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9 Writing Challenges to Inspire Your Craft

Writing can get kind of lonely sometimes.  Not only that, but it can get stale. Sometimes we fall into a formula when we write books, or we can’t get ourselves past the first few chapters of an idea, or we’re stuck in the dreaded middle section of our novel for...

How to Fix Passive Voice (7 Examples)

 If you’ve spent any amount of time in writerly circles or gone searching for writerly advice, you’ve probably run into this advice: don’t use passive voice! Use active voice instead.  But what does this mean? Is this rule absolute, or is there some leeway?...

How to Create a Winning Writing Portfolio

You’re here because you write. You write because you love words. You love combining them to create sentences. You love writing for yourself, and you love writing for others. And now you have quite a bit of writing. You’ve put in the work. You have your writing...

How to Improve Your Writing Skills in 12 Simple Ways

Anyone can write. All it takes is knowing a language and stringing words together. But learning to write well is a whole different story.  First there is the language. You must be so familiar with it you can use it to articulate different settings, character...

9 Types of Writing Tone You Should Know About

You might know that there are different types of tone in writing. But what are they, and why do they matter? The tone is a crucially important part of writing, but what is it exactly? To explain it in basic terms, tone generally refers to how the writer uses a certain...



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