21 Unexpected Places To Find Your Writer’s Muse

    Where do you find inspiration?

    Where do you find inspiration?

    Being a professional writer is exhausting.

    You’re cranking out one great article after the other, constantly chasing deadlines and grasping new ideas.

    You’re spending your days perched behind your tiny computer screen. It’s easy, then, to lose inspiration, motivation and to feel the occasional case of writer’s block.

    That’s why it’s crucial to get away from the computer as often as possible. Even if we have the feeling that this is counterproductive and takes away from our productivity.

    The truth is the best ideas, the highest epiphanies, usually bless us when we’re anywhere but near our desks.

    So here are a few places for you to find your muse outside of your working space.

    1. The gym

    Most of my ideas come from testing my limits in the gym. There’s nothing more inspiring than breaking your mental and physical barriers. A regular visit to the gym will not only boost your confidence, it’ll also help you to get rid of frustration, anger and a lot of stirred-up emotion.

    2. The mall

    Going to the mall helps you to see what’s happening in people’s minds and what it is they care about. It may be superficial but the colors, the decorations and the stores will give you plenty of new insights.

    3. The train station

    Seeing people come and go, hearing the goodbyes and hellos and experiencing the busy jumble of a train station provides lots of great information for every writer’s brain.

    4. The airport

    Airports are often filled with even more emotion than train stations and I love watching people hug, cry and rejoice. Just like it’s shown at the beginning of “Love, actually”, I believe that in airports you see that love is, actually, all around. And what better emotion to inspire us than love, right?

    5. The beach

    This might be a cliche, but it’s nonetheless a true source of inspiration. Being at the beach, listening to the waves crash against the sand, seeing the beautiful colors of the ocean and hearing the seagulls squawk relaxes your body, mind and soul. This clears the way for a splash of beautiful words.

    6. The rooftop

    Standing on the rooftop of a skyscraper, seeing a city from above, puts life into perspective and often presents a wave of fresh ideas.

    7. The city

    The buzz of a city, the noise, the voices and the fast-paced character of life offers great material to write about. Open your eyes when you walk through the streets. Listen, look and learn.

    8. The country

    I grew up in the countryside and every time I return home I feel inspired, motivated and recharged. Not hearing the noise or seeing the dull colors of the city provides a great contrast to my every day life. Take in the scenery of the countryside and let nature, the stillness of the world, fully embrace you.

    9. Your home

    We often don’t even see the things that surround us anymore because we’ve gotten so used to them. Give yourself a challenge. Walk around your home and try to notice at least 10 items you totally forget about. This will engage your mind in a fun way.

    10. The bus

    Instead of plugging in your earphones, listen to what people say. You’ll hear snippets of all kinds of conversations that can build the foundation for new ideas.

    11. The grocery store

    Look at magazine covers, go through the aisles, observe others and you’ll most likely notice something that’ll inspire your article.

    12. The mountains

    The crisp air of the mountains, the open space and the silence give your mind a much-needed break from technology, people and daily life. Let the breathtaking view of the mountains inspire you.

    13.  The coffee house

    Sit down with a book, a Moleskine or simply a cup of your favorite hot drink and listen to other people’s conversations, write or muse. Sometimes just this little change of surroundings engages your senses in a completely different way.

    14. The book store

    Browsing through new publications or classics and being surrounded by thousands of books will give you more opportunities than you can count to inspire yourself. Let the words of brilliant writers, the beautiful rhymes of poets get under your skin and open your heart to new revelations.

    15. The spa

    A relaxed, happy and pampered body works much more efficiently than a tired, tense one. Treat yourself to a few stress-reducing hours at the spa and let your thoughts wander effortlessly. You’ll soon feel rejuvenated and ready to change the world with your words.

    16. The movies

    Intelligent, creative and brilliantly shot movies provide great prompts for all kinds of new thoughts.

    17. Your bed

    Do I have to say more?

    18. The playground

    Observing children, seeing them play and laugh, totally immersed in their beautiful little world gives perspective and a much needed break from the seriousness of your daily life. If you feel super brave, join them and play for a while. Experience the world through their eyes and notice how different it looks.

     19. Your grandparents’ home

    I love talking to my grandparents and listening to their stories. There’s just so much to learn from them. Soaking up their wisdom, dreaming of a different time, always gives me new ideas.

     20. A foreign country

    Traveling invites inspiration almost by definition. Seeing new places, hearing new sounds, speaking new languages, experiencing new foods and simply being away from your routine is a surefire way to a creative explosion.

     21. College

    Learn something new, broaden your horizons, listen to lectures of awe-inspiring professors and see how your mind expands.

    Be open to connecting with your muse in every circumstance of life. Be intentional about getting away from your computer as often as possible. You’ll see that being outside, spending time with others and simply shaking up your routine will help your work in many fascinating ways.

    On to you. What are some places you like to go to inspire yourself?


    About the author:

    Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is an anorexia survivor, self-love ambassador,  body image expert and the owner of aMINDmedia. She’s the author of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image and empowers you to achieve a healthier and more successful life by returning to your true purpose and values.

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    About the author

      Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

    • Ron says:

      You’re bed?? Hahaha….I’ve gotten TONS of inspiration there! 😉

    • kcclamb says:

      My favorite place where my brain gets flowing? The shower. A nice, long, hot shower. And then write at 10-11pm. It’s almost impossible to stop then.

    • I find that 17 is one of the best! Not for what your thinking either.

      Ok, it probably is! But there is ANOTHER good reason as well. I find that when I have a problem… err.. challenge, when I ask how can I solve it right before I drift off to sleep, I find I get great clarity and answers usually spring to me either right before I fall asleep or as soon as I wake up. I have a notepad, lighted pens and an awesome journaling app right next to the bed for all these obviously brilliant ideas I get in bed. Cece doesn’t get too annoyed if they come at an awkward moment…. I dont think.

      • LOL well, I know what you mean. Sleep or other activities in bed make everything better. Which app do you use?

    • Well, we can basically get inspiration from anywhere. 🙂

    • PJ Reece says:

      I need to heap all those ideas into one huge outing that would keep me away from my computer for six months at least. A walkabout! Help! I’m turning into a zombie! Oh… it’s just Halloween. I’ll take off the makeup. Whew, I was worried there for a minute.

      • LOL A walkabout is actually an awesome idea. Just think of all the possibilities to be inspired. You just made me want to plan for one.

    • Douglas R says:

      I get inspired in a bookstore dreaming to see my story on one of the shelves one day, the coffee house is pleasant too, the beach is peaceful and sitting on top of a tree is beautiful for me too. 

      • Trees have amazing power and strength and they ground you, don’t they? I agree that sitting on trees can be a great source of inspiration.

    • Jevon says:

      From your points, my favorites are the country, mountains, movies, and foreign. Most of my inspiration actually comes from those.

      What about a museum, historical or scientific? I also get a lot of great ideas from a good documentary, especially those about animals, nature, and space.

      • Great points, Jevon. I’m not big into museums, but you’re right, they do serve a lot of new insights and give your mind new things to ponder. Documentaries are awesome as well.

    • Great photos and ideas. Writers by nature are ALWAYS seeing stories. That’s how we think. I write in the shower all the time and have notebooks by my bed. Ideas flow and you have to get them down. Thanks for this post, Anne-Sophie. Beth

      • Douglas R says:

        Wow! I’ll try writing in the shower too. It’s gonna be a first for me. And I agree with the great photo thing too!

      • The shower! How could I have forgotten that! Yes, we’re always thinking, writing, composing, aren’t we? That’s the beauty of our job.

    • I think writers should try all 21! It’s so important to LIVE LIFE, get out, do things, do physical things, especially when we spend so much time sitting on our behinds typing away at a computer or lounging on the couch or in bed reading. We should interact with people, get out into the fresh air, exercise, and all of the above. I completely agree that it’s ultimately good for our writing, even though we may feel like those things are taking time away from it. We just need to find the balance.


      • You hit the nail on the head, Sarah! Getting away from work is the best way to actually, well, work. I’m in Oslo right now, just sightseeing, just because. At first, I felt guilty, but I know that experiencing a new city will put my creative engines back in gear. As Benjamin Franklin put it: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. I’m opting for the latter right now.

    • Liz says:

      Hi Anne-Sophie, I love these!

      These are a nice reminder that we have inspiration all around us. I think it’s easy to forget that, but I’ll certainly be focusing on doing more of this.


      • Keeping your eyes and your heart open, but also not forcing yourself into certain moments of “now I have to be inspired” is the best way to go about it, I think. I’m glad this post inspired you.

    • Funny and enjoyable, having visual cues to bolster the idea that any place can create a spark that lights ideas and creativity. After all most writing about writing is just…writing!

      I think we have all (most of us!?) experienced this, but the reminder, the hint – most welcome!

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Roger. And, yes, inspiration can hit us any place and any time if we’re open to it.

    • the movies does it for me plus loads of people in the food court downstairs where I indulge in an icecream.

      • Ooooh, ice-cream is a source of inspiration in itself, isn’t it?

    • >