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How to Write For Money AND Love


Do you struggle between writing for passion or profit?

At some point, every writer realizes that it’s not enough just to write for money, or simply to write for love.

To sustain a fruitful long-term relationship with writing, you need to dance between the two, which can be sometimes difficult, often exhausting.

We become writers because we love to write.

We want to share our opinion on things that matters to us,

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Writing the Perfect Pitch: How To Land A Gig Or Job Every Time

writing the perfect pitch

Hands up if you want to know a no-fail method of landing a guest post, magazine article, or perfect job?

The key to success or failure is in the pitch.

It took me a while to realize that I’m really good at writing a pitch. I only got the message when blogger friends kept on responding with, “You landed a guest post THERE?!” or, “You’re in touch with HIM?!”  or, “You’ve been invited to write for HER?” 

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Become A Freelance Writer: 4 Crucial Tips


Would you like to be a full-time freelance writer?

You’ve done your fair share of writing and have decided to jump into full-time freelancing.

You can set your own hours, work where you want, choose your clients – everything about freelancing sounds good.

But, as many writers who try it have found, becoming a full-time freelance writer has its own specific challenges.

Here are few things you ought to do before making the transition to full-time freelancer:

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Why Inserting the ‘Mistake’ In Your Article is Important

mistake in articles

I remember the time I was watching a video on the ‘water test’

The ‘water test’ is a method to accurately gauge if a pan is exactly at the right temperature, as the accurate temperature prevents the ingredients from sticking.

As you might have realised, I had my nose to the video to make sure I wasn’t getting the steps wrong. Yet when I tried it on my pan at home,

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How To Be A Well-paid Writer


Do you struggle to be paid well for your writing?

You may find it hard to believe, but good clients are everywhere.

Yes, prospects willing to pay for quality content abound.

Then why is it so difficult to find them?

It depends on where you’re looking. If you look at places where cheap content sells, you’ll get cheap clients.


But what if you’re looking in all the right places like job boards and websites with well-paying client listings?

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The Number One Tip for Freelance Writers from Han Solo


What do you think of Han Solo, the nerd-herder of Star Wars?

Maybe you gush about how awesome he is.

Maybe you insist: “He shot first.”

Maybe you like him because his scruffy appearance hides a heart of galactic gold.

A heart of gold? Han wasn’t always like this.

In fact, when we first met him, he was only interested in what was in it for him to help Luke,

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5 Systems You Need to Skyrocket Your Freelance Writing Career


Do you dream of a freelance writing career?

Maybe you want to do creative work, meet amazing people, set your own schedule, and of course, work from anywhere in the world.

But is this the reality?

Read on to find out what it’s really like and how to create a successful freelance writing career.

To be successful, you have to deal with clients, stay on top of your finances and bookkeeping,

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How I Made Over $7500 From One Email as a Freelance Writer


Have you ever wondered how to become a freelance writer?

Maybe you think it’s a challenge to find clients for your freelance writing business.

Maybe you’ve tried your hand at in-person networking events.

Pitched editors and marketing managers of companies?

But the results are far below your expectations.

There’s a much better alternative you might be missing.

How I Accidentally Discovered Online Networking

In mid-2012,

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Spring Clean Your Writing Business And Boost Your Income: 7 Ways


Struggling to increase your income?

Maybe the clutter in your life prevents you from seeing and grabbing the lucrative opportunities around you.

I encourage you to put on your spring cleaning cap, and spruce up your writing business. Because, believe it or not, cleaning can help you boost your income.

This isn’t just about tidying up a room and finding spare change under the cushions.

I’m talking about significantly increasing your revenue by removing physical,

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Become A Successful Freelance Writer: How Relationships Can Help You


Are you waiting for your freelance career to take off?

You’ve tried everything, but paid writing projects are still few and far between.

It makes you question whether you’ve got the chops to be a writer, doesn’t it?

The good news is that it may not be your writing. In fact, you may even be a spectacular writer.

But being a successful freelance writer takes more than good writing.

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