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Helpful Tips for Isolated Writers

Are you facing isolation because of the coronavirus? Being isolated isn’t easy, especially as a creative person.  The same active imagination that allows you to produce your art can also fixate on stressful life events. While we may not have chosen this current...

How Do I Find a Self-Published Cookbook Printer

Are you trying to find a self-published cookbook printer? If you are, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions right now. On the one hand, you’ve reached an exciting point in your journey. Your cookbook’s delicious content is ready for the world to savor. On the...

Powerful Mindset Shifts For Writers

What holds us back as authors? It's not a lack of opportunity. Barriers to entry have never been lower for aspiring authors. Almost anyone in the world is capable of creating and publishing a book, thanks to the digital revolution. It's not a lack of knowledge. There...

How to Avoid an Editing Nightmare

If you’re serious about making your book the best it can be, or you’ve been around the publishing/self-publishing arena for awhile, then you know the benefits of professional editing for your book.  There are lots of people claiming to be freelance professional...

Are You Scared to Write Your Life Story?

Have you heard that quote from Ernest Hemingway? To paraphrase, Hemingway said that there’s nothing to writing, other than sitting at a keyboard to bleed. Good writing, the kind that connects with the reader, requires brutal, painful honesty. The type that isn’t easy....



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