5 Quick Paths to Writing Inspiration

Writing inspriation

The worst, yet most common problem of writers is finding the inspiration for their next project.

It’s alright to take a rest and wait until creative ideas flood your brain.

However, if you haven’t written anything in awhile, you might be in a creative slump.

If you are suffering from writer’s block or you simply need to find inspiration for your next project, here are a few tips to get your creative side going.

1 – Create a Mood Board

If you are a visual person, you can create your very own mood board to find an idea on what to write next.

Simply collect different pictures you find appealing and put them together in a board.

Putting this board in your workstation can further inspire your brain to think of some ideas for your next project.

Additional Tip: Create more than one mood board

You can find different pictures online and sort them based on color or idea. Creating more than one mood board can help spark more ideas in your mind. Each mood board can also represent a character. The only question left is how to tie all of them together.

2 – Try a Writing Prompt

The easiest way to get over writer’s block is to just start writing about anything. The beauty of writing prompts is that it gets you going, even if you don’t have an idea of the overall plot. You just need to write a
particular scene.

As you are writing, you start to invent various characters and even create their own backstories.

After finishing the scene, you already have a few ideas on what you can write.

There’s a lot of writing prompts available online.

3 – Read Something

Whether by reading a blog or a book, you can get your creative juices running if you try to find inspiration through other people’s works. The idea is that you should always keep your mind running.

4 – Go Outside

Take a stroll to a park or a mall and pay attention to the people around you.

This tip helps in two ways.

First, you can find inspiration while walking through the neighborhood.

Second, it resets your brain and you will feel renewed after a quick stroll.

If you overhear an interesting exchange between two people, it can help you get an idea for your next project. Take note of how these people present themselves and how they speak. You can create characters
based on them and develop their backstories.

As you go outside, you can try to write the scenes you see in your head. Describe how the birds fly overhead. Or think about how the fresh air feels on your face. Imagine you are writing a book and you are
living in one of the scenes you are writing.

5 – Talk to Your Friends

What have your friends been up to? Maybe they have an interesting story that can spark an idea for your next project. Try talking to your friends and let them share about recent happenings in their lives.

You can also ask for ideas from them. Brainstorming is one of the best ways to find the next inspiration for your next book. Who knows, maybe they have a few groundbreaking ideas that can make your next project a
huge success.

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