Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog: 7th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest 2012


Check out the winners!

It’s time to open up nominations for the 7th annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest—the

Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2012

Who are going to be the Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2012?

blogosphere’s biggest contest for writing blogs.

How to Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog:

→ Nominate your favorite blog in the comment section.
→ You have only one vote (only your first will be counted).
→ Please include the web address of the blog.
→ Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award.

To make the cut, a blog must be nominated more than once.

Nominations must be received by 10 December, 2012.

Check out the winners!

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902 Responses to “Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog: 7th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest 2012”

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  1. Koundeenya says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins

    His writing style and way of expression is just so unique that no one can easily ignore reading. And his ebook “The Writer’s Manifesto” is a pleasure of reading.
    Koundeenya recently posted..Why I Chose Koundeenya dot Com To Blog?My Profile

  2. My vote goes to Jeff Goins advice about writing is helpful and inspirational. The site has a clean design that is easy to use. Jeff gives practical tips without being overbearing or patronizing.
    Chris Ciolli (@ChrisCiolli) recently posted..Friday Photo Essay – Gardening near Tarragona (Spain)My Profile

    • I agree with Chris, is my vote! Jeff Goins has tons of great advice for writing but goes beyond mere technique to talk about the writer himself – it is a more comprehensive perspective on writing that is fun to read, clean to wade through, and delightful to engage in.

  3. Leila says:

    My favourite blog is posted to me daily by Jeff Goins. Why do I like it so much? He is a warm and frindly guy who is genuinly interested in his followers. He runs a popular and lively group of aspiring writers who really care for each other. and in the comments section we can chat with each other and Jeff himself. It is a small blog in comparison to the much larger ones around but he is in touch in a personal way. He is scrupulously honest about himself and what he sees as his own mistakes and allows his followers into his own family life. Whenever he can he offers us free stuff. He responds faithfully if anyone sends him a mail.I spend time every day reading his quality advice which always feels to me as if he is talking with me personally. Some of the larger blohs are more impersonal and commercially driven. Often there is a charge for membership. As a widow of 76, living in England and therefore on a very small pension I can’t afford to join these bigger blogs.

    His web address is

  4. Victor says:

    I nominate Pa Ul an emerging visual artist online and prolific writer of simpl tips, tricks and ideas in making life easier.
    Victor recently posted..Pampering Myself with a Thai MassageMy Profile

  5. Roger Ellman says:

    I nominate WRITE to DONE

    Simple, valid and excellent tips and advice for writers.
    Always helpful.
    Roger Ellman recently posted..FOR SALE >> Not cubes just colourMy Profile

  6. maria cristina says:

    Wordplay: The Writing Life of K.M. Weiland This is my favourite blog.

  7. Mirel says:

    My favorite blog is Joe Bunting’s The Write Practice.

    Of all the sites I’ve signed up for, it’s the only one I visit daily as it always has something new to think about and a new prompt to inspire one. I have found the daily practices easy to relate to and so they always get me writing. Not only have I learned good habits and added skills from the site, I have also found pleasant and supportive people there.

  8. Morrisbest says:

    I nominate WritetoDone for my favourite writing blog…For the writing tips, methods and advice for the upcoming writers…And also ways of publishing and advertising ones piece of work….
    Morrisbest recently posted..Smile!My Profile

  9. Bassam Ahmed says:
    Because K.M is an experienced writer who is not afraid to expose herself and to teach writers all kind of knowledge she gained over time…

  10. I nominate Courage 2 Create by Ollin Morales.
    Raymund Tamayo recently posted..4 Basic Ways to Stay Spiritually HealthyMy Profile

  11. Giovanna says:

    My favorite is Alexandra Sokoloff’s:

    close second would be: The Word is my Oyster:

  12. Right now my favourite writing blog is Karen Woodward’s:

    She posts almost every day and offers unique writing advice and shares the best writing articles she has come across. She covers all aspects of writing from the craft, to blogging and marketing and self-publishing. She’s topical and always useful and because of her blogging pace, there is bound to be something interesting for everyone.
    Reetta Raitanen recently posted..Link Feast For Writers, vol. 28My Profile

  13. tom Babington says:

    By Far . . . . . Story Fix, written by Larry Brooks

    • Rachel says:

      Yes, I also nominate Larry from Storyfix.

      His writing advice is superb, and I’ve used it not only for writing my first novel, but to improve all of my writing. After all, the best way to convince someone to do nearly anything is by telling a story.

  14. Bhaichand Patel says:

    I nominate Victoria Mixon (
    I had been working with her on my first novel for a few years. She came up with wonderful suggestions and her editing was superb. Most of all, I appreciated her patience. The good news is that the manuscript has been accepted by Pan Macmillan (I think it is St. Martins in US) and the novel should be ready for the next summer holidays. Three publishers bid for it!

  15. Elizabeth cairns says:

    I read many excellent blogs for writer and the one that jumps straight to mind is the treasure trove of applicable wisdom from Joanna Penn at For any writer looking for inspiration and information on how to write, publish and market your book Joanna’s blog is the place to start. Whenever I have had a query in relation to one of my book projects I go to Joanna’s blog and have always been able to find an answer. She is generous with her time and expert knowledge and adds outrageous value. Her podcasts are also another way of accessing great advice and information from other authors , marketing experts, cover designers, editors and the like as Jo hosts interviews with many great guests. An independently published author herself Jo is utterly authentic in her work and knows just what we need to read whatever stage of our writers journey we are at.
    Elizabeth cairns recently posted..Making space to create – a simple process for letting goMy Profile

  16. I’d like to nominate Romance University:
    Their advice on the craft of writing is always to the point, they pass on interesting news about what’s going on in romance publishing, and their posts attract comments and useful extra tips from both readers and writers

  17. I’ll like to nominate The Write Practice by Joe Bunting (The Write Practice).

    For at least a week, I went on a spree doing the writing practices after each blog post as they went up. Great writing advice (like on realistic dialogue and bathos) is written quite often, and the community formed in the comments and more. Not to mention the web design.
    Chihuahua Zero recently posted..The One Underestimated Skill of a WriterMy Profile

  18. Katie says:

    My nomination is Betsy lerner’s blog:

  19. I nominate Susan Cushman’s blog,
    Susan writes about the craft of writing, both fiction and creative non-fiction, and the power of creativity. What attracts me to Susan’s blog more than the craft writing is her courage to write about her true self. Writers cannot write ‘real’ until they are in touch with who they are in their soul. As a writer, I have to be reminded that in order to feel the depth of the frustrations, depression or joys of my characters, I must connect with the emotional centers within my own heart and soul and inner life and recall those emotions and almost become those characters – whether i’m writing about distinctive qualities of my own family members or the quirks of those people of my imagination. Susan writes about the whole self, and how life impacts us all as writers.

  20. Just one? Augh! Okay then, my vote goes to Joanna Penn. She’s brilliant and helpful to all authors, whether they’re seeking traditional or going indie, and deserves the vote. Here’s the link:

  21. Mary says:

    Please consider for this contest. It is a blog related to Unusual Events as well as Living Life!

    Thank you!

  22. Vikki says:

    I would like to nominate which is the blog of Joanne Phillips. Joanne is an indie author who blogs about indie publishing and other useful writing related info. I’ve learnt so much about that side on the industry since following her blog. She’s informative, friendly, and takes time to respond to all comments and visit her readers blogs too!
    Vikki recently posted..The To Do List 12th to 18th NovemberMy Profile

  23. I nominate Writer Unboxed:

    Writer Unboxed provides a wealth of inspiration and craft advice, PLUS WU is the most amazing and supportive community. It has changed my writing life.

  24. BLee says:

    I would like to nominate: Wordplay: The Writing Life of K.M. Weiland:
    We are all ‘married’ to our writing and often it’s hard to stand back and take a readers point of view. To ask questions of ourselves and of our characters about the story. There are a lot of great writing blogs out there, of which many I frequent, but I always go to K.M.’s on a daily basis for inspiration, tips, techniques, and most importantly to find those questions I can ask myself of my writing. K.M. Weiland’s blog, for me, proves that she is not only a great writer, but a motivator, communicator and most importantly a great teacher. And that is why I am nominating her blog for best blog 2012.

  25. Julie Luek says:

    Without hesitation: Writer Unboxed.


    I nominate Writer Unboxed. Not only because it features an all-star cast of experts writing gurus every day of the week (regular contributors like Donald Maass, Lisa Cron, Victoria Mixon, and Chuck Sambuchino, to name a few), but also because of the supportive and colaborative nature of the community that has sprung up around WU, and thrives on their facebook group page. It’s both my go-to site for staying on top of the craft and business of writing, and the home-base of my writing tribe.
    Vaughn Roycroft recently posted..Appreciation for Betas (or Readers Rock!)My Profile

  27. I nominate WRITE TO DONE.

    Realistic and practical information is normally found in their posts. I have used their references on many occasions to kick-start my writing.

  28. LJ Cohen says:

    Writer Unboxed

    Consistently well-written, relevant, and cogent posts about all facets of writing with a supportive, community focus.
    LJ Cohen recently posted..The State of the ArtMy Profile

  29. David says:

    I would like to nominate Problogger, Daren Rowse has blogged from the perspective of someone always in the learning process, where I personally relate.
    David recently posted..Responsibility and Action TogetherMy Profile

  30. Krista Edmonds, Ph.D. says:

    I nominate Larry Brooks’ StoryFix. I have learned more from StoryFix than from all the work-shops, extension classes, and e-courses I have taken, combined. In transitioning from technical/medical/informative writing to fiction (a truly different planet, I assure you), Brooks’ framework and logic have provided a superb bridge.

  31. I’m a big fan of Write to Done, I always read the articles sent to me in the newsletter.
    Ricardo Caicedo recently posted..The First Japanese Emperor to Encourage the Cultivation of TeaMy Profile

  32. Lydia says:

    I nominate Women’s Fiction Writers — it’s warm, funny, smart, and offers a great mix of interviews, reviews, and commentary. A wonderful site!

  33. Sari says:

    I nominate Women’s Fiction Writers. It’s the only blog dedicated to women’s fiction. Not romance—women’s fiction.

  34. Jan O'Hara says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed. (

    Though it has a ton of multi-published and awarded regular contributors, it makes a point of offering opportunities to guest and unpublished posters on the basis of merit.

    It’s able to attract a strong base of volunteers. They run a supportive Facebook community and generate a monthly newsletter, featuring the same mix of newbies to industry pros.

    And it does this all with daily columns–ranging from the practical to comedic to inspirational.
    Jan O’Hara recently posted..Hello! (And a Vigorous Book Recommendation for Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad)My Profile

  35. Maer says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed.

    There are many excellent and helpful articles on all aspects of the business of writing. Love the site!

  36. My nomination is Writer Unboxed.
    Melissa Marsh recently posted..Veterans Day 2012My Profile

  37. Dee DeTarsio says:

    Writer Unboxed, which welcomes all writers, is the shining light in a very odd industry! WU is cheerleader, mentor, and a very smart and caring friend!

  38. I nominate Angela Ackerman, from the Bookshelf Muse. Her Emotion Thesaurus was a brilliant idea for fiction and for nonfiction writers.

    Beth@Boomer Highway
    Beth @ Boomer Highway (twitter) recently posted..Caregivers, Admit It: Sometimes The Stress Is Just Too MuchMy Profile

  39. Tracey Devlyn says:

    I nominate Romance University – – for their professionalism and fabulous content. Readers are able to connect with their favorite authors in a safe environment and writers, at every level, have access to valuable free publishing, career, and craft articles.

  40. Sundi Jo says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins at

    Goins provides truth, encouragement, wisdom, and more through his posts. He shares what he learns and spreads the message of getting off your butt and making things happen.

    Well deserved for this award.
    Sundi Jo recently posted..What I Don’t Like About Being a ChristianMy Profile

  41. Romance University. They have authors, agents and editors as guest bloggers and each post is designed to teach some aspect of craft or career.

  42. Mike Loomis says:

    I hereby nominate Jeff Goins – Jeff’s writing AND generosity (he holds nothing back) really has made a difference in my writing, and many others.

  43. Jim says:

    I nominate by Andi Cumbo her blog covers many aspects of writing: the writing itself, rest, living, hopes and dreams.
    Jim recently posted..This Is Not Fiction: A Weekend RecapMy Profile

  44. Warren Kuan says:

    I nominate YoungPrePro as a top writing blog here, truthful, useful, practical and fun ONi !! =)
    Warren Kuan recently posted..Oppa Malaysia Style PSY Gangnam ParodyMy Profile

  45. Ehsan Ullah says:

    I nominate Ali Luke’s because I like her writing style. She has a great ability and she has done a lot of guest posts here on too.

  46. I want to nominate the Women’s Fiction Writers Blog. Always fantastic and inspiring posts for writers.

  47. I nominate Michelle Rafter’s WordCount blog:

    Useful, authoritative information for newbie and established freelancers.
    Susan Johnston recently posted..Guest Post: Essential Legal Resources for FreelancersMy Profile

  48. Osho Garg says:

    I Nominate Learn Blog Tips:

    Useful & Interested :)

    Rahul’s Writing Style Is Awesome :)
    Osho Garg recently posted..How To Add Yellow And Red Warning Box CSS StyleMy Profile

  49. I nominate WordCount:

    I like it because as a writer, I find it chocker-block full of useful information. And it’s boiled down to quick, easily-digestible points that take very little time to read. And time is something I don’t have!

    Caren Chesler

  50. Kristi B says:

    I nominate Word Count.

  51. I’d like to nominate Michelle Rafter’s blog – WordCount:

    This is an excellent blog for those new to writing but also great for those who are a little bit more advanced. Michelle’s posts are easy-to-read and highly useful.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading Michelle’s posts each and every week.
    Elizabeth Joss recently posted..50 Awesome Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Stores this Festive SeasonMy Profile

  52. Pilar Arsnec says:

    I would like to nominate Jeff Goins and Joe Bunting.

  53. Heather Reid says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed

    Writer Unboxed brings together an amazing group of talent from all aspects of the industry. From writers, editors, agents, experts on social media. This blog has something for everyone and for all levels of writers. Not to mention the friendly and welcoming community. By far the best blog for writers I’ve come across.

  54. I’d like to nominate Carol Tice’s

    Carol’s blog has the best stuff about writing and freelance writing, always; articles on Carol’s blog are always filled with practical, easy-to-implement tips.
    Bamidele Onibalusi recently posted..Charge More! 5 Ways to Reach More Clients While Raising Your PricesMy Profile

  55. PJ Reece says:

    We can’t leave out THE ARTIST’S ROAD and Patrick Ross. He posts less frequently now but it’s always pithy.
    PJ Reece recently posted..Death by LiteratureMy Profile

  56. Barry Hamilton says:

    I nominate Susan Morris’ Writers Don’t Cry: Her writing advice is always thoughtful and worthwhile. I can’t wait to check out the other nominations, though. Thanks.

  57. Grant Barnes says:

    I vote for It gives some of the most practical and implementable writing and blogging tips I’ve run across, and honestly just makes sense for a beginning blogger, or someone who can’t push through a block.

  58. Tom Bentley says:

    Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog:

    Practical advice on how to effectively sell your writing and writing services, from marketing to pricing to billing and more.
    Tom Bentley recently posted..Book Trailer, Whoo Daddy, Is This a Book TrailerMy Profile

  59. Lara Britt says:

    Glad to not go first on this one. I made sure that some of my perennial favorites had been chosen. [Hint: I'm a bit Joanna Penn fan] So with some wiggle room, I’d like to nominate Suzannah Freeman of Write It Sideways, She advertizes her “fresh perspective.” I concur.
    Lara Britt recently posted..Sunshine Per Square InchMy Profile

  60. My vote goes to Michelle Rafter at Word Count

    She is very supportive, encouraging and not only has wonderful content that helps writers, she goes the extra mile by hosting monthly Tweet Chats and her annual Blogathon. I have learned so much from her and have ventured into writing in ways I never would have without her help.
    Kate @ Teaching What Is Good recently posted..Menu Planning MondayMy Profile

  61. Mary Jaksch says:

    Please remember to add the URL of the blog you want to nominate so you nomination is valid. You also need to say why you think the blog you’ve chosen should be nominated.
    Mary Jaksch recently posted..About Confidence: How to Say Yes to YouMy Profile

  62. Larry Brooks –

    Has the best grasp of Craft I’ve seen, and shows it very well.
    Bruce H. Johnson recently posted..Writers’ Craft and CreativityMy Profile

  63. AJ Bradley says:

    I nominate Janice Hardy of The Other Side of the Story:
    Her blog offers unbelievably practical advice, weekly, not to mention her Real Life Diagnostics:
    where every week she takes anyone’s 250 words and does an IN DEPTH critique, for free.

    • Sandra says:

      I nominate Janice Hardy, too for her blog ‘The Other Side of the Story’. She posts fantastic, practical advice that has really helped me with my own writing. I also learn so much from reading the critique she does of pieces submitted by other writers.

      • I also nominate Janice Hardy’s blog: The Other Side Of The Story-

        Her advice is practical and she isn’t afraid to speak from experience

        I also love that she gives the piratical without devaluing the emotion behind what we do as writers, especially in fiction, even though I know nonfiction can be just as gripping, it’s on a different level for fiction, IMO. Not everyone can bring facts to life for non-scholar/reference nonfiction
        Taurean Watkins recently posted..November UpdateMy Profile

  64. Hi Mary. Many of these are on my go to list and several I subscribe to; but Wordcount has to be the one for me. Like WTD, it actually gets me writing instead of just thinking about writing. Someone mentioned Michelle Rafter’s weekly Twitter chats and another her blogathons. That shows her commitment to the writing community. But the information shared is always to the point and full of tips for writing NOW! And Michelle doesn’t feel distant but rather right there with you helping you on your journey.
    She also stresses reading for writers as much as writing which is not done enough in my opinion.

    • Lee & other WordCount fans – Thanks so much for the nominations. The fact that you mentioned WordCount’s community feel is worth all the blue ribbons in the world. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in five years of blogging it’s that it’s not about me, it’s about helping you. Hearing this kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile.

      Michelle R.

  65. SC Author says:

    I nominate They have many different perspectives (published writers, agented, unagented, etc.) that blog about almost everything publishing related.

  66. Susan says:

    I want to nominate LIve Write Thrive because the writer of the blog includes useful information on editing as well as giving specific help and encouragement on the practice of novel writing. I make money editing, but should I choose one day to try my hand at writing a novel, I will want to dig deeply into the details that regularly appear on this blog. C. S. Lakin on her blog at has failed to have a “puff” day as some bloggers do, when they send out rehashes or watered-down stuff.

    Very useful, every day.

  67. mjgruskin says:


    just an awesome site – informative and helpful in my work

  68. I nominate The Penmonkey (aka Chuck Wendig) at
    Gabryyl Pierce recently posted..FIRST EVER BookPushalooza!My Profile

  69. Betsy Kaplan says:

    I nominate:

    More information than I ever imagined…clear, concise and very well thought out…a big help for beginners all the way to “expert” writers

  70. I nominate I love the practical tips from The Write Practice as well as the community build around actually writing rather than just talking about it.

  71. Grace Bark says:

    I would like to nominate:

    Roger C. Parker’s

    I have learned so much from his website and definitely from his blog…Roger is more than generous with his time, knowledge and advice…if you want to write, write more, and/or write better you should definitely go to and sign up for his blog…

  72. CBI (Children’s Book Insider) is my favorite writing website. As a children’s book writer, I find most writer’s websites don’t give much help to my genre. CBI give lots of excellent advice and I can find an answer to any question I have about writing. It’s also a fun website.

  73. Darrell says:

    I nominate The Write Practice:

    The Write Practice always gives me practical ways that I can improve my writing. In a world that is focusing more and more on the hype of writing, the write practice is focused on the craft.

  74. Paul says:

    I nominate

    This site has always been insightful in helping me with my business. It focuses on the ways of doing and being in business rather then focusing on the mentality of making money so it’s ethics are top notch.

  75. Tom Wideman says:

    I nominate Joe Bunting’s “The Write Practice”
    Joe has developed a virtual writers’ group that is full of great people who encourage each other in the art of writing. I have even developed several friendships through Joe’s great blog, including Joe himself. He and his guest bloggers offer great tips on writing and then give us the opportunity make application through a 15-minute practice.

  76. I nominate Joe Bunting’s “The Write Practice”.

    Great articles with gem-like advice, a budding a community, a varied ensemble of guest writers, and the right excuse to start writing.
    Chihuahua Zero recently posted..The One Underestimated Skill of a WriterMy Profile

  77. aisha says:

  78. Valerie Ward says:

    I nominate Michelle Rafter’s WordCount: Freelancing in the Digital Age at
    I’ve subscribed to it for about 2 years now and have found it to be consistently well-written, engaging and informative on the business of freelance writing and all things related, including the in’s and out’s of blogging, and news on social media and other technologies useful for writers.

  79. Joel says:

    I nominate Roger C. Parker’s Published and Profitable (
    Broad ranging, it’s really helpful for book writers . . . and aspiring book writers.
    Joel recently posted..WSWA Awards College ScholarshipsMy Profile

  80. Bernadette Phipps-Lincke says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed. Reason: A website by writers for writers, that is inclusive and interactive, no matter if you are just beginning or a multi-published writer.

  81. Kristin says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed ( It consistently offers frank, no-nonsense advice from people active in all aspects of the publishing industry – writers, editors, agents, publishers, literary consultants. Topics are insightful and interesting, focusing on everything from craft to queries, contracts to marketing via social media. The affiliated Facebook group is a supportive, generous community for writers from around the world.

  82. Phoebe Ezell says:

    I would like to nominate Roger C. Parker’s blog site Published and Profitable: as a great contender.

    Roger’s site is packed with succinct and valuable advice for every writer. There is so much to learn and his knowledge and insight is refreshing.

  83. Andrea says:

    This is tough, but the site I learn the most from is Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story –
    Andrea recently posted..Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: The Humming RoomMy Profile

  84. Ryan says:

    Published and Profitable from Roger C Parker has been valuable for me getting my own work published simply, with great advice and has provided me quite a bit of inspiration.

  85. marianne says:

    I nominate The Write Practice

    I like it because it encourages people to practice writing and to look at the other participants writing and comment upon it. It is the only writing blog I’ve seen that gives a place for people to actually write and not just talk about writing. The community that has built up at The Write Practice is very supportive and make it fun to submit pieces because you know you will get some feedback. Joe Bunting, who started the blog, is an excellent facilitator, giving great prompts and encouraging feedback.

    Marianne Vest

  86. Sheryl says:

    I nominate Roger C. Parker ‘s blog-
    for his valuable content that improves my craft!

  87. Jerry Ray says:

    My favorite is Roger C. Parker’s “Published and Profitable.” Roger has a Down-to-Earth approach to wiriting and all of it’s aspects. He offers practical advice and introduces new topics, techniques, and people (many authors) to offer even more!

  88. Joan Leacott says:

    I nominate Amy Sue Nathan is a great resource for Women’s Fiction.
    Joan Leacott recently posted..I ConfessMy Profile

  89. Brin Jackson says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed. (
    Brin Jackson recently posted..Monday quoteMy Profile

  90. I recommend

    Fiona and Kaspa have built a wonderful home, and community, for the art of mindful writing. With lots of great tips, events, and short courses on offer it’s a great resource for writers.
    Dave | a small field recently posted..noticing notes: point of contactMy Profile

  91. Jen Singer says:

    I nominate Michelle Rafter’s Word Count, because it has something for every writer.

  92. Beck Gambill says:

    I nominate The Write Practice! Joe Bunting has begun a virtual writers group that is an excellent place to hone one’s writing skills. Great articles, great practice opportunity, great people!

  93. I nominate Writer Unboxed( Not only does the the blog reach out to beginners and professionals alike, the community is a lifeline for many story-tellers.
    Tonia Marie Harris recently posted..On Longing and the Paragraph ChallengeMy Profile

  94. Tom Bentley says:

    I heartily recommend Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog:

    She offers a deep range of practical advice for freelancers and writing entrepreneurs on marketing their services, querying, billing, solid office practices, rates, client interaction and lots more.
    Tom Bentley recently posted..Book Trailer, Whoo Daddy, Is This a Book TrailerMy Profile

  95. Grace says:

    Hi, I would like to nominate the blog by Bamidele Onibalusi

    It is such a great blog because it teaches and helps newbie writers to learn more about writing with style. It is also easy to read and contains great insights not only on our passion for writing but also on how to make a living from doing the thing we really love. The blog definitely taught us about how to write for traffic and money.

  96. Susan Raber says:

    Wordplay by K.M. Weiland at
    Practical, helpful, entertaining. Full featured blog with posts, some great series, as well as videos and podcasts.

  97. Yejide says:

    I nominate The blog by Meg Waite Clayton, provides a great platform for first-time novelists to talk about their publishing journey. The posts also encourage writers to believe in themselves and to persevere.

  98. Yvette Carol says:

    I nominate the blog
    The blog posts here inform, entertain and encourage the aspiring writer, like myself. There’s opportunity to practice writing and receive feedback. There’s help with grammar. There’s an active community who participate, and revolve around the sharing of all aspects of our careers as writers. Joe Bunting is someone who inspires and is unfailingly supportive.

  99. I nominate the Bookshelf Muse at: It’s been a great help. I don’t know what I’d do without it! Describing is sometimes difficult when you’re trying to think of the right description. This is a great site for every writer, especially new writers.
    Debbie Erickson recently posted..Sometimes . . .My Profile

  100. Jeannine Thibodeau says:

    Hands down, I nominate

    The best, most informative, entertaining, encouraging writing blog there is. Any time I want to find out anything about writing–from industry developments to how-tos, to plain old pick-me-ups, it’s all there. This is the one blog I read daily.

  101. Robin Yaklin says:

    Writer Unboxed is a great mix of professionals and newbies. It’s a cyberspace library of everything from craft, often comments are made by well-respected industry types, to inspiration for the sagging writer to humor. As adjunct, mosey over to the FaceBook page for discussions from writers around the world. I’ve winnowed down my blogs and such to this one. It’s that good.
    Robin Yaklin recently posted..When It Absolutely, Positively Isn’t ReadyMy Profile

  102. I nominate Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn:

    Joanna is an excellent model for writers to follow. She offers tried and true tips for writing, marketing and publishing. She documented her own journey and now helps others with consulting and offering free downloads for blogging and writing. She also partners with other successful writers to offer classes and video workshops.
    Joanna podcasts and videos her author/marketer/publisher/editor interviews. she has more help available for writers than any other blog I’ve visited.
    She’s an all around cool young woman with a couple of successful books and a desire to help other writers.
    Marcia Richards recently posted..Meet Angela Wallace, Author of Elemental Magic III – Earth TonesMy Profile

  103. Sorry, meant to add that Writer Unboxed has such a plethora of great advice and insight from a variety of sources. I have more of their posts bookmarked than any other. Each post is a priceless nugget for the inexperienced or a good reminder for those with a stack of publications on their desks. It appeals to all and they always seem to have just what I need when I need it. LOVE THEM!
    Hallie Sawyer (@Hallie_Sawyer) recently posted..Author Jeff Kinney and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel are coming to town!My Profile

  104. Jevon says:

    I nominate WRITE to DONE
    Excellent tips
    Jevon recently posted..How to Write a Romantic BantonMy Profile

  105. I nominate

    It was one of the first writer groups I joined and it’s still one of the best. All kinds of resources and connections to be had. A great group of friendly, helpful people from newbie writers to published pros.
    Rhiann Wynn-Nolet recently posted..Thanksgiving Blog Hop #2My Profile

  106. Richard J Lester says:


    Like their products and the newsletter, their blog is fresh and although one is told that you cannot re-invent the wheel, they come pretty damn close in an irreverent way.
    Coca Cola’s buy in to the company has not appeared to have diluted any part of the company.

  107. Nataliehart says:

    Writer Unboxed is my go-to site, and my favorite FB group:
    Nataliehart recently posted..Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Ruth Part IIMy Profile

  108. I wanted to nominate Copyblogger but that’s more of a content marketing blog, Make a Living writing but that’s actually about freelancing. Hmm, writing, I would say Men with Pens.
    It is the perfect mix of blog writing, copywriting and business writing. LOVE IT!

    Marya | Writing Happiness recently posted..The Truth About Blogging for Dollars (& Why You Should Blog for Business Instead)My Profile

  109. anne grant says:

    Carol Tice’s blog @
    Her posts don’t slam other bloggers to make a point and she is very prompt and helpful in her responses.

  110. D. D. Falvo says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed. (Best writer blog ever.)

  111. Shelley Souza says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed because it rounds up a variety of editors, agents, writers, and bloggers to present a various aspects of craft and life as a writer.
    Shelley Souza recently posted..When It Absolutely, Positively Isn’t ReadyMy Profile

  112. Please note I did not write the article “When it Absolutely Positively Isn’t Ready.” While I was trying to figure out where to place my nomination for Writer Unboxed, my comment was “published” before I had a chance to remove my initial placement of the WU website link in the comment box. (And, also, I’m not submitting *two* nominations for WU but I can’t post this correction without entering a website in the website field.)

  113. So so hard to choose. I’m going to go with The Book Designer, though (

    The advice on offer is wide ranging and always very good. Joel also welcomes a lot guest bloggers and provides so much value to writers of all types. Invaluable, it really is!

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)
    Turndog Millionaire recently posted..The True Meaning Of MarketingMy Profile

  114. Sophie Novak says:

    I nominate The Write Practice (

    This place is not only a blog, but more of a community, where readers practice their writing skills daily through various prompts. The combination of valuable/knowledgeable articles with inspiration towards practice, and the encouragement by fellow practitioners works fantastic.

  115. Sue Giesler says:

    I nominate Krissy Brady’s blog, Krissy Media Ink (
    Krissy has a bubbly personality and her posts are very encouraging. She is honest, open, someone who once started from zero as a freelancer, just like me.
    I enjoy the opportunity to thank everyone for the wonderful blogs you’re nominating. I will check them all out!

  116. Uma says:

    Go Teen Writers is geared towards teen writers, but really, it’s a pretty good resource for all writers. It’s got contests, regular updates, and I’ve found it really helpful!

  117. Joanna Penn says:

    I’ll nominate Chuck Wendig at because he consistently shares original information in a unique style.
    Joanna Penn recently posted..Reader Engagement With Transmedia: How To Use QR CodesMy Profile

  118. Wow, there are so many brilliant sites out there, but I’d like to nominate Joanna Penn from as I’ve received so much wonderful help and advice from her and her guests on the blog.

  119. Jeff Ellis says:

    I would like to nominate Joe Bunting’s The Write Practice,

    Joe and his staff do an excellent job of providing their readers with fun and engaging writing prompts that not only educate, but challenge the writing community. I try to post there once a day and have seen a drastic improvement in my writing since I first started a few months ago. They say practice makes perfect ;)
    Jeff Ellis recently posted..SmolderMy Profile

  120. Sabine says:

    I nominate Romance University Their posts about storytelling are interesting and helpful, and reach farther than the romance genre.
    Sabine recently posted..Les filles du jiu-jitsu (1)My Profile

  121. Ali Luke says:

    I nominate Joanna Penn’s blog The Creative Penn. It’s packed with great content from Joanna, along with a wide range of guest authors and speakers sharing their expertise.

  122. Ana Saiz says:

    I have my heart divided and find it hard to decide a winner between my faves, but I think the woman that most deserves my nomination is Krissy Brady ( I like the blogs with a lot of advice on the craft, but sometimes I also need to hear (or read) things that I know but nobody else around me understands, and that’s when Krissy appears. Reading her is reading is like reading my own subconscious. She has been where you are, she knows how you feel, and, most important, she knows how to give you a push. She always has the right word, the right thought, the right breath, the right courage. If you need someone to tell you you can do it, go for her blog.

  123. I nominate Jennifer Brown Banks’ Pen and Prosper (, which not only motivates writers to write but also shows them how they can get paid for their writing – something that is truly valuable in this economy.

  124. I nominate Love AmySue Nathan’s interviews. One of the best sites around for lovers of women’s fiction.

  125. JB Lacaden says:

    I nominate Joe Bunting’s

    I love the 15-minute practices being posted everyday! Really helpful stuff. Add to that the awesome tips being shared by the members of the community. Great place to be a part of :)

  126. Steve says:

    Good morning!

    I nominate (with pleasure) Jennifer Brown Banks and

    Jennifer (and her advice) has always been there for me, especially at the beginning of my full-time writing career (2010). However, her blog continues to be something I rely on deeply for wisdom, no matter how much my career has grown. Her blog is straightforward, the advice readily useable and worthy.


  127. LaDonna Cole says:

    I nominate because they are a collective of writers giving great tips on the craft and they have amazing guest bloggers like Tosca Lee, Erin Healy, Heather Burch, and more!

  128. I nominate, because it is a rocking collaborative writing blog filled with fresh ideas and thoughts on the craft of writing, the enjoyment of writing, and also just the writer’s life.
    They also have well known writer’s as guest authors.
    Devin Berglund recently posted..Updated Pitch – CritiqueMy Profile

  129. Karol K says:

    I nominate

    Top resource for freelance writers online.

  130. I nominate a great Christian writer, editor, and lecturer, Donna Goodrich. She leaves a weekly comment, helpful hints on acceptable writing pros and cons, leads to publishing your works, and an inspirational thought or joke that is apropo. Her address is:

  131. Kate F says:

    I nominate “The Write Practice” I’m twelve years old and I have found that website VERY helpful in my writing. I’ve also loved talking with people on there and getting feedback on my writing. The main author of the website (Joe Bunting) is also very connected with his readers.
    Kate F recently posted..30 Days of Gratitude- Days 10-11My Profile

  132. Kate. says:

    I nominate Romance U! Love it!

  133. Kelvon Yeezy says:

    I nominate Youngprepro… It’s one of my sources of inspiration!

  134. Linnette says:

    Blue Monkey Writing:

    Blue Monkey Writers are a fresh, whimsical, and growing group of writers whose goal is to encourage others in their passion for writing. One way they do this is by hosting well known writers as guest bloggers who come sharing their hearts and things they’ve learned along the road to publication.

  135. I heartily nominate – Onibalusi provides inspiration for people all over the world considering his age (late teens), and the part of the world he achieved his online success from. Excellent young man, with a massive future ahead of him, if he stays focussed!

  136. I nominate Jennifer Brown-Bank’s Pen and Prosper Blog ( Jennifer’s blog is always serving up interesting, witty and information-rich posts. I also like her very cool contests. As a budding writer, I have experienced so much growth since I found Jennifer’s blog. In addition, I like the many interesting guests and their posts that Jennifer shares with her readers. I hope Jennifer’s blog takes the top spot this year. Go Jen!
    Yasmin Morais recently posted..A NaNoWriMo UpdateMy Profile

  137. Sorry. Just read a post that says the url must be posted for the entry to be valid – so :

  138. I nominate Linda Heart because it is the most amazing blog! It is entertaining, spiritual, motivational, educational and highly creative. It is engaging and allows readers to interact with each other. The blog posts are filled with magic and intrigue. I have experienced such self awareness since reading Linda Heart’s blog as well as her book Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory Book One: Queen of Her Fate. The blog and the book are so profound yet deeply personal to each and every reader….as Mrs. Velvet explains, our journey is to find the greater YOU. I hope you check her out you will be in for the adventure of your life.
    Alana Roberts recently posted..I am setting up a trip to California this summer for chance to unlock my dreams, from behind and in front of the camera.My Profile

  139. Amy Dyslex says:

    I will nominate Robert Greene’s . His name is well known and established as the best seller of The 48 Laws of Power.
    Amy Dyslex recently posted..Pinteresting Your Way Into PinterestMy Profile

  140. I would like to nominate Blue Monkey Writing:
    because it’s by a group of writers FOR writers. Writing is what they talk about, and with so many different voices contributing it’s easy to get several different opinions and discussions going.

    Writing is hard, and the Blue Monkeys know that – it’s why they try to give the best advice they have and are willing to admit they don’t know everything. It’s a community, a safe place, where writers can be themselves with no judgment.
    Kelsey Keating recently posted..Suffering from PCSMy Profile

  141. Leslie R. says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed:

    Writer Unboxed provides consistently useful posts on all aspects of the writing business from a wide variety of regular contributors and guest posters. They’re also a wonderful, supportive community.

  142. Tyra says:

    I nominate the Bookshelf Muse. They have some of the best advice for writers that I’ve found anywhere on the web, and they are very encouraging.

  143. Steven says:

    I nominate Roger C Parker’s blog: Published And Profitable
    Realistic, practical, sensible, consistent, and confidence-inspiring.
    And – all-round good guy!

  144. Cass Wessel says:

    I nominate Donna Clark Goodrich’s blog Love her writing tips. View it every week when it comes out.

  145. Mark Joyce says:

    Roger Parker’s Published & Profitable Blog

    In my years of engagement with Roger Parker, I have seen him continue to grow, change and stay current as the worlds of publishing, writing, branding, content marketing, mind mapping, social media and their related technologies have been evolving at a dizzying pace.

    What separates Roger’s Published & Profitable blog from other writing blogs is his ongoing commitment to grounding his work in sound design principles, then communicating and teaching those principles well.

    His readers are the beneficiaries of all this at P&P is one of the best!

  146. I nominate From The Write Angle They have insightful post on all aspects of the publishing world, from a authors who are Traditionally published, Indie published and self published, with the occasional look at screenwriting.
    Darke Conteur recently posted..Favourite Child Syndrome; Loving one writing project more than the others.My Profile

  147. I nominate

    I have to admit to being one the people who go here every day. I post a comment on most days. It is the practice I need and the practice I get. Joe and the team help with writing prompts, grammar and interviews with other writers.

    I highly recommend this site to anyone interested in increasing their output, anyone wanting to be in an inclusive environment where they are encouraged to be the writer you want to become.
    Suzie Gallagher (@pootlesuzie) recently posted..Walk by faith not sightMy Profile

  148. I nominate Womens Fiction Writers, a warm, inspiring and entertaining site!!
    Ellen Wiseman recently posted..A Book Cover Is Worth A Thousand Words…And A Sneak Peek Inside!My Profile

  149. Kate hewson says:

    I nominate The Write Practice (

    I love the daily practice pieces, lots of inspiration and new things to try. I also love the community there – supportive and helpful.

  150. Tom Bentley says:

    I vote for Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog:
    Carol’s blog consistently offers practical and insightful advice for freelancers and entrepreneurs on all aspects of running a freelancing business, from marketing your services to writing tools, client interactions, billing, office habits and lots more.
    Tom Bentley recently posted..Book Trailer, Whoo Daddy, Is This a Book TrailerMy Profile

  151. Dana Shelton says:

    I have never seen a group more passionate than this group. They work together on their writings and give eachother pointers. This is a wonderful group of bloggers. They deserve this award.

  152. Holly Hanna says:

    I’d liked to nominate AWAI’s Writer’s Blog.

    Consistently well written, with useful articles for beginner and established freelancers alike.
    Holly Hanna recently posted..Is This Your Busiest Time of Year?My Profile

  153. I nominate the American Writers & Artists blog:

    Along with being highly motivational, the practical advice from successful working writers is very valuable to other aspiring writers who wish to make a living out of it.
    Rebecca Matter recently posted..AWAI Across America Destination — Boise, Idaho with Heather RobsonMy Profile

  154. Jaclyn says:

    I nominate AWAI’s Writer’s Blog:

    A mix of inspiration, motivation and action items any writer could benefit from as they move forward in their freelance writing career, or to make the leap to full-time freelancer. The best part, the guest bloggers are freelance writers sharing their own experiences. It’s a must read!

  155. Carmel says: blog

    The writing tips I glean there are priceless. Great posts by writers, agents, and other industry professionals. Also, the community on their Facebook page has never failed to be there when I needed help.

  156. Paul Dillon says:

    I nominate

    From The Write Angle always has great posts from authors who know the industry. I’ve learned at lot there.
    Paul Dillon recently posted..Kefalonia’s Magnificent Scenic DriveMy Profile

  157. DM Kilgore says:

    I would like to nominate Blue Monkey Writing:
    Writing is what it’s all about, and it is written by writers for writers! Their are so many voices that contribute- so things are always fresh and you get a really great variation on topics and ideas! The Blue Monkeys understand writing inside and out, they know what it takes, and it shows!

  158. DM Kilgore says:

    I would like to nominate Blue Monkey Writing:

    It is written by writers for writers and writing is what it is ALL ABOUT! There are a wide variety of topics because it is composed by a delightful variety of writers. They know writing inside and out and it shows. The most engaging aspect of the posts exhibit that they understand they too are still seeking, learning, and experiencing this wonderful writer’s life!
    DM Kilgore recently posted..Does this Dialogue make my Butt look Big?My Profile

  159. Barbra Gordon says:

    So much knowledge, so much inspiration and so relatable! A wonderfully gifted and passionate group!

  160. Juliana Austen says:

    I would like to nominate The Write Practice –
    I visit The Write Practice most days – it inspires me to practice writing – not talk about writing, not think about writing but actually write. I feel I have grown with the help of great prompts and a supportive community.

  161. Anele Morey says:

    PJ Reece’s blog, The Meaning of Life

    More than helpful. Energising and inspiring. I am constantly blown away by the originality and downright practicality of PJ’s blog content.

  162. I can’t nominate anyone this year because all the writing blogs have been stellar.

    Who can choose a favorite? They are all my favorite.

    The ones that have already been mentioned are my favorites, they have all done amazing work and deserve to be nominated, and even deserve to win.

    What can I say, I feel like you’re making me choose who’s my favorite family member!

    All these folks are like family to me, they are all worth a follow, and they all offer quality work on a consistent basis. They show up, work hard, and help their readers.

    So I offer no nomination, I offer each one of them good luck and, even though it’s impossible, I hope they all win. And if they don’t win, they are still big winners in my book.

    Congrats to everyone who’s recieved a mention so far, you are all doing something right for having such loving and supportive fans. :)
    Ollin Morales recently posted..The Point of Love Without UnderstandingMy Profile

  163. Michael Cairns says:

    I would like to nominate
    Outstanding content presented with passion. This blog is the reason I’m self publishing and the reason I believe that it can be done! Having said that, I’m becoming slightly nervous about some of the ‘research’ Joanna has been doing :)
    Michael Cairns recently posted..The thing about Terry Moore…My Profile

  164. kristin says:

    I’d like to vote for The write practice. Not only because it got me to write again, but also because it is a site that really supports you. They even have a NaNoWriMo support group

  165. Don Meuse says:

    I nominate “The Meaning of Life” writers and everyone else’s blog by PJ REECE found at

    Hey, it’s not live! But I’m sure you’ll find others who have nominated this blog and can make the link turn blue.

    Reece’s blog is expansive and leaves no stone unturned. If you want to be a critique or a pundit or a writer or a scavenger or a seeker or a finder or a journeyer, PJ’s ‘Meaning of Life’ Writer’s Blog is for you as well as anyone else.

    Don’t be a stranger now, y’hear!

  166. I nominate The Creative Penn:

    Joanna Penn gives outstanding information and help for writing, publishing and book marketing. The blog not only offers her advice and that of guest bloggers in written form, Joanna also interviews experts of the publishing world and asks great questions, so that everyone can benefit from these videos and podcasts. With her enthusiasm about literature, writing and publishing she is a real inspiration.

  167. I nominate Jennifer Brown Banks at Jennifer offers sage writing advice, features guest bloggers and writers and I always prosper from reading her blog.

  168. I nominate the blog From the Write Angle. This blog was the first blog I ever read and followed. When I started extending my writing journey to the online community of writers, I stumbled across their blog and was hooked. There are several writers who contribute posts to FTWA, from all genres, types of writing(book/screenplay/etc), steps in the process, and even ages. You get such a wonderful variety that there is always something great to learn from them. The writerly advice is packed with experience and knowledge.

    The blog address is:
    Kela McClelland recently posted..One Week DownMy Profile

  169. Joan Lambert Bailey says:

    I nominate Word Count by Michelle Rafter.

    The blog has made me a more professional writer, given me sound advice for improving my writing as well as my writing strategies, made me a better blogger, and linked me with other writers and resources. It’s awesome.

  170. Amanda says:

    I’d like to nominate Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn ( as I love her easy-going, friendly and informed style. She has an excellent podcast too, which is how I eventually came across the website. She’s a published author, speaks from her own experience and is a powerful voice of encouragement for aspiring writers. Her enthusiasm is totally infectious and she tackles a broad spectrum of subjects, bringing in all kinds of experts to offer guidance, advice and writing know-how. Reading her blog or listening to her podcast, you feel like you’re with a close friend. :)

  171. I’d like to nominate Pen & Prosper. Jennifer Banks is consistently helpful to her readers. Her topics tap into the joys and fears of writing and she interviews highly talented and insightful people. A very worthy blog.
    Susan Sundwall recently posted..A Peek at What’s ComingMy Profile

  172. Jerry Bures says:

    If you want to make money writing, and fast… there’s no better blog! Get tips on how to stay motivated in your isolated writer’s life… shake writer’s block for good… turn part-time freelance work into full-time… help small businesses grow… and more. I’m glad I found AWAI!

  173. I nominate Chuck Wendig’s Blog,

    It has everything you need to know about being a writer and how to write. A one stop place for the TRUTH (sometimes a profanity filled truth) about the craft. You also learn about metaphors and voice by taking any of his posts and reading it. He’s killer at it.

    It’s also entertaining as hell. It’s win-win.

  174. Shakirah says:

    I would nominate Sandra Sealy’s Seawoman Blog for Caribbean Opps: In a place where writing opportunities specifically for Caribbean writers are sparse, this blog has a wealth of information. Thanks to this blog I have been published in reputable journals.

  175. I would nominate I learned a lot about guest posting and writing tips in general!
    Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon recently posted..Monthly Income and Downloads Report – October 2012My Profile

  176. i nominate the blog for the posts on poetry and prose are phenomenal
    ongwenyi kibai recently posted..OBSESSEDMy Profile

  177. I nominate .

    The administrator, Krissy Brady, is the most responsive blogger I have ever met. She doesn’t just responds to her followers and observers, she actually connects. Her bravery and willingness to walk her followers through her life as a writer is priceless, especially for a novice like me. Her struggles tell me that I can make it as a writer too. Following well a known professional is a no brainer, but to find genuine, down-to-earth writer in the process of becoming a well-known writer is outstanding. To read her story while she’s living it is breathless.
    Brian B. King recently posted..Taken from the pages of Freaks of NatureMy Profile

  178. I vote for The Write Practice ( Joe Bunting’s sincere caring for writers’ personal and professional success is apparent in everything he does.
    Nora Lester Murad, Palestine recently posted..Things I love about Jerusalem #1My Profile

  179. Kora says:

    I nominate The Creative Penn ( because Joanna has been encouraging and inspiring people, especially writers, to live their dreams right from the beginning.

    The Creative Penn is a multi-faceted, instructive, entertaining, profound and motivating blog, you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re passionate about (professional) writing.
    Kora recently posted..Reader Engagement With Transmedia: How To Use QR CodesMy Profile

  180. Saeema Salim says:

    I chose to nominate Writers Blog ( The content to this blog is phenomenal and very helpful. The blog is a statue of absolute simplicity which is why the content is very reader friendly.

    Driven with a passion to help both aspiring and established writers, Ali Abbas has drawn loads of advice and tips on his blog. With a dedicated heart to his readers and followers, he’s writing is very professional and his helping attitude towards his audience is very warm and worth signing up for his blog.

    Ali has recently posted a great post. Do jump- click and read it.

    Happy reading!

  181. This award has to go to Onibalusi from

    Here we have an 18 year old from Nigeria who’s shown the drive, tenacity and commitment to create an online income for himself and share his stories on his blog at Young Pre Pro. English is not his first language, he’s from a country where the reputation for scamming is such that it’s difficult to even use an online service to get paid and he’s doing all this as a a teenager.

    The content on the blog is inspiring and as a result of his hero’s journey, Oni is inspiring a new wave of writers that would previously have believed that it simply isn’t possible.
    Paul McCarthy recently posted..The Grind: How to Become Amazing at AnythingMy Profile

    • With the caliber of writers currently nominated here, the only one person who I believe has all it takes to win this award after loosing out last year, is Onibalusi Bamidele of YoungPrePro. The young dude is fool of writing ideas and he’s been one of my inspiration for taking writing seriously over the years.

      Oni, I know you’re worth more than taking awards but winning this great award has a long way to take the blog and the readers. :)

      Win it for us. Go YoungPrePro
      Olawale Daniel recently posted..Google Inc finishing up Google Maps app for AppleMy Profile

  182. Corey Scott says:

    I want to nominate Krissy Media Ink (#WolfPackWrites). I’ve been following Krissy for a while, and really value the advice she gives, as well as the extra support during NaNoWriMo this year.
    Corey Scott recently posted..I can practically hear Linkin Park rolling over the credits!My Profile

  183. Lanaya says:

    I want to nominate Krissy Media ink ( She shares her experiences with writing which makes her blog very relatable. It’s easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

  184. After reading many amazing and helpful blogs about writing, I would like to cheer for

    The style of writing is approachable and Krissy responds both with content and in kind. She says thank you for all social media sharing as well as inspiring writers with her wit, her humor and her writing.

    Krissy can also be found at #wolfpackwrites. And who wouldn’t want to be running though the dense forests of written content with the cunning and strength of a wolf pack.

    Thank you for the opportunity to applaud a constantly sharing writer.

  185. Jess says:

    I really like this blog because it not only talks about writing but also the business of writing.

    AWAI’s Writer’s Blog:

    Something not a lot of people want to talk about but is necessary if you want to be a successful writer.

    Plus it is written by people who are doing what they write about.
    Jess recently posted..Web Copywriting Is Here to StayMy Profile

  186. I nominate The Write Practice, the brainchild of Joe Bunting. I stumbled across the site this summer and was intriqued by the concept. A blog post a day, six days a week that includes a prompt to write. You then spend fifteen minutes writing with abandon, with only the clock and a heavy dose of inspiration to guide you. The final ingredient to this magic is that the blogger for the day and the other writers comment on your work, and soon you become a community that starts to grow in unison. I have tried many writing websites in my life, but this one is by far the best. I’ve never encountered better writers, or felt more freedom writing. In fact, one of the stories I wrote in just fifteen minutes turned into a piece of flash fiction that was picked up by a literary journal.

    One more reason to consider The Write Practice is the contests that run throughout the year. Winners of this year’s contests are now published in the first anthology, Showoff. Get inspired, push the boundaries of your writing skills, make friends from around the globe, and maybe, just maybe get published. And it doesn’t cost you a dime. What’s not to love?

  187. It’s got to be Krissy Brady –

    I don’t know how she does it but somehow she manages to post just what I need to read, exactly when I need to read it – amazing! :D
    Liv Honeywell recently posted..When a Man Loves a Man… Sommer Marsden’s here today!My Profile

  188. I nominate Joanna Penn from because her blog helps me every step of the way through my writing journey and has made me feel confident enough to write my first novel. whoa! go Joanna!
    Shaquanda Dalton recently posted..How To Become More ProductiveMy Profile

  189. I nominate I’ve been reading this blog for 3 years and studying the craft of writing fiction. Now I am finally writing fiction again, and that’s thanks to this blog, and this blog’s creator, Larry Brooks. Every time I read something he writes, I find myself surprised, learning new stuff and always growing forward in my fiction.

  190. Melissa says:

    I’d like to nominate The Write Practice:

    It’s a fantastic source of information and daily inspiration. Plus, the format of sharing your 15-minute writing practice in the comments has cultivated a community of writers, all working together to hone their craft.

  191. I would like to nominate

    Not only does their blog cover most aspects of writing, editing, and publishing, but most of the writers are also moderators for the website Agent Query Connect, the best online writers forum (in my professional opinion). They are extremely knowledgeable on the ins and outs of writing, and because they are present on a writers forum, they are great communicators. They’ve truly developed a welcoming and informative community for writers and editors like myself.

  192. Darlene says:

    I nominate,
    Her blog is always fresh and informative. Full of useful information and ideas .
    Jennifer has not only helped me with my own blog, but finishing an important non-fiction book as well

  193. Boquinha says:

    I’d like to nominate The Write Practice:

    Joe Bunting runs one of the best writing sites I’ve ever seen. It’s accessible, practical, and has a great community of writers who help each other and build each other up as they all hone their skills! The format is great – every post has helpful information as well as a writing prompt to use as a practice. Everyone posts their “practices” in the comments and gives each other feedback. FANTASTIC site!

  194. Of course, there is no better than

    The reason is simply because Oni really rocks. He is really helpful. And he shares real case studies.

    I think that if the list wouldn’t have youngprepro, then you should check it again. I don’t know how he can’t be included in this contest.
    Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging recently posted..Off page optimization – The ultimate guideMy Profile

  195. Robin Kilroy says:

    I’d like to nominate

    Krissy is very hands-on with her readers and supports them in any way she can. She has emailed me personally several times in response to my questions. She is a real person and comes across that way. Her support helped me get up the gumption to start my own freelance writing and editing business. Thanks, Krissy!
    Robin Kilroy recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  196. Diane Reed says:

    I nominate Romance University–always informative and fascinating!
    Diane Reed recently posted..REAL GHOST PHOTO!My Profile

  197. MLSwift says:

    I nominate Writer Unboxed, although I see several nominations from others for them already.

    The MOST COMPLETE source of writing advice around, in my opinion. Powerful guest authors and agents sharing entertaining and informative articles about the craft. Wonderful staff of contributing writers, some contests, and the wonderful artwork of Debbie Ohi. Therese and Kathy have put together a crack team that brings to their site diverse opinions and processes. One of the first sites I bookmarked, and while others have come and gone, it remains.

    MLSwift recently posted..Meet Monty TuckerMy Profile

  198. Holly Hanna says:

    I nominate AWAI Writer’s Blog

    Filled with tons of useful and practical tips for new and advanced freelance writers alike.
    Holly Hanna recently posted..WhoopTee Giveaway – Enter to Win 5 Custom T-Shirts for Your BusinessMy Profile

  199. I nominate It is a great blog that not only focuses on writing but seamlessly incorporates marketing and productivity.
    Great blog, great blogger, its a winner!

  200. Gotta nominate my gal, Justine Musk A must read for all the creative badasses out there.

  201. I nominate Writers Blog (, because it’s helping noob writers get their career on the right foot. Last year I voted for makealivingwriting (and I still love it the most) but I think Writers Blog itself has gone through most issues new writers face and is now guiding them how to tackle the hardships without losing hope. Oh, and by the way it’s my own blog :)
    Ali | Writers Blog recently posted..10 Deadly Mistakes Almost Every New Blogger MakesMy Profile

  202. Launa says:

    I vote for Aliventures because this blog really helpful for me as a beginner writer.
    I learn a lot from Ali’s posts. :)
    Launa recently posted..Budaya Berkendara yang Tak Patut DitiruMy Profile

  203. Kene Ohiaeri says:

    Am nominating YoungPrePrp( all the way.

    It’s the best writing blog I know.
    Kene Ohiaeri recently posted..How to Get More Likes from FacebookMy Profile

  204. Giovanna says:

    Further up, I nominated Alexandra Sokoloff, but did not motivate my nomination, which necessary for the nomination to be considered. She is a bestselling author that has decided to focus on just one aspect of fiction writing and teaching fiction writing to newbies, which is structure, and she does it from the angle of cinema: is for novelists (who can benefit from knowing the basics of screenwriting).

  205. Tania Dakka says:

    Men with Pens is a hard-hitting, straightforward “get off your rear” and get it done blog. And I love that.
    Tania Dakka recently posted..Work-Balance Lessons from James ChartrandMy Profile

  206. I’d like to nominate Young Pre Pro
    It’s the best writing blog, which gives practical writing advice that young and professional writers can actually use.

  207. I’d like to nominate

    A really cool writing blog!

  208. Cheryl says:

    I’d like to nominate Why The Writing Works ( blog. The blog posts, written by a group of 8-10 writers, examines what makes a piece of writing–fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry *work* from a craft standpoint and are posted twice a week.
    Cheryl recently posted..From the SublimeMy Profile

  209. Rhonda White says:


    I wish to nominate Why The Writing Works, located at The blog critically examines some of the best literature (novels, essays, memoirs, poetry, etc.) out there, but instead of just summarizing these important works, each blog post examines what it is about those pieces that make them work. It’s beneficial to writers to delve deep into a story or poem and find out what makes it tick. Is it the characterization? The pacing? The story structure? The symbolization? The poem’s format? By studying a piece in this fashion, the blog helps writers determine how to apply these “tricks of the trade” to their own writing. And because new blog entries are posted twice a week, writers are served a regular dish of inspiration and education that keeps them hungry for more.

  210. I nominate Young PrePro as a Top Writing Blog ( This blog easily rates among the top 10 writing blogs. Bamidele Onibalusi’s content has helped me in my writing career, not only with great content, but with his sincere attitude and willingness to help everyone by sharing what he learns along the way. His articles have shown me what it takes to be successful in the blogging world. I have printed and collected many articles he has written, and I continually find new nuggets of information each time I read them. Young PrePro is my primary guide to successful blogging because Onibalusi shares his own experiences and allows his audience to watch as he grows. There’s no better writing blog out there.
    Nancy Fairbrother recently posted..A Blast of EnlightenmentMy Profile

  211. Joe Bunting says:

    Jeff Goins’

    Jeff is one of the smartest people I know, and his blog is bursting with helpful advice on both the craft and marketing side of the writing process. My writing has been impacted by Jeff.

  212. Karen Lange says:

    I nominate Jennifer Brown Banks of Her blog shares great tips and encouragement for writers of every level and genre.
    Karen Lange recently posted..Thursday’s This and ThatMy Profile

  213. We nominate Writer Unboxed ( for their personalized advice to struggling writers.
    Deborah and Zachary Posca recently posted..The book trailer for our novel!My Profile

  214. Yolanda says:

    I am nominating Krissy Media Ink ( for three reasons.
    1. This is the only blog that I read every post of.
    2. As an as yet published author, this blog keeps me encouraged and helps me to realized that I’m definitely not alone in my struggles.
    3. I am part of a community because of Krissy Media. Were it not for her insights, advice and inspiration, I would still be going it alone.
    Yolanda recently posted..ASSIMILATE OR FIGHTMy Profile

  215. I am nominating because Theo Nestor is a superbly fantastic teacher, writer, influencer, noticer, and mentor. She writes honestly about the writing process, offers useful advice, and inspires other writers to pursue their writing goals. She’s the real deal.

  216. Nila says:

    Although almost all of his articles impress me, I want to vote “4 Ways To Double The Quality Of Your Writing Overnight” ( because Mr. Onibalusi inspires me to pursue my writing career.
    Nila recently posted..Eco-Tourism in Siquijor IslandMy Profile

  217. wes says:

    WOW , What a response!
    Live Write Thrive is my number one

  218. I nominate A DEAD GOOD BLOG a group of UK poets, with regular guests, who blog about various themes and discuss poetry, inspiration and craft.

  219. Ali North says:

    I’d like to nominate the local poets at a dead good blog ( They’re a collective of talented writers, poets, authors and script writers, who take their writing seriously, but always have fun with it.


  220. Amanda Socci says:

    Because I only have one choice for nomination, I must unequivocally and undoubtedly vote for one of my newest heroes in the writing world – Nina Amir, from California. Nina Amir is a career coach, blogger, writer, and mother to two grown kids.

    I cannot recall exactly how I came upon Nina’s writing advice, but once I got there, it is as if my plane had landed on the runway of the best common-sense writing information, and as such, I choose not to move!

    Nina has five different web sites dedicated to different aspects of her career, but my favorite above all MUST be For me, the concept of blogging a book is absolutely the most original I’ve read about in ages. I began bloging my own book on faith in April 2012, very unsure of myself and lacking the confidence I needed to move forward.

    As I continued blogging my bok on faith, I started reading Nina’s advice on how to blog a book and, having read about her own interesting way in which she came about to blog her own book, I became inspired.

    My relationship with Nina has been similar to one of student and teacher. I have been the willing student since day 1, yearning to read about Nina Amir’s writing and book blogging advice, and gaining a deeper understanding of writing and bloging issues that are relevant to me.

    The difference between Nina and many of the writers listed on this nomination board is that I have found Nina’s approach to be refreshing and down-to-earth. She responds directly to most of my comments – that says a lot about her. She takes the time to read comments left to her and respond appropriately. Not everybody does that.

    I also have “How to Blog a Book,” which is the book itself that Nina wrote (a Writer’s Digest favorite) listed on my Amazon wishlist. If I could meet Nina in person, I’d gladly nominate her and give her hearty thanks for the wonderful advice she has dispensed. Since I cannot do that, this written nomination will have to suffice.

    I heartily nominate Nina Amir’s
    Amanda Socci recently posted..Day 15: Gratitude for Homework AssignmentsMy Profile

    • Nina Amir says:


      You continue to be my #1 SuperFan. Thanks for the nomination. I had no idea you didn’t have my book yet. please email me your address…signed copy coming your way.


    • Nina Amir says:

      Thanks for this glowing testimonial for my work. You continue to be my #1 fan. I had no idea you didn’t have my book, and if you contact me offline, I’ll send you a copy!

  221. The Order Side of the Story:

    Janice Hardy’s blog is, simply, the most consistently valuable resource I’ve found for writing advice since I started blogging myself. It’s certainly helped me hone my own writing and, as a result, get my first book published.

  222. I nominate WRITE to DONE The information is current, helpful, and easy to read.

  223. Chippy says:

    I nominate Chuck Wendig at

    Great writing advice and his posts always makes me laugh

  224. Choosing one site to nominate is painful, but I have made my choice.

    I hereby nominate terribleminds, the brainchild of penmonkey extraordinaire Chuck Wendig:

    To say Chuck is generous with his hard-won knowledge is a vast understatement. That he does so with acerbic exuberance, delivering his messages with equal parts maniacal humor and increasingly imaginative expletives, is akin to Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down; Chuck’s being a soupçon of stevia.

    May the nomination odds be ever in his favor.

  225. I nominate Nina Amir & Write NonFicition in November.

  226. Chryselle says:

    I nominate Mridu Kullar Relph’s fantastic blog ( for being an unending source of inspiration to new and experienced writers. Mridu generously shares her experience, gives tips and ideas and motivates with ease. I’ve been a long-time fan of her blog and she’s at the top of my reading list on Google Reader. Her experience as a practicing international journalist makes her advice relevant, up to date and gives the rest of us hope that we can make it as freelancers too. In her new avatar as author, she has even more to offer. If you haven’t read her blog, go do it now!

  227. Bill Hopkins says:

    I nominate Leslie Budewitz’s blog, Law and Fiction. (Full disclosure: I’ve been a guest there and I’m also quoted in her book, Crooks and Counselors).

    There’s a lot of bad ideas about how the law works, most of them spread by television and movies. Leslie has taken on the daunting task of correcting how lawyers and the law work.

    I’ve thrown down many a book when the characters commit a stupid legal faux pas. If the author had only read Leslie’s books and blog!

  228. E.Arroyo says:

    I’m a huge fan of Janice Hardy over at The Other Side of the Story

    I’ve learned a lot through Janice’s blog. I love her real life diagnostics and how she is very detailed with her suggestions. I also have used her chapter to chapter outline strategies, looked up problem words she’d suggested, and her craft strategies to enhance and strengthen prose. She gives us very detailed information we can apply. Just awesome stuff.
    E.Arroyo recently posted..Friday Free-for-allMy Profile

  229. HeatherRQ says:

    Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story offers such great tips and advice for writers. She has detailed suggestions for everything from plotting to revisions and character development. And her examples are so helpful. Hers is my go-to blog for advice on everything writing.
    HeatherRQ recently posted..Nominate Your Favorite Writing BlogMy Profile

  230. Gregg Morris says:

    I nominate Krissy Media Ink. ( On of the most refreshing websites for writers I’ve come across in a while.

  231. Alex Langley says:

    The Other Side of the Story! Janice Hardy’s writing blog is excellent! Truly, I can’t say enough good things about her.

  232. Gregg Morris says:

    I nominate Krissy Brady’s Krissy Media Ink. ( Hers is one of the best writing websites I’ve come across in a while.
    Gregg Morris recently posted..SlickFlick Lands Seed Round To Let Users Hollywood-ize Their PhotosMy Profile

  233. Debbie Burke says:

    I nominate because it offers meaty content using real-world cases as examples to show fiction writers how to accurately portray the legal system in their stories. Leslie Budewitz additionally offers suggestions on ways the writer might use such examples as springboards for plot complications and moral dilemmas for the protagonist. Her blogs are timely, “torn from the headlines,” and provocative without being sensational.

  234. Gary Snodgrass says:

    I would like to nominate “The Other Side of the Story” It provides excellent instruction on How and why to do things a certain way, I find it very educational.

    URL –

  235. I would like to nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of The Story. She has great writing content and I always know I’ll get help with whatever aspect of writing that is giving me trouble when I visit. :)


    Angela Ackerman recently posted..Physical Attributes Thesaurus Entry: EyesMy Profile

  236. Ruth Long says:

    I vote for The Bookshelf Muses ( ) because they engage with their readers, support the writing community and I am a huge fan of their Emotional Thesaurus! :)
    Ruth Long recently posted..Thursday Threads # 47My Profile

  237. Gayle Pescud says:

    → Nominate your favorite blog in the comment section.


    → Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award.

    A constant inspiration for new and experienced YA writers.
    Unbelievably rich source of interviews and advice on all facets of writing and the writing process.
    Mandatory reading for writers of YA fiction and writers who wish to stay focused and connect with a brilliant network.
    Gayle Pescud recently posted..Combi Coffee Visits G-lish GhanaMy Profile

  238. Heather Robson says:

    I nominate the AWAI Writer’s blog:

    It offers a variety of perspectives from different authors and consistently provides useful and motivating advice.

  239. Marilee Haynes says:

    I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story.
    I’ve been seriously writing for more than two years and, in that time, have visited just about every writing / children’s writing blog out there. I used to follow several. That is until I discovered Janice’s blog. It has everything you could want – her advice on craft is unbeatable. Her approach to followers is friendly and approachable, yet you never forget that she truly is an expert in her field.
    I think The Other Side of the Story is one of the most valuable tools in my writer’s arsenal!

  240. One of the blogs I visit with regularity is because it provides the invaluable service of alerting Caribbean writers to contests and markets to which they can submit; also it takes the time to research the markets including talking with the relevant parties to be sure that it’s on the up and up so that when you read it you know you can trust the information. In a market where writing is still seen as more of a hobby than a profession that Sandra takes the time to direct writers to where and how they can get paid for their writing (while providing information about red flags to look out for and ways to protect themselves) when as a freelance writer herself she could hog all this info for herself makes her and her blog worthy of nomination.

  241. David Kramer says:

    I’d like to nominate Bryan Hutchinson’s blog I discovered him from a Jeff Goins tweet. Check him out, inspirational guy.

  242. I nominate The Bookshelf Muse (

    It’s one of my go-to sites for valuable writer information. Loads of content for descriptive words and informative posts about the writing process and publishing and writing news.

  243. Karen says:

    I too nominate The Bookshelf Muse ( Although there are lots of wonderful blogs out there, The Bookshelf Muse is so ‘hands on’ – practical, helpful, friendly and a definite go to when I need inspiration or advice.

  244. Lisa Wilton says:

    Wow! So many people have nominated many of the writing blogs I love but I would like to nominate a blog I found quite recently:

    Krissy Brady is amazing, interesting, engaging and funny. Her posts about writing inspire me to follow in her footsteps. She talks about her personal experience in “writer rock bottom” and makes me feel like I can get out of that place and be the writer I want to be. Go Krissy go! Aaaooooooo! ;)
    Lisa Wilton recently posted..#nanowrimo, #writemotivation and #IWSG updates!My Profile

  245. I vote for because Jeff is personable, helpful and real. His site is my favorite for writing information.
    Leigh A Hudson recently posted..Pure ReligionMy Profile

  246. K.M. Weiland says:

    This year, I’ve got to nominate Jody Hedlund’s marvelous blog ( I visit a *lot* of writer’s blogs, but Jody’s is one of the few that offers something of stunning quality every time I stop by. From peeks into her journey as a published novelist to lists of practical tips, she always has something to help her fellow writers.
    K.M. Weiland recently posted..15 Degrees of Inspiration for . . . DreamlanderMy Profile

  247. I nominate Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors. Great info, both in vlog and written format. KM Weiland breaks things down into easy to understand chunks, and gives great examples along with her advice. I recommend her blog to all the writers I know and the students I teach in creative writing classes.

  248. I nominate K.M. Weiland

    She is there for her audience on a daily basis.
    She always asks her audience for their thoughts about a unique discipline related to being a writer/author.
    There is always and I mean ALWAYS a dialog.
    That’s because her comments and questions are varied to tune into her varied audience
    Not only that, the video’s she produces are very professional and detailed.
    I’ll give you an example. Once I was looking for a feature in yWriter5
    I could not easily find the solution so I keyed in a Google search.
    That’s how I met KM and we have been communicating ever since.
    You would be hard pressed to find “anyone” more dedicated, friendly, clear spoken and knowledgeable.
    Everyday she helps me focus with her blogs!!
    Everyday :) I look forward to seeing what the many topics of the day are.
    She is perpetual as her blogs lead into many different threads…
    G Bruce Kirkpatrick recently posted..INDEED, Sign from OdinMy Profile

  249. Steve Mathisen says:

    I nominate Wordplay by K. M. Weiland. The amount of useful information that she makes available and the friendly way that she does it has been helpful to me time and time again.

  250. I nominate K.M. Weiland’s WordPlay. Katie’s site is full of helpful information for every writer.
    Lorna G. Poston recently posted..Millie’s MiracleMy Profile

  251. My vote is for Pen and Prosper at, written by Jennifer Brown Banks. At Pen and Prosper, Banks combines her mentoring spirit with her witty writing style to produce engaging posts about all things writing–from the craft itself to writing contests to creative sources of inspiration. Pen and Prosper was the first blog I visited when I entered the blogosphere and it’s still one of my must-read blogs.

  252. Janette,

    I am so pleased to have this endorsement. I’ve always said you’ve got good taste. lol
    Jennifer Brown Banks recently posted..Veteran’s Day & Monday Morning AnnouncementsMy Profile

  253. Joanna says:

    I’d like to nominate It is chock full of writing tips, tricks, and helpful articles. I have never failed to find myself helped as a writer when reading there!

  254. Julie Musil says:

    “The Other Side of the Story” by Janice Hardy ( because she gives practical writing advice!
    Julie Musil recently posted..Writing lessons learned from JUST LISTENMy Profile

  255. A Lalwani says:

    I would nominate Ali’s writers blog i.e. …. It’s a relatively new blog but has really helped many newbies (or at least me) land more gigs and also increase my price.

  256. Yann Miollan says:

    Wonderful insight, frequent short updates and regular long updates.

    Actually replies to comments.

  257. Yancy Caruthers says:

    I nominate the above, for its fresh content – Reeves addresses heavy topics, but keeps it light – most of us take ourselves way too seriously.

  258. daniel says:

    I nominate

    Here’s why:

    Bamidele has shown that he’s a go-to expert who knows his craft well and the guy has done so much for many upcoming freelancers like me.

    He’s just 17 my God and he has achieved so much….. His blog should be included…..



  259. Nicky Moxey says:

    I nominate the blog; I owe Ms Weiland at least two debts (in writing terms), as she has indeed helped me towards what it says on her tin!

  260. Lisa Searle says:

    I would like to nominate Wordplay by K. M. Weiland, which can be found at:

    I’m nominating this site because since stumbling upon it several months ago I know it has been key in improving my writing and expanded my knowledge immensely.

  261. Leroy says:

    I nom positive writer because he has a unique view of writing and is just another guy who shares is experiences with us.

  262. Livasa says:

    I Nominate Janice Hardy’s blog

    Her blog has helped many improve their writing. It is well orgainised and constantly inspiring. She explains all you need to know in such a clear concise way with great examples and in an entertaining manner.

    She’s engages with her followers and I wouldn’t have made it this far with my WIP if she hadn’t shared her wisdom.
    Livasa recently posted..Nominate Your Favorite Writing BlogMy Profile

  263. I would like to nominate Janice Hardy author of The Other Side Of The Story. Her work is informative, timely and entertaining. I’ve been one of her “silent” readers for over a year.

  264. Melanie says:

    I’d like to nominate Chuck Wendig because he is funny , honest and generous. It’s all about how to get the writing right before you even think about publishing anything. He’s the one I read first.

  265. Chris James says:

    I nominate Wordplay by KM Weiland. It is a great blog that supplies the helpful tidbits in both visual and audio/podcast format – which is great when on the go, or driving home and thinking about the writing you’re going to do.

    The information is bite-sized and incredibly important, and very well told. It’s enhanced my writing a lot

  266. Danielle Goddard says:

    I nominate Sam Reeves from

    His blog is informative, interesting, and funny. Mr. Reeves really knows how to get a writer inspired.

  267. I nomiate K. M. Weiland’s writing site Wordplay.

    I subscribe to her email updates and find her tips and articles current and useful.

  268. Mike says:

    I’d like to nominate Krissy Media Ink
    Krissy regularly posts practical information on many aspects of writing and publishing. Her advice is all the more timely since she’s going through – or has just mastered – many of the points she helps her readers with. She’s on the top of my list of blogs I look at to help me be a better writer.

  269. Sarah says:

    I nominate The Bookshelf Muse Hands down the BEST writing resource I have ever used!

  270. Mark says:

    I think the best blog would have to be, because its got a nice layout, good, easy to understand posts, and its very regularly updated! I think this guy did a fantastic job at making his blog, it should definitely be voted for.

  271. Tonya says:

    I nominate Sam Reeves from

    His blog is informative and funny.

  272. The Bookshelf Muse hands down!!! The Bookshelf Muse

  273. Karin says:

    My favorite writing blog is The Other Side of the Story with Janice Hardy. The blog has tons of practical, specific writing advice–I find it very helpful.

  274. Ella Quinn says:

    I nominate They have the most helpful and easily understandable writing advice.

  275. I nominate:

    Bamidele Onibalusi, so young yet so energetic and ambitious, is my daily inspiration to never give up on freelance writing, even though sometimes being young seems to hinder my self-confidence. Also, Oni (and his guest writers) provides a lot of hands-on advice for bloggers and writers who want to make a difference in their career.
    Luana Spinetti @ Writer’s Mind recently posted..Writing Innocence, Where Have You Gone? — The Adult’s Writer’s Block (And How To Get Rid Of It)My Profile

  276. Miss L says:

    I would like to vote for Joanna Penn at The website is well organised and there is always an answer to my question in one of the sub sections. She always replies to people and regularly puts new interviews and articles on there. The variety of people she speaks to is incredible who always have something useful and inspirational to add. And she always includes both video and text versions of her interviews.

  277. Lisanne Cooper says:

    I noninate The Bookshelf Muse Their site gives writer’s a wealth of information on setting, character attributes, weather, emotions, etc. I refer to this site often. I purchased The Emotion Thesaurus, which I use often, and am highly anticipating their Setting Thesaurus. It is hands-down the most valuable blog on the craft of writing.

  278. EM Castellan says:

    I would like to nominate: Wordplay: The Writing Life of K.M. Weiland:
    EM Castellan recently posted..Gratitude Giveaway (aka 200 followers giveaway)My Profile

  279. Mark Nelson says:

    I nominate Sam reeves at

  280. I’d like to nominate Janice Hardy’s Janice runs a fabulous blog that always provides useful, interesting articles on writing, excellent interviews, and great tips for better writing – and they arrive so regularly! Which is why I subscribe to it – as a children’s author I never miss out on my daily shot of encouragement and support. :)
    Sheryl Gwyther recently posted..Another conversation with Karen Brooks – author extraordinaireMy Profile

  281. I always enjoy reading THE ARTIST’S ROAD by Patrick Ross.

  282. Sion Dayson says:

    I nominate Patrick Ross’ The Artist’s Road. His posts on the creative process are always compelling and he’s built a wonderful community around the blog, as well.
    Sion Dayson recently posted..Paris vs New York (Short Video)My Profile

  283. i nominate patrick ross….
    he is a great writer plus i love his blue eyes!

  284. I nominate which is Patrick Ross’ blog. It is my go-to site for creativity, insight, and community. Patrick is an excellent writer and inspires others (at least me) to get creative with writing and other pursuits. When I think “writing blog”, I think of the Artist’s Road and Patrick Ross.
    stan stewart (aka @muz4now) recently posted..The Art of Improv, Part 1: CourageMy Profile

  285. I nominate The Artist’s Road as one of the top ten writing blogs for 2012. Patrick continues to consistently provide great content relevant and indispensable to writers on his blog. The amazing posts from his regular ‘MFA Nuggets’ series is a favourite highlight, chock-full of actionable writing advice takeaways from the lectures, workshops, and readings he attends during each intensive,10-day residency at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.
    Carole Jane Treggett recently posted..Today is the first day of the rest of your NanowrimoMy Profile

  286. The Other Side of the Story is my favorite for blog of the year. I learn so much from the critiques I read of other’s stories. I’ve begun to have a better idea of how many creative people there are out there in the world.

    Often times the concept I am trying to understand comes to life by example. Janice is a consistant blogger who always teaches me how to better my writing.
    Lorraine Castro, LMFT recently posted..GOT JUICY? ~ STAY JUICY!My Profile

  287. Ceejae Devine says:

    I nominate WriteToDone

    I found Mary Jacksch on a previous list and have been incredibly thankful. Mary includes posts from a wide variety of guests with on-trend information and tools to help writers with the logistics of the ever-evolving web world that many writers may not understand very well, as well as being a positive, cheerful place.

    Thank you, Mary, for all you do!


  288. Igor says:

    I nominate The Write Practice at

    I like how they have chalenges, and the types of challenges they have. I can always go to The Write Practice to find insightful and inspiring bites. The community on The Write Practice is also great.

    Thank you guys!

  289. Ruth says:

    My favourite is the Write Practice at
    I find the posts insightful and useful to my particular situation, without being annoying and in my face all the time like some others.

  290. Stela says:

    My favorite is: Wordplay by KM Weiland at

    I can read and reread that blog and always learn something new. More importantly, she doesn’t only theorize, she also includes plenty examples and how to implement the theory.

    The blog is full of useful tips without being pretentious and “know it all”.

    I save pretty much all her articles in my Evernote and refer back to them often.

  291. Liat Faver says:

    I nominate Why the Writing Works.

  292. Liat Faver says:

    I nominate Why the Writing Works, a blog about good books.

  293. Tim Ruhf says:

    I nominate because of the simple and no-nonsense approach of the blogger which usually involve actionable tips and tricks.

  294. I nominate Patrick Ross, whose MFA Nuggets alone are award-worthy! (Excitedly looking forward to the next installment.)

  295. I love Janice Hardy’s “The Other Side of the Story”:!

    Her blog is a diamond mine of helpful information! From plot to character building to publishing, her daily posts offer the A-Z of the writing craft and industry. Also, beyond the awesomeness that is her blog, Janice Hardy is a wonderful person who interacts with her community, always quick to help and to encourage others along this journey. I am a better writer because of her and her blog!
    D.B. Smyth (@DB_Smyth) recently posted..Embrace the PossibilitiesMy Profile

  296. I have many blogs I love and read that are very good. I nominate, Bamidele is a teacher, gives the basic steps for getting result.
    Francisca Jemeni recently posted..OVERCOMING GRIEFMy Profile

  297. Melanie says:

    I nominate the always creative Patrick Ross. His blog The Artist’s Road consistently provides insights and inspiration for writers and creators of all kinds!

  298. Delia Lloyd says:

    I nominate Michelle Rafter’s superb WordCount blog:

    Michelle offers consistently useful and concise writing and blogging advice, week after week. I read a lot of writing blogs, but Michelle’s ranks number one for practical utility…which is what most of us writers need!

    Delia Lloyd

  299. Don Bates says:

    Copyblogger, bar none. But you’re damn good and getting O so much better.

  300. Marilyn Moss says:

    I nominate Nina Amir at She is fabulous! Such incredibly helpful information, links, contacts, resources. I also
    definitely appreciate her humble way of sharing and honoring other authors and bloggers! I read and save every single post she sends. She’s rock star status!

    • Nina Amir says:

      Thanks so much, Marilyn. Your lovely words not only about my blog but about me make my heart sing! Knowing you are saving my posts makes me want to write more of them! I appreciate you taking the time to nominate me here.

  301. kingsley says:

    I nominate
    bamidele is a fantastic teacher.. he is my mentor online.

  302. Rachel says:

    I nominate The Other Side of the Story,

    I think she deserves the nomination because this is one of the very few blogs I actually read consistently. Janice offers advice on just about every writing topic imaginable and I love her Real Life Diagnostics section. So interesting to read her analyses of other writers’ WIP’s.

  303. mooderino says:

    I’d like to nominate Alex J. Cavanaugh (aka The Ninja Captain) at

    Nobody has done more to create a writers’ community in the blogosphere. Pretty much at the centre of any blogfest or promotion for new writers.

    Moody Writing
    mooderino recently posted..Episodic Storytelling Is A ProblemMy Profile

  304. I’d like to nominate Nina Amir’s Write Non-fiction Now. It’s timely, helpful advice with a great sister blog Write Non-fiction in November. It’s wonderful for those of us who write non-fiction to have our own special place in November and not feel left out of the NaNoWriMo frenzy… Her site is

    • Nina Amir says:


      Thanks for nominating my blog and for mentioning Write Nonfiction in November as well, which is a huge part of what goes on there each year.

  305. Jean says:

    I nominate because it is absolutely the best writing blog I have ever read. Nina’s writing bursts with information and how tos that are timely and to the point. Her writing is clear and well arranged and I love the variety of topics in the writing world on which she blogs. Not only has her work been helpful to me, she’s been an inspiration.
    Jean recently posted..What Is Line Editing?My Profile

    • Nina Amir says:


      I’m glad that I inspire you! If nothing else, that’s what I aspire to do…inspire writers to write and publish. Thanks for the nomination and for reading my blog.

  306. Patricia says:

    My vote goes to Nina Amir ( She’s extremely generous with her information and works continuously to devise ways and means to get writers writing — in the most effortless ways possible.

  307. I nominate Indie-Visible literary justice for all at
    Christina Mercer recently posted..Mastering My Onion…Oh, I Mean My WritingMy Profile

  308. Anna says:

    I nominate Janice Hardy at

    Every blog is like a mini workshop about writing. Her examples are crystal clear and so easy to follow. Even her guest posts are incredible. Amazing.

  309. I nominate Moody Writing –
    Her three times a week posts on the craft of writing are so detailed, thoughtful, and well explained.

  310. JBM says:

    here we are

  311. David Anson says:

    I nominate The Creative Penn

    Joanna always has relevant information on all topics dealing with writing.

  312. Carrie says:

    I nominate Nina Amir:

    She has tons of useful information about writing, blogging, and getting published.

  313. Carrie says:

    I nominate Nina Amir:

    She has tons of practical and inspirational material about writing, blogging, and getting published.

    • Nina Amir says:

      Thank you, Carrie! I appreciate the nomination and the fact that you read my blog and find it useful. I hope you’ll leave me some comments there as well and tell me how to better serve you.

  314. Elaine Smith says:

    I nominate Nina Amir at

    This blog has a constant stream of valuable information about the writing/publishing process. Her guests are successful professionals that are articulate and enthusiastic. In addition, there’s a connection to Facebook with a community of writers who are dedicated to their craft. Nina acts as a moderator, cheerleader, and instructor. Finding information specifically for nonfiction writers can be a chore, but Nina has made it easy. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful I’ve found this wonderful blog.

    • Nina Amir says:


      Thfank you for your nomination! It’s great that you are finding the FB page useful, I’m assuming during WNFIN, but there’s also one during the rest of the year as well. And I’m so proud of my WNFIN guest bloggers! I’m glad you are learning from them. I learn from them each year, too–they’ve made me an expert in nonfiction. Best of luck to you!

  315. It has to be The Passive Voice, the Must Read for all writers:

    If there’s a story or opinion out there to do with writing and the publishing industry, Passive Guy will pick it up – and when he comments, it’s pure gold.
    Lexi Revellian recently posted..How to format ebooks for Kindle KF8My Profile

  316. Kathryn says:

    I am also a big fan of Moody Writing. I can re-read the same blog post and get something new out of it each time.
    Kathryn recently posted..What Episodic TV Teaches NovelistsMy Profile

  317. Vero says:

    I nominate Janice Hardy’s The Other Side Of The Story.

    And if I had more votes, I’d add Chuck Wendig (Terribleminds) and Larry Brooks (Storyfix). ;)
    Vero recently posted..13 Types of Writers’ Blogs – Pros and ConsMy Profile

  318. Nominating Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story ( I love the concise, specific, practical advice on craft — the posts on plotting alone have been incredibly helpful.
    Renee Carter Hall recently posted..“Nevermore” at Daily Science FictionMy Profile

  319. I nominate the Prosperous Writer (Mama), Christina Katz. Her advice is always spot-on and full of gratitude. She supports other writers and helps keep us all motivated, as well as encourages us all to find balance, no easy task in the life of a freelancer.
    Vanessa Nix Anthony recently posted..5 Tips: Best Advice for New Freelance Writers and CopywritersMy Profile

  320. SuccinctBill says:

    The writer’s blog that really showed me what can happen from freelance writing is Bamidele is a great inspiration and has made an impressive career for himself at such a young age. I was first introduced to blogging through this website and am still a subscriber.

  321. Ola says:

    Hi, I would like to nominate Live Write Thrive –
    Ola recently posted..The workers are recruitedMy Profile

  322. Duncan says:

    I nominate extraordinary Nina Amir,her writing is just outstanding,something you can’t put into comparison….She has added value and knowledge! Continue with the same spirit!
    Duncan recently posted..Fresh mind!My Profile

    • Nina Amir says:

      Thanks, Duncan, for nominating my blog–I assume you mean Write Nonficion Now ( I really appreciate you reading the blog and commenting here to nominate it. Knowing you find my work valuable means the world to me.

  323. Jami Gold says:

    I nominate Janice Hardy’s blog, The Other Side of the Story (

    Her posts are thought-provoking and insightful, she covers every aspect of the writing craft, and she takes the time to help newbie authors with her “Real Life Diagnostics” series.
    Jami Gold recently posted..The Point of a Scene: Thinking in ConceptsMy Profile

  324. Jayne Ash says:

    I would like to nominate the Prosperous Writer (Mama), by Christina Katz. She shares her experience to help others live their dream of writing. Her advice helps us deal with the challenges of being a writer and staying positive throughout and to most importantly never give up!

  325. I’m nominating Janice Hardy’s blog: because she manages to do what so many writer blogs don’t quite do, and that is, she digs deep into the concepts and craft of writing. I not only follow her blog and read every post as it hits my reader, but more than any other writer’s blog, I revisit her archives constantly to try and hone my craft and grasp her concepts.
    Angela Quarles recently posted..Trading up to Hardcovers – Which do you do?My Profile

  326. JC says:

    I would like to nominate the Write 2 Be blog written by Jimmetta Carpenter. I think it not only provides wonderful tips and helpful information for writers to draw from but it also has motivating and thought provoking blog entries that weave her personal life and her relationship with writing. She is so open and willing to share her experiences with her readers and I think she is an awesome writer.
    JC recently posted..NaNoWriMo Day # 19: Keeping the End Goal In Your SightsMy Profile

  327. I also nominate Christina Katz. Christina Katz is to writing what Julia Child was to cooking. Her blog can be found at Her frequent and thorough posts are on a wide variety of topics and include author interviews. Her three published books are Writer Mama, Get Known Before the Book Deal, and The Writer’s Workout. Christina conducts writing workshops and offers scholarships for them. Her students often have their work published in major publications. She is frequently a keynote speaker or panelist at national conferences.

  328. susan melanie says:

    I found Ali Luke’s blog in search of a great website offering valuable information on writing. If you want to receive inspiration and encouragement for your writing, I highly recommend Aliventures.

  329. Amy C Teeple says:

    I nominate Heather Lloyd_Martin’s Success Works blog:

    Billed an SEO copywriting blog, Heather’s blog is so much more. Some reasons this blog deserves to make the list include:
    1. Yes, it discusses SEO copywriting, but it tackles the topic more from the writing perspective and less from the SEO perspective.
    2. She is not selfish – guest bloggers are found often and share unique perspectives on various writing (and life) topics.
    3. Heather is a fireball, although she reigns herself in on her blog sometimes (see this post:
    4. She is creative – even when writing about something that can be considered technical (see her Haiku post:
    5. She preaches that you need to write for PEOPLE, not Google.
    Amy C Teeple recently posted..The Power of Thank YouMy Profile

  330. I vote for Moody Writing, at The posts from Moody Writing always contain useful information with great examples, presented in a clear fashion.
    The Golden Eagle recently posted..Teaser Tuesday (98)My Profile

  331. Sue LeBreton says:

    I nomiante the Prosperous Writer blog at Christina is a seemingly endless well of great tips, motivation and encouragement

  332. I nominate Onibalusi from He is an awesome writer and seen a cool progress on his blog. Now it’s PR4. So obviously he deserves it.

  333. I nominate Khara House at Our Lost Jungle.
    Khara offers tips, challenges, places to publish, encouragement, and support for all writers.
    She claims the site is dedicated to poetry but it is so much more.
    jlynn sheridan recently posted..Gather MeMy Profile

  334. Kathy U says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins of His writing is honest and encouraging, and he is generous in sharing knowledge and resources. He has been a real inspiration to me as I develop as a writer.

  335. I’d like to nominate Jeff Goins with

  336. Beth Dodd says:

    I nominate
    Jeff has been an inspiration to me.

  337. Derek Olsen says:

    For sure.

    Jeff has kicked my butt into gear several times. I have learned so much from his blog and his products too.
    I remember a few months ago he wrote about making continual forward progress. He said that every day you should do 3 things.

    Start a project, move a project further along, and finish a project.

    That simple advice rocked my world and I have been so much more productive because of that advice.


  338. Jeff Goins at
    He is a real person, sharing real stories, about things that really matter. He’s helpful, funny, and honest. Plus, his website and posts are really clean and easy to follow.

  339. Stacey says:

    I nominate Jeff Goin’s blog at
    I think it should win because Jeff writes great content and inspires so many writers to believe that they too are writers!
    Stacey recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge: GreenMy Profile

  340. Linda Lein says:

    Please consider my blog “Writing Lessons” at I just started at the end of May and already it has had hit from 17 different countries with an average of 500 views a month. I am a writing instructor at Minnesota State University Moorhead.
    Linda Lein recently posted..Write with Strong, Specific NounsMy Profile

    • Ruth Jackel says:

      Linda writes like a conversation. She has the gift of engaging her readers, that ability to draw attention to the story making it come alive as it is read. Her blog asks questions and these form the basis for emerging writers to formulate their own stories and ideas. It is a constant encouragement.

  341. Jeff Goins @

    Jeff is gifted with the knack of crafting great copy. He is so passionate and inspiring. Jeff, keep up the great work, you inspire me.

    He sends out e-newsletters too which are very informative and a great read

    Jeff, take this comp out and win =)

  342. Matthew Lein says:

    I recommend my mom’s blog Besides being a great mom, she teaches me a lot about writing.
    Matthew Lein recently posted..Write with Strong, Specific NounsMy Profile

  343. Cindi says:

    I nominate Christina Katz,, for her clear, no-nonsense writing advice. This Writer Mama tells it like it is, not like we want it to be, and we are the better for it.

  344. Keith Lein says:

    Consider my wife’s website: Writing is her passion, and she shares her knowledge of the craft with others.
    Keith Lein recently posted..Write with Strong, Specific NounsMy Profile

  345. Jeff Goins @
    He gives encouragement, guidance and sometimes a kick in the pants. Between those 3 things – he helps good writers become great writers.

  346. Anastacia Maness says:

    I definitely nominate Jeff Goins at .
    He has a great outlook on writing. He encourages writers to use their own voice to find their tribe. He doesn’t just write about how to write. Instead he demonstrates through his blog how we can reach our own audience with our own style by using his tried and true methods. He has drawn together a community of writers, many of whom may not have realized they were truly writers. I have been encouraged to greater writing through his blog.

  347. I nominate Jeff Goins @
    He has a clear, concise style and is incredibly helpful with sharing his ideas and wisdom. He has been a big encouragement to me and many writers I know.

  348. I nominate Jeff Goins, His work is genuine, simple, and yet he knows his way around the net. Best selling author of Wrecked, Jeff knows how to inspire writers to be their best.

  349. I nominate Jeff Goins! Always enjoy every word he writes and have learned so much from him.
    Jeff Goins at

  350. I nominate Khara House. So encouraging – not only information but also challenges. Please find Our Lost Jungle at
    Carol Early Cooney recently posted..How Did We Get Here?My Profile

  351. I nominate
    His instruction and guidance were conveyed with an understanding of the obstacles a writer faces. His desire to see others succeed was evident. Interviews with established authors, bloggers, were motivational giving us a glimpse of what could be ours if we put in the work.

  352. Katie Meiners says:

    I nominate Linda Lein’s writing blog “Writing Lessons” at: Linda has great writing advice, words of encouragement for writers of all levels of experience, and thought-provoking lessons to try out. She’s a natural teacher with an approachable style.

  353. Paula Hovey says:

    This is a wonderful blog by Linda Frances Lein that helps us write in more colorful ways. She gives wonderful examples of how to make our writing better. Her instruction is easy to follow and understand.
    Paula Hovey recently posted..Write with Strong, Specific NounsMy Profile

  354. I nominate Jeff Goins, His is the one writing blog I read consistently. His blog is easy to read and yet with profound and practical insight. He inspires me to take action, overcome my writing fears and sharpen my vision.
    Sharon Gibson recently posted..How to Write: Have Fun Creating Word PicturesMy Profile

  355. Sharilyn Walters says:

    This is Linda Lien’s blog site. She’s so precise and has easy to follow directives. But mostly–she’s a wonderful encourager!!

  356. Karen says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins /

    Jeff’s blog has inspired me in many ways. He gives great food for thought, convinces you to move past your fears, and helps you take a deep breath when you feel you can’t possibly continue. I’m thrilled I found his site several months ago and I can’t stop reading it. Especially when I need someone to tell me to simply just write.

  357. Pat Wood says:

    I’d like to nominate Patrick Ross at the address

    Patrick is always brilliant, always worth reading, often amuses while he advises and he is very attentive to his readers too. One of the first blogs I found and one I have stuck with because he is an inspiration.
    Pat Wood recently posted..Getting up steam and inventing a new day in the weekMy Profile

  358. I nominate Jeff Goins at GoinsWriter.

    Jeff has continually encouraged me this year and stretched me beyond my current comfort zone in writing. Following the instruction he lays out at his blog, I have just released an ebook that is climbing up Amazon charts. He’s a mentor that truly cares if you succeed.

  359. Brad Veitch says:

    Jeff Goins receives my nomination for favorite writer’s blog at

    Jeff’s warm, friendly approach attracted me to his blog. His book, Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life, made me think and rethink. It also made me a Goins Fan because I felt the same authenticity in both his book and blog. He gives practical advice that rings true. I have learned to count on GoinsWriter and eagerly read each posting. Highly recommend Jeff’s blog as a good read.

  360. Devan Crable says:

    Jeff Goins. htt:// Jeff is wonderful and I love his site. Has lots of information and encourages others with their writing. His site is easy to read and follow.

  361. Vicki Zalascek says:

    I nominate Ray Rhamey of Flogging the Quill at

    Ray helps new writers learn what it take to get a reader to want to turn the first page. His suggestions and lessons on writing are invaluable.
    Vicki Zalascek recently posted..Flogometer for Kay–would you turn the page?My Profile

  362. Terrie Coleman says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins Jeff is both inspirational and practical. He is a great encourager, motivator and doesn’t mind delivering the proverbial swift kick when needed.

  363. I nominate Jeff Goins at GoinsWriter.

    Jeff became a mentor and a teacher for me from the very first days I met him. Always instructing, supporting, and sharing his knowledge and wisdom, he nudged me enough to get over my fears and out of my hiding place into the world of writing and publishing, something I would have dared doing by myself!

    Many others are great! For me, though, Jeff not only teaches and shares but puts you on a path and holds your hand during the hardships of the journey.
    Katina Vaselopulos recently posted..Grateful for….My Profile

  364. Sheryl Root says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins at

    Jeff has a true heart for encouraging & challenging other writers, not only in the craft of writing, but in finding an audience and building your tribe.

  365. Cindy Y. says:

    I nominate Heather Nelson for her blog,
    Heather has such a natural flair for writing what’s on her heart, even when it’s difficult to share some of those matters. She also has a way to write just the way I would talk with a close friend. I love her topics…whether it’s about being brave, starting over, letting go, taking big steps, making difficult choices, etc. And through it all, she stays true to her original concept of being a “modern-day Pollyanna.”

  366. Eileen says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins

    Jeff’s blog was the first writer’s site I stumbled upon when I finally faced my fear and started writing. I’ve been hooked from the beginning. Jeff is generous with the information and has learned from his own journey. He is eager and passionate about passing this on to his readers. I have been inspired and have learned so much from reading his advice.
    Eileen recently posted..A Loving PursuitMy Profile

  367. Kris Lein says:

    I recommend my mom’s blog She likes helping people learn to write–including me.
    Kris Lein recently posted..Write with Strong, Specific NounsMy Profile

  368. Jeff Goins – – He is an outstanding writer and has a unique style that is hard to overlook.
    Amanda Fanger recently posted..The Point of NaNoMy Profile

  369. Joan says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins
    Joan recently posted..BlessedMy Profile

  370. I nominate Jeff Goins Why? Because he’s a warm, friendly, down-to-earth person who is passionate about what he writes, and equally passionate about sharing what he knows. He’s so unselfish in helping us live a life that means something as well as helping us to build our own following.

  371. Don Bates says:

    Damn, how could I forget Purdue U’s OWL (Online Writing Lab), a treasure trove that has several blogs and covers 200 free writing resources addressing writing and teaching writing, research, grammar and mechanics, style guides, ESL, and job search and professional writing? Not as personal as most of the blogs mentioned, but chock full of heavenly topics.
    Don Bates recently posted..What are metaphors? And how do they illuminate and improve writing?My Profile

  372. Goins provides honest feedback and wise council on his website, This online writing class,, has really helped my writing. My latest story was inspired by Goins.

  373. I’m very much torn between Jeff Goins and Ollin Morales at Courage 2 Create. Two amazingly talented, passionate and inspiring writers. But since I can only choose one, I have to go with Jeff. Sorry Illinois! Best of luck!

    Jeff Goins
    Diane Mclaughlin recently posted..The Little VoiceMy Profile

  374. I nominate Jeff Goins at:
    I’ve followed a couple of his writing courses – one on blogging which helped me set up my own blog.
    He gives excellent advice – and is sooo encouraging. He’s a very generous guy, giving courses for free – as well as a paid one which I am currently following.

  375. Lina says:

    I nominate Moody Writing at:

    He has a very clear and entertaining way of explaining certain topics which inspired me to pick up my writing and try to learn more as I go along.

  376. Susan says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins who not only shares great advice, but makes me feel like I’ve known him all my life.

  377. Lisa Rosendahl says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins, http://goins for the learning, tips and experiences he shares. He is practical, generous and smart. He is a leader and an amazing writer.

  378. Jamie says:

    Ray Rhamey’s Flogging the Quill blog is a great resource for writers, new and not-so-new. His edits help more writers than just the ones he’s “flogging,” and the regulars who comment offer helpful feedback, too.
    Jamie recently posted..Flogometer for Kay–would you turn the page?My Profile

    • I nominate Jeff Goins at
      Jeff’s commitment to the craft of writing and support of fellow writers is unmatched. He has changed my writing practice and inspired me to write everyday. He is generous with his time and knowledge. I appreciate him the way he gives back.

  379. Bob Holmes says:

    I’d love to nominate Jeff Goins.

    Jeff is the absolute best writing mentor I’ve found so far. He models what he teaches and takes you by the hand. He doesn’t throw everything at you, including the kitchen sink and expect you to get it. Jeff is personal, approachable, and professional, a rare combination.

    It’s an honor to nominate Jeff.
    Bob Holmes
    Bob Holmes recently posted..A Simple BeautyMy Profile

  380. Jon Mertz says:

    Patrick Ross writes with honesty, balancing practical life with pursuing creativity and stories. His site – – delivers real life experiences and insights.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Jon Mertz recently posted..With Gratitude to Sarah Hale, We Have ThanksgivingMy Profile

  381. ASwirlGirl says:

    I vote for Jeff Goins
    ASwirlGirl recently posted..A Man Like No OtherMy Profile

  382. Mira Delle says:

    My vote goes for my favorite blog writer Jeff Goins. . His blogs has all the right elements which makes me do something about my own writing habits and style and most of all very informative. His passion is inspiring and he’s very generous in giving free books.. Reading his blogs is like a late afternoon walk in summer with a very dear friend.

  383. Mira Delle says:

    My vote goes for Jeff Goins . His passion to writing is inspiring and a very generous guy in giving out free books. His writing is also honest and passionate. Reading his works is like a late afternoon walk in summer with a dear friend.

  384. Lisa Rosendahl says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins at He is a generous, talented writer who shares his experiences and learnings with others. His Tribewriters course is phenomenal. He is authentic, true and absolutely the real daily.
    Lisa Rosendahl recently posted..WreckMy Profile

  385. Lizzie says:

    I nominate His blog is amazing and full of useful tips and info.
    Lizzie recently posted..Letter WritingMy Profile

  386. Don Bates says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO WRITERS EVERYWHERE. This is one day you should probably take a break
    from scribbling and give thanks to the gods of writing that you were fortunate enough to find words in your life and for words to find you. [I'm now raising my glass of fizzy apple juice in a toast to you all.] Cheers!
    Don Bates recently posted..What are metaphors? And how do they illuminate and improve writing?My Profile


    Jeff Goins for best blog on the web!

    I bet he’ll win one of the top ten.

    Jeff is a difference maker. He is the best coach out there I’ve found.
    Marilyn LUinstra recently posted..You Don’t Have Thanks, You Give ItMy Profile

  388. Rick Gibbs says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins

    Not only is the blog stimulating and well written, but Jeff has also succeeded in getting tremenous interaction with his tribe.

  389. Marina Sofia says:

    Can I nominate three? I always look forward to reading Ollin Morales Courage 2 Create
    and Patrick Ross doesn’t post nearly frequently enough for my taste (he always makes me think!).
    But my final nomination goes to a group blog Murderati – relevant not just to fans of crime fiction, but to all aspiring writers everywhere Many different voices, of course, but always something fresh, with a good dose of humour and sanity!
    Marina Sofia recently posted..Two Versions of a PoemMy Profile

  390. I nominate Jeff Goins @ His blog is well written with phenomenal information for the writer. Also love the spiritual component he adds to his site! An all-around top notch blog!

  391. Edith says: for its consistently superb writing advice and encouragement

  392. Hassan Salman says:

    My favourit blog is in case it gives me the extra zeal & motivation for being a writer

  393. Patsy says:

    I’d like to nominate Alex Cavanaugh for writing tips, news, encouragement, support, blog hops – and for all round writerly ninja-ishness.

  394. Carmen Kennedy Wilkes says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins

    Jeff is an inspiration and always is challenging me to write. His blog is great, makes me think.

  395. Paula Acton says:

    I nominate Vikki Thompson at she has provided inspiration and has shared wonderful experiences regarding different writing experiences from retreats and writing groups
    Paula Acton recently posted..Happy Turkey DayMy Profile

  396. Abby Geiger says:

    I nominate Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors, by K.M. Weiland I find that her blogs are either about something I need to know but didn’t, and are therefore immensely helpful, or they’re about something I’d discovered on my own, and are therefore immensely reassuring. As a newbie writer, they’re a joy to read and have played a large part in helping me slog through my first-ever novel.

  397. I’ve met a number of excellent writers and bloggers over the past year, but I nominate Patrick Ross for the Top Blog of 2012. His originality and talent, and his resolve in his quest of the art-committed life have never failed to inform, entertain, inspire and impress me. For Patrick, writing isn’t a project, it’s a passion and a lifestyle, which are both reflected in his voice and spirit at the “Artist’s Road: Creativity, Writing, and an Art-Committed Life” –

    I’d like to share the first, and my favorite, essay by Patrick that I read: The Clear Monkey

    All the best, Patrick, and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Terre Britton recently posted..Quick Study: ce n’est pas une pommeMy Profile

    • Patrick Ross says:

      Wow, Terre, how awesome is that, sharing a link to one of my literary essays! That was quite a plug there, Terre, a lot to live up to. But yes, I like your description of writing as “a passion and a lifestyle,” which is at the heart of The Artist’s Road. You are also very inspiring to me, the many hats you wear as a talented creative and an entrepreneur. I’m glad I’ve come to know your work as well.
      Patrick Ross recently posted..The Next Big Thing: Breaking the RulesMy Profile

  398. Kath says:

    I would like to Nominate Jeff Goins, he has inspired me with his weekly newsletters and helpful tips on Writing. Good luck Jeff

  399. AdrijusG says:

    I nominate as it’s incredible resource by someone who has helped publish more than 100 books and is a real expert at it. Very very helpful person too.
    AdrijusG recently posted..5 Reasons Why Hiring Book Cover Designer Helps YouMy Profile

  400. Sanjay says:

    I nominate

  401. Jeff Goins’s blog is the only one that I truly look forward to reading. His sensitive and thoughtful posts are inspiring and sincere. He is generous and a gentleman.
    Jennie Harborth recently posted..You Don’t Have Thanks, You Give ItMy Profile

  402. Sabrina Bullock says:

    I nominate Vikki’s blog The View Outside at . She is such an incredible blogger. She shares so much information about writing and is so encouraging.

  403. La Mc Coy says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins
    Jeff’s “Get it done” style improves us as writers.
    L.Mc Coy

  404. S. E. Adams says:

    I nominate Donna Goodrich’s blog.because it is comprehensive, to the point, entertaining and up-to-date.

  405. Jennifer says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins Great for mind, soul and spirit. Engaging. Caring. Does he sleep??

  406. I nominate Jeff Goins, He teaches and mentors writing. He allows those who read his words to step out of their comfort zone to do the difficult. To write, write, write. Write Jeff? Misspelled on purpose. Thank-you Jeff for your friendship.
    christopher taylor recently posted..Gimme a Break…My Profile

  407. Sue Mitchell says:

    I nominate Patrick Ross’s blog The Artist’s Road at This blog has become the center of an active and thoughtful community of writers who enjoy discussing the finer points of writing well, along with sharing their creative process in an honest and reflective way. Any writer who frequents The Artist’s Road will meet other intelligent and introspective writers and become part of a delightful and thought-provoking dialogue. Patrick is very responsive to readers’ comments and facilitates the discussion in an open-minded way, helping The Artist’s Road community develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the topic than they had when they arrived.
    Sue Mitchell recently posted..What My Mother Taught Me About CreativityMy Profile

  408. Evan Hazard says:

    I nominate Linda Lein’s site, . The advice in it is good, is down to earth, and is explained well. It avoids technical terms, like “subjunctive” (see below). Her blog is relatively new, but I’ve been getting writing advice and ideas from Linda for ages. Also, she occasionally gets advice from me: “Linda, Did you really mean . . .?” She takes criticism well, which is necessary for someone who has to relate to real students in the classroom. Linda has been my muse on at least one specific occasion for my monthly contribution to The Bemidji Pioneer, “Threescore and Ten”. (I was almost 70 when I started the series in ’98.) It has been fun watching Linda, who was my student in Freshman Biology in the late ’80s [?], develop as a writer.

    Evan Hazard, Prof. of Biology Emeritus, Bemidji State Univ., Bemidji, MN.

    P.S. If my late English/Biology major RN wife were reading nominations and came across “I would like to nominate . . ..”, she’d have said, “If what?” The use of the subjunctive, after all, suggests the nomination is conditional. Elaine was my best copy editor, and I hers.



  409. Evan Hazard says:

    I don’t have a website. Maybe I should not have typed “none”. I hope you still have my comment. It was long and I didn’t copy it. Please email me what to do next.

    Evan Hazard

  410. I’d like to nominate Janice Hardy’s “The Other Side of the Story” at . I hope her blog posts are the bones of a book because I’ve learned and continue to learn SO MUCH from her blog!!! TOP NOTCH. e

  411. Jarm says:

    I vote for:


    I can’t tell if this went through the first time…feel free to delete if necessary!
    Jarm recently posted..PPBF: Minette’s FeastMy Profile

  412. Beth Hoffmann says:

    I nominate because Nina Amir includes humor and alliteration as she encourages people to tell the truth.

  413. I love Jeff Goin’s blog. It inspires, encourages, informs–its awesome!
    renee@joyful living recently posted..Dear God, thank you (FMF)My Profile

  414. John says:

    I would like to nominate http:\\

    It have some interesting descriptive material for writers.

  415. Derik says:

    I’d like to nominate pubrants. Kristen Nelson gives excellent advice to any writer trying to get published, and gives us an agents perspective of the business.

  416. Pilar says:

    I love Jeff Goins… I love and follow his blog, I’ve learned so much from him.

  417. Sheldon says:

    I read Jeff Goins at least once daily. Great stuff and valuable archive material.

  418. Stephanie says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins without hesitation. His website is extremely applicable and helpful and really easy to use. It’s also really encouraging. Jeff is a fantastic and successful writer- but instead of plowing on ahead- he uses this website to help other writers become just that. Reading his work you come out with the feeling of “I can do this!” And Jeff gives you the tools.

  419. Annie Carter says:

    There are very few blogs that I read, but Jeff Goins at is one that I keep going back to. His blog has had a significant effect on me kickstarting my own blog and he includes a variety of interviews, personal and practical stuff that is really great.
    Annie Carter recently posted..Fifty Shades of GenderMy Profile

  420. Laura Fasick says:

    I’d like to nominate

    Linda is more than a great writer; she’s a great human being, consistently encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting. I don’t think I’ve ever met any other writer who so radiantly combines a passion for her own writing with a passion for nurturing and guiding other writers. She is a true visionary and a model of all that we hope a writing coach will be!

  421. Adam Smith says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins from for his practical and useful writing tips.
    Adam Smith recently posted..Being OpenMy Profile

  422. I regularly follow It provides detailed analysis about everything Android and Windows Phone.

  423. Jody Maberry says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins ( His writing advice and tips provide a calm voice when so many people are talking loud in an attempt to get noticed.

  424. Melody says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins blog at He writes with passion, conviction, and honesty.
    Melody recently posted..The HolidaysMy Profile

  425. My nomination is for JPiC Forum For Writers at

    Jacquii’s Poetry in Color Forum for Writers is an award-winning online Community where open-minded Poets & Writers of all backgrounds are welcome. We are a growing community dedicated to the exclusive share of poetry and writing. As a continuing work-in-progress, our poetry forum hosts a melange of writing with new additions being posted daily.

    We are continually encouraging our members to create their best writing. Have you a talent to share? Well – we celebrate diversity with the typed word and welcome you to register your free account today! Come, join in on the poetic love flowing through the veins of JPiC Forum ==>

  426. Marcie Hill says:

    I nominate Jennifer Brown Bank’s Pen & Prosper writing site. Her love of writing is reflected in the

  427. Marcie Hill says:

    I nominate Jennifer Brown Banks’ Pen and Prosper site. She shares her passion of writing through personal and lively stories and experiences. Outside of her site, she gives tips and resources to ensure your writing success.
    Marcie Hill recently posted..Pre-Cyber Monday Special: Pre-Order 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block 50% OffMy Profile

  428. I would like to nominate The Writer’s Inner Journey This blog is so inspirational and so inspiring because the author doesn’t just write her feelings and ideas about the craft of writing, but she does such fascinating interviews with *other* writers and authors. Excellent blog.

  429. Julie Malanga says:

    I want to nominate the SEO Copywriting blog ( Heather Lloyd-Martin shares amazing insights for marketing writing and she does it without seeming to pander or be condescending. This blog has something for everyone – the newbie, the seasoned writer, and the do-it-yourself business owners.

  430. I highly recommend and vote for The Writer’s [Inner] Journey

    It is consistently motivating and inspiring and the quality of the writing is always excellent.

  431. Jane Boursaw says:

    My vote is for The Writer’s [Inner] Journey, founded and run by Meredith Resnick.

    Meredith features engaging interviews with writers, and goes beyond the surface to find out what motivates and propels them forward, even when they’re not feeling particularly creative. It’s a top-notch site for writers, artists and creatives of all types.
    Jane Boursaw recently posted..Investigation Discovery’s Final Cut Shows Dark Side of HollywoodMy Profile

  432. I nominate Wadadli Pen (, the blog of Antiguan author Joanne C. Hillhouse. Her blog is one of the few devoted to Caribbean literature. She posts regularly about her own journey as an author, but the great thing about her blog is that she also uses it to support other Caribbean writers and in general, as a platform for literature and the arts in the Caribbean. Wadadli Pen is a great place to go for author interviews, submission calls, opportunities, writing insights, book reviews, and interesting literary links. The blog is also the online home of the annual Wadadli Pen writing competition for youth in Antigua and Barbuda, a one-of-kind initiative started by Joanne herself. What impresses me is the blogger’s pride about and vested interest in showcasing and celebrating her experience as a Caribbean woman and her culture through reading and the power of literature. It’s the generosity behind the sharing as well as the blogger’s self-belief and honesty to that makes Wadadli Pen a strong candidate for this recognition.

  433. I enjoy the thoughtful discussions about the thought and process behind the writing.
    Brette Sember recently posted..Tree DecoratingMy Profile

  434. Sheryl says:

    I’d like to nominate The Writer’s Inner Journey Excellent, thoughtful and precise writing; always giving me food for thought and bringing me inside the minds of other writers.

  435. The Writer’s Inner Journey ( is always smart, informative and insightful and I’d like to nominate it. Meredith Resnick does a wonderful job with her interviews of writers, editors and agents.
    Ruth Pennebaker recently posted..For Your Holiday EnlightenmentMy Profile

  436. I nominate the Writer’s Inner Journey. The interviews are creative and compelling – full of inspiration for writers.

  437. Cai Emmons says:

    I nominate “The Writer’s [Inner] Journey.” Meredith Resnick interviews writers of all different stripes with a variety of approaches to the task of getting the words out there.

  438. Kim says:

    I nominate the Writer’s [Inner] Journey:

    I LOVE this blog! She includes such thoughtful interviews with authors that make me nod along and remember that I’m not alone on my own writing journey. I tell anyone who writes to follow this blog for inspiration and encouragement. It’s great!
    Kim recently posted..Top 10 most read books in the worldMy Profile

  439. Alexandra says:

    I also would like to nominate the Writer’s [Inner] Journey: This blog inspires me and makes me realize other writers go through some of the same soul-searching I do. I especially enjoy her interviews with other writers and agents.
    Alexandra recently posted..We’ve Moved!My Profile

  440. Y Stiver-Macleod says:

    My nomination is for Renegade Writer ( Practical, grassroots, informative and personable would be the keywords I’d use to describe this writer’s blog. There are a lot of writers blogs out here in the sphere, this is one that truly appeals to me.

  441. I nominate the Prosperous Writer (Mama), Christina Katz. for consistently great advice without the hype. The type of advice Christina provides in her books is the the type of thing we writers need to hear over and over–or maybe I’m just a slow learner? Either way, I’m grateful that she blogs.

  442. I nominate The Writer’s Inner Journey by Meredith Resnick at

    I love this site because Meredith brings us the views of so many different writers, in all kinds of genres, and she asks the best, most probing interview questions I have ever seen anywhere. The results are a combination of practical advice and deep philosophizing about writing.
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..Cornwall, DirecklyMy Profile

  443. Melissa Caddell says:

    I would love to nominate Christina Katz’s website ( She is a supportive, helpful, and encouraging writing teacher and her website reflects this. The content is relevant and timely. It’s like an informative kick in the pants from someone who believes in you and has your best interests at heart. Her body of work is how I knew how to become a professional writer. Very grateful for her willingness to share all she knows!

  444. I’m a big fan of The Writers’ [Inner] Journey ~

  445. Craig Maher says:

    I nominate

    Top to bottom it is full of useful information for freelance writing and freelancing in general!

  446. Joey Wessier says:

    I would like to nominate Prompt Inspiration. The site is dedicated to helping writers with the discipline of writing daily; unarguably the most necessary thing for improving writing skills and creativity. For information and inspiration, it’s an outstanding site. With literary, romantic, science fiction and mystery prompts, no matter what genre you write, you’ll find something to set your imagination and pen in motion. It also provides prompts for primary and secondary teachers to use in their classrooms; a noble endeavor indeed as it is so very important to teach, encourage and inspire children to write.
    Joey Wessier recently posted..The Five Types of Small Business Sites and the Web Hosting Services You Need for ThemMy Profile

  447. Stacy says:

    Nominating Noah’s Miracle: A Blog about the journey of life with a special needs child who has quadriplegia cerebral palsy. It offers inspiration and hope to other that everyday holds the possibility of a miracle
    Stacy recently posted..Bee-LieveMy Profile

  448. JJ Shaffer says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins,

    This blog found me a few months ago. I’ve been a writer for years, and it is a rare thing to find another writer so dedicated to the success of other writers. Jeff’s style is informal, yet always on target. He tackles rules, process, inspiration, and most of all, claiming the fact that maybe you really are a REAL writer after all- in spite of the struggles, the self doubt, the procrastination.

    I enjoy and use his blog, and highly recommend it for this award.

    Thank you,
    JJ Shaffer

  449. Val says:

    I nominate Roger Parker’s blog:

    Roger makes himself available, uses his platform to share his experiences and those of other writers whether ‘published’ or on the road to being ‘published’ with an added value end goal of making a profit from your writing journey. He consistently offers strategy suggestions which include qualitative handouts & samples, and, a variety of specific approaches to getting the words on paper and published. Roger stays abreast of technology and often identifies and explains useful tools for writers to consider using to be ‘published and profitable’.

  450. I’d like to vote for The Writer’s [Inner] Journey It’s very insightful and Marilyn Resnick has some great interviews on the site.

  451. Kerry Dexter says:

    I nominate The Writer’s[Inner] Journey
    Meredith Resnick interviews writers from a wide range of backgrounds about their inspiration, technique, process, and the practical side of being a writes as well. each interview is different and Resnick’s questions are as interesting as the answers the writers offer. always something to learn.
    Kerry Dexter recently music, 2012My Profile

  452. Kristjan Mar says:

    I would like to nominate please.
    Very informative and really resonates with someone who is trying to constantly improve both writing skills and earning potential.

  453. Donna Hull says:

    I nominate Meredith Resnick of The Writer’s (Inner) Journey Her interviews with successful writers give me something to think about. It’s good to learn that they deal with the same problems of putting words to paper (uh, computer screen) that I have. I always learn a new technique for handling the practical side of writing.
    Donna Hull recently posted..Saturday’s scene: Santa sails the Arctic OceanMy Profile

  454. Peter Hansen says:

    I want to put forward as my choice due to how helpful the quality of this blog has been in helping me find my feet as a writer!

  455. I nominate Meredith Resnick
    Her blog about writers always teaches other writers something important. She shares stories and information that are so valuable to writers and so positive. I love her blog!

  456. Paul Goodman says:

    I put forward
    Through one blog post on his site, I learned how to increase my earnings from writing considerably. That’s on top of all else I have picked up from reading his stuff.

  457. Adonis Jackson says:

    I’ll nominate JPiC Forum at — This is a great place for poets and writers. They have a literary articles database with lots of helpful articles. Great site!

  458. Larry says:

    I nominate Procrastinating Writers, from Jennifer Blanchard. And not just because she nominated me… Jennifer brings more earnest heart and enthusiasm to this craft than anyone. She deserves recognition this year for her ongoing commitment to writers everywhere.

  459. I nominate Jeff Goins –

    I enjoy his informative posts and his easy going instruction. Check out his ebook “The Writer’s Manifesto”.

  460. Andrea Havelin says:

    I nominate — Linda Formichelli. This blog is incredibly informative and abidingly helpful. It is always extremely well written — I guess that’s a given. But it goes beyond that. There’s a sense of deep authority there.

  461. I agree with several others that The Writer’s [Inner] Journey

    by Meredith Resnick is a great blog about writing!
    Jennifer Margulis recently posted..Brain Child is BackMy Profile

  462. Tom Bentley says:

    Sheesh, my initial post for Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog didn’t show up, so I posted again (and again when that one didn’t show). But now I see I have THREE votes for it. I wasn’t trying to stuff the ballot box, honest. I hope one of my votes counts (because it is a great blog for writers). Sorry ’bout that, Tom
    Tom Bentley recently posted..All the News That’s Fit to Squint AtMy Profile

  463. Kellie Davis says:

    I nominated Linda Formachelli’s Linda publishes incredible information and is really insightful.
    Kellie Davis recently posted..Bulu Box Free Sample Giveaway!My Profile

  464. Phyllis Hanlon says:

    My vote goes to Renegade Writer. Linda Formichelli is professional, knowledgeable and extremely encouraging to writers at all stages of development. She imparts her accumulated experience and expertise masterfully. All writers can certainly learn a few things from reading her blog.

  465. Erica says:

    I vote for Renegade Writer. ( Linda Formichelli is a solid professional who doles out practical advice and authentic encouragement for writers of all levels and niches. Hers is one of a handful that I check on a daily basis and I highly recommend her blog to every other writer I meet. It’s truly one of the best ones out there.
    Erica recently posted..6 Things to Remember When You‘re Afraid of Making MistakesMy Profile

  466. I also have to go with It’s full of useful information, tips and ideas. Whether you’re looking for motivation, advice or just some entertaining reading – this is the place.

  467. Spat says:

    The Renegade Writer not only offers writing tips and extremely useful insights into the freelance writing world, it does so in Linda Formichelli’s extremely witty and warm style. Linda is generous with her knowledge, frequently offers free material, and is consistently rapid in her response time to questions or requests. I took her online course, Getting Published in Magazines, which was chock full of informative info that I could put to use immediately.
    Spat recently posted..Get a Free Copy of “13 Ways to Get the Writing Done Faster” — Plus, Will You Nominate Us?My Profile

  468. Elizabeth Ellis says:

    I nominate The Renegade Writer: Linda Formichelli and her contributors give wonderfully practical advice for the novice freelancer, as well as for more experienced writers. They help dispel myths and conventional wisdom about how to start freelance writing, which in and of itself is enormously helpful. Recent posts include such topics as: 10 years of freelancing tips; how to find markets to pitch, and the trick for writing difficult articles. All of this is conveyed in a friendly conversational style that makes you feel like you’re sitting with the writer, having an informative chat over a cup of coffee. Linda also offers individual phone mentoring and query critiques at very reasonable rates, as well as some freebies: e-books, e-courses, and teleclasses!

  469. Josie says:

    My nomination goes to Linda Formichelli at
    Linda’s intuitive style of writing lays out lessons and advice for aspiring freelancers. She is thorough and nurturing, accomplished and savvy, and in short, awesome! I have learned more — and successfully used more — advice from her site than any other on the subject. No stone is left unturned and if it weren’t for Linda, I’d be way behind the pack.
    Writing styles vary widely, but to make a complicated issue like freelancing clear and easily learnable is a big talent worthy of your award. Linda has that talent.
    Thank you Linda!
    Josie recently posted..Create a Successful Profile to Win the Best House Sitting AssignmentsMy Profile

  470. Chelsea says:

    Make a Living Writing ( by Carol Tice.

    Her blog really sticks out to me because it talks about getting down to the business of writing. Plenty of other bloggers write about how great it is to be a writer, but she gives practical advice on HOW to actually do it. Specifically, I’ve learned so much from her about marketing & just getting stuff done, and her advice has made me a much more successful writer than I could have been on my own.

  471. Jobi Harris says:

    I would love to nominate Linda Formichelli of the Renegade Writer!
    She always has great advice and helpful information for writers. She definitely understands the concept of giving back when you has successes.

  472. Denis Ledoux says:

    my nomination for 10 best blogs of 2012:

  473. Esther says:

    I am nominating The Renegade Writer blog for this year’s award: Bloggess Linda Formicelli has dedicated her heart and soul to helping others live the freelance writing dream that she has acquired. Her blog is well written, updated regularly, and full of articles designed to spark the imagination and motivation of even the most frightened, blocked, or just plain lethargic writer. She takes her mission seriously and is constantly offering new courses at discounted prices so as to make her valuable advice available to everyone. Her blog is a true treasure trove of good writing and ideas about writing, which is why I am voting for The Renegade Writer.

  474. I nominate for one of the top 10 blogs. I believe Linda Formacelli doesn’t ask us to do anything she wouldn’t (and doesn’t) do herself. She is very direct and motivational, and her guest bloggers are interesting and very helpful!

  475. Thank you, everyone, for the Renegade love! I love you too!
    Linda Formichelli recently posted..Get a Free Copy of “13 Ways to Get the Writing Done Faster” — Plus, Will You Nominate Us?My Profile

  476. I’d like to nominate Kristen Lamb’s blog at She makes social media less stressful and more human for writers.
    Marcy Kennedy recently posted..How to Create a Truly Frightening VillainMy Profile

  477. Emily says:

    I’d like to nominate Linda Formichelli’s blog at This is a great site because it’s informative, she gives great tips and there are always motivational aspects to it.

  478. Jessica Deva says:

    I absolutely love Linda Formichelli’s blog, Every post has useful information and Linda’s positive attitude is infectious. Definitely a Top Ten!
    Jessica Deva recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  479. Judy Magness says:

    I nominate the SEO Copywriting Blog at from Success Works. Heather Lloyd delivers non-stop, info-packed content on the seamless integration of SEO and copywriting strategies. Serious content writers need to know about this blog…NOW! Simply said–it makes me better at my job!

  480. Rashida says:

    I nominate Linda Formichelli’s blog, I think it has a goldmine of information for new and established writers and I know it’s helped me improve my writing!
    Rashida recently posted..The toy tortureMy Profile

  481. Joan says:

    I’d like to nominate Linda Formichelli and her blog The Renegade Writer at

    Thank you

  482. There so many great blogs, but I would like to nominate Krissy Brady at Her blog is very inspirational and she walks the talk.
    Wade Finnegan recently posted..Ideal Writer ScheduleMy Profile

  483. Dianna Gunn says:

    I’d like to nominate Lisa Formichelli and her blog The Renegade Writer. I love it because it’s all about succeeding in your own individual way, and because Linda stands behind what she says about how writers should be valued by paying for guest posts.
    Dianna Gunn recently posted..What’s Next?My Profile

  484. Avi Vince says:

    I nominate Renegade Writer (

    They provide the best tips and tricks on making it as a successful writer. My go to blog for anything writing related.
    Avi Vince recently posted..Being pregnantMy Profile

  485. I nominate Linda Formichelli’s blog, It’s informative and inspiring and has definitely helped move my freelance writing career along.

  486. ashley says:

    I nominate the renegade writer for its overall awesomeness!

  487. Kenia says:

    I nominate The Renegade Writer:

    Linda Formichelli really knows how to lay out incredibly useful information, and her Magazine Writer Course is amazing. It’s a no-BS website! Plus you can tell she genuinely cares about helping other writers.

  488. Tim says:

    I would like nominate The Renegade Writer.

    Not only does Linda run a fantastic blog, but she’s personable, talented, responsive, and spot on with her advice. Not putting her site in the top ten would be a travesty!

  489. Sheryl says:

    I nominate because Linda Formichelli speaks in a language that everyone can understand as well as delivering excellent content!

  490. Becky says:

    I’d like to nominate The Renegade Writer blog, I find professional, useful advice that I can apply immediately.

  491. brittany says:

    Mridu Khullar Relph ( writes one of the best blogs for writers out there — especially if you’re looking for international writing tips, market leads, and thoughts on being a freelancer abroad. Mridu is also pretty frank about needing to make money, which is refreshing when so many freelancer blogs are about how to pursue your passion or focus on craft. Don’t get me wrong; Mridu is also about craft. But she’s also been self-employed for 10 years and doesn’t shy away from talking about money, how to make more of it, and why that’s a perfectly acceptable goal. Did I mention how incredibly generous she is? Put her on your list! She’s the coolest.

  492. I nominate Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer (, give me the kick up the a**e I need to keep writing.

  493. Kristjan Olafsson says:

    I vote for because I really feel he brings the complete package to the table. Having worked with the guy behind the blog on several projects, I thought I’d check out his blog and reading through article after article has been time well spent – improving my overall knowledge of writing for the web.

  494. I totally agree with Brittany on Mridu ( ) . She is stimulating and refreshing, and very honest. Love her blog!

  495. I do agree that there are many excellent writing blogs to choose from.

    However, I would like to nominate Heather Lloyds-Martin’s Success Works blog,, as it focuses on a very clear, specific and useful aspect of writing that many other rival blogs do not cover.
    Kevin Carlton recently posted..So you’re a website copywriter – I can do that, it’s easy!My Profile

  496. I nominate Linda Formichelli of LInda offers great advice and information for writers. She’s an experienced writer herself, successful and happy to help others. The blog is not full of overt self-promoting links and calls to action. It’s solid, timely, relevant and well written.
    Walker Thornton recently posted..Day 27 Awaken, Embrace, Ignite- Self-CareMy Profile

  497. Jody Robbins says:

    The Renegade Writer is only writing blog I consistently go to. Whenever I’m stuck and need advice, I know I can get inspiration from this site. It’s clean and easy to find what you’re looking for. Also, Linda Formichelli is quick to respond to any questions you might have, making you feel like you have an additional resource, not just the web articles. I highly recommend freelance writers check it out:

  498. I will like to nominate Linda Formichelli, The Renegade Writer Linda provides practical marketing strategies (great LOIs and query letters) which position writers to get better paying gigs. Her books and ecourses rock!
    Janet Thomson recently posted..5 Media Mistakes That Make You Look DumbMy Profile

  499. I’d like to recommend The Creative Penn ( which is run by the lovely Joanna Penn. Joanna’s advice is always spot-on, to-the-point and helpful. She doesn’t give superfluous advice and instead always give concrete data, evidence, and reasons for her methods. If you’re an author (self-published or not) looking to market your book, this is a definite must-have on your blogroll. It’s one of the first I read from mine.
    Mridu Khullar Relph recently posted..7 Reasons Editors Aren’t Responding To Your QueriesMy Profile

  500. Jill Draper says:

    Linda Formichelli, The Renegade Writer, always posts links that are very useful.

  501. I nominate Hope Clark. Her posts are thoughtful and based on her experiences writing for various markets. Some are feel good, some tough, some informational, all useful.

  502. Nimo Farah says:

    I really like

    She has a distinct voice and discusses hard topics with humor.

  503. Nominate
    This is a relatively new site that has gained traction quickly. It is well designed and thoughtful about posting useful articles.

  504. Wise, Ink. ( gets my vote for best 2012 blogs for writers! I never fail to find inspiration, helpful tips, and resources, all presented in a down-to-earth, engaging, no-nonsense style. I follow a lot of blogs, but this is one I read start-to-finish every time it pops into my inbox. Thanks!

  505. PJ Colando says:

    Meredith Resnick’s blog is colorful, catchy, and well-done all around. She specializes in 5 questions posed to and responded to by emerging and well-known writers. She is generous, captivating, and always spot-on with content we can use. Check it out –
    I’m sure you will agree and become a devoted follower, too.

  506. Aleksandra says:

    I heartily nominate Word Count blog by Michelle Rafter

    She posts regularly offering useful information for writers and editors, as well as tips on how to deal with freelancing and marketing issues.
    Aleksandra recently posted..Words of Wisdom by… Toni MorisonMy Profile

  507. Allison H says:

    I nominate The Renegade Writer. I’ve discovered years ago and even have bought one of her books. I like her “Go for it” attitiude. She encourages going for those big magazines now, taking risks, and is practical in the sense that she tells you the nitty gritty of full time freelancing, and that there’s nothing wrong with keeping your day job.

  508. Tai Goodwin says:

    I nominate it’s got great content from two brilliant minds in the publishing business. They offer practical, relevant and down-to-earth info for independent authors. One of the authors is Dara Beevas – author of the Indie-Author Revolution. Here’s the link:
    Tai Goodwin recently posted..How to Choose a WordPress Theme for AuthorsMy Profile

  509. Tai Goodwin says:

    I nominate WiseInk it’s got great content from two brilliant minds in the publishing business. They offer practical, relevant and down-to-earth info for independent authors. One of the authors is Dara Beevas – author of the Indie-Author Revolution. Here’s the link:
    Tai Goodwin recently posted..How to Choose a WordPress Theme for AuthorsMy Profile

  510. My nomination goes to

    Like many, I have several top choices and those I follow.

    Linda’s posts are not only timely (and timeless), but informative. I love her laid-back style. Although she’s been writing since the 90s, you can tell she really cares about what you (the reader) need to know, and effectively tells it in such a way that it is immediately do-able (if you put the effort in).

    I’ve seen first hand successful individuals go from ordinary folk to “I’m so much better than you are!” This is NOT the case with The Renegade Writer, Linda Formichelli. You gotta admire her style :)
    Theresa Cahill recently posted..How to Use Screenshots to Your Do I Buy AdvantageMy Profile

  511. justawriter says:

    I nominate Linda Formichelli’s The Renegade Writer blog — lots of savvy advice!


    I love the fonts, the simple layout, the entire look of the page. That makes me feel comfortable staying there to read the content. And then there’s the great content. Again, simplicity rules. The topics are universal, the advice is timeless, the tone is conversational. Very wise (ha! Wise Ink!) and practical. I’ve met the author and know that she’s genuinely committed to helping other writers succeed. Win/win/win.

  513. I nominate Mridu Khullar Relph! (

    Mridu has been a great inspiration to me! Since I first started my freelance writing career over four years ago, I have scoured her blog for advice on everything from how to write better query letters to how to hunt for new markets. I love to read her daily posts on the writing life, she knows the ups and downs and her honesty really helps me feel like I am not alone in my struggles. Thanks so much Mridu, I’m your biggest fan! :)

  514. I nominate Mridu Khullar Relph! (

    I have been following Mridu’s blog for the past few years and it has by far been the most inspirational source for my freelance career! She posts about everything from query letters to the tediums of freelancing like clearing your inbox or organizational methods. Her honesty makes me feel that I am not alone when going through the struggles of the writing life. Thanks Mridu!
    Leslie Patrick recently posted..She Bangs!My Profile

  515. Julie Glover says:

    I nominate Jami Gold:

    Jami’s posts deal with both the writing process and current events in writing/publishing. She deals an even hand when discussing topics, providing quality information and giving both sides when a controversy exists. Her posts are well-researched, considered, written, and presented. I always look forward to what she has to say and find myself often retweeting her posts because I know they will help other writers.
    Julie Glover recently posted..High School Halls: Dating, Young Love, and Breaking UpMy Profile

  516. Bea Crimi says:

    Very well written. It is nice that she checks out the restaurants and lets you know what they have. The winter months can really cause those with sinus problems terrible problems. And of course it is always nice to know places you can go to get “home cooking.”

  517. Bea Crimi says:

    It is nice that she goes to restaurants to let you know all the good and healthy food they have. The winter months with colds and sinus problems can be horrible for people. It is also great the there really are places out there that have “real home cooking.”

  518. I nominate Ray Rhamey’s Flogging the Quill blog:

    He teaches the craft of storytelling by providing a professional critique of submitted first chapters. What I find valuable is Ray provides an honest and practical tutorial by the actual editing of the submissions. He also posts articles and tips. Writers are fortunate to have this blog to learn from Ray’s editing and comments. There are a variety of submissions on Flogging the Quill, making it an interesting “workbook.” Words that come to my mind when I read Ray’s blog are “precision” and “craft.”
    Angela Greenman recently posted..Flogometer for Frankie–would you turn the page?My Profile

  519. Dara says:

    I nominate! Wise Ink is a blog geared to indie authors and writers and was created specifically to offer tips, tools, and advice from two folks who work in publishing.
    Dara recently posted..10 Year-End Indie Author Blog Post IdeasMy Profile

  520. I nominate Danuta Hinc’s site:

    What I like best about her site is that she’s not afraid to talk about the problems and fears that writers face everyday. And she talks about these things the way a real person would–not some writing coach or self-help professional. Reading her essays and studying the solutions she finds for her problems, I’m always inspired to write on, no matter how worrisome the process.
    john guzlowski recently posted..Landscape with Dead Horses, Sept. 1939My Profile

  521. Cortland Coffey says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins at
    I have been apart of the GoinsWriter tribe for quite a while now and am so thankful for it. I believe Jeff to be profound when it comes to writing and blogging. But more than anything I think Jeff is an incredible connector. I have met people within the tribe he has created that have literally become what I believe will be life long friends. I am thankful for his wisdom, generosity, and community. Check it out.
    Cortland Coffey recently posted..A Seemingly Ordinary Story of Extraordinary EndingsMy Profile

  522. I’d like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog site, “Being Human at Electric Speed”:

    The unquestionable professionalism, resourcefulness, and straight-ahead delivery that won this industry insider one of the Top 10 spots last year still prevails. @JaneFriedman, she of the 167,000+ Twitter followers (and a Verified Tweeter, no less), is now writing and managing her site from her new berth as Digital Editor with Virginia Quarterly Review. As such, she has handled a powerful round of articles in support of @VQR’s fall issue on views of feminism, while opening up digital subscriptions for the first time in the literary magazine’s long history. And yet, she continues to post special insights for writers and actionable essays for authors from carefully curated guests, alongside her own clear-headed posts.

    Among her most talked-about pieces this year was her Berlin-based take in October on whether publishers need to offer more value to authors: . And then she went on to offer a huge array of exacting guidance, spending an “Ask Me Anything” day with the Reddit Writing Community: .

    Jane is an author, herself, and the former publisher of Writer’s Digest, is a leader in the industry’s self-examination of where its writing community is going, what it needs, and how the authors’ corps is to adapt and thrive in a new era of digitized empowerment. AND she’s incredibly kind, giving, patient, and ingenious in her packed conference appearances, webinars, and other events.

    There’s a reason that Writing on the Ether is seated at, after all: Because Jane’s is simply the Best Blog for Writers on the Ether.

    She is #PorterEndorsed. And I invite you to join me in supporting her.

    Thanks for your attention, and thanks to WriteToDone for this 7th doing of the competition!
    Ether-eal bests to all our fine candidates,

    Writing on the Ether

  523. I nominate Mridu Khullar Relph! (
    Mridu’s daily writing blog is a true inspiration to me. She posts on everything from how to query to struggling with email organization to the struggles of being a freelancer. I visit her blog every day for a shot of inspiration before I get to work Thanks Mridu!
    Leslie Patrick recently posted..She Bangs!My Profile

  524. Peter Safe says:

    I nominate Heather Lloyd-Martins SEO Copywriting blog.
    Heathers blog is extremely informative about how to write good SEO copy to obtain the best results for the search engines and the clients. Heather is always there to answer any questions submitted on her blog, and you know that the information is reliable and on the mark.
    Peter Safe recently posted..How to escape from the hamster wheel and start livingMy Profile

  525. Sosha says:

    My fave blogger is Mridu Khullar Relph, residing at

    An award-winning international writer from India, she tells me that I can succeed as a freelancer, repeatedly enough for me to start believing and acting upon it.

    Go, Mridu!

  526. Unquestionably Nanci Panuccio’s Emerging Writers Studio blog speaks directly to me, though I follow other excellent blogs too. What I like about Nanci Panuccio’s blog includes the concise posts on relevant issues, the links to other excellent blogs, and the excellent mix of rigor and encouragement in all the communications on Emerging Writers Studio blog. I vote the Emerging Writers Studio blog for first place among the Ten Best Writing Blogs in 2012.
    Katherine Posselt recently posted..How To Stop Putting Off WritingMy Profile

  527. Thank you for the nomination, Katherine! I appreciate it!

  528. I nominate The Renegade Writer blog. The URL is This blog publishes a wealth of information about writing articles, doing research, etc. — a wonderful resource.

    Karen Rilstone recently posted..Eureka! The Purge is CompleteMy Profile

  529. Jyl Ion says:

    Nathan Bransford’s blog by far! It’s funny and insightful. It gives an insider view of the publishing industry.
    Jyl Ion recently posted..The Last Few Weeks in Books 11/30/12My Profile

  530. Atish Ranjan says:

    I am in love with the content quality of youngprepro and Oni is doing really a great job. So my vote goes to
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..7 Applications That Will Turn Your Web Cam into a Security CameraMy Profile

  531. I nominate Heather Llyod Martin, for her straightforward actionable advice.

  532. Diana Busby says:

    Mridu Khullar Relph is one of the most informative bloggers around. She can be found at, I began reading her posts over 5 years ago. Whenever I need a boost in confidence and creativity, her blog is where I turn. Her willingness to share her experience and her encouragement to new and veteran writers makes her blog one of the top blogs available for writers.

  533. Karen Heaney says:

    This is the best blog for food reviews and healthy eating !!!!! It is one of the few that deals with food sensitivities.
    Karen Heaney recently posted..Digestion Tip of the Month: Keep “Balanced” During the Holidays!My Profile

  534. Tacicia says:

    My favorite blog is Joe Bunting’s The Write Practice.

    His blog takes you step by step, and really explains things. I also enjoy that he gives us some homework to do -it gives me more of a drive to practice. I love that writing site.

  535. maryam shah says:

    I really like as he has a powerful voice & discusses actionable tips

  536. Jennifer says:

    I nominate This blog has won awards before, and there’s a reason for that: It’s stuffed (while still being well organized and easily searchable!) with helpful advice and tips for both new and seasoned writers; it’s updated very frequently; and — this is what I think makes it really stand out from others — it is highly motivational, in a friendly but no-nonsense way.

  537. waseem kazmi says:

    I nominate the Writers Blog:

    Ali’s posts help us learn how to tackle writing/blogging issues in a very friendly tone. His step-by-step approach makes it really easy for us.

  538. I recommend Jeff Goins at Jeff has not only provided encouragement and practical steps for readers to claim their identity as a writer and improve their craft, but he has also shared his journey in both the indie and traditional publishing world. He truly believes in giving generously and helping others.
    Christine Niles recently posted..The Secret To Destroying FearMy Profile

  539. Eldo says:

    Heather Lloyd-Martin’s writing blog is a must-read for SEO copywriters.

    It has my vote:
    Eldo recently posted..Keywords and How to Get Traffic to Your WebsiteMy Profile

  540. Mary Cowser says:

    I nominate Awai. They are the reason I am now a happy full-time writer. I didn’t even know I could write until I began taking some of their courses. I will always follow and be thankful to them.
    Mary Cowser recently posted..How Many Baskets Do You Have?My Profile

  541. Oh boy, Love you all who voted for Writers Blog – I’m ecstatic. Win or lose, I love you guys but your votes have increased my responsibility and now on I’ll try to fetch you guys even better stuff. Thank you so very much — may the best blogs win :)
    Ali | Writers Blog recently posted..7 Unusual Places To Find Your Next Blog Post TopicMy Profile

  542. Christelle says:

    I nominate YougPrePro,

    The blog provides very good advice on writing, freelance writing, guest blogging, etc.. Gives practical exercises and shows useful case studies. the writer’s style is very nice and he’s friendly and approachable.

  543. Glori Surban says:

    I nominate YoungPrePro by Oni,

    Helped a lot!
    Glori Surban recently posted..Free Tools and Tips to Help You Write FasterMy Profile

  544. I nominate youngprepro. Onibalusi Bamidele is an inspiration to writers. He provides highly informative articles.
    Ekene Ilochonwu recently posted..How To Start a Business with Little or No MoneyMy Profile

  545. My vote goes for – Great writing and blog with real, actionable tips and strategies I can implement right after reading. Goodluck!
    EvonaWiktoria recently posted..Creative And Easy Social Media Contest IdeasMy Profile

  546. Arun Debnath says:

    Hello Judge(s)

    I’m an aspiring writer and keen learner. I regularly read as many as fifteen writing blogs. But I feel only Write It Sideways gives me the user-friendly advice and inspiration that others can wish for. So I nominate Write It
    Sideways – URL (

    Thank you.


  547. Rob Still says:

    My vote is for Jeff Goins , his tips are inspirational for writers at any level and he’s developed a great community around the art of writing. IN 2012 he has made a huge contribution to the writers education field.
    Rob Still recently posted..Video Interview with David Santistevan, Allison Park Worship “Undying Love”My Profile

  548. Marco says:

    Posts are current, relevant, and interesting. Guest posts are very good, full of interesting information. Site is easy to navigate and content is fresh.
    Marco recently posted..Learning to See the Good in Bad WritingMy Profile

  549. Davin Kimble says:

    Kristen Lamb’s blog for writers is one of the best I have every read. It’s informative, creative and often flat out entertaining. I recommend it.

  550. Angela says:

    I nominate Writer’s Block at It is a relatable and very helpful blog with practicle advice.
    Angela recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  551. Anthony says:

    Writer’s Block at is a reader friendly, simply put blog with new twists on important writing issues. I nominate Writer’s Block and recommend a visit.

  552. Numan Shah says:

    I am a freelance writer and contributor to Verbal Muslim. Though I read a lot of blogs, including the giants problogger, copyblogger, chrisbrogan but my vote goes to a relatively fresh blog: it’s my favorite and wins my vote.

    Mr. Ali really puts a lot of effort into his articles and does what he promises in his Tagline “making your online existence productive”. I’ve learned a lot from big blogs, but Ali is facing the same issues as I since we are at about the same level of our career and when he shares the tips, he knows what he’s talking about since, unlike the A-list bloggers, he has dealt with most of these issues recently.

  553. Jane says:

    I nominate SEO Copywriting by Heather Lloyd Martin. Lots of useful info, tips and refreshers, for newbies like myself but I imagine more seasoned writers as well. It’s one of the few I’ve subscribed to that I always read.

  554. I nominate Jeff Goins because the words from his blogs actually made me believe that i could be a writer more than anything else I had read in the past.
    Charles Franklin recently posted..The Power Of One – Finding Success As A FreelancerMy Profile

  555. Ali Abbas says:

    i vote for Ali Abbas as he is very talented

  556. I nominate

    Nina Amir’s blogs have been my resource of information with my writing ever since I became a member of the Red Room. No kidding, I feel as though I have a personal tutor. She notifies all her members every time she posts something. It’s always so pleasurable to read, and exactly what I needed to know and learn. Thank you, Nina. You’re the greatest! I wish you the best of luck!

    Catherine Nagle

  557. nyshah ali says:

    i want to vote for ali abbas as he is very talented

  558. I nominate Write It Sideways, found at

    Write It Sideways is a multi-dimensional writers’ friend. It gives direction to writers in every area from grammar to plot to lifestyle, it shows how to write, it listens to writers and it reads writers’ stuff and gives back commentary. More and more this unpublished writer is feeling helped along and up. It’s a hand with a pen that reaches out of my screen and guides my writing.

  559. I vote for Susanne Lakin’s extremely relevant and helpful blog, Live Write Thrive.

  560. I nominate LiveWriteThrive by C.S. Lakin, found at:

    While I graduated from college with a dual BA in English: Creative Writing & Psychology, and a minor in English Literature, C.S. Lakin’s “Hear of the Story” Wednesday series has taught me more than three years of advanced writers’ workshops! She has focused in on the major elements of successful novel writing; and while my genre is actually family history memoir, the same principles apply for character, plot, writing scenes, etc. She has been my encouragement through many a dismal hour in writing and helped me to see what detail was lacking. Now she is helping us with goal setting! Fantastic!

  561. I nominate

    Nina Amir’s blogs have been my resource of information with my writing ever since I became a member of the Red Room. No kidding, I feel as though I have a personal tutor! She notifies all her members every time she posts something. It’s always so pleasurable to read, and exactly what I needed to know and learn. Thank you, Nina. You’re the greatest! I wish you the best of luck!

    Catherine Nagle

  562. Elba Iris Perez says:

    I nominate Live Write Thrive at
    This blog has offered practical, useful, sound advice to improve my writing skills and my manuscript in every blog.

  563. I would also like to vote for the blog Live Write Thrive, by published author Susanne Lakin for the top ten best writers’ blogs of 2012. She offers all sorts of great writing and marketing advice to beginning and established authors.

  564. I’d like to nominate Live Write Thrive, the writing blog of C.S. Lakin. She publishes advice you can apply right away to improve plot and character.
    Carey Jane Clark recently posted..Release Day!My Profile

  565. Jeanette Morris says:

    I nominate CS Lakin’s site: She has engaging, fresh, and relevant content for writers of all levels. She blogs consistently and expertly. She’s also an amazing writer herself.

  566. I nominate Write It Sideways because I am always impressed by their articles, and I am excited for their forthcoming lit journal.
    Amanda Aszman recently posted..Learning to See the Good in Bad WritingMy Profile

  567. Dana McNeely says:

    I want to nominate Live Write Thrive. The articles about writing and editing are extremely helpful.

  568. I nominate

    Nina Amir’s blogs have been my source of information with my writing career ever since I became a member of the Red Room. No kidding, I feel as though I have a personal tutor. She notifies all her members every time she posts something. It’s always so pleasurable to read, since she adds an inspiring thought, exactly what I needed to learn and know that lifts me to bring me forward.

    Thank you, Nina. You’re the fantastic! I wish you the best of luck!

    Catherine Nagle

  569. Treasa says:

    I’d like to nominate Jeff Goins for his blog Jeff is generous in sharing information and providing support to writers who need a little push now and again to do what they are born to do. He recently played a big role in motivating me. He has my vote.
    Treasa recently posted..I Get ItMy Profile

  570. Rebecca George says:

    I would like to

  571. Rebecca George says:

    I would like to nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog, Live Write Thrive, at I always look forward to Susanne’s posts, and I would not be the writer I am today without her.

  572. Amara Miller says:

    I nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog, Live Write Thrive:

    Because she’s my mom, I love her, and also because she gives some really amazing tips to aspiring writers!!!!

  573. Jon Dickinson says:

    I’d like to nominate Write It Sideways ( They’ve keep me updated with everything “writing” with their newsletter for many years now.

  574. Brad Andres says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins at

    His ebook You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) is inspirational and instructive.
    His blog posts contain excellent content, and he models what he teaches on guest posting.
    Thanks for leading the way Jeff!
    Brad Andres recently posted..Quality & Excellence (Quote)My Profile

  575. Zac Totah says:

    I’d like to vote for Susanne Lakin’s blog for writers:

    It’s full of excellent information for writers, and as an experienced editor, Susanne knows what’s she’s talking about. I’ve especially appreciated her weekly Wednesday posts about The Heart of Your Novel. They contain plenty of useful tips and practices, and have been very beneficial to my writing pursuits.

  576. Joy Keeney says:

    I’m nominating Write it Sideways. Always delivering great information for new and experienced writers. I’ve picked up a lot of tips from them that I’ve applied to my writing.

  577. Laura Bennet says:

    I wish I could nominate more than one! But has been consistently and practically helpful with the variety of advice Susanne offers. Plot, character development, and grammar tips have helped me improve as a writer.

  578. Syed Aqeel Hassan says:

    I vouch for It’s a website full of fresh tips for aspiring as well as mid-level freelance writers. What’s more, Ali is really cooperative and though I’ve bothered him quite a few times, he always gives his 101% to his readers…

  579. Zahd says:

    Wish I could nominate more than one weblogs, but it’s that should get my vote. No-nonsense, helpful and succinct advice for writers – in one word, it’s awesome!

  580. rita schulte says:

    I nominate Susanne Lakin at http://www.livewritethrive. She is awesome.
    rita schulte recently posted..Heartline Podcast – Episode 60 – Vickie Tiede (Part 2)My Profile

  581. This site has to be the single best source for writing tips and insights by a fabulous novelist who knows the industry, and a person who has a knack for bringing out the best in others.
    Dennis Kearney recently posted..Settings in Your Novel That Work As TriggersMy Profile

  582. Alan Behr says:

    Like Zahd above, I wish I could nominate more than one. I nominate Susanne Lakin’s ‘Live, Write, Thrive’ blog. It’s url is:

  583. Lorna Faith says:

    I would like to nominate Susanne Lakin’s “Live, Write, Thrive” blog. The website address is:
    Lorna Faith recently posted..You’ve been chosen for Mission ImpossibleMy Profile

  584. Rose Ntube Ngole says:

    I nominate susanne Laskin for her blog, because she helps both young and experienced writiers to become better if not excellent writers.

  585. Florence Ngole Kiye Mikano says:

    Susanne Laskin blog is very inspiring. When my sister told me about her, i checked her out. I am not a writer but i have gained a lot just reading her blog.

  586. Teresa says:

    I nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog “Live Write Thrive”. ( She is my editor, and she has helped me grow as a writer with her positive, helpful critiques of my work. Thank you, Susanne, for all that you do!

  587. Elena Dillon says:

    I am nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog “Live Write Thrive” She is a fabulous editor and her blog always has great articles and tips!

  588. I also nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog “Live Write Thrive” Lakin openly shares her own considerable experience as a writer and editor, showcases other experts on her blog, and actively helps any author who needs it by answering questions, Tweeting, and promoting them.
    Carol Bodensteiner recently posted..How do you write words that sing?My Profile

  589. I would like to nominate Bamidele Onibalusi’s blog at

  590. Pola Muzyka says:

    I nominate Susanne Lakin for her writer’s blog at: . She has guided me tremendously with my book, Escape the Hezbollah, which, as a result, won CSP Book of the Year. My blog, Stronghold Smashers is now translated in Urdu and read throughout the world and I know it’s because Susanne helped get me started and switch from corporate writing and documentaries to books and blogs. Thank you, Susanne.

  591. Sandy Jones says:

    I would like to nominate C.S. Lakin’s blog, Live Write Thrive as the best blog of the year. She is very instrumental in providing the self-published author with helpful advice. She mentors those of us who are searching for information. The website is
    Thank you for your consideration!

  592. I nominate Bamidele Onibalusi’s blog YoungPrePro

  593. Lilian Gafni says:

    I want to nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog “Live Write Thrive” This blog reinforces writing and grammar skills, giving invaluable advice on improving plot, themes, characters, endings and more. In addition, Susanne Lakin features on her blog author’s of the month.
    Lilian Gafni recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  594. Jeris Hamm says:

  595. I would like to nominate Susanne Lakin’s blog as well “Live Write Thrive”
    She is a wonderful mentor, patient editor, informational and passionate writer committed to helping others.
    Valarie Lovelight recently posted..Love and PainMy Profile

  596. Nicki Bloch says:

    I nominate C. S. Lakin at
    She provides very insightful advice that has practical applications. And usually follows this up with pertinent examples.

  597. Robin Lyons says:

    I would like to nominate C.S. Lakin’s blog Live Write Thrive.
    I regularly read this blog for words of wisdom, helpful tips and encouragement.

  598. Dinah Luevano says:

    I nominate Michelle Griep’s blog, Writer Off The Leash.

    Michelle brings great encouragement and much food for though for the writer with a wonderful dash of humor.

  599. E E Coder says:

    I nominate Susanne Lakin

    Smart woman, great writer, what more could a person ask for? I read her blog for updates and words of wisdom!

  600. E E Coder says:

    Susanne Lakin Smart woman, great writer!

  601. I nominate my editor’s blog, Live Write Thrive

  602. Wendy Saxton says:

  603. Deborah Jay says:

    I also nominate Susanne Lakin’s LiveWriteThrive blog as the most consistently useful and meatily detailed writing advice I’ve found.

  604. PamD says:

    There are several really good blogs, but if I can only pick one today I think CS Lakin’s Live Write Thrive has to be at the top. She consistently gives good, valuable tips to writing better. At the same time, she infuses her blogs with support and motivation.

  605. I nominate C.S. Lakin’s Live Write Thrive,

    She gives practical advice in a way that’s easy to implement into my writing.

  606. I’d like to nominate Heather Lloyd Martin and her blog

  607. Kara Grant says:

    I nominate Michelle Griep’s blog, Writer Off The Leash:
    Michelle is not just a talented writer, but she gives great writing advice in a creative way that is both entertaining and informative (even the title of her website is clever).
    Kara Grant recently posted..Book Review…The Healer’s ApprenticeMy Profile

  608. Julia Byers says:

    I nominate Kira Budge’s blog:

    Kira’s a hugely inspirational person in general, but especially as a writer. At only eighteen, she’s already completed seventeen novels and has a vast knowledge of the publishing industry. She uses her blog to showcase her journey to publication, with fun posts about writing YA while being a YA, that have inspired countless teenage writers to improve their craft and follow their dreams.

  609. Kira says:

    I’m nominating Julia Be’s JuliatheWriterGirl,

    Julia is an extremely talented writer who gives examples of her work on her blog along with other information about her life and writing in general.

  610. Kendra Ayers says:

    I would like to nominate because they have an amazing site for readers and writers. Their blog posts offer a lot of information to writers and they carefully select guest bloggers to offer information from a writer’s standpoint. I have been glued to their site since April 2012 and I appreciate how personal they are with their audience!

  611. Becky Lyles says:

    I nominate CS Lakin @ She offers excellent writing advice on a regular basis that’s helpful to novice writers as well as to more advanced/published authors.

  612. Larry Bernstein says:

    I nominate LIve Write Thrive. The writer of the blog is C. S. Lakin and the address is

    She offers infromation on each step of the novel writing process. The information is easily digested, sensible, informative, helpful, and insightful.

  613. Esther Campion says:

    I wish to nominate Write It Sideways because Suzannah and her guests give clear advice for aspiring writers. The ebooks available through the site are also terrific.

    Any writer who feels overwhelmed by the sheer number of blogs on writing, would do well to start with Write It Sideways.

  614. Martin G. says:

    First time I’m voting and hope to see my favorite blogs in tops 10; there are so many great blogs that choosing one is almost impossible… still one had to get my vote and it’s the writing blog by Ali:… I love the minimalist theme, to the point posts and Ali’s quick replies to my emails. I’m also thankful to Ali because he was kind enough to provide me some of his theme’s code… but obviously his writing tips are the sole reasons for me to vote for the guy. If I’d two votes the second one would to go writerunboxed…

    Martin G. recently posted..OR+ : Objectif : RéussiteMy Profile

  615. Rex Owens says:

    I nominate Susan Laskins: Live, Write, Thrive.

  616. I nominate Susan Laskin’s Live, Write, Thrive – every time her insights arrive in my in-box there’s some new nugget that is so useful it makes me want to scan my latest manuscript and make it better. A truly motivating and inspiring writing blog!

  617. david werenka says:

    I nominate c.s. at Live Write Thrive hhtp// Her posts and links are always excellent.

  618. Gloria Getman says:

    I nominate Larry Brooks @ His articles on craft for excellent and helpful in so many ways.

  619. Live Write Thrive at consistently gives me the advice I need exactly when I need it. I was writing my 13th novel, and flailing, before finding this blog at just the right time.

  620. Dave Arnold says:

    I nominate Jeff Goins at
    His blog is very practical, has good tips, and he’s extremely connected to his audience.
    It’s an award-winning blog.

  621. Amy says:

    I nominate Kira Budge, a little-known but amazing author. :) She has some great advice on writing and on life in general, and I strongly recomend that you all check out her blog:

  622. Elizabeth Lou Tessier says:

    I nominate Nina Amir for her blog at Her blog strikes a good balance between fishing out encouragement and disseminating information.

  623. LaPriel Bawden says:

    I nominate Kira Budge, an unfortunately not well known novelist. She has some funny and great advice on college, life, and, of course, writing. Her blog is fantastic and I strongly suggest that you check out her blog :)

  624. Fahad Raza says:

    Obviously because it’s an add-free, crap-free blog that specifically teaches us the little-known tips about online writing and blogging.. There are some shortcomings but hey, there’s nothing perfect. If I’d 10 votes, all of them would go to thenextgenwriter blog!

  625. Rizwan Mehmood says:

    Right now my favourite writing blog is: all aspects of freelance writing – from getting started to landing good-paying gigs – are discussed. Simply a blessing for fresh writers!

  626. I nominate Jeff Goins @ Everything he writes, from daily blog posts to his books have helped me to become a better writer/communicator. He is genuine, approachable, helpful, honest and generous in all that he writes.
    Shelly Miller recently posted..Leaving Church: Guest Post by Deidra RiggsMy Profile

  627. I would like to nominate Jeff Goins. I did not grow up with a passion to write. It is an interest I have developed later in life. I tell everyone it is my mid-life crisis. Although I have a long way to go, It was Jeff who encouraged me to declare, “I am a writer.” He mixes in enough of his own life stories so a reader discovers the real Jeff. Finally, he is proof that those of us who are older can learn a lot from the younger generation.
    Jon Stallings recently posted..When Ministry Becomes an IdolMy Profile

  628. Ellen Scherr says:

    I place a vote for Jeff Goins at I subscribe to many blogs, but always make sure that I read his every day. He offers valuable advice and information, for any level writer. Jeff clearly has one of the best blogs to be found on the internet. Good Luck Jeff!

  629. I nominate Jeff Goins from

    His tenacity, encouragement, and prolific writing have been a life changing kick in the rear. He has helped me redefine my thinking about being a writer. I now not only identify myself as a writer (consistently and emphatically) … but my daily writing habits have taken me from being an amateur to being a professional.

    Good show Jeff!

    You would be wise to choose Jeff as a DEFINITE Top 10 blog for writers!
    Nicholas Brack recently posted..The Frog is Cooked!My Profile

  630. Linda Fode says:

    I recommend Jeff Goins, Writer found at I have followed Jeff for several months . His blog is inspirational & practical. Jeff gives his readers personal attention in responding to emails or comments. I have appreciated Jeff’s generosity in sharing material . He is a motivator & mentor par excellence. A well deserved nominee for the Top 10 List .

  631. I would like to nominate Nina Amir’s blog, Write Nonfiction NOW! Nina is extremely personable, and her writing tips are sound. Her posts are are regular & relevant, & she interacts with her followers to the degree that readers get a feeling of team esprit , as though we’re all in this together, & she makes a great leader! Her November series of helpful guest posts motivates writers to reach a personal goal of completing one work of nonfiction within 30 days (similar to the NaNoWriMo challenge, minus the word count angle). I can’t imagine the world of nonfiction writing without Nina to pull writers through it!
    Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz) recently posted..Choosing the Right Food for your PetMy Profile