10 Times More Traffic From Your Next Article [Infographic]

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      Glen Long

      is the editor of BoostBlogTraffic.com, which helps people get more traffic and make money blogging. He's also an instructor over at GuestBlogging.com - find out how to get your first 1,000 subscribers by writing for some of the world's most popular blogs.

    • Glen,

      Bookmarked and saved for future reference! Great infographic and extremely helpful at isolating main points that bloggers/writers need to strategize.

      I understand Chris’s (the earlier commentor) desire for the written word, but our lives are filled with too much input sometimes to sit and read a 1,500 word post. This graphic is extremely helpful for getting plentiful information in a focused, time-saving manner.

      Thank you!

    • Dear Glen, am agreed with you but for creating infographic like this consume more then than write an article what you said?
      on other hand if I am not expert in graphics then I have to hire an graphic designer which I can’t afford in the beginning of my blogging career. So it’s the big deal for beginners.

    • nice advice. i will practice it in my site. send me email if you have another article like this. good lucky

    • Maria Mostenby says:

      Great infographic! It’s really informative. What a great way to share information!

    • Wonderful infographic, Glen! Thanks for sharing!

    • Chris says:

      Sadly, it looks as though I’m in a minority here.

      I’m sure that most… if not all… of the ‘info’ in this ‘infographic’ is useful to bloggers. It certainly looks OK to me. It’s the ‘graphic’ bit that I have a problem with.

      I’m not a blogger, I’m a novelist – the advice here appears to be primarily aimed at writers of those practical ‘how to’ blogs, rather than authors of fiction).
      Personally, I have no interest in blogging, except as a reader of selected blogs. (I’m a writer… My publisher is a publisher. That suits me fine.)

      So there’s the problem… It’s an ‘infographic’, but it’s aimed at writers.

      Now maybe the readers of these factual and advice blogs like their information in this cartoon cluttered form, with those bite sized nibbles of easily digested text… but this is aimed at the bloggers themselves, and those bloggers are writers.

      We writers aren’t frightened of the written word, it’s our stock in trade, so why should we want our information in this dumbed down infographic form?
      We can absorb the ‘info’ without the tacky ‘graphics’ that make the piece look like it’s aimed at five year olds (and I’m not singling this piece out… I’ve seen others aimed at writers that are equally as bad, or even worse).

      Spreading the information down the screen, interspersed with these silly little cartoons, simply makes it take too long to read. The information given in the text is good enough to stand on its own, so why water it down it when the target audience, writers, are perfectly capable of taking it in its ‘full strength’ form.

      Sorry… maybe it’s me, but surely if something is aimed at writers, it should use their medium. If writers can’t understand the written word, without the kiddie pix to help them, then they’re in the wrong game.

      • Glen Long says:

        Hey Chris,

        Many thanks for your comment.

        I realise infographics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I take your point about communicating with writers in their own medium.

        That said, on the blog where this was initially published – Smart Blogger – we have published dozens and dozens of text-based posts aimed at writers so we were just trying something a little different this time around.

        As powerful as text can be on first reading, it’s not so user-friendly on subsequent visits if you just want a reminder of key points. We’re hoping that some people might save this graphic, or even print it out, to refer to whenever they sit down to create a new post.

        So, that was the aim but like I said, it won’t suit everyone!



        • Chris says:

          Yes Glen… I guess it takes all kinds of writers to make up our ‘community’.

          Maybe it’s a generational thing, in the same way as those sites for aspiring authors that seem to cite comic books and movies as their examples of how to write. Visual images are very different from creating visual imagery in the mind by skilful writing.

    • Amar kumar says:

      Hey Glen,

      Headline is really considered as most significant part of our article because it has potential to convert our audience into our actual audience. Creating a steady stream of fresh information on a variety of topics opens several avenues to drive traffic to a website through search, social media, traditional media and more which ultimately results in phone calls, orders or foot traffic. Eventually, thanks for sharing your amazing ideology with the help of pretty Infographics.

      With best regards,

      Amar kumar

    • Umesh says:

      Hi Glen,

      One word “Awesome Infographic”. Every point you have mentioned is crucial to make a successful post.

      I enjoyed reading this infographic, brilliantly presented the whole idea in a single post.

      Umesh Singh

    • Guys you never cease to amaze me when it comes to the craft of writing compelling content. I am only a beginner but what I have gained from you in my short writing life could have taken years had I not come across your teachings. The infographic is awesome, I wish I could download a pdf to frame and hang next to my writing desk. Thank you again to all the team.

    • I’ve always liked Glen Long’s ideas, but this is a brilliant infographic!

      • Glen Long says:

        Thanks Saleem! In this case I can’t take full credit but I think Sonia did a great job here. 🙂

    • Georgiy Savelyev says:

      Awesome. Thanks for writing it.

    • Mary, Gary, everyone at WTD!

      This infographic is incredible! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the balance of being in your own creative thoughts and the hard reality of doing research on the validity of your idea.

      Testing, through keyword search, buzzsumo and the rest are great beginning metrics. Another tactic I would suggest is using Q/A boards like Quora and Reddit to discover high-interest topics as well. It’ll help you see the potential audience before you even write your first line.

      Because, as said, “low competition usually means low interest.”

      Thanks again for sharing this awesome infographic!

      • Glen Long says:

        Hey David,

        Glad you enjoyed the infographic! Yes, checking Quora and Reddit for possible topics is a great tip.

        Full credit should go to the author – Sonia Thompson – for the infographic content. As Smart Blogger managing editor, I just guided the post through its development.

        Thanks also to graphic agency MilkWhale for the fantastic design.

        And of course to Mary for sharing it with her community! 🙂



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