How To Succeed As A Writer

Remember when you wrote your very first story for someone else to read? Somebody asked you, “May I read that?” And you felt terrified. Would they hate it? Because if they did, your life was over. Why? Because you had put your life into that story. If they loathed it, they loathed you. Flash forward […] Read more »

5 Ways To Improve A Perfect Story

You’ve written a story you’re proud of. You’ve edited it until there’s nothing left to do. It’s perfect! Isn’t it? Of course. But how can you enhance it? That’s the challenge I face every day as a “copy doctor” when members of my writing program send me their work-in-progress for my comments. Often I despair. Their […] Read more »

What Are YOU Writing?

What are you working on right now? A novel? Your best article ever? A poem? A film script? Maybe you’ve just finished something you’re really proud of? Or you just can’t tell whether it should get a Pulitzer or be thrown into the trash? Here’s your chance to share and discuss with each other what […] Read more »