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Writing a book and getting it published successfully is a dream for many fanatics. However, book writing is often distressing for a large number of writers. The reason lies on the rejection by publishers. But, don’t worry, as, in this article, we are going to reveal how you can succeed in writing and publishing a book.

Undeniably, writing needs the commitment to sit down, concentrate, and work for long hours. In addition, you need to ensure that your creation imbues creativity, interest, and fascinating aspects for readers. Only through this way, you will be able to create masterpieces. To start with your book writing journey, you don’t need to just sit and write a book. You will have to follow the flow i.e. writing sentences, paragraphs, and eventually a chapter. In essence, writing works in fits and bits, following a gradual process.

Writing is not a complicated task but requires commitment. While reviewing what I wrote, I have come up with some effective tips that can help you in writing interesting books successfully. Also, you can learn about the ways to improve your productivity as a writer. Read along to discover everything:


So You Do You Actually Succeed in Your Book Writing Plan?

In essence, book writing requires you to some essential steps. I have spent valuable time identifying the secrets that help you in writing content that is easy to digest for readers. Have you ever thought about becoming an author of a bestselling book? If yes, then this guide will provide you with every knowledge to achieve the goal.

Book writing follows three simple steps:

  1. Initialization

You need to begin to finish writing a book. Though it might be an overlooked step, you need to decide about what you will be writing on, and how will you proceed with the plan. You can create a mind map about the aspects that you will be covering in the book.

  1. Motivation

Just like any other profession, writing requires motivation. You will come across a series of doubts and overwhelming situations that will allow you to plan. In this way, you will be put off due to the obstacles that come on your way.

  1. Completion

None cares about what you write. A large number of readers want to read a book that is actually complete. Thus, you should rely on your ability to start and complete a book.

Following are the best tips to succeed in your book-writing plan. Once you are done with writing a book, you can proceed towards publishing:

Think About What You Will Write

When talking about book writing, you start with simple words, lines, paragraphs, one-page outline, and gradually a complete book. You can begin thinking about what you are going to write. Once you decide about what you are going to write, then you can proceed to make the Table of Contents. It will help you in the journey to write and complete a book. You can consider your book in term of starting, mid, and ending. However, you should keep in mind that the more complicated you try to become, more difficult it gets for the readers to understand you.


When writing a book, you should consider writing at a place that you will be utilized exclusively for writing activities. Be it a desk, kitchen table, coffee shop, or any other place, the moment you enter into that place, you should automatically think about writing. Also, you can make your writing space compelling and motivating through placing Writing Facts & Quotes on the desk. In addition, you can place book cover abstracts on a wall covering that reminds you of writing. In this way, you will stay consistent and committed to writing.

In addition, you can also allocate a specific time for writing activities. Interestingly, our mind tends to become more creative when we allocate time for specific activities. This way, we send signals to our brain to jump start with the creative juices for writing. You can assign a daily deadline to yourself, leading to completion of the book. In case, you fall sick, you can take a day off and schedule that task ahead.

But, you should aim for never missing a deadline. You should tell yourself to never fall off the hook through missing a dealing easily for no valid reason. You can set daily time and deadline. In this way, you will not have to think about taking out time from the schedule for writing activities. When the time comes, you will perhaps think about writing.

Assign a Daily Word Count

Even the most famous writers including John Grisham have accepted to take out time from a busy schedule for writing. To achieve the writing goal, the best writers set daily word count limit. For instance, taking out an hour or two in the morning can allow you to write a page or even more every day. In this way, you will be able to complete a book in a matter of a few months. Through setting a word count target, you can achieve daily goals effectively.

You need to set a weekly goal. For this, you can do this by assigning word count target. Once you achieve a goal, you can celebrate progress and stay honest about the remaining work. Various ghost writer for hire has stated that assigning a daily word count can help a writer in becoming disciplined towards writing. In essence, you need something to aim for and measure progress. It is the best way to get the work done.

Nothing is worse than creating a book and then rewriting it just due to fact that you did not allow anyone to review it. You can refer to the trusted advisers who can assist you with valuable writing material. These people can belong to your friends, family, editor or other people. You need to ensure that you are moving on the right path.


No matter what happens, you should complete a book that you started writing. Once written, you can proceed to release it worldwide. You can also send it to a publisher, share it on Amazon, and make more efforts to bring that book in front of the audience. You should ensure to never let your book kept in a drawer. The worst you can do with your writing journey is to leave a book unshared with the world after you finished writing it.

Accept Failure

You have successfully written a book; you made it. Now, it’s the time to publish and share what you think with the world. But, what if things don’t go in the way you had expected? The best way to get around with such a situation is to accept failure. Sometimes tough moments teach the best lesson in life. It will create positive energy in you, making you more determinant and come up with something outstanding this time.

Start with a New Project

Many times, the first few books are just published to learn what audience prefer and dislike. Without publishing your first book, you cannot identify what you had missed on and what could have been improved. You need to practice to get perfect. Thus, you can consider the first few books as a source of improvement for the upcoming ones. Interestingly, every writer started from a point. Then, they made mistakes and learned from their mistakes.

Final Words

We have revealed the easiest steps to succeed in book writing journey. Also, we have explained what to do if your book fails to perform well. Receiving feedback on your work can work great in improving your writing skills.


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