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How To Soar Like An Eagle As A Writer

Soar like an eagle post image 300Do you wonder why some writers soar in their careers while others never get off the ground? We all like to think that luck has much to do with why writers soar in their careers. Listen to any interview by a famous writer and you’ll hear about their lucky break. But that’s not the full story. Because they create their own luck. But it isn’t just luck. It’s something else, too.

How To Keep Writing Even When You Feel Like a Fraud

feel like a fraud 300Do you feel like a fraud?  It’s ok to admit it. When you think about writing, vicious thoughts may pop into your head: "Why would anyone listen to what I have to say?" "I don't have what it takes to do this." "Everyone can see that I don't know what I'm doing," But there is a way you can turn this around.

Writing Success: How To Engineer Your Novel For It

writing success

It’s fair to ask, “What does engineering a novel mean?”

To paraphrase Webster, to engineer is to create and design large structures or new products or systems by using scientific methods.

But writing a novel is art, not science… isn’t it? Many writers develop their novels in ways anything but scientific.

Which isn’t necessarily the right way to go about it.

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How to Grab Attention Online: 3 Instant Fixes

grab attention onlineWhy do you need to grab attention online?

It comes down to a desire all aspiring writers have in common: to get more readers.

Do you dream of having masses of readers who can’t get enough you?

You can make it happen, but you need to get your name out there.

If you’re hidden in the shadows, nobody will find you and nobody will read what you write.

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How To Be A Successful Author: Smash Through 7 Writing Roadblocks

how to be a successful authorDo you wonder what’s holding you back as a writer?

You know you want to write. It’s compulsive.

You find yourself scribbling stories all the time.

Your friends say good things about your work.

So why aren’t you a more successful author?

Don’t feel ashamed to ask yourself that question.

Every writer asks it, even if their books glitter at Amazon.

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The 5 Irrefutable Signs You Need To Start A Writing Project Now

start a writing project

What you’re best at…sits at the core of your passion.
-Mary Karr, Liar’s Club and Art of the Memoir

Is this the year you’re finally going to write your self-help book or memoir?

Your business book?

Your how-to classic?

Your novel?

Is there a way to know if it’s the right time—or the right year—to start a writing project?

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Writing Practice: What Happened Here?

writing practice

It’s time for some writing practice. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you need to exercise your creativity.

What is the story behind this image?

Can you come up with a mini-story of not more than 350 words?

Here’s how it works:

  • We set the scene
  • You make it your own, and
  • Share your creation in the comments section of this post

 Now for the ground rules:

  • Your story must be 350 words or less.

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Are You Ready For The Great Writing Challenge 2016? [Part 1: Overcome Barriers]

Join the great writing challenge 2016From the Editor-in-Chief, Mary Jaksch:

Do you have dreams of writing a book?

Or of starting a journal, writing a memoir, creating a report, writing guest posts, writing a blog, or any other activity that involves writing?

Make your dreams come true in 2016 and achieve your writing goals!

Just imagine how proud you’ll be to view your finished project!

Introducing the Great Writing Challenge 2016

Join the challenge to make your writing dreams come true!

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Deal With Criticism Like A Pro: 7 Strategies For Writers

deal with criticismWhen was the last time you had to deal with criticism?

If you’ve worked with an editor, you’ll know how difficult it can be to deal with criticism.

Working hard on an article only to get it back covered in red ink or with a request for a major rewrite isn’t a pleasant experience.

But here’s the thing:

It happens to every writer, and it’s part of the job.

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Writing the Perfect Pitch: How To Land A Gig Or Job Every Time

writing the perfect pitch
Hands up if you want to know a no-fail method of landing a guest post, magazine article, or perfect job?

The key to success or failure is in the pitch.

It took me a while to realize that I’m really good at writing a pitch. I only got the message when blogger friends kept on responding with, “You landed a guest post THERE?!” or, “You’re in touch with HIM?!” 

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