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Why Inserting the ‘Mistake’ In Your Article is Important

mistake in articles

I remember the time I was watching a video on the ‘water test’

The ‘water test’ is a method to accurately gauge if a pan is exactly at the right temperature, as the accurate temperature prevents the ingredients from sticking.

As you might have realised, I had my nose to the video to make sure I wasn’t getting the steps wrong. Yet when I tried it on my pan at home,

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How To Increase Sales By Using “Isolation”


45 minutes, 40 strangers, 1 product.

Over 50% sales. Extraordinary!

How did I increase sales?


I remember flying to Pittsburgh in the year 2004.

It was a 7am presentation in front of about 40 people I didn’t know. And they didn’t know me, either. When I finished the presentation at 7:45, I asked the crowd a simple question.


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Avoiding Writer’s Block By Working With Your Brain


How to work with your brain and avoiding Writer’s Block.

Olive oil
Garlic, Cinnamon, Oregano, Minced lamb, Tomato purée, Parsley
And red wine

Writing an article is like making a yummy dish called moussaka

Making the moussaka takes a bit of work. The first port of call is, of course, the ingredients. You have to make that all-important trip to the supermarket, the butcher and the veggie store to get the ingredients.

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How To Correctly Use Emotion To Create Drama And Set The Pace


I raced madly.

I raced madly, but I didn’t care.

I raced madly, but I was too excited.

I raced madly, but something was gnawing inside of me. Something was about to go wrong.

I raced madly, but I couldn’t shake the depression.


What’s the difference between the first line and all the others?


Yes, the first line is shorter.

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The 6 Most Important Lessons Of Marketing


1) Follow up.
2) Follow up.
3) Follow up.
4) Follow up.
5) Follow up.
6) Follow up.


How do I know this to be true?


Because recently we launched a book on Membership Sites. As is the norm, we give the best price to our members at 5000bc. We also let them know about the product much in advance. They read it in announcements,

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How Your Local Bookstore Can Help You Consistently Create Content For Your Newsletter


Every time you sit down to write an article, it’s the same story.

You sit there and you can’t really think of what to put in your newsletter.

You really want to say something, but nothing comes out.


The longer you sit there, the longer the minutes will tick away.

And before you know it, the phone will be ringing, the distractions will be piling up and you’ll find yourself mindlessly wandering through Facebook or emails.

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Creating A Style Of Your Own: Why It’s So Hard (And So Easy)


If you were to look at Picasso’s work, you could spot it anywhere.

If you were to listen to Sting’s music, you’d know it was Sting.

If you were to read Dan Brown’s book, you’d know it was Dan.

So how come these folks have a style and you don’t?

You know you don’t have a style, because if you took your cartoon or your article and placed it amid another person’s work,

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Why Daily Learning Beats Gobble-Gobble Learning


There are two ways to eat a cake:

You can eat it in small pieces.
Or you can gobble the whole thing down.

Most of us would like to gobble, whether it comes to cake or learning.

But like cake, learning needs to be tackled in small portions. Small portions not only help you learn, but help you learn a lot faster. Here are three core reasons why:


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The Magic of Double-Whammy Headlines: And How To Use Their Enormous Power


Laurel and Hardy

Batman and Robin


Which is the odd one one out?

Yup, it’s the guy who can’t handle Kryptonite, of course. If Superman is in trouble, there’s almost no one to rescue him. But Hardy or Batman can get in trouble all they want, and they have a nice partner to back them up.

The same applies to the double-whammy headline.

A double whammy headline is a headline with two partners.

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How Plateauing Occurs: Pace vs. Potential

Pace-vs-Potential copy

Imagine you had thirty-three seconds to pick up a glass of water, take it across the room, and throw the water down the sink.

Could you do it?


And you wouldn’t need more than ten seconds to do the task, especially if the sink isn’t very far away. Now give that very same task to a two-year old child and watch what happens.

Yup, kids of that age struggle with everything!

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