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New Research Shows How Expressive Writing Can Make You Happier

expressive writing

Do you feel down at times?

I think it can happen to all of us.

When we feel down, life is a struggle. Even simple things can feel overwhelming.

And creativity? Forget it.

But as writers, we have a secret weapon to make us feel happier and more positive. Read on to find out how to use it.

The secret weapon of expressive writing

When Shalhavit Cohen first studied with Professor Tal Ben-Shahar at Harvard,

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Two Complete Content Marketing Examples for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors

content marketing for authors

Last week, we took the plunge into a comprehensive content-marketing strategy for authors.

If you’re new to the world of content marketing … “plunge” is definitely the right word: five steps, over forty-two-hundred words, twenty-three separate visuals, and no less than thirty-seven links for further reading.

Insightful? Yes.

Helpful? I sure hope so.

Overwhelming? Probably.

But don’t despair. Today’s post is all about putting that plan into action.

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Get More Blog Subscribers With These 7 Post Types

get more subscribersIt’s not easy being a startup blogger. You don’t have much of a subscriber list yet. You post and post, and not much happens. Nobody seems to care enough to actually put in their email and sign up. Know how to bust out of this? How to Get More Blog Subscribers

Learn from the Greats: 7 Writing Habits of Amazing Writers

writing habits

Finding the ideal working habits that will allow me to write as consistently as possible is always something I’m exploring as a writer.

As I’ve said before, I try to make it a habit to write first thing in the morning. It helps me to focus and ensure that I’m getting my writing done.

I love reading about my favorite writers and what writing habits led to their success.

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Content Marketing for Authors: A Comprehensive Strategy You Can Actually Use

content marketing for authors

Let’s start with the bad news: the vast majority of online content never gets noticed. Period, end of story, thanks for playing… goodbye and goodnight.

Of course, if you’ve spent any time in the overcrowded world of online writing, you’re already acquainted with the pain of obscurity.

Few experiences are more disheartening than laboring over a masterpiece – outlining, crafting, writing, editing, rewriting and rewriting and rewriting – only to hit publish and be greeted by the universal sound of digital crickets.

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20 Inspiring Quotes to Boost Your Confidence as a Writer

confidence as a writer

Does your writing never feel quite good enough?

You are not alone.

All writers feel like that at times.

And there is a simple reason why.

Hidden within us is the writer we are born to become. And this inner writer urges us to improve our craft.

That’s a good thing.

But the process starts unraveling when the gremlins of fear, doubt and shame start to bombard us with negative messages:

“You haven’t got what it takes!”

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How to Boost Your Productivity Like Leo Babauta

productivity for writers

Sometimes I get stuck.

I stare at the blank page and the blank page stares back at me.

Know what I mean?

To find out how successful writers like Leo Babauta, Nina Amir, and Barrie Davenport unblock their creativity and become insanely productive, read on.

I’m delighted to welcome Leo Babauta back to WritetoDone! As you know, he is the original creator of this blog.

How to Boost Your Creativity Like Leo Babauta of

There are so many great benefits to mindfully exercising,

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How to Get Your Life Back: 17 Crucial Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggers

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

You love blogging, but the amount of time it takes to do it efficiently is daunting.

Successful blogging does require a great deal of time.

Researching, writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and responding to commenters are all necessary blogging tasks.

However, you pay the price in order to accomplish them efficiently.

Time with your family, time for your job if blogging is a hobby,

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How to Win Big, Write Better


What if you could write as easily as you drive a car?

Like being on automatic.

You just get into the car, start the motor, step on the accelerator–and the car starts moving.

You don’t stop the car every time you decide whether to go into second or third gear (at least, I hope you don’t!).

But when we write, the process can be labored and slow.

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How to Write Your Way to Success [Infographic]


Writing is simple.

You just put words together with a fancy keyboard (or if you’re super cool a typewriter) and you’re good to go.

That’s the easy part, but being a writer? Now that’s different.

Anyone can put words together, but putting them together in the perfect order, selecting the right terms, organizing it effectively, and all those other responsibilities aren’t as easy.

Today I’m going to help all my fellow writers both aspiring and experienced by giving you the keys you need to succeed.

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