Why You Need to Start a Blog in 2019

    start a blog

    Editors note: This is a two part series. Part two next week will show you exactly how to start a blog (even if you haven’t a clue)

    Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to start a blog?

    Because if it isn’t, maybe it should be.

    Whether you’re an author, freelancer or entrepreneur starting a blog is one of the best moves you can make.

    For an author blogging can find you an audience of devoted fans and authors with successful blogs land more book deals.

    If you’re a freelancer, then blogging can find you more clients than any other channel. Just ask most of the top freelancers out there.

    And if you’re an entrepreneur then blogging can produce multiple income streams through affiliate marketing and advertising.

    So let’s take a look at the Blogconomy in 2019.

    The BlogconomySupplied by Visually.

    Are you intending to start a blog in 2019? Let me know your biggest challenge in the comments below and I’ll answer them in next week’s post,  How to Start a Blog in 2019 (Even if You Haven’t a Clue).

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      Good reasons. Take for example some business project. Each project that provides services should have a blog in its arsenal, Google will at least praise you for it. For example, a resource (website) provides a guide to writing a research paper on its blog, which will undoubtedly become useful information for students. Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to say that a blog is an integral part of any business. And just if you know how to write interestingly, why not show it to the whole world?

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        Thanks Tasmin – look out for part two next week – How to Start a Blog in 2019 (Even if You Haven’t a Clue)

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        Hi Nitin – go for it! You won’t regret it. And direction really is essential or you can get lost trying stuff that simply doesn’t work. Check out other articles on blogging on this site and look out for part two next week – How to Start a Blog in 2019 (Even if You Haven’t a Clue)

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    • Amy says:

      1) What are the foundermentals of blogging? Like a comprehensive but concise blogging course/tutorial.

      2) Which domain is actually free and/or effective? I’m just confused about the hype about WordPress being free yet not really free.

      3) Clear details on the technical areas of blogging such as SEO etc

      • Ben says:


        Here’s a post I wrote about SEO Basics https://rand31.com/2019/01/07/seo-fundamentals/

        Also check out Neil Patel’s blog. It’s a gold mine of info.

      • Ben says:


        Here’s a short post I wrote about SEO Basics: https://rand31.com/2019/01/07/seo-fundamentals/

        Also check out Neil Patel’s blog. It’s a gold mine of info.

      • Ben says:


        Check out Neil Patel’s blog (just Google him). It’s a gold mine of info.

        • Laura Tong says:

          Hi Ben – Neil really is a great place to start. It was Neil himself who said one of the smartest things you can do is start a blog. Also check out SmartBlooger – in fact we have a fantastic interview coming up with Jon Morrow this week.

      • Laura Tong says:

        Hi Amy – look out for part two this Thursday – How to Start a Blog in 2019 (Even if You Haven’t a Clue)

    • Lynn Allen says:

      Thank you for all this great information and inspiration about blogging. It’s been on my mind for a long time to blog, but what to say. Recent events could provide content in abundance.

      My life has just gone from relatively secure to completely frightening. I have been renting a house with my daughter and grandson, and since October, my daughter’s boyfriend. Living with family for the past 18 months has been wonderful for me. But that’s all changing because she and her B.F. are looking for a house and I am not invited to come along. I’m starting over – again – at age 69. The emotional and financial roller coaster of the past week has been devastating, but this has undoubtedly happened to others. I will survive this, but wonder how I will thrive.

      I am a technical writer and still employed part-time. I’m thinking this new life could be fodder for a blog about drastic change and renewal, even in semi-retirement or full retirement.


      • Laura Tong says:

        Hi Lynn – sounds like you’ve had a rough year. Hang on in there and maybe starting a blog could be the turning point. It certainly was for many successful bloggers out there. Our interview with Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger this Thursday might answer some of your questions.

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      I have been blogging for years. This year I want to invest in my own domain and take it to the next level. I am really confused about affliate ads, and just having ads in general in order to gain a few dollars from my blog.

      • Laura Tong says:

        Hi Judy
        This Thursday we have a new post and an interview with Jon morrow – should answer all your questions.

    • Even blogger is become vlogger too for now.

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