3 Ways To Hack Into Your Spirit And Become Infinitely More Creative

Infusing your writing with spirit is a very underestimated but very valuable skill.

You may be aware of writers and bloggers who infuse their writing with spirit every day, but you haven’t been aware that this is what they’re doing.

The lively spirit that exists in these blogs is part of the secret of their success.

The question is: how can you do the same?

What Do You Mean By “Spirit”?

Spirit is simply your life force:  it is the energy that you carry with you on a daily basis.

It’s true that the word “spirit” can often be a loaded word, but please know that I’m not speaking of religion. (Personally, I am not affiliated with any religion.)

I’m specifically speaking of an energy force.

We all know spirit when we see it. Some people can walk in and out of a room and are completely unnoticed by everyone else in that room. Something in us knows that this person’s spirit energy is low.

We also know of people who can come in a room and out of that same room and, automatically, there is a shift towards positivity, peace, and calm in everybody else in that room. Something in us knows that this person’s spirit energy is high.

You may have heard some people say that certain people “light up the room.” That light is the light of the spirit.

And this light can be transfused into your writing, believe it or not.

What Do You Mean By “Infusing My Writing With Spirit”?

What do I mean by infusing a lively spirit into your writing?

Well, it means that your energy force is infused into the very words you write. Your words ring with positivity, peace, and a sense that a deep silence, or stillness, rests somewhere between the words.

You may notice, for instance, that when you read books by the great wisdom teachers, old or new, that you feel very light and joyful after reading their words

Infusing your writing with spirit can have a powerful affect on your reader.

Why Should I Infuse My Writing With Spirit?

When you bring spirit into your writing, you awaken the spirit of your reader, and the spirit loves to be awakened.

Even now, as you read this, you might notice your own spirit has just perked up its ears like a sleeping dog that has just heard something stir.

The spirit perks up its ears because it knows it is finally being spoken to, and it relishes this.

Very rarely do people infuse their writing with spirit. But when they do, their writing tends to be very successful with readers.

How Can I Tell If My Writing Is Infused With Spirit?

When we encounter writing that is devoid of spirit, we often leave the work feeling stressed, overburdened, restless, confused, hopeless, or even angry. Or we may even forget what we read soon after we’ve read it. (The spirit in the writing is so low that it passes right by us, unnoticed.)

Then there are those writers whose writing we come across, and we can’t help but be deeply penetrated by it.

Some writers can almost transform us completely just by writing a few potent phrases infused with spirit. The writers who employ this kind of writing are very impressionable.

Paulo Coelho, the writer of The Alchemist, comes to mind. The Alchemist is very simple fiction book, and yet it’s one of the most widely read books in the history of the world.

So, how could it be that a very simple book could be so successful? It is because Paulo Coelho’s writing is so infused with spirit, that it leads us to want to re-read it over and over again, and share it with everyone we know.

3 Ways To Hack Into Your Spirit and Become Infinitely More Creative

In order to infuse your writing with spirit, you must learn how to “hack” into your spirit and unlock its dormant potential for infinite creativity.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Awaken The Spirit

The spirit is easily awakened by stillness, solitude, and introspection. The spirit also loves silence.

To truly awaken your spirit you might try traveling deep within nature, or sitting quietly at your local park. Once there, close your eyes. Pay attention to your in-breath and out-breath. After some time, try to see if you can’t feel your spirit. It should feel like a little tingle, or a delicious sliver of aliveness. Then, invite your spirit to awaken. If you wait long enough, it will.

2. Feed Your Spirit

People don’t often realize that the spirit needs to be fed. One way to do this is to give your spirit “spirit food.”

Spirit food can be music by The Beatles, it can be a cup of hot green tea, it can be a wonderful film like The Tree of Life, or one of the many films by Charlie Chaplin. Spirit food can be a great book, like The Alchemist, or a poem, or a shattered leaf that you crumble in your hand. Spirit food can be as simple as the act of paying attention to a small child who tries to play peek-a-boo with you while you wait in line to get your coffee.

Spirit food is always plain, simple, quiet, and punctured by moments of silence and introspection. Spirit food gives you a sense of wonder and awe, like looking into a telescope and seeing the surface of the moon as if it was just two feet away from you.

After you have spirit food, you should feel light, joyful, peaceful and calm afterwards. You should also feel more energized and filled with a greater sense of purpose.

3. Protect Your Spirit

Now awakened and energized, your spirit will easily assist you with your writing.

A rapid flow of creativity will be unleashed and you’ll almost feel like you can’t write fast enough to capture all the creativity energy that has just been unlocked.

Now that you’re filled with spirit, your words will reflect this also. You won’t need to try too hard.

However, in the hustle and bustle of daily living, something might happen: you may forget to feed your spirit. Without food, your spirit will starve and you will have low spirit energy. The less energy your spirit has, the more it will forget to become awake.

So, your spirit will fall asleep again.

Asleep, your spirit is more susceptible to the low energy spirit of others. You must relocate, and move away from those around you who are in low spirits, then, and surround yourself with those with high spirits.

Those with high spirits will cause your spirit to perk its ears up again.

Once those with high spirits lift you up again, you must start again at #1 and work your way back to #3.

Good Luck Spirit Hackers!

Continually awakening, feeding, and protecting your spirit will help unlock your creativity, and make sure that it’ll never wane.

Good luck infusing your writing with spirit today!

A guest post by Ollin Morales.He is a fiction writer,  freelance writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. His blog, Courage 2 Create, chronicles his journey as he writes his first fiction novel. His blog offers writing advice as well as strategies to deal with life’s tough challenges. His blog was named one of The Top Ten Blogs for Writers by WriteToDone two years in a row (2011, 2012).

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Ollin Morales's blog, Courage 2 Create, chronicles the author’s journey as he writes his very first novel. His blog offers writing tips as well as strategies to deal with life’s toughest challenges. After all, as Ollin’s story unfolds, it becomes more and more clear to him that in order to write a great novel, he must first learn how to live a great life.