Creative Writing Exercise: Can You Come up With the Story Behind This Image?

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    What is the story behind this image?

    Can you come up with a mini-story of not more than 350 words?

    In case you’re not familiar with our Creative Writing Prompt Challenge, here’s how it works:

    • We set the scene
    • You make it your own, and
    • Share your creation in the comments section of this post

     Now for the ground rules:

    • Your story must be 350 words or less.
    • Your work must be original and not previously published.
    • WTD provides an encouraging and safe environment for writers to grow and learn from each other. We’d love you to comment on other people’s submissions in a friendly and supportive manner.

    This month’s writing prompt is designed to develop your storytelling skills.  Here, your prompt is an image. Can you weave an interesting story around this image in 350 words or less?

     We can’t wait to read what you come up with, so please copy your story into the comments section of this post.

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    • Theresa Sarver says:

      So, let me tell you what happened….
      Last Saturday, my Mom was getting ready to run some errands. She popped into my room and asked, “Hey Sweetie, I’m leaving soon. You wanna’ come along?” I really didn’t feel like going because it was one of those dreary, rainy kind of Saturday mornings. Soccer season was over so I was still in my jammies, snuggled under my blanket, watching my favorite episodes of That 70s Show on Netflix.
      I said, “Nah, I’m feeling lazy this morning.” But then I thought, Mom has been so busy lately with her new catering business, especially on weekends and I really miss our Saturdays together—just us girls. I decided I’d catch up with Michael, Fez and the rest of the gang later on…
      I hollered, “Mom, wait for me, I’m coming.”
      …Well, we had finished up all the errands in town and were just sitting down to have some lunch at Applebees, when a lady passing by our table called my Mom’s name. Mom’s face lit up when she saw who it was. She said, “Samantha, I would like to introduce you to my old friend from high school, Tricia Landers.” Tricia smiled and told us that just yesterday, she moved back to town with her husband, Perry Chandler and their son, Lucas. Mom and Tricia exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together soon to catch up. I could tell they had been close friends.
      Amy impatiently interrupted, saying, “So what? Come on—Get to the good part!”
      I grinned and said, “Hold on, I’m getting to it!” So, Monday morning, I was almost late for first period. I forgot my English Journal and had to run back to my locker before the bell rang. I slammed my locker door and started bolting to class, when I ran smack into this really cute boy. Our books went flying everywhere. We were both embarrassed but we laughed it off while we gathered up our stuff. Before we headed off in separate directions, he said,
      “By the way, I’m Lucas …Lucas Chandler. What’s your name?”

    • Nicole says:

      Writing is a job that most people can be trained to do. The lucky writers also possess some talent, but hard work trumps talent any day. Oh, and this list was not compiled specifically for fiction writers. I tried to put together a list that would be useful for a wide range of writers, whether they are copywriters, poets, or authors (fiction or nonfiction).

    • Tope says:

      Mum, mum, I kept screaming…

      As I turned around to go in search of her, I saw her just by my door beaming with smiles.

      I ran towards and gave her a big hug.

      I had told her what I wanted for my birthday but when I saw what she got me, it far out weighed what I asked.

      It was the most amazing gift ever!

      Christine said as she told Linda, Tina, Kim and Lilian about the surprise her mum had cooked up just for her earlier in the day.

    • Nithish G says:

      ‘Joe,’ Celine called him with a smile.
      Jo turned his face towards her.
      ‘You see them?’ She asked.
      He turned back towards the living room where their children were sitting around the girl in the green top, and nodded…
      The children were laughing and were extremely happy. The girl in the green top was saying her events as an orphan in an orphanage few kilometres away…
      The children were laughing, and finally retarded with tears in their eyes…
      Night, when all went to fast asleep, Joe and Celine were thinking something pleasently…
      ‘Celine, I’m feeling so great,’ Joe said. ‘Adopting her was the best thing that we had did in our entire life.. She is happy, so is our children…’

    • Kevin Lee says:

      The mischievous look on Cindy’s face would lead one to believe that some misdeed was about to take place. This was far from the truth but Cindy, nevertheless, took on the facial expression of a madman as she taunted the girls with her antics before pulling out the name of the lucky young lady that would get to eat the last Smore of the evening. “Will it be Tonya” she taunted, “Or will it be Amy,” as she dug her hand in the bucket coming out empty handed, “Or will it be you Suzy,” “We all know that you love Smores more than anyone in the world.” Just as Cindy pulled a name from the pail the room went dark. The girls shrieked in terror all scrambling to get closer to one another. Then, coming from the hallway they heard the familiar crunch of graham crackers, chocolate, and peanut butter accompanied by the sinister laugh of Cindy’s younger brother, Tom.

    • ChrisK says:

      “We all have our most treasured possession in the basket,” said Janey. “Now, these words.”

      The hubbub of chatter and laughter faded to silence; a quiet stunned by the absence of noise. Rain tatted like gravel on the bedroom window as a strengthening gale forced it in gusts against the glass.

      “Black haired nun. Black haired nun. Come to the party and make us run.”

      Trish snickered. She was sharply shushed. The girls all took up the chant on the next evocation.

      “Black haired nun. Black haired nun. Come to the party and make us run.”

      “This is lame,” said Trish and was shushed again. On the third chant the dark ghost of Sister Beth, drowned hundreds of years ago in the nearby River Grindstone, was meant to appear. She was said to be a young girl, no older than any of them in the room, orphaned by the plague and sent by distant relatives to live in a cold and loveless convent.

      A heavy pause before the third chant.

      “Black haired nun…”

      A clattering of heavy rain, tree leaves sighing.

      “Black haired nun…”

      Drainpipe water splashing in puddles, branches creaking.

      “Come to the party and make us run.”

      They waited, anticipated, noiseless, until Janey threw up her arms and said in a squeaky old woman voice, “I am the black haired nun, what do you want?”

      The girls burst out laughing . Janey’s left hand touched soaking wet cloth, they sensed the smell of mold and death.

    • Wayne Kelso says:

      Judith was just back from what she told her friends was a ‘holiday in the South’. The South of what she didn’t say, but she apparently had a story to tell that her friends wouldn’t believe, even in their wildest, maddest and most warped of dreams. She hit the speed-dial, and within half an hour Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Brandy were at her front door, let in by Judith’s weary looking mother, and shot upstairs to their friend’s bedroom. Judith was throwing objects out of a suitcase that appeared packed to the point of bursting, despite her vacation being only a week long. They invited themselves in and perched upon the bed.
      “So what happened?” Anne asked expectantly, all eyes and ears wide open as Judith strutted over and sat among them. She began, quite naturally, at the very beginning, with her and her family leaving the house, but Brandy rushed her along.
      “Boring boring boring.” She interrupted with a trio of sweeping hand gestures. “Get to the good part already.” Judith’s tone and body language took on an altogether greater seriousness. She peered round each of them as if to ensure no one else was present.
      “Well, on our 3rd day there…” She spoke in hushed whispers, pausing constantly and saying how uncomfortable she had suddenly become, but her friends had not come over to be disappointed, not after how much she’d hyped up the yarn she now nervously spun. She told them of being stood in her hotel lobby; a big, fancy, opulent lobby of course, when she got the feeling someone was following her. Each time she turned a figure that quickly became familiar was in view, regardless of where she went. Short and slim, wearing a large jacket and wide brimmed hat. She hid round a corner to get away but she heard purposeful footsteps approaching. Closer, closer and closer until it sprang round and yelled ‘Boo!’ It was her brother wearing their father’s clothes. Judith’s friends collapsed in a sea of groans, and Judith proceeded to laugh herself silly, and seconds later the others followed.

    • kalyani baride says:

      The night of Thanksgiving arrived and my friends got gifts for our house. I was a little overwhelmed. I was very happy and we all talked a lot. During bed time we played a small game. I have seen adults playing the game of truth and dare. But I dint wanna play that as it was too early in our friendship to play that game. So I twisted the game and named it horrible and beautiful. The rule was as the bottle would spin and whoever it points at, has to speak about a day that was horrible or beautiful. They all liked the idea. We started and the bottle managed to point at me first. So I shared my experience of both horrible and beautiful of when I was in 4th grade and I had gone to an amusement park with my family. I told them about the swirly-worley ride which was very horrible as it had scared the life out of me. So this swirly-worley is a giant rotating swivel that rises to steep angle of 120 degrees and reaches a height of 148 feet from the ground level. I was very hesitant to sit on that ride as I thought I might get an heart attack. But one my favourite cousin had agreed to sit next to me so I wasn’t that scared but as the ride started, I went crazy. As and how the swivel kept going up, I started screaming. I was literally shouting “JESUS SAVE ME! OH MY GOD I AM GONNA DIE” and my cousin kept laughing and kept asking me to open my eyes. I was damn scared. The funny thing was whenever my cousin yelled “kiah open your eyes” I used to open and shut them within a second because I couldn’t comprehend that I was flying. First they were all listening intently but then they bursted out laughing. I shared only those parts where I was scared and that made them laugh even more. It was one crazy night I had with them. My hostile classmates were really my friends now. My first ever sleep over and it was amazing. Later I also got to hear funny and some really horrible stories but all in all it was fun. We then had milk and we slept.

    • phil dibble says:

      “I’m pregnant!”

    • Kimberly Moyer says:

      I did it! She took me to the store today! I told mom I wanted polka dot zebra flip flops from the dollar bin first. I know right that’s not possible but she started searching all the way to the bottom.
      I remembered seeing this black bucket on the clearance shelf and I knew it was the right size. No, it’s okay I saw the orange discount sticker on the bottom for fifty cents, that’s why I asked you all to bring your dimes to school.
      I even told mom it was for father’s day and she just said that’s great. That’s right I’ve given her so many hints and she still can’t figure it out the surprise.
      Of course I tested it out and it held me up without breaking. Just wait until they sleep and then we can reach the paint on the shelf.
      I told you I made a 100 on my spelling test, Ms. Parker says I read on a third grade level and I’m only in first so I’m ahead. So I know how to read the card mom bought dad. I even remember all the words.
      It says “don’t worry about the mess the children are making memories.” Yes, children, it’s one of those irregular plural nouns but it means more than one so it’s alright if you guys help me paint the room tonight.
      Won’t they be surprised for father’s day?

    • Ali says:

      “Boom” the girl giggled along with her friends. Sleepovers were a naturally occurring thing between the friends. It was a tradition. Once a month they would sleepover at one of the five’s house.
      They were all tight nit and knew everything about each other. From their embarrassing baby days to their conflicts and crushes. Dreams were always echoed around each girl wanting to do something different. From travel to community services to helping the elderly. They shared everything.
      When they all deicide to sleep one of the five girls got up and looked at her friends. ‘Friends’ she laughed at the thought. If only they knew who she really was. She flipped her pillow to reveal a glinting objecting.
      The act was finally over and the deed was done. The end of four girls and the end of a friendship. It wasn’t their fault, it was the friend who betrayed them. She wasn’t who she said she was. Acting as the shyest and quietest had its perks. No one expects you to turn and pull a deed she did. But they all pulled the same mistake. They judged a book by its cover and it murdered the.

    • Kambri’s eyes danced with excitement. She threw her hands up, almost spilling the popcorn from her lap. Gritting her teeth, she growled.

      “I saw this thing in my backyard, right there behind the fence,” she said as she pointed to the window behind everyone. “It was growling and screaming. Its scream sounded like a woman and the growl sounded like a wild beast!”

      Skyla leaned forward on the couch. Cassie scooted closer to Kambri, her eyes fixed on Kambri. Tristian and Taylor never moved a muscle.

      “ What happened?” asked Skyla sarcastically.

      “Glowing green eyes shone in the darkness of night. I lifted my arms and screamed at it, hoping it would leave, it did not! Slowly, I backed up until I was inside the back door. Peeking out the window, I watched as its eyes faded into the darkness. “

      “I bet it was just a hungry cat, why didn’t you give it something to eat? I’d have fed it in a heartbeat!” declared Skyla.

      The girls laughed, “Sure you would Skyla!” the girls teased.

      “Fine, I’ll walk to the edge of the woods and take food with me. I’ll call the “Beast” and feed him.” Skyla said boldly.

      Skyla headed to the edge of the woods. “Here kitty, come eat some kitty food. I won’t hurt you, I just want to feed you!” she said softly.

      The bushes rustled, a huge black head appeared. It was a cat, a Black Panther. Tossing the food at the cat, Skyla ran. The Panther sniffed the food and began to eat. Skyla had just shut the door behind her when the panther finished his meal and wandered back into the woods.

      Kambri smiled, “Wasn’t that a nice kitty, he ate the cat food instead of you!”

    • Kashish says:

      It was a long day for me at work, racing against deadline to finish my project. Fearful thoughts about facing my wife Anna and my daughter Tia were running in my mind. It was my little one’s 11th birthday and I promised to reach early today and take her and Anna out for a family dinner. Aha..I couldn’t…Bob gave me
      Since past few months I barely had any time for my family. I was filled with guilt and fear. How will Tia react? What will I answer Anna? I entered home silently with my spare key, praying to God that I should not be confronted today.
      The lights of living room were switched off, and so were of my bedroom. Anna was fast asleep. I stepped toward’ s Tia’s room, suddenly I heard giggling from her room. It is 11:30 pm, she should have gone to sleep…
      I peeped into her room and saw my little one sitting as centre of attraction with her four cousins, narrating her last birthday surprise that Anna and I gave her. She remembered every small detail of her last birthday as how I and Anna got her much longed gift of bicycle on her 10th birthday and woke her up at 12:00 in the night with her room filled with balloons and birthday cake sparking with candles.
      She was justifying why dad could not come early this year…She told her cousins since dad bought me an expensive gift last year and celebrated extravagant birthday, he has to work bit extra hard this year to keep budgets in place. That’s what mom told her about dad’s absence today.
      My eyes welled up. My angel is growing big! My heart filled with more love for Anna, she has been so understanding all this time and raising our daughter with so much care. I decided to start new chapter of my life tomorrow onwards. Enough of these deadlines.
      Tia saw me standing at the door, she came and hugged me tight. “Dad did you had your dinner, come I will serve you”. Tia was indeed growing big!!!

    • Judy says:

      ‘… It was amazing. I didn’t expect to be chosen but I was and I felt as though all my dreams had come true.’ Christie smiled; lost in a secret. ‘And as I walked up on the stage,’ she continued, ‘he just stared at me with eyes the colour of a storm and when he smiled at me and I thought I’d truly die.’

      Christie’s smile was animated as it tipped her lips. Her excitement was as high powered as it had been the night before. It was still sluicing vigorously through her veins. Even her heart had not quit its erratic beat and was pulsing behind her ribs like a tom tom.

      Her eyes held the rapt gazes of her friends, who gathered around her, were utterly enthralled as they watched her hands drift over her lap.

      ‘I love my crown,’ she crooned almost to herself as her eyes lit up like beacons and her hands sailed toward her head where she had worn it up until a moment before. ‘I’ll cherish it forever,’ she said wistfully.’

      Her gaze drifted to a place no one had ever anticipated they could possibly go. It was a place Christie had often gone such was her fertile imagination.

      ‘Oh, it was just so romantic. I was crowned Miss. Sunshine by the most popular boy in school and when he kissed me … ‘Christie smiled softly. ‘… well, I’ll never wash my mouth again.’

      Suddenly the room grew silent as five pairs of eyes gravitated toward the looming shadow of Christie’s mother.

      ‘Is this true Christie?’ Mrs. Grimmelshausen’s eyes were wide with contained fury. ‘Don’t you dare tell me you kissed Tony Kazalopolopoliz because if you do … I’d hate to think what your father will say about this?’

      Christie visibly trembled.

      Her eyes misted as her smile became a thin white line. Her lips parted only wide enough to admit; ‘No Mum, I didn’t kiss Tony Kazalopolopoliz.’ She smiled again conspiratorially.

      ‘Well thank goodness for that,’ said Mrs. Grimmelshausen, relieved. ‘Then, would you please replace the lamp shade?’

      Indeed. Dreams are free.

    • I would just like to say that the stories everyone wrote, are very unique and excellently written, everyone here has a very creative mind and i would like to congratulate you all its been nice reading your stories, trully wonderful thank you for sharing with me. From a new friend and writer, N.M.C the teller of tales.

    • Romayne says:

      The Slumber Party
      “Vanesa make sure the room is clean, what time is Rosie, Michelle, Judy and Catherine coming by.” Mrs Ross said cleaning the kitchen bench after putting the cupcakes in the oven.
      “There will be here at six and my room is clean.” Vanessa said looking for her green pyjamas in the laundry room.
      “Okay you better get ready. Your friends will be here in a half an hour.” Mrs Ross said opening a bag of potato chips and placing them onto a black bowl.
      “Okay mum. “Vanesa said running upstairs with her green pyjamas.
      It was Vanesa birthday and she decided to have five of her best friends over for a slumber party. There were going to make their own pizza, decorate their own cupcakes, have ice cream and watch two movies and in the morning chocolate chip pancakes.
      Vanesa come downstairs to see her mother has already rolled out six round pizza dough and had placed them on the red table top so the girls can place their favourite toppings, She had cut some chicken, ham peperoni, tomatoes ,olives, pineapple and grated some cheese and placed them in the middle of the table. The cupcakes smelt so delicious. She wanted chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and the kitchen smelt of vanilla cupcakes she ran and hugged her mother and said thank you.
      Mrs Ross hugged her daughter back and told her to go check who was at the door when the doorbell rang. She heard the girls come in and she hugged them all. They wore their pyjamas and were excited to see Vanesa and wanted to know how her holiday in France was.
      As the girls surrounded Vanessa to hear about her vacation Mrs Ross took her camera. Vanesa had a bowl of potato chips on her laps Michelle was behind her on the couch Judy was sitting next to her and Catherine and Rosie had their backs facing Mrs Ross as she took the pictures of the girls smiling. She placed the camera on the table and went to start the icing for the cupcakes.

    • Alana R says:

      I watched her from the door way. Her eyes wide with an animated glow, she shared the best moments of her vacation with her school friends, and I looked on with a mixture of pride and relief, smattered with pangs of jealousy.
      Bethany described the moment she touched a dolphin as her adoring companions hung on to every word. “It spoke to me and everything. It was sooooo cute, “ she recalled. “Cara didn’t want to touch it, but Daddy and I persuaded her. It took a while, but when she finally reached out, the dolphin let out a loud screech, and Cara nearly fell in the pool. It was so funny. Daddy and I were crying laughing! She was pretty embarrassed, but she ended up laughing too.” The girls giggled as Bethany reenacted the scene, spilling their popcorn all over the floor.
      “Cara’s really pretty isn’t she?” Ashley asked Bethany.
      “Right, girls, “ I interrupted. Did I choose this moment on purpose? “Time to put this movie on, or you won’t finish it before bed time.”
      “What bed time?” Bethany quipped, pretending that I wouldn’t hear. The girls giggled again, nervously at first, until they saw me narrow my eyes, and purse my lips in mock anger.
      “Bedtime will come and take you whether you like it or not,” I said shaping my hands into fiendish claws. I laid one of my ‘claws’ on Bethany’s shoulder, and pincered her friend Eva’s neck with the other one. All the girls screamed as I squeezed my prey.
      “Okay. Movie time.” I selected Pitch Perfect for them, pressed play, and retreated to the kitchen. I sat at the dining table with a glass of well-deserved wine, a little angry at myself.
      If Bethany could accept her Dad’s girlfriend, surely I had to. She had really struggled when Dave first moved out, and I hadn’t seen her this happy in months. Clearly, Bethany had had a great time in Florida. I should be grateful, right? So why did I still have this tight, sickly knot in my gut? I took another sip of wine.

    • Adina says:

      It was Sandra’s 12th birthday. Jessica, Jennifer, Tanya and Cathy had all been invited to sleep over to celebrate.

      “How was it?” Jessica pried.

      Last weekend, Sandra went on a date with John, the boy next door. John was a year older and would be in high school next year. Sandra had a crush on him for a year, but he hadn’t noticed her until last week, when he asked her to the movies. Sandra’s parents agreed, but only one condition. Sandra’s mother had to chaperon. Sandra knew she had no choice.

      During the movie, John reached for her hand. Sandra let him hold her hand. As the credits rolled, John turned to Sandra and kissed her. It was a momentary kiss, but Sandra knew that her life had changed forever.

      “I don’t know, they’re just lips”.

      “Was he a good kisser?” Tanya begged for more information.

      “How should I know that?”

      “You’re the one who kissed him” Cathy pointed out.

      Sandra could feel her face turning red. She didn’t expect that telling her friends about her date with John would turn into an interrogation.

      “She doesn’t have to tell us if she doesn’t want to” Jennifer stepped in. Jennifer and Sandra had been best friends since kindergarten. Of all of her friends, Jennifer knew when Sandra preferred not to talk.

      “Girls, popcorn” Sandra’s mother called out from the kitchen.

      The conversation would have to wait.

    • The atmosphere is a fully pleasant one as marla sits on the floor resting her back gainst the sofa, her face displays excitement as her four friends carefully listen with smiles in their faces marla began to recant her story. Seeing us all gathered here reminds me of the time hen i was with a group of friends out in the woods camping, the forest ranger had warned us hat the woods were not safe at night and that we were not to wander alone out there, no one n the group dared to leave the camp and most of all, no one knew that the counselors had prepared a trick or them, “all of the sudden out of nowhere a made up zombie stepped out from within the dark woods!” everyone ran into their tents and all they could hear were laughs outside. (End)

    • Erastus ThompsonIII says:

      The Class Clown

      “The last day of school was so amazing”, Amanda said.

      “I knew I wanted to make that day awesome. So I decided to prank Mrs. Taylor”, Amanda said as her friends giggled.

      “She didn’t notice it was there?”, Brittney said

      “I painted it brown, the same color as her seat. She never stood a chance”, Amanda said.

      “I was there too. It was epic”, Jessica said.

      “So, we waited and waited as she read out of the book and then went for her chalk and eraser, as she always does”.

      “We were all nervous until she told us to read the chapter so she could sit her big butt down, and then it happened……… A loud fart noise”, Amanda said as she and her friends laughed insanely.

      “Then she tried to put down the chalk and eraser but she couldn’t. It was glued to her hand. Everyone laughed and laughed”, Amanda said.

      “Greatest prank ever Amanda. How did she find out it was you? Did someone tell on you?”, Tiffany said.

      “Yes, they did”, Amanda said still laughing.

      “Who was it? I bet it was Brad. He’s such a teachers pet”, Keisha said.

      “It was me. I still had the brown paint on my hands”, she said as the girls laughed themselves to tears.

    • The girl in the middle with the laptop in her lap has just been asked to a dance by a boy she’s had a crush on since 6th grade. He friends are all gathered around her, happy for her, and congratulating her. Her mother, however, will be horrified. She is a single mother, and has to take off work in order to buy her a dress.

    • J.C. Pogue says:

      Megan’s Adventure
      “I kid you not.” While on vacation with my parents, we were almost at the bottom of the Grand Canyon looking down at the Colorado River. When suddenly my mule stopped, the muddy water in the river parted and I saw an invisible Dragon, rise up into the air.”
      “Oh come on Megan, invisible?” Lenora said, while sitting smugly behind Megan.
      “That’s not all Lenora. When the dragon swept over me I was expecting to be knocked off the trail, but instead I crossed over into another world. “A portal Maddie mumbled, staring at Megon. Then all was quite.
      Sami and Adah were sitting in front of Megan staring at the container resting on her lap. Then Sami spouted, what’s in there? “Proof.” Megan said.

      • Moyer says:

        That is really cool! I love the sarcasm!

    • Debby D. says:

      Not everyone can do sleepovers. I think they might actually be highly overrated. When you are not invited or you are afraid to have one of your own, this can be emotional for a young girl. I did not grow up having sleepovers and only have a memory of a particular one where we drank coffee to stay awake and told scary stories to see who could frighten others the best. Luckily, I could draw upon my older sister’s adventures to capture the attention of my friends.

      Monsters, ghosts, goblins in dark, scary forests and castles can raise the heart rate of the most hardy listener. But what do you do when the story is REAL? And you know someone who actually lived through it? Gather round, my friends, and let me tell you a true story of my sister and the scariest moment she has ever lived through.

      Anya, took a year off before college. She wanted to do a missions training program and outreach in a foreign country. She opted for Australia for her schooling and India for outreach amongst the poor in the mountains of Darjeeling. The missions school was out in the countryside of northern Australia. Lots of scrub brush and dry land. An old large building with outdoor toilets and washing rooms. One dark evening she decided to go to the outdoor shower and have a wash. Grabbing her towel, she entered the small cubicle of four walls, open at top and bottom, with a metal roof overhead. As she reached to turn on the water, she looked up and staring down at her from the ledge above was the biggest SNAKE she had ever seen!! A PYTHON!! She’d nearly touched it! It’s beady eyes bore into hers. Screaming she ran out of the shower, thankfully, with her clothes still on! She was rescued as boys captured it and took it into the field to let it go. That the was the first of many showers down under, but after that, she always inspected the shower room before venturing in. What. Is. In. Your. Shower?

    • Tehreem Mahmood says:

      Nina finally told her friends, “he just killed it!”
      “What?” the girls couldn’t believe it
      Nina took out her “Yeah I saw it and it was this big! He wasn’t lying, he owns a pretty cool guitar”
      The girls got even more excited “Really!!??”
      Nina continued, “Yes, his voice was so deep and the strings were amazing! He even offered to teach me how to play the guitar! “
      One of the girls enthusiastically said “Wow! I am totally asking him to gimme some lessons too!”

    • joy onuoha says:

      This is the gathering of high school girls in their school lounge. One of them precisely the one seated in the middle has a gist about a popular t v series, a special episode that others didn’t get to watch. Hey girls! Called cynthia did you get to watch last night episode of Fancy girls? One after the other they chorused No oooo!. Cynthia rushed to the nearest couch in the lounge beckoning to others to come over as she is all smile. The girls all took a possible yet comfortable position around her, they were eager to hear her as she narrates….

    • Sharon Eberlein says:

      “It was this big and it was so soft and cuddly! I couldn’t believe my eyes when it jumped out of the back of my dad’s truck!” Emily continued to use facial expressions and hand gestures to show her friends just how excited she was to get a minion for her birthday. I mean, all the kids had one or were on the waiting list for one and she, Emily Smith, daughter of a peanut farmer, had one of the very first minions made!!

      “OMG, when can we see him? What are you gonna name him?” asked Samantha, who couldn’t believe her best friend was so lucky! She was happy for her, of course, because they were BFFs and shared everything. Mindy, on the other hand was little skeptical and her face showed it. Why couldn’t she just be happy for Emily? Mindy had all the latest clothes, tablets, smart phones and even three pets. Poor Emily lived in a small house on her parents’ farm.

      “So, he’s a little shy and we have to be sure he feels at home with my family before we introduce him to more people. His name is Little Man and I told him all about each of you and guess who he wants to meet first?! Mindy!”

      “What?” You could hear a pin drop in the room…

    • Rhyne Brown says:

      It was joyfulness. My first experience of this part of living meant so much. I had never been the center of anything. Timid, small and never expected to be much.

      As I close my eyes to this day I hear the giggles and warmth. The acceptance. A child searches for a place to be. A child wants to be something without knowing what. My life to that point was lived on the edges of things. My position was on the outside looking in – smiling but never really laughing. I was the center of nothing. A hang around that was ok but that was all. It was that day when I sprang from my shell and I somehow hatched to my real place in this tribe of friends.

      The joke was actually stupid but they thought it really funny. They really laughed. Really they did. I did something on my own – no prompting – just spat it out and they really laughed.

      “What did the policeman say to his big belly” – I got you under a vest!”

      It was somehow the honesty of the giggles and made me feel cozy and accepted. My name went from Sara to Miss Jokester. To this day – I am the Jokester.

      • Sharon Eberlein says:

        Awesome story! Very insightful and sweet!!

        • Rhyne Brown says:

          Thank you – all the best to you as well.

    • kawtar says:

      “ The crowd was massive , my mom was trying her best to hold on to the three of us and she looked pretty worried , but all I had my eyes on was my bestfriend on stage playing Alice In Wanderland and suddenly ,oh actually it was going to be me Alice… but well Nour did better in the casting plus she`s blonde and I didn`t want to wear a wig … I love my hair … then …“

      -“then what ? then what? “ anticipated the girls.

      – “ right when Alice was about to fall in the whole …. BOOM … the night sky got filled with multicoloured fireworks “

      – Wooow !!

      – “It was really magical and everyone in the crowd started clapping and wowing … it was the best show ever …

      -“Oh you`re soo lucky Maryam , I wish I was there“. this was Lilas

      – “and guess what , my 16 year old sister , instead of enjoying the magical moment Alice created, she picked up her phone to take a picture and share on that stupid internet , i really don t understand how she could miss such a beauty so that her friends will think she`s cool ..pff“

      The girls burst out laughing

    • Chris says:

      The girls all gathered around Caitlin in anticipation. What began as nervous chatter slowly quieted down to “Hush!” and “Shush!” noises from around the room. The smile on Caitlin’s face widened nearly to the edges of her ears, and slight blush brightened each cheek.

      The girls had been waiting all week to hear the story of Caitlin’s date. When asked about it at school on Monday, all she would say was, “Wait until the sleepover, and I’ll tell you everything!” Rumors had been floating across the fifth grade class since then – rumors that he was tall, dark, and handsome – rumors that he was older and mysterious – rumors that they had met online even!

      The other girls couldn’t help but feel jealous – their fathers all told them that they were much too young to be going on dates. But Caitlin’s dad wasn’t around. He was a soldier, and he had been on the other side of the world for a long time.

      Even with her father absent, Caitlin was surprised her mother let her go on this date with the mystery man from the internet. He had messaged her on Facebook, and he didn’t even have a profile picture. Still, Caitlin was enchanted by the messages he sent her, and the promise of a super fun day if she would hang out with him!

      “Well, on Saturday, when he was going to pick me up, I spent all morning making sure I looked just perfect!” Caitlin began her story, “It had to have taken me, like, 3 hours just to fix my hair!”
      “Finally, the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs as quickly as I could, but the door was already opening! He was coming in without Mom even answering the door!” Eyes widened as all the girls audibly gasped.

      “I got a little nervous and took a few steps backward, and…and then…” her smile widened.

      “AND THEN WHAT???” the girls all cried in unison.

      “It was my daddy standing in the doorway! He came home, and was my mystery date the whole time!”

    • “And when I opened the box, there was this huge pair of black pants staring up at me!”

      Giggles erode. Then Katy, perched over Lizzie’s shoulder leaned forward and asked. “So what did you do?”

      Letiticia to Lizzie’s right asked, “Yeah, how did that happen, anway?”

      Lizzie threw up a hand. “It’s like this girls. I was totally in shock. You see, Mom wrapped Aunt Michelle’s Christmas present in the same wrapping paper as mine AND the same size box. When she passed out the gifts, she gave me Aunt Michelle’s.

      “You think that’s funny? Then you shoulda seen Aunt Michelle’s face when she pulled out that pink tutu Mom bought for me.”

      The girls burst out laughing. Gripping their midsections, they fell to the floor, shaking with laughter.

      Lizzie smiled. “This is the best pajama party ever!” .

      • kalyani baride says:

        Hahahaha that’s hilarious… So bad the poor girl got big trousers and aunt got a pink tutu

    • Taylor Wells says:

      No! No No! All of you are my best friends, but I can’t speak to Tony first. Yeah. Sure, he’s the coolest guy in school. Why, he doesn’t even look my way. Besides, my mom told me it’s not proper for the girl to speak to some guy like that. It’s the guy’s place to speak to the girl first. It must be some kind of unwritten law or something like that. So none of you ever dare me again. Okay?

    • C.L. Liedekev says:

      “Then the door behind me slammed shut. I mean like really shut. I tried to pull it up with my fingers but it would not move. Then it was so dark in the room. I could see the windows but no light came through them. I could feel bed in the room and walls, but then I could feel cool air coming up from the floor. It came up with a whooshing sound and with it came this bring blue light. The light filled the whole room and in the room in front of me was my dead grandmother. A whole room full of my dead grandmothers cover in blue light. Each of them like a little night light in the sweatshirt she always used to wear.”

      “I was so scared but at the same time she was smiling and all of them were holding their hands out and when one of them moved, they all moved like the room was painted like a fun house mirror. I took one step towards her and then she..they all step back and the room seemed to grow. One step towards them and then they all step back. I did not know what to do. So I called out to her while stepping back. Grandmom. Grandmom. I said it over and over.”

      “One of my grandmoms stepped towards me. Then I saw little differences in them. One of them had longer hair. One had a younger face like in her wedding picture. One towards the back had longer arms and a tattoo on her arm. The one that was moving closer now held in her hands a cooking pot. Silver or steel, but so bright I could not look at it. Sunglasses would have helped. She held it out and did not say a word to me. She was always so sweet to me and that is what I could remember.”

      “She motioned to take the top off of the lid. So I did.”

      “What was inside”, said the girls at the party, giggling and squirming at the same time.

      Merry clutched the popcorn bucket to her chest and smiled blue light.

    • The Hot Dog
      “Guys, guys! She’s gonna tell us!” Mindy shushed her friends to open the floor for Jane, who just entered the room. The girls all stopped talking and looked at Jane, eyes and ears wide open.
      “What’s the plan?!” Kimmy asked.
      Jane hurried back to her spot among the girls in their pyjamas, gathered on the floor of her bedroom. She plopped down amidst their expectant faces and grinned.
      “Okay, we can totally beat them! Those boys cannot out do us!” Jane exclaimed, getting ready to tell them her plan.
      “There are all these hotdogs, ‘kay, and I know we can eat more than them if we really put our stomachs into it. Look here, I’ve got this bucket if you gotta barf!”

    • William Perry Jr says:

      Thank u my friends for coming to my sleepover! It really means a lot to me! No problem, Katie! In school there is this cool dude that’s really handsome. Who is this cool dude? His name is Jake, and man he is so cool! Wow! Giggle giggle giggle! I see him everyday, and he says hi to me. Wow you are one lucky girl, Katie! I sure am, Sarah! He’s a lot nicer than this dude Benjamin. Benjamin thinks he’s soo bad and tough. He’s just a loser. You got that right, Katie. A total loser. He doesn’t know how to treat girls. Nope he doesn’t. And can you believe that he hates being called a loser? No way really?! It’s true. Everytime someone calls him a loser, he’ll tell the person to stop and cover his ears, and sing Happy by Pharell Williams. Burst of laughter. Wow that’s funny! We should call him a loser in school tommorow and just tease him to no end! That’s a great idea! Benjamin’s only weakness is the word loser. Boy he is NOT gonna have a good day tommorow. Nope! He’ll probably run out of the school in horror he he he! How about this girls? We call Benjamin a loser everyday from now on. It’s a deal!

      • William, this is hilarious and right-on! I can see those girls barfing in that black container. Great ides.

    • Ann says:

      “Oh My Gosh, then when I saw the finish line in front of me my legs started to buckle. I felt weak. Crossing the finish line was so close that my resolve started to leave me. I took a deep breath, straighten up and continued on. My mom’s face was before me cheering me on and then I thought of this sleep-over and me telling you all about it. Whoosh, I was strong again and made it across the line.”

      A “Wow” came from her friends crowded around her. Mary hugged the pillow on her lap and smiled with joy. Yup, her friends were happy for her.

      “Did you have to train hard?” Cindy asked.

      “Oh yes,” Vicky chimed in. “Tell us what you had to do to get into the race.”

      Mary then told them about the training after school during the week and on the weekends. Many times she did not want to get up early on Saturday and have her mom drive her to the field for practice. But her mother and brother cheered her on. “Come on, you can do it,” they would often say.

      “And, guess what? I could and I did! Okay, now we better get some sleep.”

      With those words echoing in their ears, the girls settled down for one of their favorite sleep-overs.

    • Jennie says:

      The Pajama Party
      Carly conducted the girls’ attention like an orchestra leader in the climax of a symphony as she performed. Story telling was her gift. The more terrifying, the more bizarre, the more unexpected, the more the girls giggled and shrieked. It was a familiar Friday night occurrence that drew them into the neighborhood, all-girl sleepover. Usually, Jena’s bedroom was filled with sleeping bags and pillows, popcorn bowls and pajamas. The girls’ mothers knew that they were safe and happy, and building memories that would last forever. Saturday morning they would awake groggy, complaining about the chores that would tear them from the bond so tightly formed around the emotional rollercoaster that had kept them alert until the wee hours of the morning.
      This night, as she listened, Marni observed Carli’s antics from a distant place in her mind. She was intrigued by the story, but not for the reasons you might think. A curious smile formed as she recognized what was happening. She wondered if Carli had just stumbled upon the story or if she really knew the truth. The noise seemed to fade into the distance as Marni’s memory retreated to the sequence of events she had tucked away so carefully. It had never been discussed; in fact, she didn’t think anyone knew that she had seen it happen. Now, here was Carly, describing the details as though she had been there herself. Marni thought that she had been the sole observer, the quiet witness, the tortured keeper of the secret that would never be known.
      While she listened, she wondered what the girls would do if they knew that the story was true. Would they dare go back there? Would they look around and find the evidence? Would they know what she had done? Did she see in their faces any sign of curiosity, or was it just the frivolous oblivion of the party?
      When she finally dropped off to sleep, she knew she had to go back there and check. She knew it really happened, and that was the worst thing of all.

    • S.Krishnamoorthi says:

      Ann looked much excited in starting to explain to her friends about how she won the National championship of USA for VIII grade in international history Bee competition.As she was explaining, her mother called her and all her friends shouted in one voice that Ann will see her in 5 minutes. One of her friends Mary told ” Hi Ann please continue”.Then Ann continued ” You see girls. There were 136 finalists and we were divided into 6 groups of 6 each. From each group top scorer was selected and in the semi finals 2 were selected out of 6 and I was place second and one Harry from Newyork was first. Then finals was held between two of us having 4 rounds. When the last question remained, Harry was leading me by 25 points. Unless I get the maximum 30 points from the last question, I can not be the winner.
      They started the last question ” This mountain range is represented by Himavat in the Hindu faith” I pressed the buzzer and said Himalayas which was correct and I scored 30 points and won the championship”.
      ” Ann how did you know the answer?”
      “Last winter I had been to India with my parents and I also visited the Himalayas and so that is it”
      All of them hugged Ann and Ann blushed when they lifted her and each of them planted kissed her.

    • I was walking along the shoreline at sunset, last Saturday. Waves thundered, into the rocks. Suddenly, I noticed something illuminated by the sunlight, covered in sand. Running to the object, I fell to my knees, clearing away the sand. I was shocked to discover an old, wooden, pirate chest, with brass handles! The handle was reflecting the sunlight! The rusty lock on the chest, was tightly sealed. I yearned to know what was inside, but was unsure how to open the lock. I looked aimlessly down the beach, for someone, anyone to help me. However, not being beach season, all that greeted my view, was a plethora of gulls, and miles of ocean waves, crashing against rocks. Then it hit me! Rather the waves hit me! Sitting there in the sand, sputtering, catching my breath, simultaneously clutching this huge, wooden chest, I’m wiping wet hair from my face, glaring menacingly at the ocean, which is now asserting its power, over the rocks, an idea strikes! I watch the ocean pummel large rocks, causing smaller, jagged, pieces of rock, to break off, gathering at the base. Then, I looked at the rusted, lock on chest. Maybe, just maybe, if I find a rock piece, strong enough, hit the lock, with enough force, like the ocean hit the rocks, I could burst open this chest! Armed with a plan, I climbed among the rocks, selected the most sturdiest looking rock, and carried it back to where I had left the chest. When I returned, the chest had vanished! There was no sign of it ever existing! I know what you’re all thinking. I’m making this up, or I got too much sun that day. I swear, this wooden, pirate chest, DID exist! I saw it with my own two eyes! Who knows what happened, while I was off finding a rock? Perhaps the chest was swept out to sea? The fact is, we’ll never know! Maybe someday, it will wash up on shore again. Until then, all that remains is a memory to recount to my friends!

    • Dipanway Maitra says:

      “I thought you all hated me. You all came for my Pajama Party!
      You are the best friends ever!”
      Hearing Leslie exclaim her Elder sister smiled in the hallway.

    • Larry Gibson says:

      “I rubbed this lampshade and poof, just like that a genie appeared”. Amanda said, while visiting her friend, Natalie at her house, for a sleep over. “He said I could have three wishes”. Kamisha looks skeptical, as Amanda continues. “What did you wish for?” Natalie asked. “I wished for five ponies, so we could all go riding”, Amanda replied. “I would’ve wished for a million dollars, if it was me!” Kamisha said, while turning to look at the other girls. “So where are the ponies?” Tiffany asked. “I’ll tell you in a minute, don’t you want to know what the other two wishes were for?” Amanda asked, looking mischievous.

    • Ohita Afeisume says:

      The friends are discussing their dream wedding. Eghogho said her groom would be an Adonis of a man and the rest of the girls echoed “Oh yeah!”
      She continued, “A God- fearing man,”
      “That’s right, answered Meme.
      “A man responsible and mature”
      “I tell you” said Meme.
      “Someone who loves me immensely-worshipping the very ground I walk on.” The girls giggle.
      “More”, encouraged Rose. “Have you finished? What about his financial status?”
      “Just wait. Who told you I’m done? Of course, he’s got to be forward moving, wealthy young man. The wedding will take place in Nigeria while the honeymoon will be in Honolulu Hawaii.
      “How do we come in there?” asked Doris.
      ” Yes, won’t we girls get a free ticket to Honolulu Hawaii? I don’t believe…” said Rose.
      Whoever heard of friends accompanying a couple for honeymoon?” wondered Meme.
      Never mind, I have it all planned out. All your dresses, shoes bags and other accessories would all be paid for by me and my rich husband, I promise.”
      The girls all clapped their hands at this.
      It sure sounds like a great wedding.
      Eghogho rolled her eyeballs and said,”Indeed, I have the date fixed already. My challenge is, where is the groom?” At this, the girls roared with laughter

    • Cindy Vaughn says:

      “Did you hear what happened in Mrs. Haliburton’s class this morning?” Sally asked with eyes almost bugging out of her head.
      We all pushed in closer, eager to hear what she had to say. Sally really is the best source of school gossip. She seems to know everything about everyone, and no secret is safe with her…she always shares.
      “You know that new boy Doug?” she asked. “Well, he passed Melinda a note during class and Mrs. Haliburton saw him. She made him get up in front of the class and read it!”
      “Oh my gosh!” Lizzie was the first to scream. “What did it say?”
      All the girls began to beg Sally to tell what the note said, except for me. I felt like the room was closing in and the sound of the girls’ squeals hurt my ears. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, and hot tears threatened to pour down my face. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t cry in front of them. I had no choice but to listen to Sally tell the rest of her story.
      “Well, Melinda turned redder than her sweater and Mike B., he was laughing so hard that Mrs. Haliburton sent him to the principal’s office, and Doug, he refused to read the letter. So, he was sent to the principal’s office too and Mrs. Haliburton was so mad that she looked like she was going to have a stroke!”
      “Sally! What did the letter say?” Kimberly asked as she grabbed hold of Sally’s arm.
      Then Sally said the words that I dreaded hearing. She said the words that broke my heart.
      “Doug asked Melinda to be his girlfriend!”

    • Melissa Tinker says:

      I’m sure many of you have read the book or seen the movie “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”. That story tells the story of four girls so connected to each other that even though they are in different parts of the world, they remain connected by a pair of “travelling” pants that just happens to fit each girl perfectly. The relationships portrayed in the book mirror what it is really like to be a part of this “sisterhood”. There is just something special and unique about the friendships developed by girls from preteen through the teenage years. It’s almost as if we feel what the other feels, think what the other thinks and our very existence depends upon the relationships we hold so dear during these years formative years. Personally, I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything and was able to witness both of my own daughters experience them as well. #girlpower

    • Yo girls I finally finished the Rap song for our 6th grade talent show, Yo.

      I’m rapping a Ditty for P. Diddy.
      Title; I Swear-I Swear.

      I will never wear this ugly black hat siting in my lap
      If I ever do give me a slap.
      I hope this rap gets me on the map
      without a whole lotta flap
      not look like a sap because i love to RAP.

    • ishani says:

      The green shirt girl in the middle, leslie had a sleepover with a few girls from her class and they are playing a game in which they have to do whateveris written on the chit in the hat. Leslie has to make funny faces.

    • Leocardia says:

      As I was about to sleep I remembered Ashley, my daughter had invited her friends to sleep over. I knew if I didn’t make them sleep early they would spend the whole night talking. I tiptoed to her room luckily the door was slightly opened. I peeped inside they were all seated listening to Ashley, they looked so excited about what she was saying. I held the door knob started to push the door so I could enter then it clicked me, let me just listen to what she is saying first.
      She was telling them about my boyfriend Fred, we started seeing each other like a month ago. Last week on Saturday he brought me home after having dinner. He escorted me to my door, kissed me, said goodbye then he started walking to his car. I went in but suddenly I heard his voice saying, “stop! stop!” I wondered what was happening. I rushed outside only to find Shadow, our dog licking his face. Fred was lying on the ground helplessly. I stopped Shadow and send him in. I apologized to Fred, I was glad he did not mind that much. To my surprise I found Ashley in the sitting room laughing. I asked her if she had anything to do with that she declined and ran to her room still laughing though.
      Gosh! I had no idea Ashley was the one who instructed Shadow that day, she was so happy telling her friends the all incident……..

      • kalyani baride says:

        Wow that’s a cool story. Very well written Leo.. Loved the twist.. Haha

    • BETH NIELSEN says:

      Carla decided to have a sleepover with four of her best friends. Soon they begun to talk about the scariest things they’d ever seen.
      Whilst her friends babbled on, she had sat quietly listening to their incessant chatter and thought about the subject. She remembered one and couldn’t wait to tell them, when it came to her turn.
      “What the scariest thing you’ve ever seen Carla?” Emma asked as she flicked her jet-black hair over her shoulder.
      “Well you wouldn’t believe this one, but it’s true!” Carla answered with a smile on her lips. “I once saw a newborn baby this big!” she said, her arms flew open and she lifted her hands to indicate the size and the length of the newborn.
      “Really?” Martha asked, concerned.
      Carla swung around and faced her friend lying on the bed, “Really!” she replied swinging around again to face Caitlin who sat opposite her.
      Caitlin had always been the optimist of the group. She eyed Carla warily and said, “I don’t believe that. How big was the mother?”
      “Very big!” Carla replied, opening her arms even wider.
      “Really?” Somehow her optimistic outlook on life wouldn’t be fooled.
      “Bet you can’t get any bigger than that!” Michelle cut in. “Scary!”
      “Yeah and I got you all,” Carla laughed ,” cos it was a baby elephant born at the zoo. The mommy elephant just popped it out. I saw it happen!”
      “Oh you….” her friends hollered as they grabbed the fluffy colored pillows and clobbered her for duping them.
      “Very funny you clown!” Caitlin laughed. ” Phew! That was close. I almost believed it was a real baby that big!”
      They all laughed at her words.

    • These are a group of friends gathered together to hear about the exploits of their friend. The girl might be telling the story of how she spent time trapped on the beach by the surf. The surf keeping her on the rocky prominence upon which she had ventured. After many hours waiting for the tide to turn she was finally able to flee to safety.

    • Girls, guess what?


      You’ll never believe who has a crush on Leslie.

      Ooooh, who, tell us, tell us!!!

      Okay, so one day when I walking down the hall

      Get to the point already.

      Like I was saying, I was walking down the hall at school today when all of a sudden I heard a loud clanging commotion.


      It was Ryan. He was on his way to gym class, and ran face first into a locker drooling over Leslie passing by him!!!


    • Ari says:

      Mina had invited her friends to stay over at her house as her parents were out celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary . While she was preparing some snacks , her friends were arranging the pillows and blankets as they agreed to sleep at the living room .

      After planning what they should do throughout the night , Mina volunteered to tell a horror story , right at midnight . One of Mina’s bestfriends , Faith was already asleep before she could start the story , leaving her and the other four girls . Surrounding Mina , the girls listened to the story rather attentively .

      Sandara and Summer , the twins , loved horror stories with a passion , hence it was not a shock if they were still listening , meanwhile Jessica was already trembling in fear under the blanket yet still listened to the story . They were all too engrossed in the story that they did not notice their friend , Grace had gone to God-knows-where .

      Suddenly , all the lights were turned off . Jessica screamed as loud as she could , Faith was still sleeping like a dead log and the twins just shrugged . Mina , being the bravest one rose from her position and went to turn on the lights once again , just to meet a grinning Grace .

      After a few minutes , Grace got an earful mostly from Jessica when suddenly the lights were turned off again , but it was worse than before when they heard the sound of a glass breaking from the kitchen .

      “Grace ! Stop it !” Jessica huffed angrily .

      “I was here the whole time , Jess .” Grace spoke out , she was already sweating real hard .

      That was before they heard someone giggling . That was it . Jessica fainted .

      After a while , Faith came from behind the couch , “That was what you get when you disturbed my beauty sleep .” Smirking , she settled herself in the blanket once again before continuing , “But I only turned off the lights , the glass … it was not me .”

    • kavita says:

      Story goes as below
      There were two cats fighting for the distribution of butter among themselves.There comes a monkey lending them help in dividing the butter into equal partition.In doing it started consuming the extra butter from each partition and finally doing so it will have all the butter and jumps off.The cats sit staring at each other.
      Moral of the story:There is always a third person to take the advantage of quarrel among two.

      • I can hear this girl saying that, Kavita. You totally have a great imagination.

        • Franceis Stephenson, see comment above. I accidentally replied to Kativa when the reply was meant for you. Sorry. But I did enjoy what you wrote.

      • Guys, look what I got for my birthday
        You just wont believe it.

        Remember those shoes that I would just die to have.
        Well, I talk about it, Just like forever
        I had to have it.

        Today at the breakfast table my mother handed me
        a Birthday gift. Yup, she them for me.

        I got to show them to you. There just adorable

        And will go with just about everything in my closet.

      • kalyani baride says:

        That’s good kavita.. Kids these days do need that kinda lesson… Good writing..

    • >