Amazing Advice for Aspiring Writers by Neil Gaiman

Every once in a while we get to hear great advice from someone who’s actually done what we hope to do–achieve extraordinary writing success.

So check out the video below.

In what has been described as “one of the best commencement speeches ever, ” author Neil Gaiman shares his thoughts about how build a creative life.

Gaiman started his unconventional career as a jounalist and then went on to create, among many other things, the  ground-breaking Sandman comics series and the children’s book Coraline, which became an Oscar-nominated film.

Gaiman encourages us to:

  1. Be wise
  2. Make amazing mistakes
  3. Break rules
  4. Leave the world a more interesting place, and
  5. Make good art

Do yourself a favor and  watch this 20 minutes video. You’ll have the rare opportunity to hear from one of the most creative voices in recent years.

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