How to Get More Traffic With LinkedIn

    How to get more traffic with Linkedin

    The cat’s out of the bag.

    With over 364 million members and a monthly active user growth rate at 2x the pace of either Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn is no longer a secret.

    More and more writers and bloggers are turning to LinkedIn to figure out how to promote their books, content and programs to this massive audience.

    But what’s the best way to get it done?  

    Well, there are many tactics for sure…but I’d like to give you a couple that you can get started on right away.

    Why should you listen to me?

    In addition to running a world-leading agency and training program specifically devoted to helping people just like you to leverage LinkedIn, I also just launched my new book Connect, and LinkedIn played a big part in it.

    Connect recently hit the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, and of course hit #1 in all of our categories in Amazon.  The LinkedIn strategies I’m going to show you were instrumental in making that happen.

    Additionally, I’ve sold six figures plus in programs directly off of LinkedIn over the last 12 months.  Not to mention driven a ton of traffic, both for my own internal marketing as well as our clients.

    So the strategies I’m about to uncover for you are rooted in real world experience.  You can take this to the bank.

    Let’s get started.

    Step 1: Use Your Profile to Promote Your Latest and Greatest!

    One of the best to turn a your bio into traffic is to use your Headline as a call-to-action.

    Here’s how I’ve structured mine:

    Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.12.50 pm

    Most people make the mistake of including a lame headline such as “Managing Partner at JKC Associates, LLC.”  That’s a complete waste of your most valuable real estate on LinkedIn!

    Instead, use the headline to drive people to your site, offers, books, webinars, etc.

    Step 2: Turn on your LinkedIn content distribution machine.

    For starters, I highly recommend repurposing at least some of your content on LinkedIn.  Using LinkedIn’s publishing platform, you can reach an entirely new audience that you might currently be missing out on.

    Worried about a “duplicate content penalty” impacting your organic search positioning? Don’t be.  There’s no such thing as a “duplicate content penalty.” It’s a myth.

    Not only will repurposing your content on LinkedIn drive more eyeballs to your articles, if you structure it properly it can also drive a ton of opt ins!

    The key is to include multiple opt-in opportunities throughout your article.  At a minimum, include one at the end of your article.

    Here’s an example of how I used this strategy for my recent book launch:

    You’ll see there how I’m promoting the free book offer that we were running during the pre-order phase.

    You can use this same strategy to promote anything.  Ebooks, webinars, lead magnets, books, case studies, you name it.

    About the author

      Josh Turner

      Josh Turner is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Connect, and the founder of Linked Selling. He is considered one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn.

    • Informative article! You determine the topic conversation in a right way. That’s a good choice for reading!

    • Great! I am going to check out the article its very informative thanks to share this.

    • Chandu says:

      Thanks for this useful article. Social media is very important for creating social signals and for referral traffic. I hope these article will help to make it bit easier.

    • Urban says:

      Thanks for taking the time and energy to share your LinkedIn suggestion.
      I’m guilty of ‘this is what I do’ headline. I need to freshen it up.

      As mentioned, in previous comments, the duplicate content question scares me. I trust your convictions on duplicate content being a myth, but, can you point me to any documents that can shed light on the subject?

      Thanks for pulling back the curtains on LinkedIn


    • Pimion says:

      Great post, Mary! Priceless advice. I’ve registered on Linkedin recently but didn’t know where to start so your article is very useless for me.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • I signed up for the training with Josh Turner today at 1:30 PDT but have not received any notices regarding the training. Please email me so I can tune in the upcoming workshop.

    • Thanks for this, Mary. I always take notice of your advice.

    • Kimsea Sok says:

      Thanks for sharing..! Actually, I’ve registered Linkedin account for almost 3 years, but I didn’t active on that platform.

      Recently, I just keeping active on it but I didn’t have much idea about getting more traffic. I’ve read some post about Linkedin, they mention about writing article there..

      I found interest and I plan for that. Thanks for sharing, the post make me more sense about how to work in Linkedin platform..

      Have nice day…

    • Hi,

      I loved this post. I have been a little hesitant to get on LinkedIn, but i might give it a try now.

      Like Mary, i had never thought about repurposing content. Is duplicate content really a non-issue?

      Im not 100% relieved by your statement that it is a myth because it was mentioned in the leaked Google Panda factors list in the category “low quality” (

      I’d love to know if you could further expand on this.

      Thanks for the great post, showing us the true power of LinkedIn!


      • Like you, I’ve been scared for years about duplicate content. But we all got that wrong!

        If you republish an older post on your blog: no problem. If you repurpose your post on LinkedIn: no problem.

        Having said that, I’m keen to learn more about exactly *how* to repurpose on LinkedIn. That’s just one of the reasons I look forward to Josh’s online training.

    • Spencer Gentry says:

      It’s nearly impossible to find educated people on this subject, but you seem
      like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    • I find this VERY interesting. It fits in with what I’ve been experimenting with recently, that is, how to build a solid social media presence as a writer.

      I must admit, I would never have thought of republishing articles on LinkeIn! Wow, what an opportunity! And how simple…

      I’ll definitely take a lot of notes during the online training on Tuesday… 🙂

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