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    One of the reasons I was able to draw so many readers to Zen Habits within the first year was that I treated the promotion of Zen Habits as you would any other product — I branded it.

    Of course, there are other reasons as well — I really focused on creating as useful content as possible, for example — but branding is what really helped Zen Habits take off so quickly.

    When you think of your blog as you would a brand, you have to create a consistent message and have everything you do — on and off the blog — send the same message. And you have to repeat the message as often as possible to your target audience until it’s stuck in their head.

    It’s why Pepsi and Coke and McDonald’s and Barack Obama have done so well — they’ve thought about branding and have applied the concepts of branding as well as anyone in history.

    Today we’ll look at some of the basic ideas of branding and how you can use them to promote your blog (or book or other business, product or service).

    The Mistrust of Advertising Techniques

    Now, many of you — like me — might be hesitant to think of your blog or writing as a “product” or anything commercial. That’s natural — you are wary of slick advertising techniques and you would rather focus on great writing and being sincere and real. That’s totally understandable — I’m exactly the same way.

    But realize that these advertising techniques work because they understand the way the human mind works. And while you can use these techniques to promote something fake or evil, you can also use them to promote something good. You can use branding and marketing techniques to promote family planning, health education, physical fitness, compassion and charity. It’s used by charities and other good causes worldwide — the best non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross and Unicef use branding techniques.

    So using branding doesn’t mean you’re doing anything fake or evil. It just means you’re being smart about promotion.

    The Core Message — What It’s All About

    Before you do anything — name your blog (or other product/service), write a single post, work on the design, anything — you need to figure out your core message. This is the message you want to send out to your readers/customers in everything you do. This message needs to be communicated in your title, design, content, promotions, and actions.

    Here’s how to get started:

    1. First, figure out who your target audience is. Who are you trying to help with your blog? Who do you want to attract? It’s good to have a clear picture of exactly who these people are — working parents who have a busy schedule, tight budget, and not enough time for romance? College students not getting enough sleep and on an even tighter budget? Even if you’re going for a pretty broad appeal, it’s still good to get a general idea of who your audience is.

    2. Next, figure out what desires you’re going to be tapping into. Every reader goes to a blog for a reason — some desire they have that the blog will potentially fulfill. Maybe the reader is looking for peace and happiness, or physical fitness, or success with the opposite sex, or personal growth. Figure out what desires you’re going to help fulfill — and remember to stay in line with what you’re passionate about, what you really want to write about, what you know and have to offer.

    3. Then figure out what message you’re going to send to them that will tap into specific desires. This is key: every blog sends an unstated message to the reader. Some, with their loud designs and even louder headlines, scream, “I’m trying to sell you something!” Others are a bit meeker, and quietly say, “I’m just a nice person who likes cats.” What will your blog say to readers? What do you want it to say? Craft a message that fits with your personality, that matches what you want to convey to the world, and that also taps into the desires you plan to fulfill (from the previous step above).

    4. You need to be consistent about your message in everything you do. Once you’ve carefully crafted your core message, you need to align everything you do with this message. If you do things that conflict with the message, you will be sending confusing signals. Instead, be consistent in everything: keep the same message in all your posts, headlines, comments, blog design, guest posts on other blogs, comments on other blogs, and so forth. The more consistent you are, the better.

    5. Finally, you need to repeat your message as much as possible to your target audience. A great brand with a great message is worth nothing if the target audience never hears about it. Consider the great brands in consumer products, such as Pepsi or Coke or Apple or Google … these guys do constant advertising, on TV, in billboards and the sides of buses, all over the place. The more the better. And even if people have already seen the brand (and heard the message) once or twice, it might not have stuck with them the first couple of times … but after the fifth or seventh time, maybe it hit home. With Zen Habits, I was everywhere my target audience was the first six months … I was freelancing for five different blogs, writing a couple of guest posts a week, answering interviews as often as possible, and was often seen in social media and in link posts on other blogs. And in every one of these appearances where my target audience might have seen my brand, I repeated the same message (not verbally — the message was unstated but still clear). I was as consistent as I could be, and as a result, many people who I wanted to attract were exposed to my brand and message more than once. They might have forgotten about me the first time they heard the message, but after a few times, it stuck with them.

    Sending Out a Consistent Message

    Consider an example from the world of politics … with the flap about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe (paid for by Republican donors). The problem wasn’t that there was anything ethically wrong with buying such expensive clothes … the problem was that these purchases conflicted with Palin’s message of “I’m just a regular American gal”, and as such, it hurt her message to the public.

    Conflicting messages weaken your branding efforts. If you are trying to send a message of peace and love, don’t start attacking your readers in the comments. Don’t write posts about how much you hate John McCain.

    Stick to your core message in everything you do. That includes:

    • Title and subtitle of your blog. Zen Habits, for example, is a title that sends a message of peacefulness, being in the moment, doing one thing at a time. What message does your blog title (and subtitle if you have one) send to readers?
    • Design. If your blog is about simplicity, you need an uncluttered, clean design. If it’s about kids, you might have fonts that look like they were written in crayon (for example). The colors, layout, ads, and every other design element send a message to your readers — and it should be consistent with your core message.
    • Content. The topics and titles of your posts, as well as the images and other content you use, should all be consistent with your core message. If you write a post that conflicts with your message, you will weaken your brand and your blog. Think about that with everything you write and everything you include in a post.
    • Comments. When I’m tempted to respond in anger or with sarcasm to a rude commenter at Zen Habits, I take a deep breath and remember what my blog is about. An angry comment from the writer of Zen Habits would be a deeply conflicted message. Every comment you write on your own blog should be consistent with your message.
    • Off-blog comments. Similarly, you are representing your blog every time you comment on another blog. What message are you sending when you do so?
    • Guest posts. This is probably the most important branding you do, so be sure to keep your core message in mind as you write
    • Emails etc. Even when you send emails to other bloggers, readers, advertisers and the like, you are sending an unstated message … and it should be in line with your core message.

    Repeating Your Message Often

    You want to be everywhere your target audience is … so think about what other blogs they read, and what social media/bookmarking sites they might use. This is where you can reach them with your brand and your message.

    Now try to find as many ways as possible to get your message and brand to these sites and blogs. That’s not always easy, I know, but it’s worth a try. Some ideas:

    • Guest posts. These are my favorite ways of getting a brand to your target audience, as you might know by now. I’ve written dozens of guest posts for many blogs — all of them with an audience that I’d love to reach. Write as many of these as you can — aside from creating great content at your own blog, guest posts are the most important way you can spend your time as a blogger.
    • Comments on other blogs. This is an easy way to get to your target audience, although not as effective as guest posts. While people will rarely click through your comment to go to your blog, the important thing is not attracting a lot of traffic through commenting, but getting your brand and message out. If people see your brand and message often on the blogs they read, it’ll start to stick.
    • Links from other blogs. When a blogger links to one of your posts from within a post — whether it be a link post or other content — these are gold. Not as good as a guest post, because you don’t control the message, but still great because it attracts traffic to your blog and also gets your brand out there. Try emailing other bloggers with your best posts as they’re published, and politely suggesting they might be interested in sharing the link with their readers. Don’t do this too often with the same bloggers, as they’ll tire of it, but once in awhile doesn’t hurt.
    • Social media. While it’s not easy to get popular on a social media site, understand that this is a good way to get your brand out there to new readers. Only some of these readers will be in your target audience, but the ones who will take notice of your posts on social media sites will likely be your target audience. I suggest focusing on and Stumble Upon as it’s easier to get popular on them than on, say, … and they’re also more likely to reach your target audience (Digg has a very specific audience that isn’t always what you’re looking for).


    All this talk of branding might not sit well with some bloggers who see it as crassly commercial or manipulative. And I can see those points. But I don’t think branding means you have to do things that are not true to yourself, or write about things you’re not passionate about. It just means you think carefully about your message, try to be consistent about it, and try to get out there to the people you’re trying to reach.

    As a writer, you have to be self-promotional to some extent, or people will never read your stuff. This is true with book authors as well — they have to get out there and promote their books. It’s also true of journalists — the most successful journalists are in themselves a brand, and they promote their brand pretty well. If you’re going to be self-promotional, as you have to be, it’s just best to do it in a smart way. That’s all branding is.

    And it works. I used it consciously with Zen Habits, and I’ve seen it put to use by other successful bloggers as well — whether they’re aware of it or not.

    Still, there’s one thing to remember:

    All the branding in the world will not work if you don’t have amazing content to back it up.

    If you get people to come to your site because of branding, and they see a paucity of content or a bunch of posts that are poorly written, not interesting and not useful … you’ve destroyed your brand. You’ve sent the reader a message that ultimately says, “This site is a waste of your time.” Don’t send that message — send a message that says you love what you’re writing about, that you are professional and thoughtful about your writing, and that you genuinely want to help the reader.

    About the author

      Leo Babauta

      Leo Babauta is the blogger behind the superblog, Zen Habits, which is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of life.

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    • Really in depth post, I agree that you can brand a business without it sounding too ‘fake’, as you described it. It is important that a clear message is sent out to consumers not only to keep them coming back, but so that your business appears authentic and trustworthy.

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      Great great post, this has helped me a lot with my new blog!

      Thanks again!

    • Cheryl says:

      I am a new blogger just starting out and enjoyed your tips because they are easy to do. Looking forward to trying each one!

    • I’ll be saving these Tips for my use.

    • Interesting ideas and all solid advice. Unfortunately I already do most of these things. Still good guide for starters.

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      This helps me reflect about my blog and how it is doing so far in terms of consistency and my own brand.


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      Thanks and regards,


    • Leo,

      That was a great post. Thank you for sharing. People often forget about branding in social media. It is something that we all should keep in mind. I find that not sending out a consistent message is at the core of many businesses problems with social media. Their image is inconsistent on the different mediums. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Great article,
      Helped me see the real value of branding vs just themed content. Your experience shows through.

    • lola says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your advice. I normally get bored pretty quickly when reading about self promoting weblogs but I continued to read your words of wisdom. I have been blogging for just 6 weeks now and I am looking into promoting my site. I am sure with the hard work that is necessary to get my blog noticed it will happen. I’ve just got to keep doing the work and like you said write good content, at the end of the day.
      Thanks again

    • Top class artical. I have taken all your tips and advise onboard. Many thanks Leo

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    • Exactly what I missed when rebuilding my site in the first place. I guess I’ll change my tag line to something more understandable in my niche. Thanks for reminding the basic important part of a site.

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      This is a wonderful article speacially for many of us that are beginning, I’m new at blogging and just completed my fist blog on Tech, I will certainly learn from your experience, thanks.

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    • Thank you for this awesome article, I have read it through-and-through… very informative and definitely a great read!

    • Jo says:

      This is a splendid article from my own newbie point of view, but its main value to me is its ‘This is something I understand and can actually do’ message that I can pass on to my readers on my beginners site.

      Although I am a strong believer in creating my own original content, when I find something with the finesse of this article, I’m smart enough to link to it, not try to paraphrase it. I guess I don’t need to say, ‘I’m impressed.’ Thanks for a great article.

    • Jo says:

      This is a splendid article from my own newbie point of view, but its main value to me is its ‘This is something I understand and can actually do’

    • Indian art says:

      Thanks for the information.
      I’ve just launched my art blog and being very new to blogging, seems like i have a lot to learn.

    • Thanks Leo, I enjoy reading it and many things I learnt.I will implement and do exactly what you have advice

    • This is a very complete, well-rounded introduction, I will pass this along to clients just getting started with blogging.

      I would add that in order to discover your brand, you could consider an archetype branding strategy, as archetypes will connect automatically with your audience. The secret is in knowing how to pick your archetype(s) in order to be able to create the consistent message of which you speak authentically, almost effortlessly.

      If it feels like too much work/too hard to do, you’re not quite there yet in terms of finding your right message.

    • trinite says:

      great article very helpful

    • trinite says:

      great article, thanks

    • Thank you for this post.

      Like you say, “repeat the message”, (god knows I need it repeated).

      But this time it sunk in even deeper, and as I read your post I realized that its really guys like myself, age 35+ that I target.

      There are several hundred millions of us, wondering about life, and thinking, “Is this all ther is?”.

      Every guy, every dad, every son out there is an everyday hero, sometimes its just a matter of how you look at it.

      Keep smiling.

    • Thanks allot Leo Babauta 🙂

      I’ll be saving these Tips for my use.

      All the best to you!

    • I was searching for tips on how to further promote my blog until I landed on this post. I’ve read a lot of tips on how to promote a blog online (months ago) but you presented this in a more organized way that I really see the ‘harmony’ within the content. I will try most of these tips one by one and let’s see what will happen to my blog.


    • Newamba says:

      Great tips, mang. I feel you.

    • Damien says:

      Thanks for these tips. I agree with your perspective, and it it’s all very useful. I’ve been blogging for around 2 years and have had a grand total of around …. 6 comments, so putting your practices to work is my #1 priority (starting with this post!!!!)

      All the best, be well, and have a great day.

    • Where I come from girls are considered to know nothing about IT, but my girls and I started a blog and promoted it to receive some visits. It’s a start but we will not back down from this challenge.

    • amuletts says:

      Thankyou, this is a very helpful and informative post. At the moment I am participating in something called the webcomic war and this week we have to promote outside that community. I’m finding it really tough to come up with ways of doing this. I mean going to random places that have absolutely nothing to do with webcomics and saying “Hey, check this out” just strikes me as rude. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    • Yam Erez says:

      Not only was your article validating (I’ve been doing lots of the stuff you advise), but unlike Arianna Huffington [ – how do I link in a comment?], you clearly respect well-written text. Way to go!

    • Harrison says:

      Some very good tips in this article. I’m just starting out and appreciate the help.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for this awesome post! While I feel lucky enough to have had a clear vision of my blog from the beginning, I find solace and comfort in knowing that I’m apparently heading in the right direction.

      My goal from the beginning has been to brand, brand, brand and in that effort, also ordered that a custom logo be made for my blog (better than the one I currently have). My assumption is that my site becomes recognizable by name, more people will flock to see it.

    • Tina says:

      Thanks, Leo. I am charged with helping my boss promote his blog and this is wonerful!

    • Leo,thank you for all your advice.My wife and I are babyboomers that are on a”THEE QUEST”.This is our brand and we are promoting it all the time.We realize content is a must and our target group is babyboomers from around the world.We write about problems people have with there Body,Mind and soul.We promote great people with great ideas.Health and fitness is very important and we want to show people how to feed their minds as well as their stomachs to solve many of the problems they have today.Thanks again for giving us info to help launch ourselves in the right path.Pierre & Pierrette.

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      I should be visiting this blog more often.

    • If you haven’t already done so, I’d seriously suggest putting this great advice into a neat little $20 book that would have a lot of readers’ interest.


    • YellowSEO says:


      WELL PUT information on the impact of proper branding techniques for promoting your blog like the big guys…

    • Jonathan says:

      Thought provoking, thanks. Now to think up a consistent message for a dad in the trenches blog…, “there will be poop, but theres always hope”?

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    • very interesting and useful post. thanks for sharing. branding is huge and always will be in any marketing mission. It defines a product and/or service (or blog) 🙂

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      Extremely right thing. I always suport the fact that online marketing or SEO is not just link building its proper marketing of product like anything.

      Really inspirational.

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      I am a first time reader and enjoy what I have read. Look forward to reading more.

    • Wonderful and insightful as always!


    • No matter how much I read in books on the subject of Branding there is nothing better than reading someone’s opinion who is actually doing it and making their way work. Picked up some very useful information from this posting so a big thank you.

    • Excellently said, Leo. I’ve been reading your content for a long time now and your consistency in promoting your message(s) is one of the reasons I keep reading. Thanks!

    • D. says:


      What a great article. Like it or not we all are selling our brand in everything we do. Let it work for you. You obviously are a great example of this.

    • Leo,
      This really is branding 101. In fact, it is blogging 101 — clear, informative, well written, and worth printing out to keep ( which I did). With your permission, I am also going to put a short excerpt on my blog with full credit and a ling to your post, of course. I’m just looking for the best hints on how to get people to notice your blog. Mine is http://thewriting, if you’d like to check it out. Thanks for this post.

    • Mel says:

      This is excellent advice, Leo. It would have done me good to read it 18 months ago.

      Sometimes I wonder if there’s some kind of x-factor involved too. Do you ever come across bloggers/blogs that fulfill what you’re laying out here, and yet they’re still not getting the attention they ‘deserve’?

    • We did that very thing with the branding of The Dead Mule ( Luckily the sites logo kicks ass, no pun intended. That was somewhere along the lines of 13 or so years ago.

      I did this unconsciously in branding myself ‘macewan’ a few years ago. It’s very important that you stick with the branding selected in the beginning instead of trying the latest and greatest such as web 2.0 logo rebranding to jump that train.

    • A good read and an excellent source of inspiration. Thank you for this insight!

    • Jim Bessey says:

      You never fail to educate, Leo!

      Lots of solid information to absorb here, and several important lessons. The hardest one for me is “stay on topic!” Oh, how I love to veer off-subject and spout off about this or that. Fortunately, my blog’s general focus still allows me a smidgen of latitude.

      Now, if only I could rewind the clock and fix my site’s URL. Now THERE’S a major project…sigh.

      ~Jim, at “Just Camping Out”

    • Rob O. says:

      Even if you’re blogging for your own sake – as a means of personal expression or to stay connected with friends or family, for example – there’s some real merit in branding your site.

      If nothing else, you may be able to roll what you learn as you promote and optimize your personal blog into your professional life later on. So, in addition to 2Dolphins being a place to rant & rave and share photos with friends, our blog serves as a classroom and testing ground for stuff that I wouldn’t ordinarily have an opportunity to delve into.

    • This was a great post with great insight. You’ve can obviously back up what you are preaching with this, so thanks for sharing!

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      It is always a pleasure to go through Leo’s articles. Thanks Leo.

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      Your article is helpful.

    • Excellent article! I made sure to bookmark this and keep this handy. Ill be looking for future posts!


    • chris says:

      Succinct and to the point, and an excellent summary.

      If a blog is to be used for any commercial purpose then it has to have a clear objective and raison d’etre. I think many with a commercial agenda have jumped on the blog bandwagon without thinking through how it integrates with the rest of their marketing plan and what it specifically will deliver in terms of added value.

    • Vincent says:

      Great post by Leo again. This are the tips that we need to follow in order to promote our blog.

      Personal Development Blogger

    • Excellent post, particularly since I’ve now got my own writing blog ( and am no longer blogging at The Golden Pencil.

      I will book mark this and keep working until I’ve got it all checked off.

      Anne Wayman

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    • Krishna Murti's Ghost says:

      You name your blog “Zen Habits” and then talk about “tapping” into desire. How “Zen” of you.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you for this post. It was full of great tips.

    • TinyNow says:

      Hi Leo,

      I’ve been reading you for about a year, I’ve commented several times on Zen Habits. I love your blog and I tell nearly everyone I know about it.

      I have two questions:

      How do I write a guest post? I have gotten some great feedback on my “trial run” blog: and I am designing another. The message is, in a nutshell, “self-help is helpful” and most of the content will come from my encounters with self-help programs (NA), books (The 4-hour Workweek, What Color is Your Parachute, GTD, etc.), and blogs (Zen Habits!).

      I remember you saying that you could not handle the number of requests for guest posts at Zen Habits, but perhaps you could give me a tip or refer me to someone. I’ll be happy if all you can offer is the former.

      My second question:
      How much time do you spend writing?


      PS, I do have a real name, but due to the honest and sensitive nature of my writing on The Thirty-Day Nephalist, I have chosen to remain anonymous.

    • Timothy says:

      Very nice article.


    • mean fiasco says:


      I am a fan of yours. Thank you for another great article. I have a couple of questions though. Hope they are not too dumb.

      1) How does one come up with one’s core message/philosophy ? How did you come about yours ?

      2) How to stick to it?

      mean fiasco

    • Amatzin says:

      Very good article, thanks.

    • Aaron says:

      How timely. I’m recommending this to my favorite financial philosopher. The basics of marketing don’t change just because we’re on the internet. When it comes to taking action, your advice is pleasantly specific.

    • ALi R Khan says:

      It was a Great read and on my Marketing and Social media Blog, I posted a an article about this great branding Article. I am so Quoted your Pepsi, coke and Obama Line as Quotation..It was fun to read Leo 🙂
      Ali R Khan

    • Great article, very useful tips, both theoretical and practical… thanks!


    • Great stuff lots of info would you like to advise for us.

    • Great post that does show a lot about human thinking. I think the power of branding is really in our need to label as simply as possible with a label that is also permanent. Once that happens we feel more secure with the product or service for its consistency and we’re even inclined to carve a place for it in our lives.
      It’s like Coca-Cola trying to look healthy lately (at least in the UK). I’m certainly not buying it and I think we’re all comfortable with Coke as a junk drink, and people buy it anyway. We don’t want Coke to be more than one thing, especially if the two things are conflicting.

      At my blog at the moment I’m running a 30-day trial just on blog promotion in which I detail what I do for an hour a day, every day. It’s only a few days in but I think it will be an interesting experiment. Do check it out.

    • Boy, this post lives up to its title. This is all I need to promote my blog big time.

    • This is really a huge post, Leo. But before I am off to Digg it, you did not mention about forum posting in which I am very much active. I think I can add that one, although I am not sure if you agree with me. There are a lot of forums around that can really help.


    • Zoe says:

      Hi Leo,

      I used to shy away from any type of marketing speak, deeming myself a strictly writer/reader/artsy kinda gal. Of course, as soon as I started my blog and freelance writing business, I realized I needed to school myself. And you know what? I started to kinda like this marketing business.

      When you’re excited about your idea, and you really want to share it, marketing no longer seems like a bad word. I’ve learned a lot over the past year, but I’ve still got a ways to go. This article was just what I needed as I’m restructuring my blog and reworking its direction!

    • Good ideas. I will use them. I like changes, so I will make some.

    • Digartz says:

      Blog + No blog promo = 0 results.

    • Parag Shah says:

      Hi Leo,

      Thanks for the excellent post. It definitely struck a chord with me.

      I have always thought of branding as being manipulative. I started a blog to help software developers improve their programming skills, about 3 years back. However, I did not promote it at all, and as a result I was unable to get a substantial audience. At some point of time, I had to discontinue the effort because I could not keep up with posting regularly with all the other time commitments I had.

      I have restarted my blog and this time around I will brand it properly. Honestly but with an organized effort.

      Thanks again for the tips.

    • Very thought provoking post. As my blog starts to grow I find myself struggling just a bit with staying on point. Reading your post has helped me to refocus a bit. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Stuart says:

      I’m not a very good writer so I think I will hold of on the self-promotion. I’m doing it for fun right now. Thanks for the tips though—maybe I will need them in the future!

    • MFK says:

      Thank you for this post: both practical and inspirational! I recently launched my open-source career, goals & success blog, Placeholder. I want to do for career development what the open-wallet crowd did for personal finance.

      My title is temporary & certainly violates a key tenant of consistent branding, as it doesn’t immediately signal “open-source career, goals & success” content, but I am having a contest for readers to help me find a permanent title.

      I am at — check out the Contest! link at top for more on the title contest and why I may keep Placeholder anyway. I would LOVE any insight you and your readers have to offer!

    • Leo Babauta says:

      Thanks for the comments, guys!

      @Mary Jaksch: That’s a good question. I actually didn’t touch on a number of issues … maybe I should do a follow up post.

      First, there should be a distinction between the brand and the message. The message is usually unstated, though it can be a slogan or a sub-title of a blog. If it’s unstated, you should write the message down for yourself.

      The brand is usually shorter than a slogan — it’s usually the name of a blog (or other product/service). So while Pepsi is the brand, the message would be something like “refreshing cola for the younger generation” or whatever. And while Zen Habits is the brand, the message would be more like “peaceful habits, doing one thing at a time” or something like that.

      I suggest defining the message first, and then using that in the brand (title) and slogan (which can be the same as the message, or put in a catchier phrasing).

      How do you define the message? Again, really think about what you want to communicate, and how that will fulfill the desires of your target audience. This will take some brainstorming, of course, and you might come up with a bunch of words and phrases and then try to put them together in a cohesive statement (the shorter the better). This statement might become your slogan, but it’s not your brand. Your brand must be about 1-3 words: Lifehacker, Zen Habits, Get Rich Slowly, Dumb Little Man, Write To Done, Good Life Zen.

    • This is a great post and one that is very useful. As someone who’s just getting my blog out there, its nice to have some advice from someone who’s done it.

    • Colin says:

      Thanks. I also enjoy your writings.

      I have a young family and I am always trying take a step back and value what is truly important. Zen Habits is helpful for that.

      In my blogs I struggle with the branding aspect. My main blog is a technology blog. But I don’t really consider it a branded site.

      I try to cover useful technology, not gadgets and mobile tech. This can really be challenging. I really need to try and put into practice some of these points to make my stuff more relevant.

    • Thanks for a great article, Leo!

      It’s made me really sit back and think of branding for my blog and other projects.

      One question, Leo: How does one best go about defining a brand in one’s mind? Is it best to work on a slogan that encapsulates the total brand, or is it best to collect individual words and phrases that describe the brand, before trying to create a slogan?

    • Fabulous post. I’m forwarding to my blog partner/fellow Fit Bottomed Girl now. 🙂

    • Leo Babauta says:

      I’m glad you guys have found this article useful! Of course, it’s harder to put it into practice than to talk about it, but that’s the challenge, right? 🙂

    • Blog promotion is a job in itself, especially when you’re passionate about the ideas and info shared through a blog and, at the same time, your “work” is writing and speaking offline (or whatever you do to put dinner on the table).

      Thank you for another great article Leo.

    • Mike says:

      Great article. I am trying to find what it is I want to write about. I like to discuss business ideas and political/social ideas. Perhaps a political/social organization blog. We’ll see.


    • Lorraine says:

      Thanks for the great tips! Consistent messaging is sometimes difficult to maintain, but I can see the benefits of taking the little extra time!

    • Bellesouth says:

      These are all great tips. I’m trying to delve into branding, and have discovered it’s crucial to making a name for yourself. Thankie thankie!

    • Trevor says:

      I just saw this blog from a link at Zen Habits.

      You can read my comment at Zenhabits. I really like this article. Shows how important your message[content] is.

    • monica says:

      Great post, Leo! Far too many writers fail to realize that THEY are their brand and writing is their business. Everything they do needs to reflect that, especially what they put on the internet.

      This is precisely what I’ve been working on with my current project and I need to constantly remind myself what my target message is. Print it out. Stick it on my monitor. Write it on the back of my hand. Otherwise I stray.

      I should print this post out, too, for that matter. It’s very helpful. Thanks!

    • Emily says:

      Oh, Leo.

      I recently finished reading “No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog” and I have to say I gained more from reading this post. Although the book was good, it didn’t really keep me on track—it was a little more random than I was looking for.

      It pushed the ideas you listed above, but if the author had been more direct, as you are, I would have been more satisfied. Not to say the book was bad; I would recommend it to anyone with Bloggers’ Block for some crafty ideas, but I needed more meat and cheese for the $14 I was paying for, let’s face it, a bathroom reader.

      Thank you!

    • >