for the nomination Florence. We love you too.

    • Michelle says:

      I’d like to nominate The Renegade Writer. I nominated yesterday, but put in my URL. Please accept my nomination.

    • Linda’s posts and Morning Motivations hit the nail on the head for inspiration and motivation and are helping me hugely on my journey to being a writer

    • I would love to nominate: <– love this site!!

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks S. J.! Our readers are why try so hard to do it right.

    • Highly recommend Writers In The Storm. Straightforward, useful information for aspiring or published authors.

      • Sharla Rae says:

        Thanks for the nomination Lori. We love our readers!

    • jon harris says:

      The reason i use Renegade Writer. It is the best tutorial platform for aspiring article writers especially for trade magazine sector.

      I would recommend nomination..

    • jon harris says:

      I Highly recommend Renegade Writer…absolutely should be nominated for best blog

    • I have to nominate – I’m on the email subscription list of Linda Formichelli’s Morning Motivation For Writers. These days, I receive so much junk through the mail that I barely open a thing – but I always open hers – she’s an inspiration!

    • I would like to nominate The Renegade Writer !
      Linda Formicelli is a wonderful writer and very compassionate when it comes to understanding wanna be writers as well as the professionals. She cares. I consider her as my friend although I have not met her in person. I am not ready to jump headlong into freelancing, but when I do, it will be because of Linda and The Renegade Writer!

    • I vote for The Renegade Writer. With this site it does not matter if you are just starting out or if you are a pro there is always something to enjoy and learn on this site.

    • Mars says:

      They say the greatest profession is teaching cause without teachers there are no doctors, lawyers and other professions.. The same goes with this blog (or the blogger). Without Linda Formichelli, wordpress or blogspot would just be… impaired.

    • I’d truly like to nominate Nicky Wells

      Nicky Wells’ blog is one which really invites participation. In addition to telling us about her writing endeavors, she regularly showcases other authors as well. I especially love your Music Mondays where she invites all of her readers to respond to a musical selection which goes along with the theme she’s selected of that day.


      Linda Formichelli of The Renegadewriter is by far a most outstanding communicator. She so willingly gives her time and expertise every morning to each of us on her mailing list. Linda cheerfully gives us a wake-up call every day to remind us that who we are and what we do is important. We are given ideas, tips, and news about the writing social world. I think she is great!

      Charlotte M. Liebel /

    • Lynn Jarrett says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer at She has always been so helpful to me and never ceases to answer all of my many questions by e-mail messages to her. Her e-mail lists are very informative. Her Morning Motivation daily e-mail messages are always an inspiration. There are many of them that I have passed along to other writers and folks that I think would make use of them. Linda always encourages writers by her timely topics on her blogs. Yes, The Renegade Writer definitely deserves to win!!

    • jmn727 says:

      I enjoy a writers blog

    • Karen Campbell says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer.

    • Janette Dolores says:

      I nominate Jennifer Brown Bank’s Pen and Prosper, at

      Pen and Prosper is my go-to blog for writing inspiration, writing tips, and industry interviews. Ms. Banks does a wonderful job of sharing her wealth of knowledge with her readers, and practices what she preaches by supporting fellow writers in one-on-one communications. Pen and Prosper was the first blog I ever followed, and still one of the most informative blogs I follow to date.

    • I nominate Linda Formichelli and the Renegade Writer at I’m such a newbie in the freelance world, but Linda’s content is easy to digest and she herself is so encouraging!

    • Cindi Kerr says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer at as one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2013. I was reading Linda Formichelli’s blog before she became the “other Den mother” at Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den and, even though I’m a Den member now, I still read The Renegade Writer. The blog continues to provide practical information in an efficient format and Linda has now started Morning Motivation for Writers for those who subscribe to it. The blog motivates me to write and provides the information necessary for me to step out of my comfort zone and make money writing.

    • I nominate the Den Mothers as having the best freelance writing blogs. This is two nominations in one, so count this however you must! 🙂 Of course, there are other great writing blogs, such as Where Writers Win, that should also be nominated. Sorry, I don’t follow instructions too well when there is a plethora of blogs to choose from. 😉

    • I nominate Linda Formichelli and the Renegade Writer at She always sends out the most helpful tips that keep me motivated and teach me new ways to approach the markets, how tos, and industry insights.

    • Andrew says:

      Good information on a regular basis.

    • I nominate The Renegade Writer blog: It was invaluable to me when I started building my freelance biz. I’m not sure I would have made the inroads I have without it. It’s still a resource I turn to when I need advice or a shot of inspiration!

    • My vote goes to The Renegade Writer blog: by Linda Formichelli.
      She’s my favorite writing coach along with Carol Tice, who’s just as awesome.

      Linda provides consistent advice, guidance, motivation and encouragement to newbie as well as more experienced writers.

    • I would love to nominate The Renegade Writer blog:

      Ever since I discovered this blog, and Linda Formicelli, I have received loads of helpful advice and encouragement in developing my freelance writing career.

    • I’m nominating Pen and Prosper by Jennifer Brown Banks. Her posts grab my interest and help me grow as a writer.

    • My absolute favorite go-to for all kinds of help and inspiration – Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer at – down to earth, practical tips on a broad range of topics related to freelance writing – all done with humor and wisdom. I read something from Linda every day!

    • Barbara says:

      I nominate
      Great website! Linda is a wonderful motivator and is passionate and enthusiastic about writing. She offers informative daily tips and her E course gave me the confidence to send out my first query.

    • I nominate for Linda’s daily inspiration on how to become a freelance writer. Her advice is invaluable to such a procrastinating writer as me.

    • Hi All, I would like to nominate Carol Tice and Linda Formochelli for their wonderful freelance writers den site, as they do not just cater for writers that have already made it they also help new writers, they also don’t pull any punches they say it like it is. Thank you Veronica.

    • I nominate:

      The Renegade Writer has awesome advice for aspiring magazine writers and freelance writers. I’ve learned a lot from it since I began freelancing a this year.

    • Michelle Bunt says:

      I want to nominate Renegade Writer. As someone who has just recently made the switch to writing for money, the advice on this blog has been of the most use to me (in comparison to other writing blogs out there). Linda knows her stuff, and her ebooks are second to none!

    • I have always been pretty in awe of Men With Pens
      They have a little bit of something for almost any kind of writer. And then there’s the wit that often accompanies the posts as well.

    • I love this blog because it offers the most practical advice for writers everywhere, regardless of what stage of your career you’re in and where you live. Very honest, heartfelt stuff.

    • Jeffry Heise says:

      I nominate

      Terrific writing, fun to read, good links and ebooks-can’t be beat!

    • Debora Wheeler says:

      Everyone’s Story


      I work with Isla at Portent Inc and cannot think of a better start to my day than reading her blog on all matters of reading and writing.

    • This is an inspirational blog – it’s regular, informed, thoughtful,honest, often funny. It taps into a range of other writers and their experience and it shares a wealth of knowledge about writing, blogging, marketing and just being a writer. I definitely nominate it as one of the blogs of the year.

    • Gordon says:

      I nominate
      Always spot on. Loads of actionable content aimed at helping freelancers be the best they can be

    • I am delighted to cast my vote for The Renegade Writer written by Linda Formichelli. I never miss reading it! She always has great practical tips for immediate use. It’s found at .

    • Ruth Terry says:

      I would like to nominate Make a Living Writing. Carol Tice helps writers make more money, working-class style. I always feel empowered by her blog posts because they are never about having great connections in big cities, having gone to the right or getting the right journalism internships… it’s all actionable content about what you can do NOW as a writer, what you can achieve my putting your nose to the grindstone, getting over yourself and your fear and working hard. I love the real talk. I love the attitude. And I love what this site has helped me achieve. Goooo Carol!

    • Alexandra Cannon says:

      I’d like to nominate The Renegade Writer:

      Linda offers a wide variety of writing advice for both new and experienced writers. She provides some of the best advice material I’ve found on the web and has a number of fairly priced, amazing services.

    • Anthony Dezenzio says:

      I vote The Renegade Writer (

      Linda has been an inspiration to me from the very start by encouraging me to be a better writer. I find her posts and newsletters informative and motivating.

    • Erica Goss says:

      Linda’s site is very enjoyable, full of great writing tips and advice, and gives me inspiration. She gives as good as she gets: lots of free information and inexpensive e-books, which I really like. I vote for The Renegade Writer!

    • I vote The Renegade Writer (

      Linda offers very practical information interspersed with inspiration and humor. I always get something from her posts — especially motivation. Plus she’s very accessible to her readers and super experienced in the business.

      • The reason I picked is because Linda knows her stuff, plus she has an amazing sense of humor. And she’s smart.


    • I nominate by Paul Jarvis, who has a very fresh, authentic, unapologetic, practical approach to writing

    • Mel Wicks says:

      I am also nominating The Renegade Writer –

      Freelance writing is a whole new world for me. which is scary and exciting at the same time. Knowing that I have access to resources and support from people like Linda makes me feel more determined to succeed. Thank you Linda, and good luck.

    • Tracy Hume says:

      I have TWO favorite writing blogs. I cannot choose between them, because they are two sides of the same coin: – Carol Tice for her consistently useful, practical advice and her NO EXCUSES attitude

      AND – Linda Formichelli for her consistently useful, practical advice and her YOU CAN DO THIS attitude

      I can’t choose one over the other .. it is kind of a good cop/bad cop thing, they compliment each other, and together, they are the best writing support anyone could ask for …

    • Nita Crighton says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer

      Linda offers spot-on advice for freelance writers on everything from landing top-knotch assignments to dealing with picky editors.

      Renegade Writer is full of helpful, interesting information for writers and Linda is the best!!

    • Leslie Colin Tribble says:

      I nominate the Renegade Writer ( I’ve found a lot of writing websites but the one I constantly refer to and actually read in my email updates is the Renegade Writer. I’m new to the freelance world and have found Linda’s advice to be truthful, helpful and inspiring. I have recommended her site to other aspiring writers.

    • The Renegade Writer ( is a goldmine of writing advice: from time management to breaking into new markets to staying motivated through bouts of writer’s block. There are plenty of ways to get discouraged as a writer, and The Renegade Writer, with all of its enthusiasm and energy, is a wonderful antidote to that.

    • I’d like to nominate The Renegade Writer (

      Linda Formichelli’s blog is a goldmine of advice on many aspects of writing: breaking into new markets, breaking through writer’s block, finding sources, getting motivated, time management, you name it. I don’t know where she finds all her energy but her site is one of my go-to places to keep myself writing when the going gets tough.

    • I read Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer .and her emails every day.

      It’s unbelievable how much she shares and how valuable her resources are.

      I’m a lifelong writer but new to trying to make a living with my talent. Linda keeps me going.

    • Carolee Noury says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer: .

      Formichelli offers excellent tips, strategies and lots of freebies for writers- both old and new. Her site is a gem.

    • Amy Rogers says:

      Love, love, love The Renegade Writer. Spot on, helpful advice.

    • Nicolia Whyte says:

      I would like to nominate for the Top 10 Blogs for Writers Award. This was the first blog I came across when I started my journey into freelance writing and it has directed me to many other rich resources.

    • Reese Ryan says:

      I rely on the advice of so many wonderful writing blogs geared toward both fiction and non-fiction writers. It hurts to pick just one. However, is the writing website I rely on most at this point in my writing career.

    • Isabelle Boulet says:

      I would like to nominate as a blog that I find particularly helpful with my writing.

    • I’d like to nomiate The Renegade Writer. The advice is practical and actionable. Linda’s Morning Motivation for Writers is something every writer needs in their bag of tricks.

    • I nominate Carol Tice at
      She consistently delivers top notch advice for aspiring writers and isn’t afraid to give slackers like me a boot in the rear end every once in a while.

    • Chrissie says:

      Janice Hardy is a great go-to for writers. Excellent, usable resources and practical guidelines on every aspect of writing. Many of her posts are a mini-refresher course in building or breaking down different aspects and stages of your writing.

    • CJ says:

      I nominate for this award. Linda Formichelli never sleeps. Her “blog” is actually a giant media machine, from daily shots in the e-arm to books and webinars, that provides all-day and multi-facteted access to her tips and experiential wisdom.


    • Blackdawg says:

      I nominate my blog! Actually, it’s not a blog. 😉

    • I nominate Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer blog,

    • I nominate Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer blog, at Linda is smart, generous, witty and clear in every post, which always offers practical advice on a range of freelancing issues.

      She is a motivator without being a haranguer, and an authority without being stuffy. Her stuff does make writers, whether experienced or newbie, think: “Hey, I could do that, and it will probably get results.” Linda gets results.

      (And Carol, I nominated Make a Living Writing last year, so it’s the other Den Mother’s turn!)

    • Elyse says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer blog,

    • Michelle says:

      I’d like to nominate The Renegade Writer. They are business-minded writers helping writers break away from the stereotype “Starving Artists.”

    • emily warn says:

      Two Pens’ blog focuses on teaching businesses how to write for social media, an audience that often needs more help than most at participating in a medium essential to their business. Our posts are fun to read–no boring how-to list-posts. And we always make sure the images help tell the story on how to tell a story that will grow your following.

    • Emily Faggion says:

      My vote goes to The Renegade Writer –

      Linda’s daily motivation for writers has encouraged me to keep going through many a tough spot in my freelance career, and for that, I am extremely grateful!

    • Lucie says: I continue to be informed and even challenged on a regular basis by the variety of perspectives offered on subjects I might well give little thought to otherwise.

    • Elisabeth says:

      I would like to nominate The Renegade Writer blog for best writing blog out there. Here’s the link to it

      I love it because Linda is so generous with her knowledge, experience and tips. I always make a point to read her posts, newsletters and books!


    • I nominate

      Linda offers great advice in a simple, friendly way, so that you feel as though you’ve met a writer friend for coffee who is willing to share what has worked for her.

    • Heidi Hill says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli’s Renegade Writer blog, Linda provides a useful mix of practical advice like how to write a query letter along with the emotional advice we crave like overcoming fear of rejection.

    • Nichole says:

      I mean; not sure why I forgot to type “the.”

    • Nichole says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli’s site She is awesome.

    • I would like to nominate

      Two Pens has taken writing to a level of teaching that bridges old school education into new media concepts. With the ease of technology, everyone has become a “writer”. Two Pens teaches how to write, how to tell your story, using not just the technology and the tools, but teaching the education of writing, concepts, and grammatical savvy needed. Two Pens is creative in how they communicate the basics of writing. I have learned more through Two Pens website then that of large online sights and marketers. Why? The teachers and authors of this blog have spent over 30 years in industries that required creative writing, and writing well for their own clients. This is not just another website that was thrown up because it was a good idea. It’s a website dedicated to educating that new writer into intentional, creative, and the academics of writing.

      “Two Pens writes social media content for Microsoft and other businesses. They blog, tweet, brand, write web content and train hundreds of employees at Nordstrom, Costco, AT&T Mobile, and Starbucks in social media writing skills.”

      Thank You, Elizabeth Traub @elizabethtraub

    • Pat Serie says:

      I nominate

    • MJ says:

      The Renegade Writer

    • Dena White says:

      My nomination is for

      This site and the accompanying newsletter has provided me with incredible insight in the industry of freelance writing and always offers valuable advice that I can use.

    • I’d like to nominate

      She’s got a lot of great stuff that’s helped me on my way to being a freelance writer.

    • Kathy says:

      I nominate:

      Carol Tice has created a wealth of material for anyone regardless of where you are in your freelance writing career – are you brand new? A seasoned professional? She’s got you covered with solid information, practical, actionable tips, an engaged community of subscribers, inspiration and motivation to keep you going when you’re not sure what to do next.; she’s a gem who shares her kick ass material with a generosity of spirit and a servant’s heart.

    • The Renegade Writer (http:/ , just like others have rightly mentioned! One of the best writers I saw helping novice writers get up and earn big. Her latest ebook, “Write Your Way Out Of the Rat Race” shows this. There’s a Q/A section on her website which helps novice writers a lot too! And her morning motivation for writers, which motivates us to write something daily. Thanks to her for all of this.

    • CK Luther says:

      Linda Formichelli’s blog The Renegade Writer is a goldmine – combining inspiration, techniques and outstanding resources!

    • Nida Sea says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer:

      Linda’s blog provides informative posts and motivational articles that keep my going in my writing career. She is a wonderful person to connect with and always seeks to answer any question. I look up to her as a mentor and enjoy her blog and books.


    • Candice L says:

      I nominate Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer blog at … Linda’s expertise, ideas, and positive attitude have inspired me for the past 10 years. The Renegade Writer blog is filled with thoughts, conversation, and inspiration to equip and empower freelance writers.

    • Oops. I hit submit too soon.
      This blog is absolutely full of information for any type if writer at any stage of their career. It’s the best!

    • Elizabeth Ellis says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer ( Linda Formichelli helps novice and experienced writers find their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and turn their labors into a real career. She does all of this in an easy-to-digest, friendly, conversational writing style that makes the reader feel empowered after their first visit.

    • I nominate Linda is a wellspring of useful information and loads of fun to read. Love, love, love her stuff!

    • I nominate without blinking. Great content, lots of encouragements and good follow-up on emails. Linda and Diana are as inspirational and as they are approachable and the information on the site covers a great variety of topics. No stone left unturned as they say…

    • Laura says: is my favourite writers blog – Linda’s daily updates keep me going as a writer and her funny anecdotes remind me that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. She is positive, knowledgable and experiences, everything you need in a blogger!

    • The Renegade Writer Blog should totally win. Again!

    • I nominate Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer blog at for the practical and inspiring advice she offers freelance writers. From tracking down editors’ email addresses to writing letters of introduction to trade magazines, Linda shares her wealth of knowledge graciously. Her blog is a must-read for any writer serious about breaking into consumer, trade, or custom publications.

    • I nominate the TheRenegadeWriter. I’ve definitely gained a lot of very practical help from those gals this year.

    • Lisa says:

      Ah this is so hard! There are lots of writing blogs I LOVE and three in particular that I adore and read religiously. However. I’m going to nominate the newest one, because my other two favorites are already familiar to Write to Done readers as former winners, and this new one just started this year. And it’s brilliant and funny and inspiring and true. It’s a motivational kick in the pants, a super-useful how-to resource, and laugh-out-loud funny, all at once. So I nominate Sophie Lizard’s

    • Just realized I have to leave a comment in order for my vote to count for The Renegade Writer

      I accidentally discovered Linda Formichelli’s fantastic blog while beginning to research freelance writing as a career to begin when I returned from the Peace Corps. Every post was/is not only informative or inspirational, but witty and humble. Linda is experienced about the profession, honest about her own process, and available to others . Even if I send a short comment on her Morning Motivations, she acknowledges it. I’ve learned a TON from The Renegade Writer!

    • Bonnie Fox says:

      I nominate

      Incredibly helpful information and always with an upbeat, encouraging attitude.

    • I’d like to nominate The Renegade Writer by Linda Formichelli over at

      Linda’s posts are extremely useful because they help me in my dual life as a magazine editor by day and a freelance writer by night. I especially love her Morning Motivation For Writers – it’s the second thing I read after a devotional email.

    • Sue says:

      I nominate The Renegade Writer blog!

      Consistently useful information in an inspiring package!

    • The Renegade Writer. Practical, immediately useful information. Great overview of the business, practice, and psychology of writing.

    • Charmaine says:

      Hard to choose since there’s so many great blogs out there, but I gotta go with

      Linda is super supportive and full of great advice. I really feel like she’s cheering me on! 🙂

    • I cast my vote for Renegade Writer.

      Linda Formicelli continues to share timely and useful tips for professional writers on a daily basis. I always get a dose of positive energy from her blog.

    • I nominate Two Pens Writing From Both Sides of the Brain blog. It’s aimed at business people who are writing social media or business communications. Serves a solid niche that needs better writing in a world of corporate-speak.

    • Thank you Carol, and I’d like to nominate HER blog: Make a Living Writing, Carol somehow manages to hit upon up-to-the-minute topics in a powerful way every single time.

      • Ty says:

        My “why”…she’s like the virtual coach I never knew I needed. She offers fresh content, everyday.

    • Henneke says:

      Copyblogger probably doesn’t need a nomination, but for me it’s still the go-to blog for non-fiction writers. Whether you’re writing a blog, an ebook, or an e-newsletter, you’ll probably find the most comprehensive, inspirational and useful information on

    • I’d like to nominate Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer blog. Full disclosure — I put on a lot of courses with her…but I find her blog posts are always so super-smart. She’s a sharp observer of what freelance writers need to know and how to inspire them to be bold. I think not enough people know about her blog!

    • Noah says:

      I vote for! Just discovered it last month. It’s great!

    • Janet says:

      I would like to nominate

      I love most of the sites already nominated but positive writer is the most encouraging for me. It’s my favorite writing blog. If I need to a lift to get unstuck I read any of the posts there.

    • I’d like to nominate The Write Practice. Joe Bunting continues his service to writers around the world. The daily practice along with the peer interaction is great to experience. The variety of posts keeps us all coming back for more.

    • I nominate It seems that what I need to hear each week is conveniently there. I can find answers that I can relate to. Most helpful

    • I nominate it offers encouragement, excellent writing advice, and a friendliness /community in the comments that is rare. Thanks!

    • This is tough. There’s so many great sites out there and the ones being nominated here are all great. My vote goes to as it’s one of the sites I visit most often.

    • I nominate two blog sites that continually support other independent authors:

      Maria Savva –

      Darcia Helle –

    • Diane Turner says:

      StoryFix from Larry Brooks.

    • Liam Judge says:

      Hi. This is Liam Judge, an Author/Publisher from the U.K. In my previous comment just above this one, i incorrectly used as my web ID. The reason for this was that i thought that was where i had to state the name of the website i was voting for. Anyway, my vote goes to

    • Liam Judge says:

      I vote for Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs website. He provides so much great advice for authors to expand their fanbase and he describes everything in a very straight-forward way. He also provides a lot of writing tips.

      • Liam Judge says:

        Hi. This is Liam Judge, an Author/Publisher from the U.K. In my previous comment just above this one, i incorrectly used as my web ID. The reason for this was that i thought that was where i had to state the name of the website i was voting for. Anyway, my vote goes to

    • C.B. Pratt says:

      Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs…because it does what it says.

    • ausjenny says:

      I nominate
      its a great site

    • I’d like to nominate

      It offers no nonsense useful information, not the same old query letter tips and how-to set up Twitter. The blog is professionally written, yet feels like advice from an old friend.

    • My favorite blog to visit for writing contests, teaching on the craft, industry updates and consistent encouragement is Seekerville
      And as an incentive to enter a contest, the Seekers many times offer a critique of contest pages and on occasion a fee free voucher to some fortunate commenter.

    • This website is a treasure for writers because it provides a wealth of writing tips that is effective and creative for writers. Also the creator of this website KM Weiland is a strong advocate for writers.

    • Hi Write to Done

      I nominate Jonathan Gunson’s “Bestseller Labs” as the most informative blog.

      Dutch Rhudy

    • Cindy Woolard says:

      My favorite blog to go to for sound advice and exceptional encouragement is Seekerville, The ladies there are willing to go the extra mile to teach and encourage their Readership.

      Smiles & Blessings,
      Cindy W.

    • Kiri says:

      I’ll have to go for Bestseller Labs. Not only is it a really informative blog but Jonathan is really nice to boot 🙂

    • Im voting on bedtseller labs blog.

      • Thanks Taz. Life in Australia treats you well? PS. I think you mean ‘bestseller labs’ blog. (I don’t sell ‘beds’ LOL)

    • I’m nominating ‘Bestseller Labs’ it’s not only interesting but it is a very informative and helpful blog, one that I highly recommend to anyone passing this way looking for a blog worth making note of.

      The link is:

    • The blog I nominate is the “Bestseller Labs” blog. Jonathan Gunson owns Bestseller Labs blog. Sorry that I do not know the URL link offhand…

    • My blog I wanna nominate is . the reason is because her stories are original even though it sometimes are slightly similar to stuff I read like manga. Her stories are really wonderful and I wanna support her all the way.

    • My favorite go-to blog for writing helps is

    • Love the resources and the tips

      • Thanks for your support Alana.

        That’s a link to an article at my blog. (To save Mary Jaksch having to search, the main blog address is )

        Come to think of it, why has no-one nominated itself? I’d do it except I’ve already used up my vote for the beautiful blog by Roger Colby. Perhaps someone else will jump in. 🙂

        Jonathan Gunson

    • Diana says:

      Love the resources!!

    • For this, I can
      recommend Jonathan Gunson’s blog at where he educates, encourages, and mentors quietly. You can also find him @JonathanGunson on Twitter.

    • Adair M says:

      I would like to nominate ‘The Dear Lewis Series’ by Agatha Moar.

      I am deeply inspired by the richness of life through this blogger’s journey. The roses to be smelled are blossoming. Thank you for sharing with us these things “Bussy”.

      My favourite aspect is you can never guess what will be next, not in your wildest dreams. Good luck Agatha.

    • I nominate Elaine Stock’s Everyone’s Story (! Elaine has a unique way of showcasing authors and the related comments are always conversational and inspirational.


      Amazing, informative and educational.

    • Kristi Lazzari says:

      I vote for
      Jonathan Gunson’s advice is straightforward and I always enjoy reading.

    • Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs Blog is essential reading for me.

    • Jonathan Gunson…very helpful and I have learned tons from him.

    • I nominate K.M. Weiland’s
      for continuous helpful feeds that really help me improve my writing.

    • I nominate the blog, Seekerville
      This group of ladies (The Seekers) are AWESOME!! They not only share their wealth of writing knowledge, but the blog often features guests who also share tons of great tips and information about writing and the publishing world. But most importantly to me, it’s obvious the Seekers WANT to help others, and do all they can to educate and encourage their readers. To me, Seekerville is the BEST place to visit if you’re a writer! 🙂

    • Pablo says:

      I nominate
      The blog is like an online course with tons of evey-day tips, ebooks, etc.
      And I really love it. 🙂

    • Susan Brannock says:

      I’d like to nominate K.M. Weiland’s site She has concise, relevant material. Aside from offering solid teaching, she is highly approachable. There are many great blogs to find information on writing but not many bloggers that are as engaged with their audience. The sense of community is helpful, fun and encouraging.

    • I nominate Seekerville,

      Seekerville strives to teach, encourage, and inspire writers at every level. In addition to the regular bloggers, Seekerville often hosts other well-known authors and industry professionals. Visitors stay engaged via the comment section, which is always buzzing with an active discussion of the day’s topic.

    • I nominate Seekerville ( ) .

      Seekerville offers writers the opportunity to learn and grow with daily posts covering every aspect you can imagine on the road to publication. The Seekers offer tips on the mechanics of writing and what’s new in the industry as do guest bloggers who interact with the conversation all day. Everyone feels welcome in Seekerville.

      And, of course, there’s always food.

    • I nominate Seekerville:

      This is my go-to blog every day. If I have any questions, there are ample articles to answer them, and the daily blogs are informative and encouraging. Top notch authors and industry professionals teach the craft of writing and address industry trends and expectations. The women who run Seekerville are genuinely interested in the people who visit the site, and take time greet visitors.

    • I nominate

      Literary, lyrical prose both humorous and deeply thoughtful. Emphasis on storytelling. A dementia caregiver’s journal. For a decade, Samantha Mozart was sole, unpaid caregiver for her mother who finally was liberated from dementia at age 97 in April 2012. Samantha’s stories are more how-not-to than how-to.

      A dementia caregiver’s journal plus other stories, essays and poems, fiction and nonfiction, an image gallery of Samantha’s mother’s watercolors and Samantha’s photos, plus a music playlist. Some of the posts come with soundtracks.

      Meet Moriarty, the Phantom of the Blog.

    • Mike Hunter says:

      I would like to nominate as a potential “Top 10 Blogs for Writers”

      The Blog contains articles, stories and interviews directly related to writing and the techniques writers of any skill level need to be successful.

    • I nominate

      The blog is like an online course in “How to Write a Book and Get It Published” with a supportive international blog community, virtual food, birthday parties and opportunities for writers to pitch their stories to editors and agents. Seekerville is the place to be for authors and writers on the road to publication as well as readers who want to learn more about the books they love to read.

    • I nominate Seekerville at because not only is it an outstanding blog for writers that teaches, inspires, encourages, and informs on the road to publication and beyond, but it was listed on Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers. As if that isn’t enough, it is one of the largest and most personal gathering of readers who become like family.

      Thank you for the opportunity to vote.

      Kind regards,
      Julie Lessman

    • Helen Gray says:

      I nominate This group of ladies offer a wealth of tips and encouragement to writers at every level.

    • I am nominating My Book Therapy because they not only help with learning the craft if writing but they also encourage the writer. It is writers helping writers. They discuss some of the obstacles encountered in everyday life and how to find time to still write. Every writer has an amazing story to tell.

    • I would like to vote for They share great information for writers every single post. There is also a wealth of information archived on their site.

    • Hands down has to be (formerly thebookshelfmuse). They always have information about how to improve writing, they post useful tips and examples of character traits, and they recently had a week long writers-helping-writers event where writers sent in requests for help and other writers pitched in and offered their expertise in one of 10 areas. Those ladies are doing a fabulous job and deserve the recognition.

    • Connie says:

      I’d like to nominate — because it’s daily inspiration and practical advice to both unpublished and published authors, many prize giveaways, and even the occasionally visits from well-known editors/agents. Best of all, they throw great virtual parties!

    • Kav says:

      I nominate — written by a group of authors who have shared their journey to publication. They are true encouragers and inspire me daily.

    • Jennifer says:

      I nominate Jami Gold’s Writing Blog (

      I love this writing blog because there is an abundant supply of tips you can use to help you at any stage of writing (pre-writing, drafting, revision). The tips and techniques are explained clearly and succinctly. It seemed as though all the questions I had about the craft of writing were addressed on this blog and those very posts inspired me, cleared up confusing issues, and helped me make more conscious decisions while writing. There are also a variety of helpful story structure templates for planning your book. I loved the Romance Beat Sheet. 🙂
      Thank you, Ms. Gold, for the wealth of info you have shared with your fellow writers! 🙂

    • Giulia says:

      I nominate The Write Practice

      Since I started hitting the blog, I’ve found myself more motivated to write. The community of writers there offers feedback and is very supportive, and the writing articles and/or prompts provided by Joe and his team are really good. I’ve yet to find another site that is as stimulating or inspiring.

    • CaraG says:

      I nominate:

      This blog merits daily visits for its advice, support, encouragement, news, friendship, etc. Can’t think of anything not offered here by an amazing group of published writers.

    • I didn’t even have to think about who to nominate for this award. “Writers Helping Writers” (Home of the Bookshelf Muse) is my number one choice when it comes to getting valuable advice on writing. The authors are talented and share their expertise unselfishly and are a great team of people. Their “Thesaurus” Books such as the “Emotion Thesaurus” have helped me numerous times when I need to find the right words for describing my characters with descriptions that “pop!”

      I’m more than happy to nominate “Writers Helping Writers” for this prestigious award.

      Their URL is

      Thank you for letting me nominate my favorite writing site!

    • I would like to nominate Roger Colby’s lovely writing blog ‘Writing Is Hard Work’.

      I have no idea how on earth Roger manages such a prolific output, with his teaching, students, book writing and being Dad to 4 pre-teen children whose lives he’s heavily involved with. Of course I suppose the answer to that is ‘That what most MOTHERS have to do!’ (I just admire his work – my own boys are long since grown up. Empty nest is very quiet by comparison.)

      Here’s a great post of his – very high value, full of rich research and scholarship, yet so easy to read :

      ‘Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers’

      Jonathan Gunson

    • Julia says:

      I would like to nominate the self-publishing team Duolit It’s got some really great articles for social media, writing and self-publishing

    • Nominating

      Superior content, helpful, informative and never disappoints.

    • I nominate Seekerville
      Because of the Seekerville ladies, I went from knowing zip about writing to winning an RWA contest in the space of two years. They are so helpful and friendly, no matter what stage a writer is at. Besides helpful posts saturated with writerly wisdom, constant giveaways draw writers and readers who meet there and help one another. I met my critique partners there. Can’t recommend them enough.

    • Sarah E says:

      Jonathan engages and encourages his readers in such a way that makes them feel like he knows each and every one of them are destined for success. His posts are easy to follow, informative, uplifting, and inspiring. I always feel motivated to work on my writing after reading anything that Jonathan posts. Kudos to him for being a guidepost for so many aspiring authors! He deserves this honor, to be sure.

    • I nominate helping writers become authors

      The advice and insight is always timely and educational and conveyed in an entertaining enjoyable manner. There is never any “fluff ” but always solid “nuts and bolts ” information that helps writers immensely.

    • I nominate !!!

    • Yes, definitely go for Jonathon Gunson’s evergreen content paradise “bestseller labs”
      Priceless content.

    • I nominate Jonathon Gunson’s terrific

    • I’d like to nominate Bestseller Labs’ Blog

    • I’d like to nominate

      He has educated, entertained, and even inspired me. Choosing a favorite blog among so many great ones available was difficult. The addition of audio posts sets Drew Chial apart.

    • kate says:

      I nominate The Bane of Your Resistance with great pleasure.

      Rosanne never fails to expose the saboteur, no matter what disguise it wears. Her focus on developing good writing habits is second to none and extremely empowering for writers in any stage of the process. Lots of great info on how the writer’s brain works too — love it!

    • I nominate Pen and Prosper ( It is such an amazing blog for writers, and I have learned a whole lot from the helpful and interesting posts that Jennifer is always serving up. She warmly connects with her readers and is always finding creative ways to make Pen and Prosper a great blog.

    • I nominate The Write Conversation, by Edie Melson. There are daily posts for writers of all stages and genres. As I writer, I have found it to be a great resource for tips to improve my writing, what editors and agents are looking for, education on social media, trends in the writing industry, and encouragement to continue writing even when you’re discouraged.

    • I nominate Brynna Hall’s creativity, imagination, and beautiful formation of words will make you feel things you didn’t know you could feel. Her artistic delivery is unique, beautiful, and addicting. More people need to read her stuff, because more people need to the feel things that her writings make you feel.

    • Nicola says:

      I’d like to nominate The website is full of excellent practical advice, and so is the newsletter!

    • Alan Ault says:

      Nomination for best blog: The

    • Lorna G. Poston says:

      I nominate Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M. Weiland ( because it is full of useful information for writers in all levels of writing experience.

    • I’d like to nominate Everyone’s Story, which is a wonderful blog about relevant and deep faith topics ran by Elaine Stock.

      • Hmmm…. I suppose hitting the return button automatically submits a comment. My apologies, dear readers. Anyway, let me try that, again. I nominate the wonderful Elaine Stock’s blog EVERYONE’S STORY, because every post is an encouragement to others. To read more than one at a time is to feel the “I can do this, too” faith building up inside you. Something that has kept me going many times as I’ve traveled the long road of this writer’s journey. Many thanks, Elaine!

        You can find her over at:

    • I agree on Miss Snark’s First Victim. The monthly secret agent contests, and annual Baker’s Dozen contest provide access to get work in front of active industry professionals and hand-picked agents. Editors who aren’t a part of the official BD contest will lurk through the entries. The blog offers other opportunities to post pitches and first lines for feedback.

    • I nominate Edie Melson at She gives great tips and encouragement.

    • Emilie says:

      I would like to nominate my own blog. I know I’m not going to win any award as no one knows about my blog except my friends and family.

      But, by putting it here, in the comments, where blog readers alos come to post their favorite blog, they might be interested in checking my blog out while they’re at it!

      I love writing, I’ve always wrote. I have a very active imagination in all horror, suspense areas… And I enjoy when people read me and give me feedback; I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing, further my own style, etc.

      And, most of all, I believe in myself and I think my stories are good and quite entertaining.
      So if you go check out my blog, thank you for reading me!!

      Lili F.Robinson

    • I would like to nominate Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs:
      Not only is the website user friendly & easy to navigate, Jonathan provides practical, timely advice to authors, both self-published and traditionally published! There are many inspiring and useful articles on this website and I love how Jonathan takes the time to respond to his many followers who take the time to leave a comment. He is a wonderfully talented writer and tremendously supportive of his fellow authors!

    • I nominate It always has good writing tips, or a humorous post on the writing life.

    • I nominate

      IMHO Sophie is the greatest ! She offers real time, real word help to aspiring and seasoned writers,
      with a sense of humor. Her constant contact, knowledge, and red hair are a major inspiration to many.
      Go Sophie !

      And let’s face it, the name Sophie Lizard ? You can’t make sh*t like that up !



    • Jan Hawke says:

      I nominate Dave Bricker’s blog – The World’s Greatest Book

      It has must see articles on writing tips and how to self publish and publicize for indie authors of all stripes.

    • Andy Traub says:

      I nominate Jeff Goins of because he consistently writes about the fear we all feel when we write as well as best practices to be a better writer.

    • Williesha says:

      I’d like to nominate Brandon Monk’s site Read. Learn. Write. He has helped me to become both a better reader and writer and is unflinching in offering paid guest post opportunities for bloggers to showcase their writing. His posts are always informative and in-depth. (

    • I would like to nominate Joanna Penn’s writing blog, The Creative Penn:

    • Nurul says:

      I vote for
      Ali is an inspiring writer and blogger. She shares practical advice for writing and life. She never fails to interact with her readers positively 🙂

    • Alicia says:

      This is so hard because there are so many great writing blogs out there. I wish I had more than one nomination, but I’m going to go with K.M. Weiland’s blog, Helping Writers Become Authors (

      I think this site deserves a nomination because she gives realistic and useful tips every time at the perfect level for her audience. She really knows what she’s talking about and has a lot of experience to back it up.

    • I second Miss Snark’s First Victim:

      The posts and contests on her blog, along with the community she helps create, manage to be simultaneously rousingly encouraging AND exceedingly helpful.

    • Percy Kerry (@percykerry) says:

      I go for Writers and Authors ( I am voting for this blog because, in my opinion, Jo Feliciani is doing an outstanding job of helping new authors come up, promoting debut authors and also writes useful articles on the writing business.

    • I nominate Jonathon Gunson. His blog is invaluable for writers. A fantastic resource. helpful, informative and always surprising.

    • I nominate It’s a great resource for writers and readers. They offer free books in exchange for a review. They have contests for those who write a review. The books vary in genre, providing a variety to choose from. As a writer, it’s a free marketing tool that allows you access to their 12,000 subscribers.

      The website is easy to navigate, and they send you an email whenever a new book is offered.

    • Kat Laytham says:

      K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors blog.

      I take on board a lot of the advice on this blog, and it is part of the reason my writing is gradually improving.

    • I’ve like to nominate Jonathan Gunson’s “Bestseller Labs” site. It’s very informative and the posts are always interesting.


    • I’m nominating because of what it’s done to help fiction writers go out there to show their stories and get read;)

    • I vote
      Every single one of its posts has proved to be extremely helpful and specially in my case.
      She totally deserves it.

    • Abbe Hoggan says:

      I love Miss Snark’s First Victim:

      Great writing community. Regular contests allow writers to get feedback from other writers and from agents on what works for them and what doesn’t. She even does a Critique Partner Dating Service from time to time. Wonderful writing resource.

    • Emilyn says:

      I vote
      Because the tips are put simply and K. M. Weiland also puts up a youtube video once a week for those who don’t feel like reading at the moment.

    • I unhesitatingly recommend Jonathan Gunson’s Bestseller Labs blog for this award. The link is: and his blogs are both informative and practical for writers like myself. They are updated regularly and in addition Jonathan makes a point of replying to nearly all the responses he gets. Regards, John van den Berg

    • I have three favorites that come immediately to mind; however, if I have to boil it down to one…


      Each week, BAFB produces top-notch content directed toward bloggers of all levels (from wide-eyed beginners to jaded experts). It’s not only a wonderful archive of infinite knowledge — it’s also a fantastic community, as evidenced by the very active (and nearly always friendly/professional) comments!

      BAFB also offers something that many other freelance writing sites do not: It focuses solely on blogging. Even though most writing websites DO talk about online writing, none are so thoroughly niched as Sophie Lizard’s Be a Freelance Blogger. It’s hand-tailored to speak to modern-day freelancers looking to make a real living from their online writing.

    • I’m casting my vote for Writer Unboxed ( So many great contributors expert in writing tips and resources (like Porter Anderson, Dan Blank, Jane Friedman, Victoria Mixon) hardly leaves a chance you won’t find something helpful, educational or new to ponder.

      It’s unfortunate we can only have one vote because I can think of many I’d vote for, but Writer Unboxed usually comes up with something I need when I need it most.

      • Liz Brown says:

        I second for Writer Unboxed ( It really has something for everyone. I’ve bookmarked so many of the posts for future reference. Check it out!

    • Myvanwy says:

      I nominate the Dear Lewis series!
      It’s such an original concept; a series of letters to the love of the author’s life, Lewis the winemaker. Excellent writing!

    • I love the dear lewis series as the blogger describes her feelings and thoughts in such an interesting manner that you look forward to the next chapter,therefore I nominate this series for this award!Noreen

    • Congratulations on a great initiative! Most newbie (and not so newbie) writers owe the launch of their writing careers to a handful of dedicated bloggers. They do the work that allows us, as writers, to spend more time writing and less time trawling the web for information.
      One such blogger is Jonathan Gunson may not be the most prolific blogger out there, but there is a reason for that: it’s because he’s the most supportive. He not only answers every comment, without exception, but does so with enthusiasm and thoroughness. He is a great human being, and so gets my nod for this prestigious award.

    • Erik says:

      I nominate Chuck Wendig’s blog,

      Chuck gives excellent writing/attitude/life advice about what it takes to get into a writing career.
      He writes about many aspects of writing that I wasn’t aware of.
      His blog is an excellent resource for finding writing advice, story challenges, different methods for creating a character, and outlining. He also has the occasional post in which he interviews other writers who share their experience in the writing world. The style in which he writes gets my attention.

    • This is a difficult choice. I do wish the competition would permit multiple entries. Since I am limited to one I’m going with Angela Ackerman’s and Rebecca Puglisi’s new site


      Their site is crammed full of writer resources and tools to such an amazing extent that when I’m composing, it’s always open in the background for quick reference. In addition to their reference tools, Angela and Rebecca offer tremendously helpful content and linked connections to other blogs and resources. They’re always teaching new ways to enhance and deepen their readers’ writing. They’re among the best!

    • I nominate Edie Mahoney Melson’s blog,

      Edie’s blog covers all the bases with writing encouragement, lessons, and social media advice. She has grown her blog readership by putting these things into practice and then passing on what she’s learned in the process.

    • I have to recommend @JonathanGunson’s blog, This blog is packed from margin to margin with articles on publishing, growing a writers platform, using social media and all things writerly. It’s an incredible resource for writers and I find myself going back again and again, reading the posts and learning something new each time. I visit a lot of blogs and Jonathan Gunson’s blog is definitely one of the Top 10 Blogs For Writers!

    • I nominate Everyone’s Story at

      Elaine Stock does a great job promoting writers and informing readers on her
      lovely blog, Everyone’s Story. Truly she is an encouragement to “writers, readers
      and everyone in-between.” She is responsive and seems to have a good rapport
      with those who comment on her blog. I applaud her efforts!

    • I nominate Elaine Stock’s wonderful blog, Everyone’s Story:

      Not only is Elaine a talented, aspiring author herself, but she regularly features published authors asking them to share their paths to publication, personal faith journeys, and from-the-heart encouragement for fellow writers and readers alike. The best part, I think, is that Elaine interacts with everyone who comments, making each feel special and appreciated–it makes her guests’ experience so personal and uplifting. And helps the guest bloggers feel welcome. A blessing on all sides.

    • Karen Tooth says:

      I nominate the blog
      I have followed the inspiring travels of young Aussie, Agatha as she journeys physically, psychologically and spiritually through France, South America and India.
      In the form of letters, this blog is written to an unwitting winemaker and love called Lewis.
      Well written, funny and insightful – thoroughly recommend.

    • I nominate Joanna Penn is just simply amazing. Wish I had more than one vote though. there are several awesome blogs I love. 🙂

    • Will says:

      I nominate

      Great resource for writers on all facets of the indie publishing sphere.

    • Mirta Gili says:

      I think the best blog is because it is written by a long suffering woman who at the same time that is telling her ailments, is inspiring you to be grateful for everything we receive every day. Whether you need confort or not it is a beautiful blog.

    • I would like to nominate: Johnathan Gunson’s blog at:

      • Very informative-especially for writers like myself and so, so, so many others out there-also very organized and easy to layout which is so important as well as the content is the appearance.

    • Annette Mardis says:

      I’d like to nominate Jonathan Gunson’s site helps writers avoid common pitfalls and offers lots of encouragement. And Jonathan is very responsive to those who post on his blog. He’s upbeat, helpful and supportive.

    • elle says:

      I nominate the wonderful Esther Fink of

      Her blogs inspire me and make me laugh. What more could you want? Every time I finish reading on eof her posts, I go about my day differently. (in a good, fabulous way). Her works rocks.

    • I nominate Jonathan Gunson’s site is awesome!

    • meg thompson says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy’s blog: The Other Side of the Story. Her writing is sublime and the tips are always detailed and insightful. Her weekly first page critique is fantastic.

    • I nominate Bestseller Labs by Jonathan Gunson. His blog is full of great tips for writers, and I always look forward to his helpful advice and encouragement. His blog:

    • I would like to nominate Kristen Lamb. She is a true writer’s advocate, and her posts are always deeply insightful, honest and incredibly supportive. There are many who are deserving, and she is one of the very best!

      Angela Ackerman

    • Ale Avila says:

      I am gladly voting for and Marquita Herald. I have been a frequent visitor to her site and I always walk away with a feeling of self fulfillment. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog as the posts are focused and very informative.

      All the best Marquita!

    • I nominate K M Weiland’s blog

      She always finds fresh topics to shine a light on to illuminate the writer’s journey, and does so with authority, warmth and humor in a way that attracts many writerly fans.

    • Chloe says:

      I check this blog constantly just to see if anything has been posted. Luckily, the writer never keeps us waiting. She posts about two blogs a week and I always find a way to relate to them somehow. I never thought I could find myself through the words of others.