10 Effective Steps to Inspirational Writing

inspirational writing

What’s it like when you remember a moment in time when you read a book or an article that made your heart sing?

There was something about the writing that touched something deep inside and inspired you to view the world from a different perspective.

Inspirational writing is something every writer is capable of. Yes, that means you, too.

It’s all about tapping into the energy inside of you that’s just waiting to come out. I’ve found a way to do that in my writing, and that’s exactly what I’ll share with you today as you keep reading.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Find Your Passion

The first step is to find a topic that you’re passionate about and that sets your soul on fire, because what you feel about what you write will come through in your articles.

I’ve found that the more passionate I am about anything in life, the more I attract just the right circumstances for success, and the people that I bump into are affected just by being near me.

2. Capture Inspiration

When you have a topic that you are interested in, or even passionate about, you still have to capture those moments of inspiration.

This could mean figuring out at what time during the day you produce your best work. For me, it is before noon, and during midnight.

You might also want to carry a notepad with you during the day, so you can capture any inspiration that comes to you.

3. Trust

When you begin to write from your heart, you have to allow yourself to trust that whatever is coming out is supposed to come out.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you publish every article you write. It just means that you tune into your inspiration, and you let it come out in whatever way it comes out.

4. Flow

When you trust, you flow.

The best way to get into flow, and the writing zone, is to do a brain dump whenever you’re writing.

Basically, what I do is I begin by coming up with the headline for my article, then I outline the article as best as I can, and finally I just let the words flow out.

You can call it brain dumping, free writing, or whatever you like. It is simply the act of writing your draft without editing.

5. Suspend Fear

Everyone has a little bit of fear when it comes to publishing their writing. I know, because I’ve been there and done that.

Your writing may not be perfect, and most of the time it doesn’t have to be. All your writing needs to do is convey the message that you have inside.

There are people out there waiting to hear from you, and it doesn’t matter if you make a grammatical mistake here or there.

6. Live Life

Live life boldly and constantly seek new experiences both internally and externally.

Personally, I’m in the phase in my life right now are enjoying meditating and exploring the inner workings of my mind.

You may enjoy traveling, or just trying out different things in your city. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you’re doing something that you enjoy.

7. Learn & Grow

Immerse yourself in the rich amount of information that exists all around you. Read books, watch movies, or talk to other writers or friends.

The more you grow, the more the neural pathways in your mind expand, which means that not only will your writing improve, so will your life.

Human beings can’t stop themselves from growing, because we are naturally curious. If you aren’t, then you just haven’t allowed yourself to find a topic that you’re passionate about, yet.

8. Experiment (With Your Writing)

Have fun when you write your articles. There may be some days that you’re out of inspiration, and there may be other days where you are flooded with new ideas and when everything seems to be crystal clear.

It’s not about being perfect, at least not for me. Writing for me is something I enjoy doing. It’s a way of expressing what’s inside of me to the world.

9. Accept the Inner Critic

Your inner critic will always be there. Its intention is always to help you, but it often gets out of hand and ends up stopping you from doing what you truly enjoy.

Talk to your inner critic, and let it know that you want to trust the process and let inspiration flow. Once that’s done, the inner critic can come out and help you edit the article in the best way possible when you’ve written the first draft.

10. Remember Why You Write

Why do you write?

Do you remember the first days when you discovered your love for writing?

It may have been a time way back in the past. Or it may have been recently, if you picked up writing during your adult years.

Remember why you started writing. It’s easy to get bogged down in details once you start writing and want to become better and better at it.

In the end, don’t you enjoy writing and expressing yourself?

And aren’t you already doing that with your writing?

Give yourself some slack and just enjoy the amazing capabilities that you already have for writing, and you will start producing amazingly inspirational articles effortlessly.

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