Do you own a Kindle? If not, consider getting one. It’s a different reading experience, for sure. Even if you miss the feel and smell of books, you’ll find some great advantages when using a Kindle.

All your books are in one place and you can buy, download and start reading a new book in under 2 minutes.

As an aspiring writer, it’s also important to understand how the Kindle works and how Kindle books are marketed.

This is a great Kindle to take on your travels. It’s small and light and fits into most bags. It’s a black-and-white e-ink reader – so don’t expect a dazzling color display.


This Kindle has wifi capability, but no browser access. It’s the lightest e-book reader currently on the market — just under 6 ounces.

A great advantage is that the battery lasts up to three weeks without recharging!

This Kindle has some great features: You can read in bright sunlight, it holds 3,500 books and has free 3G Wireless (you can download books anytime, anywhere).

This is the state-of-the-art Kindle. It has full color, a touchscreen, and browser capability.


Think of it as a cross between an e-reader and a tablet. At $199, it’s $300 cheaper than an iPad.

It weighs only 14.6 oz and has a 7″ screen.