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How To Pick The Right Genre For Your Novel (And Why Your Sales Depend On It)


Do you want to sell thousands of copies of your novel?

Maybe you want to sell to a traditional publisher through an agent.

Or would you rather sell directly to readers through self-publishing?

No matter which route you choose, your ability to pick the right genre for your novel can mean the difference between success and obscurity.

Genre is the type of story you’re writing.

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Be A Published Author: 4 Steps To Successful Revisions


Want to be a published author and don’t know how?

Often the difference between a novel that succeeds and a novel that fails is revisions.

I’ve worked with clients that have finished a draft, only to get overwhelmed trying to turn their rough manuscript into a polished, publishable novel. Other writers get demoralized and confused as they get vague rejections from agents and editors, with no direction on how to address the issues raised.

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