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Overcome Procrastination: Steven Pressfield’s Top 12 Tips

Steven-Pressfield’s-Top-12-Tips copy

Do you know how to overcome procrastination?

How many times do you make a promise to do a certain task and then do – nothing?

How often do you set a goal but never seem to make any progress towards achieving it?

You wish you could sit down and start working on your novel – the one you have been meaning to write for the longest time.

You want to stop watching so much TV,

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4 Reasons to Appreciate Your Self-Doubts

A guest post by Joan Dempsey of Literary Living

Let’s face it – every one of us experiences self-doubt, even the most well-established writers. Dean Koontz, for instance, an author who has sold more than 400 million books and is one of the most highly paid writers in the world, says “I have more self-doubt than any writer I know.”

And Alice Munro,

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