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Expertise vs. Humility – A Writer’s Battle Royale?

Expertise-vs-Humility copy

You’re an expert on something.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons you started writing.

Unfortunately, experts tend to be a bit self-promoting and arrogant, and arrogance is a sure way to lose your readers.

The opposite approach won’t work either. Timid, non-confrontational storytelling doesn’t do justice to the value you can contribute to your readers.

So, what’s a writer to do?

This is precisely the question I asked myself at the outset of my blogging journey.

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Use Facebook and Twitter to Drive Crowds to Your Blog

A guest post by Donny Gamble

You have a nicely crafted blog or webpage, in which you put a lot of effort adding that nicely written content, but now you need people to read those posts. Traffic is of major importance, because depending on the number of visitors:

  • You’ll get a better general ranking
  • Your profits will increase – more visitors -> more potential customers
  • You will have higher revenue from the ads

There are several online web marketing tools,

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The Adventures of a Naked Blogger

There I was, completely naked! Exposed in front of my peers. I was being analyzed and made over, scrutinized and questioned.
And … I was loving it!

That’s right, this was no high school auditorium public-speaking nightmare – this was a dream come true. Let me explain by taking you back to the beginning.

My adventure started a little over a month ago – my blogging adventure that is.

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Are You a Spiritual Pioneer?

We all have the opportunity to be spiritual pioneers in some way. When you put relationships before results, live with integrity, and care about how your actions affect the greater community, you too add spiritual value to the world. ~ Cheryl Richardson

Whether you blog to express yourself, to share information, make money or entertain, it makes sense to do it with honour and integrity. How can you check in with your integrity-ometer to see if that’s what you’re doing?

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Five Tips (and a Bonus!) on How to Write a Fantastic About Page

By James Chartrand of Men with Pens

If you’re going to put your words on public display, it’s your job to make that content compelling, intriguing, entertaining or informative. If it’s boring… well. Suffice it to say that very few readers are going to be interested.

That’s why your About page has to be just as good as every other piece of content on your site. A well written About page is an extra more tool in your arsenal.

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Three Tips To Avoid Being A Boring Writer

By Mary Jaksch

Do you want to be a boring writer? No, of course you don’t!
But how to avoid it?

Do you sometimes read a piece that moves at an agonizingly slow pace? I do. Well, let me be honest here – I tend to read only the first paragraph, and then I put the boring book aside or flick over to another website.

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How Blogging Led to a Career Without Limits


A guest post from Sean Platt of Writer Dad

As a professional writer, my job is to saturate my days with words and ideas, filling screen or page with sentences designed to inspire. When I first started blogging I actually wondered how I would possibly manage to produce a fresh topic every day of the week. It’s now seven months later and I’m writing on around ten topics per day as my words are sprinkled from dot coms to dot infos all across the Internet.

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Weather Any Storm with a Flexible Blogging Plan

Photo courtesy of Philgarlic

This is a guest post by Michael Martine of Remarkablogger

Do you have a plan for your blog? I don’t mean a general sense of what you’ll write or an understanding of your niche, I mean a long-term plan all the way to the end game. If you’re like most bloggers, you don’t have a plan. I’m suggesting you should. It has made a world of difference for me,

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Liz Strauss: The Secret of Being a Successful and Outstanding Writer

WTD presents a conversation between Liz Strauss and Chief Editor Mary Jaksch. Liz is one of the heavy-weights of the blogosphere. Her Successful Blog is a magnet for a host of readers.

Mary: Liz, you’ve been called “The most influential relational blogger on the Internet”. Your articles and your Ebook The Secret of Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog (which I started reading at 1am and couldn’t put down) plonk building relationship with readers right into the centre of a blogger’s work.

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