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How to Create an Easy Habit of Daily Writing Without Willpower

You dream of being a writer. Maybe you even feel there is a book within you. Each New Year, you resolve to do it. To start writing regularly. To start working on a book or a blog. But what happens? You get too busy. You don’t have the energy. You can’t find the time....

Writing Advice- What You Need To Know To Write a Fiction Story

Fiction writing is an art. It’s out an out creativity and the gift of deep imagination. The charm that it spreads by adding detailing in a scene and creating another world pique readers. In fiction writing, you can go beyond the odds and bring something new that...

5 Reasons Your Brand as a Writer is More Important than Your Book

Editor's Note: Happy New Year to all our readers! Now, let me ask you a question: do your New Year's Resolutions include finally taking your writing seriously? Despite what you may think, this doesn't just mean finishing that book, it also means becoming more...

A 5-Step Guide to Creating a Killer Content Editorial Calendar

Note from the editor: Do you need a content editorial calendar? Not sure? Well, even if you are a solo blogger or author, the benefits can be enormous. Editorial calendars allow you to plan your content for weeks or months ahead, not only freeing up  your time but...

Easy Steps to Succeed in Book Writing Plan

Writing a book and getting it published successfully is a dream for many fanatics. However, book writing is often distressing for a large number of writers. The reason lies on the rejection by publishers. But, don’t worry, as, in this article, we are going to reveal...



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