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Get More Blog Subscribers With These 7 Post Types

get more subscribersIt’s not easy being a startup blogger. You don’t have much of a subscriber list yet. You post and post, and not much happens. Nobody seems to care enough to actually put in their email and sign up. Know how to bust out of this? How to Get More Blog Subscribers

How to Get Your Life Back: 17 Crucial Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggers

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

You love blogging, but the amount of time it takes to do it efficiently is daunting.

Successful blogging does require a great deal of time.

Researching, writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and responding to commenters are all necessary blogging tasks.

However, you pay the price in order to accomplish them efficiently.

Time with your family, time for your job if blogging is a hobby,

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20 Hot Tips On How To Write the Perfect Pitch

write the perfect pitch
write the perfect pitchRaise your hand if you want to know a perfect method of landing a guest post, article, or even the perfect job. Here are 20 key points on how to write the perfect pitch Follow these twenty key points and you'll land your perfect opportunity without fail.

How to Grab Attention Online: 3 Instant Fixes

grab attention online

Why do you need to grab attention online?

It comes down to a desire all aspiring writers have in common: to get more readers.

Do you dream of having masses of readers who can’t get enough you?

You can make it happen, but you need to get your name out there.

If you’re hidden in the shadows, nobody will find you and nobody will read what you write.

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10 Ways To Write An Irresistible Intro To Your Blog Post

write an irresistible intro

Imagine you’ve been invited to a party where you don’t know anyone.

You’ve come through the door, grab a drink, and stand there feeling like a pony with five legs.

Nobody seems to pay any attention to you.

After a while, you start sidling to the door in order to escape. Or maybe you tough it out and start ‘making conversation’.

Ok, so  this scenario isn’t much fun.

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The No.1 Reason Why Bloggers Fail (And What To Do About It)

Why bloggers fail

Every blog starts with a dream.

A dream of expressing yourself and getting your message heard.

A dream of gaining recognition.

A dream of standing proud.

But the sad reality is, most new bloggers fail.

Depressing, isn’t it? So many hopes dashed.

So much energy wasted.

So many important thoughts lost to the world.

I must admit, I too,

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Should You Quit Blogging?

should you quit blogging

Recently, I got an email from a distraught reader, Emma.

She had been planning to start a blog, but then she read somewhere that blogging was dead.

“Is it true?” she asked. “Is blogging dead? Am I too late?”

Being told you’re too late to get in on something you’re really excited about feels terrible, doesn’t it?

So was the article Emma read right?

Is blogging dead,

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How Long Should It Take To Write An Epic Post?


Do you spend enough time writing?

I’m not talking about tapping away on the keyboard. I’m talking about the number of hours you spend on any given post.

Here’s the problem: too many writers still believe they can whip out a post in an hour or two.

And you can do that, sure. But if you want to write really great posts that make other writers sigh with envy… you’ll want to read on.

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How to Write Great Paragraphs

write great paragraphs

There are eight million posts on how to write a great headline, how to write a fantastic call to action, and how to write a good blog post.

We’ll even tell you how to write shorter sentences, snappier copy and better ebooks.

But you know what none of us tell you?

How to write the actual content.

It’s not enough to create killer headlines or spectacular introductions.

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15 Outstanding Tips for Blog Writers from Popular Bloggers

tips for blog writers

Do you want to blog better, faster and with more fun?

I’ve collected 15 badass tips for blog writers.

These 15 tips are from some of my favorite bloggers! I’m sure they’ll inspire you.

Make sure you scroll down to see the fascinating infographic about how to create a blog post!

You can click on each tip to read more by the blogger.


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