Grammarly Review – Is Grammarly Worth The Money?

Grammarly review

Grammarly has been out long enough so that I thought I’d refresh my old Grammarly review for 2021 to highlight some new features and functionality, particularly in light of Microsoft releasing their brand new version of the Office suite, Office Mobile. (I really just needed a reason because I love this tool that much). Personally, the version I’ve always used was the Grammarly Chrome extension.

Grammarly Premium Features

The first thing I needed to look at was whether it was worth the price of premium. As a recovering free tool user, I’m now fully converted and constantly considering if a premium version of the tool will meet my needs. Lastly, I’ll be checking to see if it performs as well as its competitors? I will compare the two here.

grammarly review

First of all, allow me to tell you what Grammarly is and how it works. It is an online English grammar tool that helps you to check your spelling and grammar and get feedback from others. You may either pay for the pro version, which also lets you receive feedback, or the free version. I’ve used both and really enjoyed the features each offers. With the free version you can easily see where you are falling short and correct your grammar mistakes while still being able to leave feedback. With the Pro version you can actually make an official English grammar book using Word, and once you’ve created your book you can then export it to PDF, publish and send it to teachers and other pupils.

Grammarly’s Purpose

Among the most common problems I hear from authors is grammar and spelling. Grammarly allows you to instantly see whether you’ve made any errors in your English grammar, and then gives you suggestions for correct and misspelled words. If you type in a long list of words and hit enter, Grammarly will immediately provide you an English grammar grid with the misspelled words highlighted in red. Very useful!

Grammar Daddy

Another wonderful feature of Grammarly that comes free with the premium version is that the”Grammar Daddy” component. This component is great for people who struggle with unique aspects of grammar such as tense, singular and plural. It permits you to tap into the experience of top grammatical experts, letting you quickly correct your own errors. The Grammar Daddy part of grammarly Premium is currently available as a free download. I’d encourage all authors to download the premium version, it does everything the free version does, and more!

Grammarly provides a”Grammar Daddy” element to help you quickly identify errors in your writing. You are able to tap into the expertise of over 150 critical language experts to give you immediate suggestions for improving your English grammar. Each suggestion is accompanied by an explanation of why the suggested change is relevant to your writing. I find this feature particularly useful because it helps me to quickly identify grammar rules I am not sure about, giving me more time to think about the main idea and revise my article.

Grammar Training

Grammarly also contains an extensive library of”hetorical” games and exercises. These exercises and games will allow you to develop your listening skills, because the goal of grammar is to improve your ability to listen and comprehend. When I first started with grammar, I discovered many I did not easily remember. With the various games and exercises I was given, I have been able to build my ability to”hear” – the most essential skill for writing. In addition to the exhaustive list of grammar rules, each game also includes a listening practice session which will reinforce the skills you’ve learned.

Writing Prompts

Finally, the premium version also gives access to an extensive library of writing prompts, which can be added to your existing essay. The prompt is customized to your precise requirements and uses a pre-designed template that ensures it will be simple to fit into any style of composing. The Premium version also comes with a free copy of this Grammar Daddy reference manual, which covers most grammatical concepts. This is essential for authors because everybody has their own means of learning.

Rachael Ray Case Study

Each premium version also has a free copy of the Rachael Ray series, which provides you lots of free exposure to the Premium version. Rachael Ray has been among the greatest proponents of grammar software, so it comes as no surprise she supports this innovative learning tool. My final thought is that if you’re attempting to write a grammar book or story, I would suggest looking into Grammarly. If you are an English major, or an English teacher, then I would suggest giving the product a try!

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