How to Maintain Focus when Writing

Can you maintain your focus when writing? If so, you’re a wonder! Most people struggle to maintain focus. They feel scattered and find it difficult to stay on track. I recently got an email from one of our readers, Barrett Caton. He said: I tend to over-think things when I write. Sometimes it just feels like a […] Read more »

Are You Using This Simple Way To Get More Shares On Social Media? 9 Tools To Help You

They’re all over Pinterest. They’ve taken over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They’re inspiring. They’re silly. They’re sad and they’re happy. Yes, you guessed right – I’m talking about Image Quotes.   Have you seen photographs of inspiring landscapes with a quote neatly overlaid? Or quotes in cool typography over a solid color background? Those are image […] Read more »

What Are YOU Writing?

What are you working on right now? A novel? Your best article ever? A poem? A film script? Maybe you’ve just finished something you’re really proud of? Or you just can’t tell whether it should get a Pulitzer or be thrown into the trash? Here’s your chance to share and discuss with each other what […] Read more »