20 Weird and Wonderful Habits of Famous Writers

Have you ever considered what it takes to write a book that everyone will later call a masterpiece?

And could any of the authors of such books ever imagine such a response to their work?

There are so many components that go into a writer’s success that anyone would have a hard time trying to name them all.

Some authors make it to the top thanks to pure talent and natural genius that allows them to create incredibly engaging stories, immersive fictional worlds, and strong characters.

Other writers may rely on hard work alone, writing one work after another, gradually mastering the art of writing, honing their skills, and getting closer to perfection with each written page.

There’s certainly also a place for sheer luck and coincidence, when the author expects nothing in particular from their work, but it suddenly turns out to be a hit.

Once authors encounter success, they are very likely to try and do it again. Which often leads them to develop certain rituals that they think may help them to write better.

These could be normal daily routines or something the writer does specifically before or during writing. It’s no wonder that such rituals can turn into habits over time. And many of these habits have been strange ones.

Sure, some famous writing habits were caused by the inability of the author to write in a different way. Like it was with James Joyce, for instance. He had to use large pencils and lay on his stomach dressed in a white coat while writing—a habit he established due to his poor eyesight. He could see what he was writing with large pencils, and the white coat reflected light better.

Do you want to find out about more writers with weird habits?

Check out the infographic below! It includes 20 writers with curious quirks, along with some quick facts to explain how an author’s habit influenced the creation of a particular work.

habits of famous writers - infographic

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