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Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Success as an Author?

success as an author

If you yearn for success as an author, you need to take note.

Did you know that over four thousand books are self-published each day?

You can imagine how hard it is to have your book rise to the top of the pile.

Writers face a daunting challenge: discoverability.

Most books sell fewer than a hundred copies—ever.

So how can you give your book—whether fiction or nonfiction—a fighting chance?

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How to Find Your Trademark Writing Style


No doubt you have some favorite authors.

It’s likely that one thing you love about their books is their writing style.

Many commercial authors have a very simplistic—almost superficial—writing style.

Other successful authors write in a wholly unique manner unlike any other.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad—only personal tastes. We can all name writers we can’t stomach whose books are bestsellers.

But what do you need to consider if you’re hoping to develop a trademark writing style?

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How To Supercharge Your Writing With This Cinematic Technique

supercharge your writing

Would you like to know how to supercharge your writing?

Today, novelists are using cinematic technique to create visually dynamic scenes.

Readers, used to watching movies and TV, have come to expect a more “cinematic” experience when they read.

They want to watch the story unfold before their eyes rather than be told what is happening in summary or exposition.

In film, the story is conveyed visually by a series of camera shots which are edited together to create each scene.

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How To Write Well: 10 Essential Self-Editing Tips


Do you want to write well?

The easiest way to write well is to edit your writing.

The best person to edit a manuscript, article or blog post is the author herself.

Sure, writers can — and should, when necessary — hire a professional copyeditor to correct a manuscript before it is sent off to an agent or book designer for self-publishing. But the writer knows her material better than anyone else,

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Passion: How To Tap Into Yours Every Time You Write


You have a great idea for an article, blog post, short story or novel.

You feel the topic is fresh and interesting, and you’ve brainstormed your main points. After a bit of work, you come to the moment when you’re ready to write.

But when you get down to actually putting the idea down on paper (or into your Word document), you can’t seem to infuse that initial excitement about your idea into your writing.

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5 Key Questions to Ask as You Write Your Novel

5-Key-Questions-to-Ask-aS-You-Write-Your-Novel copy

As a professional manuscript critiquer and copyeditor, I ask a lot of questions.

Sure, I also give a lot of suggestions and fix badly constructed sentences. But it’s the questions that get to the heart of the story.

Asking authors questions helps them think about what they’re writing and why.

So much important information seems to be missing in so many novels, especially first novels by aspiring authors.

Novel writing is tricky;

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