Expertise vs. Humility – A Writer’s Battle Royale?

You’re an expert on something. Maybe that’s one of the reasons you started writing. Unfortunately, experts tend to be a bit self-promoting and arrogant, and arrogance is a sure way to lose your readers. The opposite approach won’t work either. Timid, non-confrontational storytelling doesn’t do justice to the value you can contribute to your readers. […] Read more »

The Adventures of a Naked Blogger

A guest post by Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering. There I was, completely naked! Exposed in front of my peers. I was being analyzed and made over, scrutinized and questioned. And … I was loving it! That’s right, this was no high school auditorium public-speaking nightmare – this was a dream come true. Let me […] Read more »

Are You a Spiritual Pioneer?

We all have the opportunity to be spiritual pioneers in some way. When you put relationships before results, live with integrity, and care about how your actions affect the greater community, you too add spiritual value to the world. ~ Cheryl Richardson Whether you blog to express yourself, to share information, make money or entertain, […] Read more »