How To Increase Your Blog’s Popularity By Writing Less

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I’ve been exposed to many theories on what makes optimal posting frequency. The problem with the approaches I’ve seen, however, is they fail to address the most fundamental question: How good is the content?

Whether a blog is starting out, been at it for a while, or has a long history behind it – one thing is clear, its success is dependent on the quality of each post. People don’t line up to subscribe to a blog because it’s spitting out three posts a day.

1. More posts mean less scrutiny

Your ideas are finite. By posting less often you can select those ideas that are best, and leave the lackluster ones to germinate or be disposed of. Having a quota of posts you’re adamant about keeping can cause mediocre content to surface.

2. Posts improve with time

When you can keep coming back to a piece of writing over more than a day, it almost always gets better. You see things you didn’t see when you first thought you were done. You also find additional ideas to add, making your material that much more compelling.

3. Subscribers read many blogs

Most people who read blogs are subscribed to so many, they are likely to miss some of your posts if you post too frequently. Give your readers an opportunity to consume all your writing.

4. Your blog is judged by the front page

The most influential aspect of your blog is what’s sitting on the front page. Some people do look through archives, many don’t. By having a little more time to spend with your writing, you ensure that what’s on the cover gives new visitors the greatest incentive to subscribe.

5. Generate more comments with less frequency

If a post stays up on your front page for more than 24 hours, you’re in a far better position to accumulate comments. Comments are valuable because they make your blog look active, creating an additional reason for newcomers to subscribe.

6. More time to guest post

The number one way to grow a blog is to post on other popular blogs. If you have a strict schedule of prolific posting – it will be harder to find time to guest post.

7. Readers do not unsubscribe from too few posts

How many posts you publish should be low on the list of things to worry about, particularly if you’re getting one solid post out a week. What should be very high, however, is refraining from writing material that isn’t inspiring. That’s the real reason people unsubscribe from blogs.

You want people to truly look forward to your next post, which is the undercurrent of any successful blog. This only happens if each post provokes your readers to stand on edge to what’s coming next.

The greatest challenge bloggers have is living up to the reputation they’ve worked so hard to build. By posting less often and writing with utmost care – you will position yourself to making your blog too important not to subscribe to.

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