Are You a Procrastinator? Check Out Which Type You Are

    are you a procrastinator

    Be honest, are you a procrastinator?

    I think a lot of writers suffer from procrastination.

    You too?

    Maybe you’ve promised to write something—but only start a day before the deadline.

    Or maybe you’ve been planning forever to write a book—but have just got started.

    Okay, I admit that I sometimes procrastinate.

    Especially with any task connected to taxes…

    Can we overcome procrastination?

    There’s an interesting new study about how to overcome procrastination.

    Researchers at the University of Southern California found that the trick to overcoming procrastination is to think in small units of time.

    Apparently, if we think in terms of small units of time, we’re more likely to achieve our goals.

    For example, if a deadline is in three days’ time, it’s better to think of it as 72 hours out.

    Or, if you have longtime goals, determine the time frame in weeks, instead of years.

    But it all depends on what type of procrastinator you are.

    Check out the infographic below to see what type YOU are.

    You’ll find some valuable suggestions on how to combat your type of procrastination.

    So, what kind of procrastinator are you?

    Please share this post in social media and tell us in the comments what you discovered about yourself.

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      Mary Jaksch

      Mary Jaksch is best known for her exceptional training for writers at and for her cutting-edge book, Youthful Aging Secrets. In her “spare” time, Mary is also the brains behind, a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

    • Marleen says:

      I am a procrastinator and from the comments am definitely an ostrich.It is unfortunate that I cant see a link or the infographic mentioned in the article.Otherwise great post!

    • Definitely an ostrich here. No doubt about it.
      Thanks for sharing this. It opened my eyes! 🙂

    • I am a perfectionist, so I make a plan and get the basics done early. But then I wait to the last minute to pull it all together. No one ever knows because I’m very good under pressure.

      I would say I’m a perfectionist chicken with self-saboteur tendencies.

    • II make what is a simple task complicated in my mind. I become inundated with a billion ways to do a project which invariably never gets done. I am never pleased with the way that I do a task. I am a perfectionist. Lastly, I have that fear of failure, fear of success. I really need help.

    • Pimion says:

      I’m Daredevil) That sounds like me!
      thanks for the interesting test.

    • Prime example of an infographic – so much information. 🙂 Unfortunately, procrastination leads people to put sticks in their own wheels. One thing that I’ve found helpful is to activate the part of my brain that makes decisions. Simply put, we have two parts in our brain that process decisions. One of them is a “primitive” part (and dates back to when we were cavemen) and the other part is a more modern part. The primitive part only considers the upfront gains and acts thereafter. The “sensible” part considers long term gains. Whenever I start to procrastinate, I remember that it’s the primitive part talking. I actively start thinking about long term gain v. short term gain and usually, I’m able to stop procrastinating.

    • Andrea says:

      According to psychologist Linda Sapadin’s book (“It’s About Time!: The Six Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them”), there are 6 different kinds of procrastinators.

      Here’s a test based on her book:

    • Roz says:

      I’m a self saboteur. Really great inforgraphic, i enjoyed going through this. Not sure if its necessarily correct tho but hey who knows!

    • Pat says:

      Ahh!!! What do you call me. I can’t even find the time to read this article.

    • Petula says:

      I’m the perfectionist. Sigh… That can be so stressful. However, there are times when I bury my head in the sand. Each week or month tends to be a little different.

    • Emeryael says:

      Probably the Perfectionist. Seems to describe me pretty well, where I get so obsessed about doing everything perfectly that I end up doing nothing at all. Plus, I’ve always been the “I’d rather try for greatness and fail miserably (because there’s a certain nobility in that)” than “Try for nothing and succeed.” Heck, there were times in school I didn’t turn in assignments because I didn’t want to turn in work that I felt was inadequate. I know that kind of logic only makes sense to control freak perfectionists such as myself, but still.

    • Varina Suellen Plonski says:

      Wow, Mary! This was an eye-opener. But the most telling statement wasn’t part of the test, it was in the article prior to it: “Procrastination reveals our hidden anxieties and self-destructive habits.” There was a quintessential truth if I’ve ever seen one!

      I hadn’t thought about it in those terms before, but it is true. And it’s something I’m going to think very hard about, because it’s caused me problems for as long as I can remember, and it’s causing a problem now that I may not recover from.

      I’m a Self-Saboteur, with a heaping side of Ostrich.

      Thanks for opening my eyes. I gotta go think now.

    • Teri says:

      Very captivating post – I am more of a chicken and would like someone else to help me out. Your post helped immensely, because now I can see where my problemis and fix it. Thank you. Teri

    • Hi, Mary!
      I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn something more about myself with your clever infographic. It looks like I am a perfectionist with Ostrich tendencies (hence my long neck).

      Scheduling with a goal to accomplish at the end of the time is a way to push past my perfectionism. I have been struggling with finding the right kind of schedule that will help me get the most out of my time, and I found this article to be helpful It talks about creating blocks of time, and I’m finding that works well for me.

      I plan to share your post on Facebook so my friends can benefit from learning more about themselves, too.

      Warm regards,
      Mary Lou

    • Pam says:

      No matter where I started, I ended up an ostrich. The description fit pretty well, but the chicken description is me as well. I’ve realized that when I have a long task list – especially when it’s deadline driven – I go into denial and do nothing.

    • Virginia says:

      Very clever and cute infographic with the specifics laid out for different ways we put things off. Like the categories. Nicely done Mary. Thanks.

    • Debra says:

      I loved this article, and can say I’m everything but a dare devil and perfectionist. The one thing I do the most is set up obstacles that I need to overcome then never overcome them all. Just a few minutes ago when I learned one of my favorite movies was on tonight I wished I could write like her. Shes so talented……

    • First a Self Saboteur closely followed by perfectionist… unless I have a deadline then I am somewhat of a daredevil. Three ways. That explains a lot. I have so many stories but I stop before they are just a step from being completed unless someone else gives me a deadline. – K. A. Petentler

    • Hi Mary
      Visiting your site after some time. I think I was busy procrastinating in reading some important blogs. Your site is definitely in that list.
      Sometimes, I consider myself falling in the trap of perfectionist. Whenever I write, I always look for providing the quality content. Sometimes, I am not able to deliver articles on my site at proper time. I will not tag myself in the extreme zone of perfectionism.
      I have realized one important thing: Perfection is next to impossible. It’s better to concentrate on other projects.
      Thanks for sharing such a wonderful infographic. Shared with lots of love

    • Hahaha You nailed it. I’m the self-saboteur. My obstacle is social media. I do it in the morning and then don’t go near it again.

    • Moonyene Smith says:

      I am the perfectionist. Although I do not care about what others feel or think about me, when it comes to my writing, I do. And this is why I have started on my book, but have not finished it yet. I know there is no such thing as being perfect, but I want to write a #1 best seller, so I want to be as close to perfect as possible. There, you have it!!!!

      • I like the fact that you’ve got big dreams, Mooneyene! Keep on writing!

    • I am the ostrich type

      • ah yes – the ostrich… I found the advice in the infographic interesting: to stop negative self-talk and make it positive.

        I sure that would help!

    • Natasha says:

      According to this diagram, I am an ostrich. This suits me mostly but when it comes to writing, I think I am more of a perfectionist. Anyways, great article! It helps me to realize what I can do to beat procrastination.

      • It’s great that you can see a way to beat procrastination, Natasha!

    • Padmini says:

      1) I want to be master in my work, gives me happiness and confidence
      2)But I being paid very less, due to my attire, body language, way I present

    • Celeste says:

      Hey Mary,

      I’m an Ostrich. It did not surprise me, I can totally see that, since I often describe myself as someone who puts her head in the sand until it’s too late. Too funny and not funny at the same time.

      • Yes, it’s strange how we can suddenly see something about yourselves, Celeste. I think that’s good because we can then start to change our habits.

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