3 Reasons to Write a Book in College

write book in college

College is a time of excitement and discovery, but it can also lead to some truly unimagined opportunities. 

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of writing a book, or perhaps you’re considering the idea for the first time. 

Either way, I hope these three reasons give you the confidence and push to make it happen.

1 – Express Your Deeper Purpose 

Do you ever find college sometimes feels a little frustrating?

I remember the feeling of sitting in school and realizing a lot of what was being said was based on secondhand knowledge rather than firsthand experience. Perhaps you’ve had a similar moment of feeling a little jaded.

If you realize college isn’t exactly your deepest purpose, writing a book can provide a potent remedy. Here’s why:

  • Personal freedom. Do you have views or beliefs that aren’t reflected around you in college? Writing a book can give you a release. It’s entirely your project, free of judgement. 
  • Creative expression. Now that we live in the era of self-publishing, you have a level of creative expression that wasn’t really possible for past authors. No gatekeepers will be restricting your work – you can write absolutely anything you want. 
  • Another avenue.  Maybe you’ve realized that college isn’t quite right for you, but you don’t want to leave with nothing else lined up. By writing a book, you give yourself another path in life while also making college a little more tolerable in the meantime. 

Finding a reason to write can be your oasis of creative freedom amidst the sometimes stifling college atmosphere. 

2 – You’re Ready To Start Now 

Sometimes, when I suggest to people they should write a book, they seem a little surprised.

Although plenty of people want to write a book, nowhere near as many actually see themselves as capable of really doing it. 

A lot of this is down to our psychology. Understand that even the most successful writers doubt their own ability. Also, never forget that the only way to get better is by actually writing. Practice makes perfect!

Once you overcome your initial psychological resistance, consider the following points.

  • A unique view. It might sound a little bit cliched, but noone is capable of writing the book you are. Your viewpoint is yours alone. People crave originality, and that’s exactly what you have. 
  • All the knowledge is out there. We live in the best ever time for learning new information and skills. You can access valuable, free resources for any part of the writing process.
  • You’re already in college. If you’ve made it to college, you have the raw ability to do this. It’s just a matter of believing in yourself and making it happen.

If you feel like you shouldn’t write a book, or aren’t ready, it’s probably your fear talking. You are enough, and you’re ready to do this!

3 – Make Yourself Stand Out

We all know that the world is more competitive than ever before, both within the academic community itself, and the job world outside of it. 

With everyone seemingly having ideal careers and resumes, it can feel like a tall order to find a way to stand out from everyone else. But wouldn’t being a published author on the biggest bookstore in the world remedy that?

It’s pretty epic to be able to say you have a book to your name at any point in life, but in college it really stands out.

So how will writing a book help you stand out?

  • On campus. If you’re applying for positions in organizations on campus, or even leading and mentoring others, having a book about a relevant topic is worth its weight in gold.
  • Job applications. When it’s time to submit your resume for internships and jobs, mentioning you have a book will make a recruiter more interested. 
  • Inspire others. Standing out by writing a book isn’t just about benefiting yourself. It’s also a great way to inspire those around you. Ironically, by standing out from your fellow students, you can inspire them to pursue their own greatness. 

Taking the time to create a book is a valuable investment you can make in yourself and your future, from your dorm room, for free. Who wouldn’t want that?

Don’t Lose Momentum!

If you’ve made it this far in the article, there’s definitely a part of you that wants to make your book happen. 

Listen to that part of yourself. Don’t silence or ridicule it.

Most of all, take action. Commit to a small step, like brainstorming several book ideas, or even working up a quick outline. 

Give yourself the adventure of becoming an author in college. You never know where it might lead. Take it from me!

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